Christmas 2008 anime stocking stuffers


        I would like to wish all the readers of my blog a Merry Christmas, and may you find all the presents that you were hoping for under your tree tonight. Have a safe and loving holiday!



      In keeping with the Christmas tradition nothing seems to say the holidays like hearing Christmas music. So, I have decided to post the link for two Sailor Moon Christmas albums, the first album is Christmas For You, and the second album is Merry Christmas.



01 Akahana no tonakai (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer)

02 Jingle Bells

03 Seija ga machi ni yatte-kuru (When the saints go marching in)

04 Omedetou Christmas (We wish you a merry Christmas)

05 Santa Claus ga yatte-kuru (Here comes Santa Claus)

06 Santa ga machi ni yatte-kuru (Santa Claus is coming to town)

07 White Christmas

08 Christmas no uta (The Christmas song)

09 Ave Maria

10 Kiyoshi kono yoru (Silent night)


01 Sailormoon Christmas

02 Akahana no tonakai (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer)

03 Seija ga machi ni yatte-kuru (When the saints go Marching in)

04 Jingle Bells

05 Christmas no uta (The Christmas song)

06 Arano no hate ni (Angels we have heard on high)

07 Mama ga Santa ni kissu shite (I was mommy kissing Santa Claus)

08 Hoshi ni negai o (When you wish upon a star)

09 Kiyoshi kono yoru (Silent night)

10 Koibito ga Santa Claus

11 Last Christmas


Feel free to click on the below link to download the albums in .ogg format.

Sailor Moon Christmas Albums.


         For my next stocking stuffer I’m including three manga that I consider to be diamonds in the rough. The first manga is Mysterious Girlfriend X, and it’s the story of a boy, a mysterious female transfer student, and some strange saliva. The second manga is My Lovely Ghost Kana, and it’s a sweet slightly naughty romance story about a young man, a haunted apartment, a sexy ghost, and whether the boundaries between life and death can stop the power of love. The third manga is Love Story Killed, and it’s a brutal tale about the price that war extracts from a young soldier and a girl he meets on the battlefield.


Mysterious Girlfriend X by Kotonoha


My Lovely Ghost Kana by Solaris-SVU


Love Story Killed by Snoopycool

Click on this link to download all three manga; give me Christmas manga


        In keeping with the holiday spirit, I’ll be posting some stocking stuffers that I think that you just might enjoy. But seriously, I was thinking of writing something witty to post before Christmas but I’ve been just too busy with shopping, working, and watching lots of anime in preparation for writing my best anime of 2008 list. So, I’ll just fall back on the ever popular subject of Japanese idols and cute girls. So, enjoy these pics of Mao Kobayashi, Mao has been one of my favorite Japanese idols for many years. Click on picture to view at full size.