Kana giving Fujioka his long awaited chocolate 

         This OAV episode begins with Hayami watching Hosaka doing some planning on how he’ll cook some food for Haruka, and she decides to interject herself into the situation. She tells Hosaka that Haruka’s cooking is about love and his is about ego, so he can’t make her happy. He tells her she’s wrong and that his feelings are pure, she realizes this but she feels his approach is wrong. As Natsuki is walking down the hall Hosaka passes him and exudes such bad vibes that it even scares him.

Hosaka 0001Hosaka 0002Hosaka 0003

Natsuki and Hosaka 0001

         Later, as Chiaki is doing some grocery shopping, she and Hosaka run into each other, Hosaka picks up some carrots and says that they’re filled with love, Chiaki also picks them up and wonders if they’re filled with love. Later, as the three sisters are eating dinner, Chiaki blushes as she looks at the carrots and thinks of love, and she soon manages to eat a carrot.

these are filled with lovethey hold lovethinking about love

eating some love 001wow look at chiaki

         The next day, Hayami’s games with Hosaka backfires on her, Hosaka corners her in class and basically performs food rape on her to prove his love for Haruka. Also, Haruka takes Chiaki’s acceptance of carrots too far, she starts planning all kinds of carrots dishes for dinner.

he comes my love for Harukadon't fight the love 001don't worry it'll be all right 001

prepare for entry

        Back at the Minami household, Yoshino stops by and Mako-chan asks Kana if she thinks that Yoshino has found out about his secret identity? Kana says that she’s smarter than Uchida, so maybe, but she won’t say anything because she’s a sadist, because that would ruin all the fun. After Mako-chan hears this, every-time he looks at Yoshino he sees evil thoughts and intentions coming from her. When Yoshino talks with Mako-chan he takes all her words as meaning that he’s been exposed, and Kana’s no help to him. Haruka tells Kana to clean the tub but Mako-chan’s so frightened of being left alone with Yoshino that he/she volunteers to do it for Kana.

have I been found outMaybe she's figured it outYoshino's evil vibes

I think I'm nailed

       While Mako-chan is cleaning the tub, he thinks that he’s finally got some alone time, but Yoshino comes in and says she’ll also help. She sees that Mako-chan’s skirt has gotten wet and wants to wipe it off, Mako-chan says she’s OK and tries to get Yoshino to leave. They end up slipping on a bar of soap and end up falling into the tub, Mako-chan breaks his fall so he doesn’t land full force on Yoshino. Later, Yoshino says that she’s surprised that Mako-chan’s so strong, it’s almost like she’s a boy (wow, this would make a great start to a great H-dojin where a sweet innocence young girl discovers a hidden trap and the benefits of having a trap for a friend).

I'm finally alonetripping on the soapMako-chan on Yoshino

        Later on, Kana, Chiaki, Uchida, Touma, and Maki are hanging out and the topic of Valentine’s day comes up and Kana wants Maki to give advice to the other girls. Maki asks Uchida what the it means to win on “V-day”, and Uchida says it’s to get candy from someone you like. Maki says, wrong, winning is getting candy from anyone! Chiaki is unsettled by the idea of getting candy from someone she doesn’t know (come on Chiaki we all know that strangers have the best candy), Kana tells Maki that Chiaki isn’t suited for V-day, and this sends Chiaki to the floor. Then Touma says she’s been getting candy from strangers for years, she always eaten the chocolate that her brothers have gotten for V-day.

I want to win on V-daycandy from someone you likeeven candy from strangers 001

Chiaki not suited for V-day

This one is for Chiaki.

Strangers have the best Candy 001

       Kana then tells Maki that Toumalives in a different cultural world from the rest of us so just ignore her like Chiak, and this sends Touma to the floor with Chiaki. Uchida asks them what she should do because her fated lover hasn’t shown up yet, and Kana plays a joke on her and she ends up on the ground with Touma and Chiaki. Soon, Kana realizes that she’s ruined every one’s mood, and tries to lighten up the mood by asking Maki about her happy V-day experiences, stunned silence.

My fated lover hasn't appeared yetall three girls are ruinedMaki is ruined too

       When Haruka returns home with chocolate every ones mood improves, and soon the doorbell rings. Kana goes to answer door saying it’s probably Fujioka sending all the other girls into a panic, Maki says it’s improper to let guys see the girls getting ready for V-day, and poor Fujioka is just standing outside the door. While Fujioka was on his way to the Minami-ke household he saw Hosaka standing by a advert for V-day, of course Hosaka is being Hosaka, but it serves to remind Fujioka that V-day is coming soon.

eating Haruka's candy 001you can't let guys see thispoor Fujioka is waiting

Hosaka by the poster

           Once Fujioka finally gets in their house, Chiaki assumes her natural seat on Fujioka’s lap, and Maki asks him who he wishes to receive candy from? Chiaki asks Maki where her courtesy is, Chiaki says that guys are sensitive to this issue, and Fujioka’s body twitched when V-day was mentioned. Maki smiles and calls into the kitchen looking for Kana, and Chiaki says that Fujioka’s body twitched again, making Maki even more happy. Maki tells Fujioka that there are things as a guy that he can do about it, so struggle. The next day at school, Fujioka asks to hold one of Kana’s books for her then he hands it back to her, and then day after day he tries to help Kana and get closer to her, but every time he does so he melts down from being close to her. Kana is perplexed by Fujioka’s behavior and goes to Keiko for advice who says it’s probably about the upcoming soccer competition, but he’s really stressing about V-day.

 Chiaki on Fujioka's lapwho do you want candy from 001Maki loves stressing Fujioka

Fujioka with Kana 0001Fujioka with Kana 0002Kana and Keiko talking

         The next day, the big V-day, Kana come to class and gives Fujioka a dark sweet chocolate bar making him very, very, happy. Keiko tells Kana that she thought that Kana didn’t care about V-day but she gave Fujioka chocolate anyways? Kana forgot that today was V-day and thought she was giving Fujioka a chocolate bar for energy during his soccer stuff. Then we flash over to the high school where we see Hosaka waiting with a rose for Haruka to give him some chocolate that will never come. Well, that’s all for this episode.

here have some candyKana giving Fujioka his wishFujioka and his dream

did you know it's V-dayHosaka waiting for the day that will never come.

          I found this OAV/OAD (I don’t really care what it’s classified as) to be very enjoyable and interesting. Minami-ke has aways been a series that centered around the  human desires of eating and drinking along with friendship/companionship, a vast majority of the episode in one way or another where centered around the kotatsu or kitchen table and involved food and eating. 

        Throughout  this whole episode all the characters were pretty much the same as before but it was quite nice seeing Kana doing something kind for Fujioka, unintentional as it was, if she had known that it was V-day she never would have given him any chocolate, but to me it’s the end result that counts, Fujioka is very happy. Hell, Kana has no idea how much stuff she’ll probable get in return for Fujioka on white day.  I think that it worked out perfectly for Fujioka, Kana’s so dense that if he told her outright that he liked her, she’d think that it was some kind of crazy plot. Every one around Kana and Fujioka knows that Fujioka likes Kana, except Kana, even the fortune telling trick told Kana that Fujioka will be her future husband. Also, I found it very amusing how Hayami’s games with Hosaka backfired on her in a most satisfying way.

         Eat Drink Man Woman, the desire for food and sex (or just a crush) wets the human palate, Minami-ke has always been about a good meal and good friendships (and hopes for more), so I found this entree of Minami-ke to be a very fulfilling meal, seconds please.