Well, this episode begins with Kurumi admitting that she started the rumors and it wasn’t a misunderstanding. When Sawako asks her about all this time she thought they were friends; Kurumi says she never once thought of her as a friend, you were in the way. Do you hate me, Sawako asks. Yes. Ayane and Chizu tell Sawako to let Kurumi have it, but all Sawako can muster is tears. Chizu can’t take it any longer and tells Kurumi off saying don’t bother them or Sawako anymore or take advantage of people.

       Kurumi tells them that Sawako isn’t playing fair, and what’s wrong with using people, people use her than toss her away when they’re finished. So, Ayane says you’re not going to change your ways? No, why should I. Ayane tells her that she’s not as good natured as Chizu so how do you feel about me telling Kazehaya all about this. Fine, I don’t care. OK, I will. Then Ayane and Chizu head off to their volleyball match leaving Sawako and Kurumi alone.

       Kurumi tells Sawako to go ahead and tell everyone about this so you can get Kazehaya’s sympathy, but Sawako walks away, leaving Kurumi alone.

        Sawako catches up with Ayane and Chizu and asks them to not tell about this incident.  Well, Chizu says she’s doesn’t really care, and Ayane feels the same way. Ayane apologies to Sawako because she didn’t think that this would have upset her this much, and soon all three of them are saying their sorries about the whole situation.

        After, the volleyball match, which Ayane’s and Chizu’s team lost, the girls find out that Kurumi hasn’t showed back up at school, and Sawako and the other girls hear some other girls kind of ripping on Kurumi about her lack of effort other than looking good. During the soccer match all Sawako can think of is what happened between Kurumi and them, and she wonders if Kurumi was telling the truth. Once the match is over, Sawako remembers that she had to tell something to Kurumi, so she goes to look for her.

        Just at that moment, Kazehaya links up with the girls, looking of Sawako, and soon Pin tells them that Kurumi must be somewhere broken hearted over him. Pin goes on to tell Ayane and Chizu to not go falling in love with him like Kurumi. Well, this is overheard by some other girls, and they say that Kurumi has bad taste in guys, and Ayane and Chizu say they feel sorry for Kurumi for the first time.

        Well, Sawako finds Kurumi in the same spot where they left her, Kurumi tells her to go ahead and let her have it, but Sawako tells Kurumi that she likes/loves Kazehaya.

        A tearful Kurumi tells Sawako that she hates her, and that she knows that she loves Kazehaya more than her. Sawako tries to cheer Kurumi up by telling her that she’s much cuter now, and she tells Sawako, what does it matter if Kazehaya doesn’t like me, and I knew he didn’t like me.  Sawako says she thought they could talk about their feeling for Kazehaya, but Kurumi tells Sawako that she hates her, and Sawako comes to the realization that she was jealous of her because of her aura, and how well she matched Kazehaya and how cute she was. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, Kurumi finally admitted to her misdeeds, but this episode was not quite what I had expected when it came to Kurumi’s reactions to being caught, or Sawako’s reaction to Kurumi’s behavior. First of all, I really didn’t expect Kurumi tell them there’s nothing wrong with using people since they just use her. You could sort of get a feeling for what Kurumi’s “friends” really think of her when we overheard their conversation after the volleyball match; Kurumi never tries hard at anything besides looking good. So, in the end, Kurumi plan of being the “nice & cute” perfect girl has backfired on her, now everyone just thinks of her as the girl who spends more time looking cute then doing anything important, she’s just a “French Doll”. So, Kurumi’s got it right, “people just use her” because she created an aura that she’s has no more substance than a cute airheaded doll.

          I didn’t really expect Sawako to be all mean and viscous towards Kurumi (its not her nature) after she found out that Kurumi caused all those problems (I might have wished she would have been) but I wish that Sawako would stop thinking that everything is a misunderstanding that corrected by talking with people. When Sawako went back to see Kurumi to tell her about her feeling towards Kazehaya I thought why is Sawako even bothering with trying to connect with Kurumi. Even if there was a possibility that Sawako and Kurumi could become friends wouldn’t it be like sticking a dagger through Kurumi heart every time Sawako talked about her and Kazehaya’s relationship; guess what Kurumi, me and Kazehaya went to the movies yesterday and we made out. Dagger to heart, fatality, flawless victory. I think that Sawako just needs to come to the conclusion that she’s got what Kurumi lusts after and leave that girl to her own devices.