I have always loved watching the Olympics and after seeing the above super cute Olympic poster I tried to find a way to link anime and the Olympics. So, I decided to do a post called Olympics done anime style, this post will feature many anime and manga characters performing in various Olympic sporting events. At the end of the post I will introduce a couple of anime only Olympic events. Please note that while I tried to find pics of both male and females it seems that the anime and manga creators overwhelmingly like to drawn the female form performing athletic events.

All in all, when posting these pics I go by Konata’s advice to Miyuki.

      So without further ado, may I present you Olympics done anime style.

Presenting the aquatic events:


Synchronized diving

Sailing and boating

Boxing, wrestling, and judo

Presenting the track and field events, running, jumping and so forth

Presenting gymnastic events.

Presenting the racquet and ball sports.


And of course beach volleyball anime style.

      Since I’m doing the Olympics anime style I’ve decided to add a few new events to the Olympic event rotation for our favorite anime characters. SO, the first anime related new event for the Olympics will be the sport of glomping.

      In the glomping competition there will be a female on female category, and a female on male category. The male on male and the male on female act of glomping while occurring is so rare that they are not considered a official event.

     In the female on female event the scoring will consist of two parts, the first part will be degree of difficulty/surprise level of the glomping act, and the second part will consist of the amount of yuri surprise placed on the person being glomped by the glomper.

Examples of the female on female glomping competition.

      In the female on male event the scoring will consist of three parts, the first part will consist of the degree of difficulty/surprise level of the glomping act, the second part will consist of the affection to damage ratio of the glomping act, and the third part will consist of the shock level that the glomping act has on bystanders or classmates. So, a great glomp in a quiet park will score less than a medium glomp in the middle of a surprised classroom.

Examples of the female on male glomping competition.

        For additional research into the female on male act of glomping occurring in the natural environment please watch “sad girls in the snow” type anime, or harem type anime featuring girls who are really animal spirits in disguise

       The next new event I will be adding to the anime Olympics will be the anime girl eating high jump. Competitors in this event are mainly anime girls who lack boyfriends, so they display their desire and physical prowess by jumping towards a highly available and desirable object (tasty snacks) while demonstrating grace and energy. Scoring is based on two parts, the first part consists of the height of the jump, and the second part consists of the style, grace, and form demonstrated when snatching the snack.

A failed jump.

A gold medal, win!