Well, an interesting thing happened on April 21, 2010, the Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog turned three years old. I know it’s a little late, but I just realized my blog had reached this point last night, so like a belated birthday gift I’ll be doing this little anniversary post.

      First of all, I’d like to thank all the readers of this blog, and all the readers that took the time to leave comments, even the negative ones, sometimes those are the most interesting ones. What I’m going to do with this post is to take a look back to the beginning then I’ll cover what you the readers have chosen as your favorite content (by your page views), and then I’ll go over the status and future of the blog.


       It’s quite interesting looking back to the start and seeing how much one’s style has changed over time. When I first started posting my episodic reviews they were very short and only contained around four or five screenshots, and now my reviews weigh in at around 1000-1200 words and have around twenty screenshots.

       OK, here we go. My very first post reviewed the first third of Makoto Shinkai’s movie 5 Centimeters per Second, and my second post reviewed Lucky Star episode 1. 

Well, here’s the numbers; Blog stats for the year 22 April 2009 through 21 April 2010.

Total Page Views 1,635,500 for an average of 136,291/month or 4,481/day

The most popular month was January 2010 with 185,519 page views followed closely by December 2010.

The most popular day of the year was, and also for the life of the blog was 3 January 2010 with 6,957 page views. 

Blog stats for the life of the blog through 21 April 2010.

Total Page views 3,113,173 for an average of 86,477/month or 2,843/day or 4,981/post.

Total blog posts of 625 or 1 post every 1.75 days. 

Stuff you guys loved.

Top Post: The loli train and other interesting searches 108,301 page views.

Favorite reviews: Naisho no Tsubomi OAV reviews 43,100 page views.

Most popular series review: Clannad & Clannad ~After Story~ 531,655 page views with the most popular episode review being Clannad episode 10 with 29,432 page views.

Also, the year end best of posts have been very popular with 2007-2009 getting 37,331 page views combined.

You guys have also shown a lot of love for my occasional Weekly Anime & Manga Motivational Poster entries, and low and behold, the loli posters are the most popular, that’s a surprise, LOL.

The top three motivational posters by views are:

Learning Biology Motivator 3,477 views.

Tsundere Girls Training Motivator 2,638 views.

Christmas Presents Motivator 2,293 views.

        Looking Forward: It’s been a great three years of blogging but I guess everything went too smoothly for me to average one post every 1.75 days until around Feb of 2010 when the wheels finally came off the tracks. For me to be able to keep up with my episodic blogging schedule with me working five to six days a week everything has to work out just right; subs on time, watch and cap the episode during my lunch hour, hopefully write the review and post that night. But, I got the flu from hell in February and fell behind plus the subs for one of my series fell way behind, and just about when I thought I was caught up with my Kimi ni Todoke and Yumeiro Patisserie backlog my Toshiba laptop died on March 29th taking nine draft posts with it to the laptop bone yard (no, I didn’t have them backed up). So, my priority is to keep up with my K-On!! reviews, finish my Kimi ni Todoke reviews, catch up with Yumeiro Patisserie, and finally finish and post my meta review of Clannad & Clannad ~After Story~ which I’ve been promising people forever, but the review has grown to around 8,000 words and I’m still not satisfied with the content and structure, more rewriting and more reediting.

      All this being said, I look forward to many more years of anime blogging until the big dirt nap, or until I meet the tsundere fan girl of my dreams, and we decide to raise our own little moe blobs, LOL. Thanks again for reading and supporting The Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog, love, out.