Well, I’ve always wanted to do a few hentai reviews, but I never found quite the right hentai anime to do a review of, until now. A few months ago, when I heard that TMA was doing a JAV parody  of my favorite moe anime series, K-On! I couldn’t wait to see how my favorite 2D girls would be “handled” or “mishandled” in 3D. So, I’ll be reviewing the JAV parody movie Keion! While the movie is NSFW/porn, no porn picture will be posted here.

don't say crazy 

     The Keion! parody pretty much follows the K-On! story fairly closely in the beginning with Yui/Yuri looking for a club to join and getting recruited by Mugi/Komugi, Mio/Rio, and Ritsu/Mitsu using tea & sweets to bribe her.

Yui looking for a clubMio & Ritsu

please join our clubYui having tea

having snacks with Yui

Playing for Yui

      After about 18 minutes of watching the girls talk and act silly we get a parody of the OP from K-On!

the parody OP

Yuri on GuitarKomugi on keyboard

Mitsu on drumsRio on bass

       After the OP, we finally get to the first adult action with each of the girls paying a separate visit to the school’s empty nurse’s office where they each blow off a little steam by performing self-pleasure.

Yuri in the officeRio in the office

Mitsu in the officeKomugi in the office

      Then the scene switches to Yuri having sex with some unknown guy, maybe a teacher? He first gets her off with his hands, then he has her do a little oral action on him, and then we get Yuri having sex with him in various positions.

Yuri sex 001Yuri sex 002Yuri sex 003

A worn out Yuri

      The scene then switches to Rio inside a fancy office where another unknown man proceeds to sex her up in various ways.

Rio sex 001Rio sex 002Rio sex 003

a worn out Rio

       The next scene is of Mitsu and Komugi sitting on a couch talking and soon they do what all girls do when they’re all alone, start to have lesbian sex. First, Komugi takes care of Mitsu’s needs then Mitsu returns the favor for Komugi, and then they finish in a tangled mess.

Mitsu and Kogumi on the couch

kissing girls 001kissing girls 002kissing girls 003

Kogumi taking care of MitsuMitsu taking care of Kogumithe girls helping eachother

       Well, I have to say that I was very disappointed with this JAV parody of K-On!. Look, I know that this is porn, so I don’t expect much of a plot, but I do expect some plot to go along with my sex, and Keion! has no plot.

      Basically, the first 15 minutes of this movie follows the plot of the K-On! but after that the movie is nothing more that costume sex scenes. I’m of mixed opinions about the girls in this movie, at times they looked good, but at other times the looked pretty bad, I guess camera angles and lighting really mattered.

      The sex scenes varied from OK to laughing out loud funny. Yui/Yuri’s sex scene was by far the longest of the movie and I thought that she looked pretty good in her school uniform complete with her trademark tights. But, I wished they would have shown more of her body, I get the whole having sex with her through a hole in her tights idea but seeing some more skin would have been nice.

      I have the exact same thoughts about Mio/Rio sex scene, the actress playing Rio looks like she had a nice body, but we got to see very little of it. Now, to the funniest part of the whole movie, while I enjoy a good lesbian/yuri sex scene, but I found the whole Mitsu/Komugi more laughable than erotic.

      As far as porn movies go, I would consider Keion! a failure, but if you look at this movie as a slightly erotic cosplay comedy then it gets a mild passing grade. If you’re looking for an erotic take on the K-On! series stick to the many h-doujins floating around the web and don’t waste the 110 minutes of your life this movie will take.