Well here it is, the Candy Candy  Manga, I will post links to new volume’s every few weeks when I have time. I got these scans a few years ago, and I don’t even know what group did the translation, I even forgot I had these so I’ll upload what I have.




     After several weeks of trying to find the time to post individual pages of the Candy Candy  manga I’ve managed to post links to the entire first five of nine volumes for your shoujo viewing pleasure. Note: volume 5 is shorter than the first four volumes, volume 5-9 and up is a rar file instead of a zip file.  Click on the links below to download Candy Candy  manga Vol.1-9.

Candy Candy Volume 1

Candy Candy Volume 2

Candy Candy Volume 3

Candy Candy Volume 4

Candy Candy Volume 5

Candy Candy Volume 6

Candy Candy Volume 7

Candy Candy Volume 8

Candy Candy Volume 9

A Special Treat of Candy Candy Fans

Candy Candy Art Book 1

Candy Candy Art Book 2

Candy Candy Soundtrack


86 Responses to “Candy Candy Manga Page”

  1. Etikawati Says:

    Thank You So Muchhhh

  2. tra Says:

    thank you so much to upload this one and especially the images. Now i just want to have the link download of the candy novel and the Candy Final story, and that would be very great:D

  3. Candy Says:

    Nooooooo….the link to Candy Candy Art Book 2 isn’t working

  4. tralala Says:

    how to download in Badongo? cannot download

  5. madalina Says:

    thank u . u r the best

  6. […] masih ingat dia ? – credit […]

  7. mayrabetances Says:

    hi, I’m having a Candy Candy theme party for my daughter and would love to give out little books that I can make myself but can’t seem to get the links to work
    any help would be appreciated

  8. anna Says:

    cant download them 😦

  9. ANA Says:

    Bodongo is not working 😦 I love Candy Candy could you fix it? Pleaaaase!

  10. The links does not work 😦

  11. Cecilie Says:

    Noooo, this need to work .. I just watched the series, and i need a real ending with Terry and Candy

  12. Tousel Adel Says:


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