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For my 10th entry in my “12 moments in anime 2009” I’m choosing the philandering ways of Touya from the White Album series.


       In the harem themed anime of the past such as Ranma ½ and Tenchi Muyo the guy at the center of the harem had many redeeming qualities that would lead the girls surrounding him to want his DNA. The harem leads from the past weren’t pathic punching bags for all the tsundere chicks in his harem like Keitaro was from Love Hina, and I could no more picture either Tenchi or Ranma getting slapped around by all the women in their lives as I could ever picture myself putting up with any of my former girlfriends/lovers slapping me around to show me that they love me.


      So, what the hell happened to the harem genre and their males leads over the intervening years? Well, my personal theory is that in the past, anime in general was targeted and viewed by a larger general audience, and those shows made back their production costs, and then some, by being popular enough to actually make money off of commercial advertising. So, as television audiences and anime audience’s numbers began to slip the production companies had to reley on sales of VHS tapes and later DVD sales to make a profit. 

      This situation led to these types of anime being targeted towards the hardcore buyers of DVDs and away from trying to attract a large diverse audience. So, where we once had male leads of harem type anime where female viewers liked them and male viewers looked up to and aspired to be like them we’re now left with male leads who are avatars for lonely/sexually impotent male viewers who spend more money on anime then getting laid.


        Even in a harem anime such as Bakemonogatari where the male lead, Koyomi, is a pretty tough hard core guy and surrounded by attractive females who are available, he’s sexually impotent. Koyomi gropes Mayoi and both enjoys himself and loathes himself for the act but can go no further, he leers at Nadeko who’s attracted to him and available but does nothing, and even when he finally gets Hitagi as a girlfriend he practically had to get dragged kicking and screaming to their first date, she did all the work. Then we have other harem type anime such as Kiss X Sis, Kanokon, and Kiss on my Deity where the male leads practically have pussy shoved in their faces everyday and they’re so pitiful and impotent it’s no wonder why Japan has a negative/zero population growth problem judging by how these males react to women.

Loser #1

Loser #2

Loser #3


       So, all this ranting brings be to Touya from White Album, the hero of this post. While Touya may be many negative things such as; a very bad boyfriend to Yuki, a man-whore, a liar, an unreliable person, and a piece of shit, he’s certainly not impotent. When Touya gets that loving feeling he’s not contented with a little panty shot, he wants what’s underneath that thin piece of cotton, and he knows where his sausage belongs. Out of the six main girls in Touya’s harem he’s filled the love canal of three of the six girls (Yayoi, Misaki, and Haruka), and made out with two of the remaining three (Rina and Yuki).

Hit Yayoi many times.

Hit Misaki and left it.

Hit Haruka and left it.

Kissed Rina and wanted to hit it.

Yuki, the girlfriend, kissed her and been trying to hit it the whole series.

       So, in the spirit of the awards season Touya wins the erect penis award for knowing how a man should react to readily available lonely women. Yes, Touya’s shining example should be a guiding light to all males involved in harem situations: Yes, Keitaro you should have slammed every chick before settling on Nauru; Yes, Keita you should bang both Riko and Ako before picking one; Yes, Kouta you should have deflower both Chizuru and Nozomu; Yes, Yuuri you should really taste Mashiro and all the other girls around you; and Yes, Koyomi you should have acted first by picking a girl and doing something; you’re all losers compared to Touya.

All male harem leads please read the following advice.

For my ninth post in the “12 moments of anime 2009” series I’m choosing my experience seeing Ponyo at real movie theater.

        While I have seen thousands of episode of anime and over 100 hundred anime films seldom do I get to view anime films the way they’re meant to be seen, in a real movie theater. Over my long years of anime viewing I’ve seen anime films, and for the most part I’ve viewed these films at anime club, or watched these films from VHS tape or DVD at my house. While these viewing methods are great when it’s the only viable viewing method available a movie is really meant to be viewed and experienced on the big screen.

        Over the years, I’ve only had the good fortune to see a couple of anime films in full theater glory and I have to say that you can tell the difference between watching a film in the theater vs the best home movie equipment. So, this past August I had the pleasure watching Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo on the Cliff AKA Ponyo at a Digital Cinema movie theater.

        Seeing Ponyo in the theater reaffirmed just how good anime films can be when you watch them as they were intended to be seen, and made me wonder how much more I would had loved 5 Centimeters Per Second & The Place Promised in Our Early Days if I would have had a similar viewing experience.

        For the 4th post of my “12 moments of anime 2009” series I’m choosing Nobue’s expression of Moe and Mono no Aware towards Chika, Miu, Ana, and Matsuri in Ichigo Marshmallow Encore OAV 2.

        I really loved how this episode portrayed what I feel is the true spirit of Moe, and what I mean by this is how Nobue gets enjoyment (non-sexual) from watching “cute girls doing cute things”.

         I’ve always felt that there’s almost no better example of someone enjoying the Moe aesthetic than how Nobue takes pleasure in watching Chika, Miu, Ana, and Matsuri being cute little girls. Nobue takes pleasure in enjoying the girls’ innocence, not in any sort of sexual manner, it’s like she sees them as a younger version of herself, not yet cynical, untouched by the baser realities of teenage life; longing for boyfriends, sex, smoking, having to work for money, and so forth. I think that Nobue’s pleasure in watching the girls is also an expression of  her appreciation of the principle of Mono no Aware, she knows that sooner or later the girls will exchange their childhood innocence for a more worldly adult experience, and she chooses to enjoy every last moment of their childhood.

       This episode begins with Keita and his two sisters celebrating at a karaoke parlor, and it just so happens that his sisters have gone to the trouble of making Santa outfits for the occasion.  The reason that the sisters give for the occasion is shake Keita out of his depressed emo mood. After the sisters take a break from singing they try to get Keita to sing.

        After drinking some Oolong tea, Riko asks Keita if the tea tastes strange, then Riko suddenly passes out.  Ako then realizes that this must be the adult Oolong tea, and concludes that Riko must be really bad with alcohol. Ako tells Keita that they might as well just enjoy the tea, and after they’re both nice and toasty Ako tells Keita that she needs to pee. Keita tells her to just hurry up and go, but Ako’s legs won’t work properly. Keita offers to help Ako to the bathroom but she would rather crawl, so she crawls off to the bathroom.

       Just as Ako crawls off to the bathroom Riko finally wakes up and tells K that she also has to go to the bathroom but can’t hold it in. Well, Keita tells her the owners will be mad if she goes inside the room, then Riko and asks Keita if he’ll drink it? Well, Riko settles for asking Keita for an empty plastic bottle. Well, he says it’s impossible so Riko says she’ll just go here, and she says she hasn’t wet her pants since preschool.

     Keita decides it’s better to carry Riko to the bathroom instead of letting her pee her pants, and when Ako sees Keita carrying Riko past her she envies the princess carrying style.

      When Keita finally gets Riko inside the bathroom she plays up her intoxication getting Keita to remove her panties so she can pee, and once they’re off she tells Keita that is thing has gotten big. Keita finally gets her to go and when she’s finished she gets on Keita’s case for staying in the bathroom when he could have left and as punishment she tells him to hurry up and wipe her off.

       Keita starts to get really flustered and confused and she asks him what the problem is since she’s his sister. Riko tells him to remember back to when they were young and he was still pissing his bed and Riko and Ako had to take care of him, so he can return the favor this one time. Keita asks Riko if she’s sure it’s just pee down there and she tells him to hurry up and find out. Just as Keita begins to wipe her off Ako knocks on the door wondering what’s taking so long, breaking Riko’s moment of exaltation.

      As Keita is leaving the bathroom Ako gets a glimpse of the situation and Keita says she has it wrong but one glance at Keita’s pants confirms her worries and Riko says it’s exactly what it looks like.

       Back inside the karaoke booth, Riko’s fallen back asleep with a very nice smile on her face. Well, Keita is bummed out because Ako thinks something happened inside the bathroom so he starts to drinks heavily and Ako apologies to him. Then Keita places Ako on his lap and tells her to share some of her cheerfulness with him by mouth to mouth. After a few seconds thought, Ako thinks it’ll be alright for her to enjoy Keita by herself, and after a few minutes of kissing Keita wants Ako to work on his tongue then he returns the for her.  After a little while, the drunken Keita pulls Ako’s top down and tells her that he’s going to see how excited she gets when doing these things and proceeds to go to work on her twin peaks. He starts off a bit rough, but after a hint from Ako he gets gentle and asks her if it’s OK for a brother and sister to do this?

       Well, Ako tells Keita that she’s a sister Santa for now. Keita eventually works the rest of Ako’s outfit off and is about to go to work on her lower half when she gets a telephone call from the front desk saying that their time is up in five minutes, Ako asks for an extension, but the front desk tells her they’re booked solid so they have to leave, and when Ako looks over to Keita she sees that he’s asleep.

      When Ako returns to Keita’s side she bops him upside the head for falling asleep then she heads to the bathroom to take care of a moisture problem lamenting that if she knew it would have turned out like this she would have brought some spares.

     On their way back from the karaoke bar, Keita tells his sisters that he doesn’t remember a thing but he doesn’t feel stressed out anymore, and he thanks them for their help. As the episode ends, Ako and Riko bicker over what the other sister did with Keita, and Ako is still dealing with her moisture problem. Well, that’s all for this OAV.

       Well, I’ve always liked Kiss x Sis because of its playful execution of the wincest trope. While Keita relationship with Ako and Riko isn’t truly incest because they’re his step-sisters and it’s about as close as you can get without stepping into the creepy territory of Koi Kaze (real incest). In the previous two episodes of Kiss x Sis I’ve ripped on Keita for his lack of a man card, his parents say go for it, his step-sisters say go for it, his male classmates say go for it, even his own body says of it, and what does he do? Nothing. Well, in this episode he finally decides have a little taste of forbidden fruit, but only because he’s drunk, and to make matters worse, he doesn’t remember anything. I almost wish that I could swap Keita with Touya (the scumbag from White Album), Keita would make a better boyfriend for the pure and virginal Yuki, and Touya would have already passed his twin entrance exams and both Ako and Riko would be worring about buying diapers instead of making cosplay outfits. Eventhough I hate weak male leads in harem and love triangle anime, I like both Riko and Ako because those girls know what they want and they actualy go for it. What makes Kiss x Sis frustrating is that Ako and Riko offer Keita the perfect male fanstay of hot willing girls and he doesn’t have the sack to take advantage of a situation that could never exist but you wished it could.

As I was skimming the AnimeNation news blog I spotted a bit of wonderful news; Isao Takahata , legendary anime director and co-founder of Studio Ghibli will make “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”, (AKA Taketori Monogatari, or Kaguya Hime no Monogatari) his next film.

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter or  Kaguya Hime no Monogatari is one of Japan’s oldest and most beloved fairy tale. The first written reference of this tale that I can find comes from the Konjaku Monogatarishū AKA “Tales from the past”, a collection of myths from Japan’s distant past written around the 12th century. Since the tale of Princess Kaguya is one Japan’s most beloved fairy tales/myths is been referenced in so many anime and manga it’s almost too many to count. Because this tale probably was transmitted orally before it was put to written word several different versions, both long and short exist. Below, I’ll give a a quick telling of my favorite version.

Tale of the Bamboo Princess

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

“Once upon a time” (my words),

       There lived a poor bamboo cutter who was one day cutting bamboo in his fields when he beheld a wondrous light, bending down to have a closer look he saw a beautiful creature in the heart of the reed, the girl was only four inches tall. The bamboo cutter picked the small girl up and took her home to his wife, and together they raised her in a small basket. As the days went by, every time the cutter returned to his fields to do his cutting work he found gold, and soon the cutter and his wife became very rich.

       After a period of only three months the girl grew from her small stature to a fully grown maid, the most beautiful maid in the whole land. When the bamboo cutter decided to name his daughter her held a feast and named her Lady Kaguya or (Precious Slender Bamboo of the Field of Autumn). As the story of Lady Kaguya’s beauty spread throughout the land many suitors showed up at the bamboo cutter’s house attempting to win her love. After a long period of time all but five of the men went home and finally the remaining five men (all Noblemen) asked the bamboo cutter to bestow his daughter to one of them, to which, he replied that since Lady Kaguya really wasn’t his real daughter she wasn’t required to follow his wishes. Even thought the five men eventually went home they still kept asking the bamboo cutter for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

         The bamboo cutter soon became bothered by the men’s demands for his daughter’s hand and he went to her and said it would be fitting for such a handsome and fair maid to marry one of the noblemen, to which, she replied that I’m not so fair to be able to trust myself to choose marriage to an untested heart. So, it was soon arranged that all five noblemen were summoned before Lady Kaguya and each nobleman was be given a difficult task to complete, and the one that succeeded would marry Lady Kaguya.

      The first nobleman, Prince Ishizukuri, was told to travel to northern India and bring back the stone beggar bowl that the Buddha himself had used. The second nobleman, Prince Kuramochi, was told to travel to a mountain named Horai where a tree grows that has silver roots, a golden trunk, and bears fruit of pure white jade and bring back a branch. The third nobleman, Sadaijin Dainagon, was told to find and have fashioned a robe made of the pelts of flame proof rats for Lady Kaguya. The fourth nobleman, Chiunagon, was told to bring back the rainbow hued jewel that’s hidden inside a dragon’s head. The fifth and final nobleman, lord Iso, was told to find and return with the cowry-shell that the swallow carries over the sea plain.

        The noblemen departed to complete their tasks, and over the course of several years either tried to fake, steal, or just plain failed to complete their assigned tasks and Lady Kaguya rejected all five of the noblemen. Soon the news of Lady Kaguya’s beauty eventually reached the Mikado (Emperor of Japan) so he sent one of his palace ladies to meet with, and report back to him everything about Lady Kaguya, but Lady Kaguya refused to meet with her. The Mikado soon sends for the bamboo cutter and his daughter to report to the palace with the reward of a noble title to be awarded to the bamboo cutter. After talking with his daughter, Lady Kaguya tells her father that if she’s forced to his house she’ll die, so the price of his nobility will be his daughter’s life. The bamboo cutter travels to the palace and tells the Mikado of his daughter decision, and the Mikado is so interested in seeing Lady Kaguya that he arranges a royal hunt so he can stop by for a visit the bamboo cutter’s house.

        When the Mikado enters the bamboo cutter’s house he sees a wondrous light and finds its source is Lady Kaguya, as he gets a glimpse of her face she disappears. Knowing that Lady Kaguya is no mortal woman he begs for her to return, and she does. The Mikado pleads his love for Lady Kaguya, but Lady Kaguya tells him that she must remain at this house, so the Mikado departs in sadness. In the seventh month of the third year after the royal visit, Lady Kaguya looks upon the full moon with sadness and pain, and Lady Kaguya tells her father that the sight of the moon causes her to reflect on the sadness of the world. The next month, Lady Kaguya tells her maids that she’s no mortal woman but was born in the palace of the moon kingdom, and will soon leave this world and depart for her birthplace. . When the bamboo cutter finds out that his daughter would soon depart he becomes angry and informs the Mikado, who sends a whole company to prevent her departure.

     On the night of the next full moon, a great cloud descends from the moon bringing with it a great host of moon-folk, and a glorious carriage. The troop of soldiers tries to prevent the moon-folk from landing but all their arrows miss the mark, and the leader of the moon-folk orders the bamboo cutter to bring forth Lady Kaguya, the power of his command opens all the locked doors, and Lady Kaguya comes forth. The commander tells Lady Kaguya that it’s time to leave this sorry world, and just as she’s about to depart she hands the bamboo cutter a scroll which says that she’s sorry for causing him pain and that if she was born to this world she would have not caused her father pain. Lady Kaguya also says that because her father loved her so well, she’ll leave behind her silken mantle as a memorial so he can gaze upon it when the moon shines and he can remember his daughter.

    Then the moon-folk bring forward a coffer that contains a Celestial Robe of Feathers and a small portion of the Elixir of Life, and after Lady Kaguya drinks some of the Elixir of life the moon-folk   attempt to place the Robe of Feathers over her back but she stops them. She tells the moon-folk that she still has something to do; Lady Kaguya proceeds to write a message to the Mikado, and she gives the scroll and the remaining Elixir of Life to the troop commander. Once Lady Kaguya places the Robe of Feathers over her back all her memories of the mortal world are erased and she departs with the moon-folk to return to the moon.

        The message to the Mikado says that while he desired to be with her, it was not permitted to be, and that basically she wanted to be with him but she was forbidden to do so, and that caused great pain to her heart, so she’s sorry.

       After the Mikado read the letter his heart was so overcome with sadness that he ordered his commander to take the scroll along with the Elixir of life to the top of the highest mountain in Suruga and burn them. His loyal commander, following the Mikado’s orders, climbed to the summit of the tallest mountain and carried out the Mikado’s orders. From that time forward men would look upon that mountain and say that the smoke rising from its peak mingles with the clouds of heaven, and that mountain is now called Fuji-yama, the never dying.

This is a wonderful tale that showcases how the Japanese love of nature is linked with the divine, and I’m sure that when Studio Ghibli completes this movie it’ll be a monster hit in Japan.      

Kana giving Fujioka his long awaited chocolate 

         This OAV episode begins with Hayami watching Hosaka doing some planning on how he’ll cook some food for Haruka, and she decides to interject herself into the situation. She tells Hosaka that Haruka’s cooking is about love and his is about ego, so he can’t make her happy. He tells her she’s wrong and that his feelings are pure, she realizes this but she feels his approach is wrong. As Natsuki is walking down the hall Hosaka passes him and exudes such bad vibes that it even scares him.

Hosaka 0001Hosaka 0002Hosaka 0003

Natsuki and Hosaka 0001

         Later, as Chiaki is doing some grocery shopping, she and Hosaka run into each other, Hosaka picks up some carrots and says that they’re filled with love, Chiaki also picks them up and wonders if they’re filled with love. Later, as the three sisters are eating dinner, Chiaki blushes as she looks at the carrots and thinks of love, and she soon manages to eat a carrot.

these are filled with lovethey hold lovethinking about love

eating some love 001wow look at chiaki

         The next day, Hayami’s games with Hosaka backfires on her, Hosaka corners her in class and basically performs food rape on her to prove his love for Haruka. Also, Haruka takes Chiaki’s acceptance of carrots too far, she starts planning all kinds of carrots dishes for dinner.

he comes my love for Harukadon't fight the love 001don't worry it'll be all right 001

prepare for entry

        Back at the Minami household, Yoshino stops by and Mako-chan asks Kana if she thinks that Yoshino has found out about his secret identity? Kana says that she’s smarter than Uchida, so maybe, but she won’t say anything because she’s a sadist, because that would ruin all the fun. After Mako-chan hears this, every-time he looks at Yoshino he sees evil thoughts and intentions coming from her. When Yoshino talks with Mako-chan he takes all her words as meaning that he’s been exposed, and Kana’s no help to him. Haruka tells Kana to clean the tub but Mako-chan’s so frightened of being left alone with Yoshino that he/she volunteers to do it for Kana.

have I been found outMaybe she's figured it outYoshino's evil vibes

I think I'm nailed

       While Mako-chan is cleaning the tub, he thinks that he’s finally got some alone time, but Yoshino comes in and says she’ll also help. She sees that Mako-chan’s skirt has gotten wet and wants to wipe it off, Mako-chan says she’s OK and tries to get Yoshino to leave. They end up slipping on a bar of soap and end up falling into the tub, Mako-chan breaks his fall so he doesn’t land full force on Yoshino. Later, Yoshino says that she’s surprised that Mako-chan’s so strong, it’s almost like she’s a boy (wow, this would make a great start to a great H-dojin where a sweet innocence young girl discovers a hidden trap and the benefits of having a trap for a friend).

I'm finally alonetripping on the soapMako-chan on Yoshino

        Later on, Kana, Chiaki, Uchida, Touma, and Maki are hanging out and the topic of Valentine’s day comes up and Kana wants Maki to give advice to the other girls. Maki asks Uchida what the it means to win on “V-day”, and Uchida says it’s to get candy from someone you like. Maki says, wrong, winning is getting candy from anyone! Chiaki is unsettled by the idea of getting candy from someone she doesn’t know (come on Chiaki we all know that strangers have the best candy), Kana tells Maki that Chiaki isn’t suited for V-day, and this sends Chiaki to the floor. Then Touma says she’s been getting candy from strangers for years, she always eaten the chocolate that her brothers have gotten for V-day.

I want to win on V-daycandy from someone you likeeven candy from strangers 001

Chiaki not suited for V-day

This one is for Chiaki.

Strangers have the best Candy 001

       Kana then tells Maki that Toumalives in a different cultural world from the rest of us so just ignore her like Chiak, and this sends Touma to the floor with Chiaki. Uchida asks them what she should do because her fated lover hasn’t shown up yet, and Kana plays a joke on her and she ends up on the ground with Touma and Chiaki. Soon, Kana realizes that she’s ruined every one’s mood, and tries to lighten up the mood by asking Maki about her happy V-day experiences, stunned silence.

My fated lover hasn't appeared yetall three girls are ruinedMaki is ruined too

       When Haruka returns home with chocolate every ones mood improves, and soon the doorbell rings. Kana goes to answer door saying it’s probably Fujioka sending all the other girls into a panic, Maki says it’s improper to let guys see the girls getting ready for V-day, and poor Fujioka is just standing outside the door. While Fujioka was on his way to the Minami-ke household he saw Hosaka standing by a advert for V-day, of course Hosaka is being Hosaka, but it serves to remind Fujioka that V-day is coming soon.

eating Haruka's candy 001you can't let guys see thispoor Fujioka is waiting

Hosaka by the poster

           Once Fujioka finally gets in their house, Chiaki assumes her natural seat on Fujioka’s lap, and Maki asks him who he wishes to receive candy from? Chiaki asks Maki where her courtesy is, Chiaki says that guys are sensitive to this issue, and Fujioka’s body twitched when V-day was mentioned. Maki smiles and calls into the kitchen looking for Kana, and Chiaki says that Fujioka’s body twitched again, making Maki even more happy. Maki tells Fujioka that there are things as a guy that he can do about it, so struggle. The next day at school, Fujioka asks to hold one of Kana’s books for her then he hands it back to her, and then day after day he tries to help Kana and get closer to her, but every time he does so he melts down from being close to her. Kana is perplexed by Fujioka’s behavior and goes to Keiko for advice who says it’s probably about the upcoming soccer competition, but he’s really stressing about V-day.

 Chiaki on Fujioka's lapwho do you want candy from 001Maki loves stressing Fujioka

Fujioka with Kana 0001Fujioka with Kana 0002Kana and Keiko talking

         The next day, the big V-day, Kana come to class and gives Fujioka a dark sweet chocolate bar making him very, very, happy. Keiko tells Kana that she thought that Kana didn’t care about V-day but she gave Fujioka chocolate anyways? Kana forgot that today was V-day and thought she was giving Fujioka a chocolate bar for energy during his soccer stuff. Then we flash over to the high school where we see Hosaka waiting with a rose for Haruka to give him some chocolate that will never come. Well, that’s all for this episode.

here have some candyKana giving Fujioka his wishFujioka and his dream

did you know it's V-dayHosaka waiting for the day that will never come.

          I found this OAV/OAD (I don’t really care what it’s classified as) to be very enjoyable and interesting. Minami-ke has aways been a series that centered around the  human desires of eating and drinking along with friendship/companionship, a vast majority of the episode in one way or another where centered around the kotatsu or kitchen table and involved food and eating. 

        Throughout  this whole episode all the characters were pretty much the same as before but it was quite nice seeing Kana doing something kind for Fujioka, unintentional as it was, if she had known that it was V-day she never would have given him any chocolate, but to me it’s the end result that counts, Fujioka is very happy. Hell, Kana has no idea how much stuff she’ll probable get in return for Fujioka on white day.  I think that it worked out perfectly for Fujioka, Kana’s so dense that if he told her outright that he liked her, she’d think that it was some kind of crazy plot. Every one around Kana and Fujioka knows that Fujioka likes Kana, except Kana, even the fortune telling trick told Kana that Fujioka will be her future husband. Also, I found it very amusing how Hayami’s games with Hosaka backfired on her in a most satisfying way.

         Eat Drink Man Woman, the desire for food and sex (or just a crush) wets the human palate, Minami-ke has always been about a good meal and good friendships (and hopes for more), so I found this entree of Minami-ke to be a very fulfilling meal, seconds please.

Riko under the covers  

       This episode starts off with Keita having a dream of him and his sisters having a “nice” visit to the beach. When Keita pulls a small octopus from the water, it’s mother or father begins to have its why with his two sisters as punishment, and just as the dream is getting good Keita is awaken by a kiss from Ako.

Ako and Riko at the beach

look out girls Ako is attackedRiko is attacked

the twin attack

Ako's wet kiss

       After Keita gets over his shock, he chews out Ako for being so physically forward with him. Ako just ignores him and tells him he has to get up or he’ll be late, and when she pulls back his blanket she finds her sister underneath.

Riko under the covers what are you doing thereRiko good morning rub

       As Keita is heading off to school his step-mother tells him that he’s the talk of the neighbor because everybody knows about how his sister’s confessed their love to him at school. She says that she’s not trying to be nosey but she’s just wondering who’s going to be his choice, Ako or Reiko? He says that its not right because they’re siblings, but his father says that step-brothers and step-sisters are just like any other man or woman. His step-mother tells him to hurry up and chose because the whole neighborhood has bets on his choice.

who's your choicecome here lover hurry up and chose

did you go for it

      At school, Keita’s friends notice that he’s been sleeping most of the class and they ask him about his sisters? His friends let their erotic thoughts run wild with all the yummy possibilities his two sisters represent, Keita gets angry at them but they tell him that healthy males should want action with hot girls. The more that Keita tries to put erotic thoughts of his sisters out of his mind the more they creep in, he even injuries his hand by hitting it on a desk to drive those thoughts from his head, and his friends notice this fact.

if we had your sistersdreaming of Akodreaming of Riko

Keita thinking of his sisters

       When Keita returns home he finds his sisters inside his bedroom, they tells him if they waited till he got home to visit him he wouldn’t let them in. When Riko notices that he hurt his hand she grabs his hand and sends him some good healing vibes, and soon Ako jumps on him and gives him a mouthful of love saliva. During Ako’s assault on Keita’s mouth she manages to fall on him further injuring his hand, and later the sisters offer their apologies and their assistance to Keita.

 poor Keita hurt his handI'll make it feel betterthis kiss will make it better

we sorry and we'll take care of youeye catch 01eye catch 02

         Keita heads off to the bath where he finds himself unable to wash himself with just one good hand; he thinks about asking his sisters for help but gives up on that idea.  As Keita is leaving the bath a naked Riko walks in on him, followed by a school swimsuit clad Ako, Riko compliments Ako on her use of such an imouto item. Once Keita has had enough of the girls, he gets up to leave, and the two girls fall on top of him, Ako’s forbidden zone lands on Keita’s face, and Riko’s treasure chest lands on Keita’s hand. The double erotic stimulation seems to bring satisfaction to each girl, but its too much for Keita to handle and the turtle comes out of its shell and Keita has a nosebleed explosion.

Keita in the baththe power of the swimsuitthis is much better

here take a peek

Ako on Keita 001Ako on Keita 002Ako enjoying the action

Riko on Keita's hand

Riko getting some hand actionRiko getting some finger workRiko getting that feeling

Riko having the big O

the turtle is outAko sees the turtlesKeita has nosebleed overload 001-001

      The next morning Keita wakes up in his bed and he finds a letter of apology under his alarm clock from Ako, she says she’s sorry for his injuries and he should let her take care of him. Under Ako’s letter, there’s another letter from Riko telling him that she washed his underwear and that she was probably the cause of his wet dream.

the letter from Akothe letter from Rikochecking for his underwear

      After school, Keita goes to see a doctor and he finds his two sisters waiting in front of the doctor’s office, they figured that he’d go see a doctor and wanted to be there for him. They tell him that they’ll do anything to help him, and Riko he goes as far as showing him that she’ll frap him off. This is too much for Keita, as he turns to leave, Ako grabs his injured hand to stop him, and once she figures this out she lets go and poor Keita falls down the office steps. As poor Keita is in a heap at the bottom of the steps he tells his sisters that he’ll never be able to study at this rate. Well, that’s all for this episode.

we're here to help yououch my handoh shit I'm falling

        Well, Kiss x Sis is back and the fanservice is even higher then in the first OAV. Kiss x Sis is a male dream world come true, living with two smoking hot step-sisters that want to jump your bones, and even your parents are giving you the thumbs up. It can’t get any better than this, right? Wrong, our hero seems to be slightly morally conflicted, even though his parents, friends, neighbors, and sisters are giving him the go for it sign he still tries to think of his horny sisters as regular sisters. But, what I mean by Keita being slightly morally conflicted is that he’s actually getting very turned on by his sisters’ actions and in the bath scene he even seems to go with his sisters’ flow, or at least he helped them flow.

       I know that the purpose of this anime is for us male viewers to say that Keita is an idiot because we’d hit both those sisters, and it’s having the desired affect on me. I would nail both Ako and Riko separately and together, and I would even have them do some yuri action before I jumped in to the fray. But, the whole premise of the series is to keep us saying I’d hit that while the lead refuses to give in to his male urges. So, I’ll give Keita one bit of advice, the only bad sex is having no sex at all.

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