Daddy Long Legs


       This episode picks up with Judy being taken by Walter Griggs to see John Smith (daddy), Judy tells herself that she must go see daddy before she thinks about her desire to rush to Jervis’s side. As Mr Griggs is driving Judy to daddy’s house she is bombarded by her conflicting emotions and loyalties between daddy and Jervis.


        As their car enters New York city they are caught in a traffic jam caused by bad weather and accidents, Judy seeing that they’ll be stuck for a long time asks Mr Griggs how far away is daddy’s house? He tells her that it’s close by. So Judy has him draw her a map and she heads off on foot. While Judy is traveling on foot she encounters many interesting things, and finally she makes her way to daddy’s house. Judy in frantic rush, searches the house for daddy until she finds a room with a cane propped up by the door. Judy enter the room looking  for daddy but sees that no one is inside the room, then a figure enters the room, at first Judy can’t see who it is because of the bright sunlight bathing the room.



         Once Judy is finally able to see daddy clearly, she is shocked to see that daddy long legs is Jervis. At first, Judy is speechless, then Jervis tells Judy that he just couldn’t bring himself to tell her that he was John Smith. Jervis then asks Judy if she can every forgive him? After a split second delay, Judy tells Jervis that there’s nothing to forgive and she rushes into Jervis’s arms.



         As Jervis and Judy are embracing, Judy tells Jervis that she won’t let go of him again, and Jervis tells Judy that he also won’t let go of her. Jervis then falls to the floor, as Judy is rushing to Jervis’s aid Walter Griggs walks in and sees the situation and tells Judy that he’ll get a doctor for Jervis.


           As Judy is waiting in the front room, Walter Griggs gives Judy a coffee and a scrapbook and he tells her to read the book. The book contains pictures from the time that Jervis spent with Judy and the other girls, and the book also contains all of the letters the Judy sent Jervis and John Smith. As Judy is reading through the scrapbook, a unsent letter addressed to Judy falls out of the book, and Judy decides to open the letter. The letter is from John Smith explaining to Judy that he John Smith is really Jervis, it also explains to Judy how he first got interested in her because of her essay from the orphanage, and how he over time came to love her. Jervis also explains that he felt that he couldn’t reveal his identity to her until after he finished his job as her guardian then he could finally come to her as just a man and tell her that he loves her. He also tells her that he had hoped that she would build up her courage until she could tell him about her real background. Finally, Walter Griggs tells Judy that Jervis is calling for her, Judy enters his room and takes his outstretched hand and stays by his bedside.



          As the dawn breaks over the city, Jervis’s fever has broken and he awakens to see Judy at his bedside. The series then moves forward four years into the future with Judy writing her final letter to daddy long legs. Judy and Jervis were married at the Lock Willow church, with all of Judy and Jervis’s family and friends in attendance. Julia and Jimmy are now engaged to be married after Jimmy finishes his post graduate degree, Sallie has left school and is now involved in the family business and she is still seeing Bob, and Judy says that she’s now a college student and Jervis’s wife at the same time. Well, that’s all for this episode and the series.




        Well, this episode wraps everything up quite nicely for the three girls. Judy had finally gotten to meet her “daddy long legs” for the first time, and she got to resolve her feelings for Jervis in a most satisfying way. Julia and Jimmy seem to be very happy as a couple with a wedding in their near future. Sallie seems to be happy with her role in her family’s business, but it still looks like she still is wishy washy about her relationship with Bob (that’s the same old Sallie).

       This episode also did a nice job of explaining why Jervis felt that he couldn’t just come out and tell Judy that he was John Smith. The unsent letter to Judy also did a nice job explaining how Jervis’s interest in Judy as innocent young girl slowly turned to romantic love as the years passed.

      Overall, this series was a great example of how good plot and character development can create an intriguing and engrossing anime series. In a few days I’ll write a post explaining why I feel that this series in many ways surpasses and exceeds many of the newer anime that cover the same territories.


        This episode begins with Judy writing a long letter to daddy explaining all the thing that happened to her over the past several months. First, Judy tells him that there is only one week of school left until her graduation, and she also tells him that she received a letter informing her that a woman’s college has granted her a scholarship. Then Judy goes on to tell daddy about all the things that happened with her true love Jervis, how Jervis told her that he loved her and his marriage proposal, Judy’s rejection of his proposal because she loves him and feels he would be better off without her. She tells him that she couldn’t tell Jervis about her orphan background, and she asks daddy if she should try to conceal her past and try to live as a false Judy her whole life?





        Judy also makes her final request of daddy, she asks him to come to her graduation ceremony and give her some advise on what to do, she tells him that he’s the only one she has now. later, Judy get informed by Mr Melnore that she’s been chosen to be the class valedictorian and will give the graduation speech. Then Julia gets a phone call and finds out that Jervis will be attending their graduation ceremony, and that Julia and Sallie shouldn’t tell Judy about it. After the phone call  Julia tells Sallie that her uncle didn’t sound very well at all. Judy then gets a letter directly from John Smith (daddy) telling her that he’ll come to her graduation and he’ll meet with her in-person for the first time.



         On graduation day, Julia, Sallie, and Judy are waiting by the gate for their family and friends. The first to arrive is Bob and Jimmie and they give their best wishes to the girls, then Julia’s parents show up and they tell Julia that uncle Jervis won’t be attending because he collapsed as soon as he returned to New York. Julia’s parent tell her that Jervis is very sick and that he only has a 50-50 chance of a recovery and that as soon as the ceremony is over they’ll will leave for New York to see him. Julia rushes to Judy and tells her that she has to go see him because Jervis still loves her very much, but Julia’s mother runs over and tells Judy that this has nothing to do with her, Judy not knowing what to do runs off in tears.


        Judy rushes to a phone and tries to place a call to Jervis but he’s so ill that he’s not allowed to have any calls or visitors. Judy decides to go to New York, and as she’s rushing to get a cab she decides that she should have told Jervis about her past so that she wouldn’t have hurt him so much. But, before Judy can get into a cab she’s intercepted by Sallie and her teacher and they tell Judy that she has she has to get her diploma and give the speech because daddy is waiting for her.


         After Judy gets her diploma she has to begin her speech, as Judy is preparing to begin her speech she asks daddy to lend her his courage. Judy, after starting her pre written speech decides to put it away and begins to bare her soul to the audience. Judy tells the audience that at first she had doubts about the good will and charity of people but because of her guardian’s support of her for the last three years without asking anything in return gave her faith in the good will of people. Judy then tells the audience that she grew up in a orphanage and was very poor but thanks to her guardian’s support she has been able to attend this wonderful school. At that moment, Julia tells Sallie that she didn’t think that Judy would confess her secret in front of so many people, Sallie asks Julia if she knew Judy’s secret all along, and Julia admits that she knew Judy’s secret. Judy goes to tell everyone how thankful she is to everyone who gave her the support and courage to be finally be able to come to terms with her past and the courage to move forward without anymore secrets. When Judy finally finishes her speech most of the audience is in tears and they give her a standing ovation.







         Once Judy steps down from the stage she is meet by Julia, Sallie, and her teachers. Julia tells Judy good job and now she doesn’t have to be afraid of anything anymore. Then Walter Griggs meet Judy and tells him that she must come with him because John Smith is very ill, Judy rushes off with Griggs. But Julia chases Judy down and she tells Judy that Jervis still loves her and that she has to go see him right now. As Judy gets into the car with Walter Griggs,  she tells Julia that she still loves Jervis very much, and that she should tell Jervis that for her and that she’ll go see him as soon as possible. This episode ends with Judy driving off to see her daddy (John Smith). Well, that’s all for now.



       Throughout the entire series one of the major issues has always been whether or not Judy would ever be able to come to terms with her past?  Would Judy always hide from it and therefor always live in fear of being found out, or would she be able to transcend and embrace her past and let the chips fall where they may?

      When Judy found out about Jervis’s serious illness she assumed that he got ill because he was heartsick over her rejecting his marriage proposal, and she thought that if she had only told him about her background that he would have understood that she wasn’t the right person for him. Well, I think that she should have told him earlier about her background, but because of the quality of Jervis’s character I don’t think it would have mattered one bit to him.

       So, when Judy took the stage to give her graduation speech she decided to lay bare her soul to everyone, and when she told everyone about her background she held nothing back, no more lies, no more half-truths. But, Judy also expressed her overwhelming gratitude to everyone that made her transformation from a poor orphan girl to the educated young woman standing before you possible. Judy also tells everyone that with the love and support that she now has that she can finally release the negative feeling she has about her past and fully discuss them with everyone.

        As Judy is giving her speech, I found that watching the crowd’s reaction was priceless. Most of the crowd is touched at a very human level and brought to tears, but Julia’s mother is shocked that she would have the nerve to admit her low class origins. Julia on the other hand is happy and proud of the fact that Judy had the courage to tell her secret in front of everybody, and she tells Judy afterwards the she no longer has to live in fear. From the moment that Judy revealed her secret to the crowd, she was finally able to break free of the chains that anchored her to the past, in affect it released her from bondage. For Judy to be able to reach this point she had to come to the conclusion that most people are good at heart and will judge her on the content of her character and not her background.

         With only one more episode remaining it will be interesting to see how the various loose ends of the series are tied up; does Judy and Jervis get married, does Sallie and Bob’s relationship continue, will Julia and Jimmie stay together, and who exactly is daddy/John Smith.


         This episode begins with Miss Sloan celebrating the holiday back at the dorm when Judy comes running back home in tears, she won’t tell Miss Sloan anything. Next next morning, Judy gets a phone call from Jervis but she refuses to get out of bed to take the call. When Miss Sloan goes to get Judy she finds her in tears, and Judy begs her to tell Jervis not to call her again. Back in New York, Jervis, Sallie, and Julia are worried about Judy, and Jervis confronts his sister in law about what she said to drive Judy off, she just laughs about it and says that a well brought up lady wouldn’t have run off like that.




       Then Jervis’s sister in law tries to convince him to get together with Cathrine, the banker’s daughter, but he tells his sister to butt out and to mind her own business. Back at school, Judy tries to rationalise the situation by saying that a orphan like her could have never married someone from a family like the Pendletons, Judy tells herself that she has to forget about him and when she thinks about it she’ll pretend that it was just a happy dream.


      The next day, Judy receives a letter from Jervis but she can’t bring herself to read it, and Jervis tries to send Judy another letter but she refuses to read that one also. Then right before the New Years holiday Sallie and Julia return from New York so the can spend their last holiday together with Judy before they graduate. Then Judy receives a wedding invitation from Lock Willow Farm and it asks her to attend the wedding of Amasai and Carrie, but Judy’s afraid to go since she might run into Jervis there, but she soon gets a phone call from Walter Griggs asking her to attend the wedding on behalf of her guardian Mr Smith.



       The girls arrive at Lock Willow Farm by carriage, and along the way Judy resolves to not run from Jervis, she tells herself  that they must talk it over like adults, but she decides that she must not hurt Jervis. Once at the farm, Judy receives a warm welcome from the Semples, and they also give a nice welcome to the other girls. Inside the house the girls get to meet Carrie, and then Judy runs into Jervis but her reaction to him is cool and distant.



          Later, Judy is busy helping Carrie with her wedding dress, and Mrs Semple sends Jervis and her husband out to catch some fish so they can get out of the way of the wedding preparations. As Judy is adjusting Carrie’s wedding dress Carrie tells Judy that she might be wearing one soon, but to Carrie’s dismay Judy tells her that a wedding dress isn’t in the cards anytime soon. After dinner Mr Semple takes Sallie and Julia to another room to talk, and Jervis asks Judy if they can speak alone for a minute.  In the hallway Judy tells Jervis that she’s sorry that she couldn’t return his letters or his phone calls, Jervis then asks Judy if she’ll step outside with him? But Judy tells him that she’ll have a talk with him tomorrow and Jervis agrees that they’ll talk tomorrow.


       Carrie and Amasai wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch, Jervis keeps glancing at Judy during the ceremony trying to get some read on her mood. After the wedding ceremony, Jervis tells Judy that he wants to support her in every way then he asks Judy to marry him and he offers her an engagement ring. Judy asks Jervis why he’s joking with her, and Jervis demands to know if his sister in law said anything to Judy? Jervis tells Judy that he loves her and he asks her if she feels that same way? Judy says that they live in two different worlds and that she couldn’t make him happy and she also wouldn’t be happy, she also tells him that she never loved him and that he can’t be her friend anymore.




        Just after Judy tells Jervis that they can’t be friends anymore a group of wedding guests barge between Jervis and Judy and they knock the ring from Jervis’s hand and it gets trampled into the ground. As Jervis is searching the ground for the ring Judy walks aways leaving Jervis by himself. Later, as Jervis is saying his goodbyes to the Semples, Judy is in tears as she watches Jervis from upstairs because she just might be seeing Jervis for the last time. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, this episode should have been the perfect Cinderella ending to Judy’s story. But, because of Judy’s lack of self confidence and her not properly valuing her own worth she let Jervis’s sister in law poison her thinking. Judy has always been so worried about concealing her orphan past that she never considered the possibility that after spending three with the girls at the school that they would be willing to accept her as a friend even though she comes from a lower class. Judy should have considered  the fact that If her classmates reject her after three years of friendship then they weren’t real friends to begin with.

        Judy also displayed surprisingly little faith in the man she loves, if Jervis truly loves her like he says he does then she should have had faith in the fact that he would still love her even after she reveals that fact that she’s an orphan. So, in the end Judy must come to terms with who she really is to be happy. What is Judy?  Is she just a low class orphan girl, or is she now a properly educated young lady, or is she a combination of both, when Judy can accept and transcend her past she’ll be able to live a full and happy life without being afraid of her ghosts from the past. 


       Winter has come to the campus and Christmas vacation is fast approaching, Judy and Sallie have been invited to a party at Julia’s house in New York. Sallie worries about whether her custom dress will be nice enough for the New York elite, and Judy worries about whether John Smith will let her attend the party or he will force her to stay at the school. Julia tells Sallie and Judy not to worry, and that her guardian will let her attend the party and besides Jervis will be attending the party.


       Judy’s worries are soon dispelled when she gets a package from Walter Griggs, it contains a designer dress, a pearl necklace, and other accessories, plus a letter telling her to attend the party and see how polite society functions.


     Once the girls arrive at Julia’s house they quickly change into their dresses and head out to the party, Judy becomes separated from Julia and Sallie while looking for Jervis. She becomes confused and nervous about being separated from her friends and about being surrounded by strangers. Later, Julia’s mother sets up a situation where Judy will be embarrassed in front of the whole party while she tries to explain her family situation. But, Jervis shows up at the last minute and takes the attention away from Judy, Jervis and Judy try to talk outside but he’s drawn away from her by his brother in law (Julia’s dad).



       Later, some of the women at the party corner Judy and they ask her about her background and Judy quickly excuses herself. Jervis and Judy finally run into each other again, so Jervis takes her to the dance floor where they start dancing. Julia’s mother seems shocked to see Jervis and Judy dancing so closely, and soon Jervis is pulled away about a business matter, he tells Judy that he’ll be back soon.


      Once Julia’s mother sees that Judy is alone she tells her that she wants to talk with her about her background. She tells Judy that just having her around Jervis would start rumors about him and his family, like Judy’s is just after his money, plus he really doesn’t love her anyways. She also tells Judy that she had her investigated and she knows about Judy’s pitiful past, so if Judy just goes away she won’t tell anyone about it even her daughter, continue to attend school and graduate, nobody has to know anything.


        The pressure is too much for Judy and her confidence collapses around her, and she thinks that she was silly and stupid for thinking that she could be with Jervis. In tears, Judy flees from the party and Julia’s house. Jervis seeing what happened from a distance runs after Judy but his sister blocks his way, he demands to know what his sister told Judy and she just laughs at him saying that he wishes he knew. Jervis rushes past her to search for Judy but it’s too late, Judy has already left the property in a car heading back to the school. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, as Walter Griggs suggested Judy really learned how “polite society” functions, it seems that Judy got to close to the sun and got burnt. While it was alright for Judy to be friends with Julia, but once her mother found out how close her brother was getting to Judy she decided to act. In the past, Julia’s mother has stated that feelings shouldn’t a factor in relationships, you have to consider the business implications before all else.

       But the real issue is not whether Julia’s mother discovered Judy’s past and will spill the beans or not, but when will Judy finally come to a understanding and acceptance of who she is. Once Judy can come to grips with who she really is than she can let those around her know about it. Then it’s up to them to accept or reject Judy, they will have to weigh and value the Judy they have known for the past three years versus the orphan girl Judy. If they chose to reject Judy’s friendship because of who she was in the past then it’s shame on them for placing more value on where she came from over who she is. 


          This episode begins with Judy feeling terrible about not seeing that Julia was having serious personal problems, so she searches the campus looking for Julia. But we see that Julia has arraigned a meeting with Jimmie at the restaurant they first meet at, and when Jimmie arrives he is confused about what Julia wants. As Jimmie is making coffee for them, Julia tells him about her parents wanting to arraign a marriage for her, she’s wants him to saw something like don’t get married but all he can say is that he thinks she can be happy, and Julia gets very upset and she leaves the restaurant in tears.



         When the owner goes inside he sees Jimmie cleaning up the mess and he asks Jimmie if he’s OK with Julia running off in tears. Jimmie comes to his senses and rushes out after Julia, but it seems that he’s too late. Jimmie calls the school looking for Julia, but Judy answers the phone and learns what happened with Julia, but before Judy can get more information from him Julia’s mother grabs the phone and demands stuff from Jimmie.


       Judy rushes into town to look for Julia once she knows the full situation, also Jimmie is looking for Julia too. Julia makes her way to the train station and asks for a ticket on the next train out town, this is a all time classic movie line. Judy catches Julia just as she’s about to board the train and they have a heated argument with Julia saying she’s leaving and Judy telling her not to run away. As Judy tries to stop Julia from boarding the departing train they both fall to the ground just as Jimmie arrives, Julia breaks down in tears and tells them that she doesn’t know what to do.




      When Judy and Jimmie phone Sallie telling her that they’ve found Julia, Julia’s mother rushes into town to get her daughter. Once she arrives there she finds Julia bandaged and sedated from her injury, and she is told that Julia must rest until the evening. But, her mother tells the driver to carry Julia to the car, Judy intervenes, asking Julia’s mother whether she cares about her daughter’s health, and she tells Judy of course I do. Then Judy asks the woman if she cares about her daughter’s feelings and happiness, and the woman laughs at this by saying that Julia’s still a little girl and she’ll do what her parents tell her to do and she’ll learn to be happy with it.


     It turns out that Julia was faking her injury and she gets up and thanks her friends for their support and she tells them she’ll be going with her mother. But, she says that she’ll go to the marriage meeting and turn the guy down with words from her own lips. When Jimmie hears this, he tells Julia he’s glad she’s not getting married, and then he asks her out on a date totally frustrating Julia’s mother.



        Julia’s mother is not the only one who’s frustrated, in the confusion of helping Julia with her problems Bob is left waiting at the school for Sallie to show up for their date. But, Bob’s not alone, he has Jervis to keep him company, it seems that Jervis was supposed to take Julia out on a date for her seventeenth birthday. The two guys seem to be pretty understanding of the whole situation once Miss Sloan explains what caused all this chaos, so they content themselves in playing chess until their babes return. Well, that’s all for this episode.



        Well, as this series begins it’s last episodes and the girls head towards adulthood things begin to sort themselves out.

         Julia has finally stood up to her mother and told her that she’ll be choosing her future path for herself. Several times in the past, Julia has been dragged around against her will by her mother, and at times she seemed like a bird in a guiled cage. Well, it seems that Julia has gotten her wish with Jimmie finally having given up on Judy and turning his attention to her in a serious way.

        Sallie, where do I begin? It seems that things are also looking good for Sallie, Bob seems to be absolutely infatuated Sallie. Now, if only Sallie could get over her man fright, it looks like she likes Bob, but every time the prospect of her being alone with him or him even just touching her by accident seems to turn her into a hysterical ten year old. I understand that she’s a good girl but her reaction to Bob seems a little immature for a girl/young woman of seventeen. Back in the days of Daddy Long Legs, girls/young women of Sallie, Julia, and Judy’s age seriously had to consider marriage partners, the medium age of marriage for females was 21 meaning half got married younger and half got married older, so having to think about marriage at age 17-18 was a real possibility.

       Now, lets talk about Judy. Out of all three of the girls Judy’s love life seems the most advanced and stable, she and Jervis have both professed their love to each other and there at the kissing stage. Both Jervis and Judy had the opportunity to break it off but decided that they really wanted a relationship together. The only two real issues between them will be the issue of Judy’s background, she’s told no one that she’s a orphan and a poor girl. The second issue that might come up is the age gap between them, Jervis is ten years older than Judy, but after Judy graduates high school in a few months if she and Jervis doesn’t have a problem with it than who is anyone else to complain.

         But, overall the last couple of episodes will be interesting; will the girls get their guys, will the girls get into the colleges of their choices, and will Judy finally come to grips with her background? I can’t answer these questions yet, but watching it all happen will be interesting.    

        This episode begins with winter coming to the school, and Judy notes that the changing seasons coincide with how all the girls are changing from girls to women. Judy’s seventeenth birthday is this weekend, and Jervis’s birthday is also coming up. Sallie tries her hand at makeup and she also offers to let Judy try some on but Judy refuses saying that she’ll look better without.

         After class is over Sallie invites Judy and Julia to go shopping with her, but Julia refuses saying that she needs to find some books to read. Later we see Julia in the library looking forlorn and lonely even though she was quite cheery with Sallie and Judy, and then we see her looking through a football guide. As Julia is returning to the dorm Julia gets a phone call from her mother, she tells Julia that she has to come home this weekend to be introduced to the son of a real estate agent that her father setup. Julia gets angry and refuses to meet the boy but her mother says she has no choice and to quit being selfish. Julia tells her mother that she in love with Jimmie McBride, Sallie’s older brother, but her mother says that she’s lying.

        Later back in her room, Julia thinks over the disagreement she had with her mother and Julia admits that she’s really in love with Jimmie. Julia is in pretty dark spirits until Judy and Sallie return from shopping, it seems that Julia needs to talk over her problems but she doesn’t want to spoil the cheerful mood.

       Later that evening we see Bob all dressed up for his date with Sallie, Bob tells Jimmie that he has a phone call waiting for him. It seems that Julia has called Jimmie and has asked him to meet her tomorrow and he agrees to meet her. As Sallie and Judy sleep peacefully Julia is awake thinking about her situation then at first light we see her pack up some clothes and head out before the other girls wake up.

        Judy is awaken by a commotion occurring outside the dorm, Julia’s mother has arrived to pick her daughter up but she refuses to follow the proper procedures. Judy goes to Julia and Sallie’s room to wake her up but she discover that Julia is missing. Sallie has no idea where Julia is at but she notices that Julia’s favorite traveling dress and bag are gone, and then the girls realize that Julia has been acting strangely the last couple of days. When Julia’s mother barges in she discovers that her daughter is missing, Judy tries to cover for her but her mother is pissed, Judy figures that Julia needed to talk but instead ran away. Judy tells Sallie to stall the mother while she goes to look for Julia.

       As Sallie is talking with Julia’s mother Judy overhears Julia’s mother question Sallie about her brother, and Judy hears Julia’s mother tell Sallie that Julia stated that she was in love with Jimmie. Judy feels terrible that both she and Sallie didn’t pick up on Julia’s need to talk with someone, Judy rushes out of the dorm in an attempt to locate Julia and talk with her. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        In the last episode Judy experienced a lot of self-examination and introspection to achieve some form of inner truth about her feeling for Jervis, and she was finally able to express them to him. Now, Julia is going through the same internal struggle, while Judy’s struggle was with her inner self, Julia’s struggle is with her inner feelings and her relationship with her mother. Julia might able to tell Jimmie that she loves him like Judy did with Jervis, but Julia’s real problem will be in dealing with her mother.

        In past episodes, Julia’s mother and even Julia have talked about relationships and marriage in terms of a business deal, she tried to explain to Judy that Jervis’s meeting with the daughter of another bank owner made business sense, while this made sense to Julia the logic didn’t make Judy’s feelings of love for Jervis any less. Now it’s Julia’s turn to have to deal with the business/social concerns that her parents want to place on her vs the feelings of her heart, and I bet that it will be very difficult to impossible for her to ignore her love for Jimmie.

        Also, as the series approaches it’s final couple of episodes the fun and games are over with, in the beginning the girls were exactly that, girls. Their concerns were with things like cake, pretty clothes, occasionally one upping each other, and vacations. Now, the girls who are almost women are concerned with the more weighty issues of college, relationships and maybe marriage, and what they’ll do as adults, goodbye childhood and hello adulthood.


       This episode begins with Judy thinking over her failed romance with Jervis, and she has a terrible dream about her confessing her love to Jervis in New York with her orphan background coming back to haunt her. Judy is so upset over her lost love that she even goes to church to pray, and when Julia and Sallie see her so sad Julia tries to help but Judy just runs off in tears.

       When Judy checks her mail she finds a rejection notice from her publisher explaining that the product she sent in is not up to snuff, and she thinks back to Jervis’s suggestions for improvement. Judy decides to call Jervis because she realizes that her fears about him can’t be true, he would never be like that, but she can’t reach him because he’s on a business trip. Judy gets caught using the phone by Miss Sloan but Julia covers for her. Later, Julia tells Judy to forget Jervis because he just got introduced to the daughter of another bank owner so Julia says that it will probably be a corporate marriage of convenience. Judy tries to blow it off by saying that she never had any feelings for him, and that she was sad about her novel being rejected.


       But inside her room Judy has a good cry, and then she asks herself how did a orphan like her expect anything other than what happened? Then Judy reminisces about her experiences with Jervis over the last three years, and concludes that she is alone again just like when she started. Judy tries to concentrate on her school studies but she is still distracted about her broken relationship with Jervis. Then Judy receives a letter from Jervis and just as she is about to throw the letter in the trash she gets called to the office.


      Once there she finds out that she has received a letter from her guardian, it contains a check for $100 and he says that if Judy will continue to accept his support throughout high school he’ll drop his objection to her applying for a college scholarship. He also says that the check is a gift for all her hard work she’s done in school, this really lifts Judy’s spirits and makes her really happy. Judy then writes her guardian a heartfelt letter of thanks for his support, and she also tells him she lost her dearest friend but she still has her good friends Sallie and Julia. Then Judy decides to write a farewell letter to Jervis so she opens his letter, and in a written note Jervis says he’s sorry for all the misunderstandings and he wants to meet her a 5pm at the back gate, Judy rushes off to meet him but she’s very late.


       When she gets there he’s not at the gate and as Judy is standing there under a street light a car pulls up and Jervis gets out. Judy rushes into Jervis’s arms where she tells him that she cares for and loves him, and he tells her that he loves her too. Judy asks about his arraigned marriage and he tells her that she turned him down before he could do the same. Jervis then takes Judy into his arms and kisses her and then Judy kisses him back, and they stand under the street lights embracing each other. Well, that’s all for this episode.

         After watching this episode of Daddy Long Legs I’m reminded of why I love old school shojo anime so much. This episode brings out or at least confirms the feelings that Judy and Jervis have for each other to the forefront. While Judy tried to come up with reasons that she and Jervis could never be together, such as age, class, and so forth, deep down in her heart she loved Jervis, and the more she tried to deny those feelings the more sad she became.

         Jervis has been attracted to Judy for some time, but he always seemed to hurt her when he tried to be a combination of a close friend and a father figure to her. He spoke more about his concerns for Judy’s future than he truly listened to her hopes and dreams, and as he tried to have her take a more conservative path Judy lost her luster and shine. But I think that Jervis was finely able to put his worries aside and just say I love you to Judy.

       This is classic old school shojo of the highest order, girl loves boy but is unsure or her feelings until it’s almost too late, boy loves girl but he can’t figure it out until he’s almost lost her for good, differences in upbringing and class that seem almost to large to bridge, then it’s all made better with the words “I love you” and a kiss.

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