Well, this episode picks up right after all of Kurumi’s plans have come together, she had thought that her plan to ship Sawako with Ryuu would have caused Kazehaya to turn towards her loving arms, wrong. As soon as Kazehaya sees Sawako with Ryuu he drops everything he was carrying, and takes Sawako by the arm and runs off with her, leaving a destroyed Kurumi asking the heavens, WHY.


        Later, in class, Ayane tells Chizu about Kurumi being the source of the rumors, and Chizu thinks that Kurumi wants Ryuu. After Chizu goes on about her and Ryuu being like brother and sister, and how she doesn’t want Kurumi for a sister-in-law, Chizu shocks her with the news that Kurumi really likes Kazehaya.


       Once Kazehaya finally stops dragging Sawako away, he apologizes telling her he couldn’t handle it, and he asks her if she likes Ryuu. Sawako freezes for a moment as she goes over her feelings inside her head, and she tells herself that she loves Kazehaya. Sawako tells Kazehaya that her feelings for Ryuu aren’t feelings of love, and Kazehaya tells her he believes her. (I smash the fifth wall to yell, YTF, can’t anyone say their true feelings and get laid) Well, Kazehaya is embarrassed by his behavior and Sawako kneels down in front of him and realizes that her feelings of love are right in front of her. Kazehaya gets all flustered and says confused things to Sawako, and Sawako tells him it’s all right.

       Kazehaya finally asks Sawako (still not using her first name) about going out as boyfriend and girlfriend, and Sawako get really excited because she says it’s a very mature thing that she has no experience with. Sawako is very confused and not making sense when Kazehaya realizes that Sawako probably never thought about something like this, so he tells her it’s OK so just forget about it for now.

       While all this is going on, Ayane continues to explain Kurumi’s entire plot to Chizu, and her suspicions are only confirmed when Ryuu walks up and the whole “note from Sawako” thing is revealed. Chizu wants to go after Kurumi right away, but Ayane stops her and says that they’ll gather more evidence and crush Kurumi; Chizu grows frightened by Ayane’s disposition.

       Well, as Kurumi is still hanging out at the equipment shed waiting for Kazehaya’s return Pin wanders up and hassles Kurumi for being there without a purpose, and he soon gets the idea that Kurumi likes him. So, he tells her he doesn’t like kids and she’s ten years to soon and rejects her. At that very moment, Kazehaya walks up and hears the tail end of Pin and Kurumi’s conversation, and Kazehaya tell her he won’t say a thing. As Kazehaya and Pin walk off together, Pin tells Kurumi to give up on him.

       Ayane and Chizu asks around the school trying to find who started the original rumor about them but they have no luck until Tomo and Ekko confirm that the first person they heard the rumor from was Kurumi. Ayane goes all evil saying she has Kurumi now, and she’ll make Kurumi vomit out all her makeup.

       Back in the classroom, Sawako looks for Ayane and Chizu, but doesn’t find them.  Sawako can’t believe how happy she is in knowing she likes Kazehaya, and can’t wait to tell them about it. But, Sawako thinks about Kurumi and she tells herself that she should tell Kurumi first because she lets her know about her feelings for Kazehaya. Just as Sawako is looking for Kurumi, Ayane and Chizu are confronting Kurumi with the accusations and Kurumi is still trying to deny them, but it’s not working on them. Sawako comes running up to the three of them and asks if they’re friends now. Ayane tells Sawako that they’re just finishing Kurumi off because she’s the one who started all those rumors, and made her suffer so much. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, just as Kurumi’s big plan to win over Kazehaya finally came together, and it comes crashing down around her in utter ruin. The main reason that Kurumi’s plan failed is she never took Kazehaya’s feelings into account, she felt that all she needed to do was show him that Sawako was interested in someone one else and he would have just fallen into her arms. This assumption of Kurumi was very arrogant and condescending considering how strong her feelings for Kazehaya are , did she ever consider the possibility that Kazehaya’s feeling for Sawako were as strong as her feelings for him were, and would she have just given up if she was in the same situation, I think not.

        My only real problem with this episode is Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s ongoing problems with communicating their feelings towards each other. Come on, Kazehaya, can’t you call Sawako by her first name already, and can’t you tell her that you like/love her. I also have a problem with Sawako’s behavior towards Kazehaya because she’s already come to the conclusion that she loves Kazehaya but when she’s standing right in front of him and all she can do is stammer and ramble on. But, I place the majority of the blame on Kazehaya, I was in a similar situation when I was sixteen with one of my sister’s friends who was fifteen at the time, every time she’d visit my sister she would come into my room to borrow a tape and we’d talk, I was attracted to her and I thought she was attracted to me, but I didn’t know. So, I asked my older cousin about this, and he told me go for it and just kiss her next time we were together, and she’ll let you know if you were right. Well, next time she stopped by my room and we were sitting next to each other talking I just leaned in and kissed her, jackpot, she became my first real girlfriend and we dated for a year. So, Kazehaya needs to man up and kiss the damn girl.