For my second post in the “12 moments in anime 2009” series I’m not so much picking out a moment, but choosing a characterization that I think is spot on. So, I’m choosing Mirai’s expression of teen angst and alienation from episode one of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.  

         Watching Mirai go through her full range of emotions in episode one of TM 8.0 brought back memories, and not all of them good, from that same period in my life. In TM 8.0, Mirai is a middle school student in the 13-14 year old age range, she’s in that terrible transitional period when you’re no longer a kid but not really considered to be walking the path towards young adulthood either.  I remember how this period of life sucked because when I fell back in kid mode I realised how adults looked down on us, but when I tried to act more mature that really didn’t work either.

         So, I could really understand Mirai’s frustration and anger when she asks herself “why does everything make me so angry?”. In hindsight, I realise my frustration and Mirai’s frustration was not caused because the world was out to get us, but because we didn’t understand ourselves and our roles in the world.

        I know that everyone can relate to how Mirai’s frustration grew to the point where she wished the would break. I know that more than once in my younger days I had shouted in frustration and anger at my brother or my sister, and even at my parents that I hated them, or I wished I had another family. The only difference between my outbursts and Mirai’s wish that the world would break is that I always had time to cool down and make things “right” where Mirai’s world really did break, and now she has to live with those thoughts for the rest of her life.