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      When I got home from work today, I checked in on some of my favorite anime blogs, and I got the best laugh I’ve had in the last week or so watching a Meme being born. This Meme saw its birth occur in 21stcenturydigitalboy’s anime blog inside the comment section of this post courtesy of Ghostlightning, the owner of the anime blog, We Remember Love.  When I first read the whole comment section I laughed so hard I almost spit soda all over my notebook. So, if you need a good laugh, check it out.

This one’s for you Digitalboy, and Ghostlightning. You must click on image to view at full size.

Really get into the bones of it Motivator

the wedding kiss

Well, I think that every male anime blogger needs to consider making a mai waifu list at some time during his blogging career. So, after reading Ghostlighting’s waifu post, and also reading Digitalboy’s waifu post  I’ve decided to do one of my very own.

#10.  Maetel from Galaxy Express 999


Maetel, is the embodiment of the mysterious woman that you see as a young teen boy and know that if you get close to her you would learn all of life’s secrets from.

9. Madame Gina from Porco Rosso


Madame Gina, is sexy, independent, talented, and a self-assured woman. She more than woman enough to keep any man interested and happy.

8 Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon


While Usagi might be a bit of an airhead, she’s one of the most loving, caring, sweet, and kind hearted girls ever to grace our TV screens, so she’d make a perfect waifu.

7 Candice White from Candy Candy


Candy, what can I say other than she was one of my first crushes from way back in the late 70’s when I was a young teenage boy. Candy is sweetness and innocence embodied, she would make a great waifu and mother.

6  Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop


Faye Valentine is wild,  and at times crazy, but she is almost the dictionary definition of sex appeal.

5. Suzuki Sora from Mahō Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora


Sora is fresh and pure like a warm summer breeze, and where ever she goes she brings a smile to every one face. While Sora likes to experience new and different things she tends to like the simple thing in life and takes pleasure in making others happy.

4 Yui Hirasawa from K-On!


While Yui might be slow on the uptake and a bit naive, there’s just something about her personality that calms my nerves so I wouldn’t mind waking up next to her for the rest of my life.

3 Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star


What can I say other than Kagami is one tsundere girl that gets me going with her sarcastic comments and down to earth personality, I think that having her as a waifu would mean never having a dull moment in your household.

2 Princess Nausicaa from Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa


Nausicaa, is the ultimate example of duality in a women, while she capable of unleashing terrible wrath on her enemies, she also displays a compassion towards all creatures and fights for no other reason than to protect those weaker than her.

1. Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad


Nagisa is my ideal of the perfect waifu and mother, she’s made of pure kindness and caring, Nagisa places more value on her family than she does on her own health and life. I feel that if I had a waifu like Nagisa, “all would be right with the world”. 

       Well, I would like to wish all the American anime fans out there a happy Labor Day, this is the one day where we all should spend a nice relaxing day sharing your favorite ice cold beverage with family and friends.

For your enjoyment, please watch these lovely girls sing about their tough working life.

Don't say lazy 001

A few days ago I saw this cover of the K-On!’ song  “Don’t Say Lazy” and it’s done by the J-pop girl band Scandal, I don’t know much about them other than they’re pretty cute and sound alright. Click on the following link to download a copy of this video.

Don't say Lazy 002 


        After watching the first couple of episodes of K-On!, I was first enthralled by the Moe esthetics of the girls and the series, but a strange thing started to happen. My feelings of Moe towards the K-On! girls started taking on a more eros nature, but what was interesting about this turn is that it didn’t happen with other anime featuring high school girls such as Lucky Star, Sky Girls, Hidamari Sketch, and other such titles.

the K-On! girls charcoal drawing

       I don’t know if this is some form of nostalgia for my high school days, or some form of  “if I knew then, what I know now” 10x as many panties would have dropped back in the day. But, there it is, I want me some K-On! girls. I talked this over with a friend of mine who is also a long-time anime fan, and his questions to me were, would the girls be legal in your jurisdiction and is your K-On! infatuation causing problems with your current girlfriend? Yes, they would be legal where I’m at, and no I’m not breaking dates with, or dumping my current GF.  So, he told me that he didn’t see any problem with it, it’s the same thing as people finding Erin Esurance or Jessica Rabbit attractive.

      So, I’ve decided that my resistance to my growing eros K-On! infatuation is futile, and I’ll give into my baser instincts.

So, that being said, yes I find Mio very Moe, but I also want to switch places with Ritsu and carry Mio to her ruin.

A very Moe MioCarrying Mio to her ruin

I would also love to walk-in on Ritsu dressed in the below attire, and share some Penthouse letters action with her.

Finding Ritsu in the room 001

I would also like to spend some alone time with princess Mugi-chan.

A night with princess Mugi-chan

And, last but not least, I would love to have Yui put her Les Paul away for a night, and have her put those thigh-highs where they really belong, around my back.

Yui and the flower pillow.

       Well, if that damns me to anime hell, so be it, I guess I’ll just have to live with it, or maybe I’ll be sentenced to anime jail. Oh, if you’re interested in a NSFW K-On! dojin click on this link.

locked in anime jail.


       Well, a funny thing happened this past week and I didn’t even realize it until one of my blog’s readers pointed it out to me, my blog is now two years old. I guess my reason for not really even noticing this fact is that as an “older” anime fan and blogger is that personal things like my birthday and I guess my blog’s birthday pass with less importance. I’ve always looked at this blog as a long term project, one advantage of being a older blogger is that I’ve passed most by most major life changing events that cause some blog writers to give up their blogging.  So, I’ve reached an equilibrium between my love of anime and my personal life, I see no reason other than the great dirt nap why I won’t continue watching and writing about anime for the foreseeable future. 

      I would also like to thank all the reader’s of this blog, I had no idea that when I started this blog I would have almost 1.5 million total reads after only two years. So, below are the two year stats for this blog.

Average readers per day.

2007-   352  /  2008-  2362  /  2009-  4416

Top 10 most read posts.

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Top 5 search terms leading to this blog.

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My 6 favorite posts that show what I think and how i feel about anime, not in any real order.

Clannad 1 review, Key’s new treat.     Clannad 10, another lonely girl and emotional escapism.       The finale of  Natsu no Sora episode, 12 review; Taking great joy in, and tasting the sadness of a brief life well lived, and why it’s OK cry.       Kaiba episode 12 (the finale episode) review, love conquers all.     Naisho no Tsubomi 3 review, a new life and a new love is born.      Clannad ~After Story~ 24 (the recap) review; Let me tell you a story, mukashi mukashi….. 

        So, after two years, what comes next?  Well, in the next couple of weeks I have to finish up my meta review of the whole Clannad series, it’s grown very large and needs more editing, and I’ll finish my editing on a post that takes a historical look back at moe, it goes back a lot further than most people think. I, also have to look for a new desktop computer, my main computer have up it’s ghost the other night so I need a new one. In closing, I want to thank all the readers of this blog for taking the time to read my ramblings.

       Well, it looks like the Anime Blog Awards 2009 site has disappeared with no reappearance in sight, and I was wondering if anybody gives a damn? I think that every community needs to take a good look at oneself and give some kudos out to the innovators, the up and coming, and to the quality leaders.

      So, if enough members of the anime blogging community are willing to give up a little of their time I would be willing to setup a blog and dedicated email address and try to get something going. I think that we could use many of last years categories with a couple of improvements.

      I think that the toughest part of this whole thing would be building the database of anime blogs and their writers, but once that’s done than the rest would be fairly easy. I found some pretty interesting e-election web software, and once you enter your members contact information the site sends out a registration invitation where the member gets a user name and password, then you can design a custom nomination or election ballots. After all that’s done, you can hold secure, encrypted, and anonymous voting with no over-voting, ballot stuffing and so forth.

     So, if anyone would be interested in trying to get something going please leave a comment with your anime blog’s address and email address. Remember, in the interests of fairness, anyone who helps would have their blog ineligible for any award consideration.

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