For the 4th post of my “12 moments of anime 2009” series I’m choosing Nobue’s expression of Moe and Mono no Aware towards Chika, Miu, Ana, and Matsuri in Ichigo Marshmallow Encore OAV 2.

        I really loved how this episode portrayed what I feel is the true spirit of Moe, and what I mean by this is how Nobue gets enjoyment (non-sexual) from watching “cute girls doing cute things”.

         I’ve always felt that there’s almost no better example of someone enjoying the Moe aesthetic than how Nobue takes pleasure in watching Chika, Miu, Ana, and Matsuri being cute little girls. Nobue takes pleasure in enjoying the girls’ innocence, not in any sort of sexual manner, it’s like she sees them as a younger version of herself, not yet cynical, untouched by the baser realities of teenage life; longing for boyfriends, sex, smoking, having to work for money, and so forth. I think that Nobue’s pleasure in watching the girls is also an expression of  her appreciation of the principle of Mono no Aware, she knows that sooner or later the girls will exchange their childhood innocence for a more worldly adult experience, and she chooses to enjoy every last moment of their childhood.