Well, I just finished watching the Pretty Cure Max Heart Movie 2,  the movie has running time of 110 minutes. Well the whole Max Heart group is back for a second movie adventure. Here follows the basic plot of the movie. The Max Heart crew is taking a short vacation at a ski and snowboarding resort. When a sage from the garden of clouds drops  an egg near were the pretty cure crew is taking their skiing and snowboarding vacation.

     Hikari finds the egg while outside, when she picks it up it hatches reviling a small golden bird she names Hinata. Shortly after that, a pair of villains show up named Freezen, and Frozen, and they start fight with Hikari, and Pretty Cure. Hanoka and Nagisa are less effective during a battle because of a misunderstanding from earlier in the day. But, they still manage to defeat the bad guy’s creation in short order. After they fight they meet the sage from the garden of clouds, and he takes them up to the garden of clouds, where they find out that Hinata is a baby Phoenix, and that they must protect the baby Phoenix or all the worlds will freeze. Shortly, Freezen and Frozen show up and defeat Pretty Cure in short order turning the garden of clouds to ice. After that Pretty Cure chase the bad guys to their stronghold, were Cure White is taken over by the bad guys and forced to fight Cure Black. But, Cure Black won’t fight back, so the bad guys take control of her and force Pretty Cure to fight themselves.

     At the last minute, Hanoka’s and Nagisa’s mutual love and friendship towards each-other breaks the bad guys control over them, but they seemingly fall from the tower of ice to their deaths. Pretty Cure’s fall was cushioned by the clouds, where they wake up and apoligize to each-other, after they make-up they return to the fight, just in the nick of time. Wherethey proceed to get their asses kick for a while, then the villains freeze them. but at the last minute, Hinata gives them a power-up and they proceed to kick ass, destroying Freezen and Frozen. After the fight, Hinata seems to have died from her effort, Hikari and the others give Hinata their powers in an attempt to revive her, and it works. Hikari uses a portion of her power as the queen of the garden of light to fully transform Hinata in to a Phoenix. After the Phoenix melts the frozen garden of clouds, the whole crew returns to the ski resort.

Below a some screen shots of Hinata, bad guys, and the first fight.



Here are some screen shots of Hikari, isn’t she one of the cutest magic girls?



Here are some screen shots of Pretty Cure.




     What I really like about this anime movie is that it has the best qualities of a magic girl show, and a fighting anime like Dragon Ball Z. If you have not viewed a magic girl show in a while give this movie a try.