This OAV starts off in the year 19 of a new era with a thirteen year old girl named Arumi traveling by space shuttle to a space station (Pink Corral), when the space station comes under attack from an unknown force, and the attack destroys the space station and the shuttle, ejecting Arumi into space. Arumi does not die because she is an adapter (a special child born with the ability to repel physical contact and the environment) she floats in space thinking about how her abilities have keep her from touching family and friends.



        While Arumi is floating in space, a ground crew starts organizing a rescue mission to look for survivors, while the adapters can’t be killed by physical damage they can still die from lack of air eventually. Just when Arumi thinks that she’ll bounce around forever she she comes in contact with an object that she doesn’t bounce off of, she floats inside the object an encounters a girl that she sort of passes through without being repelled. Inside the object she’s told by a computer/bunny that she’s a very special adapter and that she has a repulsion allergy. Arumi finds out that the computer/bunny is called UKATAN 09023 and that they are inside a medical recovery capsule, and just as Arumi is about to start talking to the girl, the recovery capsule is attacked by an enemy ship.



        It turns out that the UFOs aren’t attacking the capsule but retrieving the debris from the destroyed space station and taking it back to a giant satellite constructed out of garbage. The other girl tells Arumi that she’s scared, and at that very moment the Earth based group sends a rescue squad after the survivors of the attack. The rescue squad arrives just in time to stop the capsule from being destroyed but in turn the rescue squad is destroyed trying to get the capsule off the satellite. After a pitched battle another girl (also an adapter) ends up in the capsule with the two other girls. Arumi finds out in a most unusual way that she can have physical contact with this girl.


        Just as many missiles approach the capsule Arumi under goes a transformation into some weird version of a space magical girl, many missile are fired at her but they are all repelled back at the attackers destroying them. It turns out that a custom spacesuit was constructed from Arumi’s DNA/powers, and just as everyone thinks that the battle is over a giant mother ship shows up and begins attacking Arumi. Arumi is constantly bombarded with attacks, even though the attacks are repelled back at the enemy the enemy uses reflectors to send the power back at Arumi. As she is under continuous attack, she thinks back to all the things that have happened to her, her mother was killed giving birth to her, she never could touch her grandmother and now she dead, and she never could do anything about the situation.




             After a while, Arumi calls on her other self to come to her aid, she asks her other self to do something that she only can do. Arumi’s spacesuit transforms again and begins to repel all the attack directed towards her, and soon she begins to overwhelm the attacking force. After Arumi destroys the mother ship she returns to the capsule to learn that it has been damaged and that their air supple is nearly zero, and without a air supple they’ll soon die. Well, that’s all for this OAV episode.



         This is a hard anime for me to review because it seems that some knowledge of the manga series is necessary to fully enjoy or understand the story. Star Ocean is based on a manga series of the same name but since the manga only got a OAV release and not a full series release, generally OAVs are targeted at the hardcore fans of the manga. So, many of the plot points that were just very briefly covered in the first OAV release would be known to the fans who brought this OAV, but I’ll give it a shot anyways.

          The first OAV of Star Ocean was a mildly interesting entry in the genre of science fiction anime. Many questions the viewers might have had about the story are not covered or very weakly covered such as; why did the sun started acting up in the first place, if Arumi repels everything how is she able to eat or wear clothes, who are the aliens attacking the Earth and what do they want, and how did a spacesuit get made from Arumi’s DNA without her knowing it, and many other minor questions?

        But the one saving grace to this show was that the adapters (Arumi, and the other girl) triggered a moe reaction in me. Poor Arumi, the girl who’s mother died giving birth to her, and who could never touch anyone,  I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything would be alright. As the last two OAVs are released I hope the writers spend more time on plot and story because just having a moe feeling for the main character won’t be enough to carry the show.