Since it’s the Christmas season I’m choosing the Christmas episode from the Minami-ke Okaeri series for my six post in the “12 moments of anime 2009” series.

      Tis the season to be jolly, so what better way to spend Christmas then to spend a Christmas evening in the kids’ paradise that is the Minami-ke household. The Minami sister’s parents are overseas for work, and the only “adult” supervision the girls recieve is an occasional visit from their uncle who drops off their living expenses and drives them to the beach or to an onsen. So, the sister must content themselves with daily school life and the company of good friends who have become their family.

        The one thing that I’ve always liked about the Minami sisters and their friends is that there’s not a bad person amongst them, and while they may at times tease or needle each other for the most part they enjoy their mutal frienships. So, as Christmas day approaches share a toast with Haruka, Kana, Chiaki, Mako-chan, Uchida, Touma, and Yoshino to good friends. The only thing missing from this garden of flowers is me sitting next Uchida, Merry Christmas.