Hello, I’m Chris, and I go by the handle Animewriter.


I’ve been a long time anime fan, and I first got hooked on anime in the very early 80’s with the arrival of Star Blazers (Uchū Senkan Yamato/Space Battleship Yamato),to American Television. Viewing Star Blazers has lead me to a lifelong love of anime, and foreign films.

While in the military I lived in Korea for two years, were I discovered a love of Asian culture, and society. I also visited Japan several times during my stay in Korea, this gave me a look at the people, and culture of Japan that goes beyond the anime stereotypes.

During my 23 year military career (I’m retired now) I’ve been stationed at Ft Richardson-AK, Ft Campbell-KY, Ft Benning-GA, Ft Lewis-WA, Camp Casey-Korea, Ft Sherman-Panama. I’ve been trained in and held positions in the following military specialties 11B (Infantryman), 11C (indirect fire Infantryman), and 74D (chemical operations specialist). While serving in the Army I attended many kick ass schools and recieved a lot of good training and mainly served as a grunt for my first 10 years. After serving about 10 years as a grunt the Army decided to train me as an instructor and I’ve done instructing stints teaching at many different active army and reserve schools including ROTC Advance Camp, IOBC, and helped setup the convoy live fire range at Ft. Benning. After turning 42 and serving 23 years I decided that I was getting too old for shit like getting shot at, and I feel you only get so many rolls of the dice before they come up snake eyes, so I said see you later.

I have studied film history, and theory while in college, along with my studies in psychology, and sociology. During my college studies I joined many film and anime clubs, and as recently as five years ago ran a anime club that specialized in showing cutting edge anime, but also included anime showings that could be watched viewers of all ages. The club also had monthly showings of older anime, and classic (pre Sailor Moon) shojo anime.

Over the years I have amassed a large library dedicated to the study of anime, Asian culture, Asian religion, Asian mythology, film studies, with many of the books being rare or out of print. I have a large video collection that includes around 1500 anime DVDs, one hundred plus Asian horror films, and a computer collection that has over 3 terabytes of anime files.

Now in my spare time that’s leftover after work, and hanging out with friends, I still like to watch, read, and research anime and Asian culture. Well, that’s about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Oh, by the way I’m always interested in discussing or watching anime especially over coffee, or if you would like to contact me about a anime question just leave me a comment here. If you need to sent me a EEEEEEmail please sent it to remove brackets and fix[[[[chrisoldschoolanimefan]]]] at [[[gmail dot com]]].

51 Responses to “About/Profile”

  1. Hi! I’m amazed to find someone who has such a rich background and knowledge have such a large interest in Japanese Anime. I too have been watching Japanese films and anime since I was young and spent a few of my teen years living in the country as an exchange student. Now im also part of the Army.
    Thanks for your insight on some great anime series, some of which I have watched solely thanks to your recommendations. Cheers.

  2. Hello~! I’ve been searching for over 30 years to see the pages in Igarashi sensei’s Candy Candy vol 2 artbook again. I had received the artbook as a Christmas gift when I was just 13 and a few years later it was stolen from me when I took it to college with me. It’s been long out of print and never could find a replacement book. I came across your site and was happy to see you had scanned in both artbooks! (Luckily I still have vol 1) However, when I tried to d/l Candy Candy vol. 2 I got this message:

    “This file has been deleted because it has been inactive for over 30 days”

    So, may I please ask if there’s a way you could possibly re-up load the files?
    I’m so sorry to trouble you over this, but I really miss those images. They were a great part of my childhood and the core of my inspiration to becoming an illustrator/designer and comic artist when I grew up. Thank you so very much~!



    Super Information Hijinks:Reality Check!
    RankleChick & His Three Legged-Cat
    Robotech: Clone

  3. Great blog and very well written info page! Thanks for sharing some of your anime fascination with other anime fans such as myself. (and not only anime, but also Asian culture as a whole)

  4. StarGazer Says:

    Oh, hi there! I just found your blog… Such a treasure! But can I ask you something? Did you ever watched Saint Seiya? I think it’s a very interesting anime. 🙂

  5. seville r Says:

    hello i am a college student and i would like to know if you own all the images on your site. Also my i use one of them for a school project?

  6. Hello. Amakurai Karin ( my name). Although Im a Japanese, I cant speak my own home country’s language at all and i dunno how to read it, I suck right? Hehe… Can i ask u? Can u please post the names of confectionery / pastry schools in Japan? Im interested in Yumeiro Patissiere, a baking anime <3! Sorry 2 trouble u Chris-san! I was 2 when my parents were killed in a robbery so after that my uncle adopted me and i was taken to Brunei and left Japan immediately… ( Sigh) Im glad evry1s likes my country.

    Thanks Chris-san and call me Usui because my older brother Christopher gave me that male name when we were playing in the park near our nursery school.Im still a middle school brat hahaha. Im only 13 yrs. Sayonara!

  7. theonlineplayer Says:

    Hey you, i love ur posts, pls make some more…

    BTW, this is my brother’s acc, but u can contact me to the following address…


  8. Hi, I took a peek at your bio and was interested in what you do. I have watched Anime for a long time and eventually went to creating a community on Google+ called ANIM3. It is a community designed to help Anime fans find the right Anime for them by giving them a detailed analysis or review of the Anime they are interested in. Not only that but it is also a place to just chill out and be ourselves. It’s a pretty new community that has been running for about six months with only 110 members in it. But we are a very active and lively community as we post almost every day of the week. We are a neatly organized community and we offer a lot of categories to post in that some of the top tier communities dont have. All that being said, I was wondering if you would be interested in joining my community? We have a few young bloggers, including myself, that are still learning the ways to becoming professional bloggers. With your talents, it would be much appreciated if you joined and gave us a few pointers on making professional blogs. Also I feel that with you in our community we can become a top tier community. Please consider in joining us. I look forward to your reply back to me.

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