For my seventh post in the “12 moments of anime 2009” series I’m choosing the K-On! beach episodes.

      Anime and fanservice goes together like peanut butter and jelly, and mom and apple pie, and that fanservice comes in many flavors; a new robot for mecha fans, a new weapon for military fans, a new move for martial arts fans, and so forth. So, me being as fan of cute/hot girls doing cute/hot things, my fanservice of choice revolves around those girls being placed in an environment where cute/hot things can occur; the beach, the onsen, a sleepover, a festival, or anywhere else the girls get to be cute. So, for my seventh post in the 12 moments of anime 2009 series I choosing the K-On! beach episodes, while most anime only give us one beach episode K-On! graces our eyes with two beach episode out of its 13 episode run (episode 4 & 10). Without further ado, the girls of K-On! at the beach.

Beach episodes=bikinis, melons, and equipment comparisons

The beach episode also affords the girls the opportunity to enjoy water sports and sand sports.

Also, the beach episode allows the girls to give us, the male viewers, many pseudo yuri moments to indulge our hidden desires.

So, whenever I find out that an anime featuring cute girls is about to have a beach episode, my heart leaps for joy!