At the beginning of this episode we see the memory eating plant Kaiba approaching Warp’s planet. Then we get a narration from Warp about the history of that planet and how people have always strived to place themselves above other people and how the electrolytic cloud was placed to divide the upper dwellers from the people below.

        Then we get shown the birth of the fake Warp and how he comes to power and how he tries to hold on to power. After the fake Warp destroys the remaining Kaiba clones he is confronted by the real Kaiba, and at that moments the memory merchant lands at the palace with Hyo-Hyo and Neiro. He tells Neiro and Hyo-Hyo to find Kaiba and open his mind. Just then some security robots arrive and he tells Hyo-Hyo that he loves her and that he’ll hold off the robots while they find Kaiba. The memory merchant attacks wave after wave of incoming security robots.

      As Neiro rushes to find Kaiba the fake Warp and Kaiba begin a battle for control of the world. The fake Warp hits him with a lot of power but it seems to have no effect on Kaiba, then Kaiba counterattacks with his power and does painful damage to the fake Warp, Kaiba tells the fake Warp that if he discharges all his stored memories the whole planet will be destroyed. As Kaiba continues his assault on the fake Warp all the people killed in the previous episode begin to revive. Neiro arrives on the scene to help Popo, Cheki, and the others back to Popo’s ship.

      Then we move back to the memory merchants battle with the robots, it seems that he has defeated them for the time being. He then tries to stop the fans that controls the purple mist but nothing seems to work, so he uses his robot body to jam them shut. Then Hyo-Hyo finds him as he exhausts his supply of weapons on newly arriving robots, soon all that’s left of his body is the head and soon that is damaged and he dies, and Hyo-Hyo leaves the scene in tears.

      Then Neiro finds Kaiba battling Warp and she begs him not to kill him but Kaiba splits onto two forms, one of them is a childlike version of himself and he kills Warp saying that all he ever was is just a copy. Neiro tells him that he doesn’t know everything and he tells her that he contains every memory of everyone. The two Kaiba’s begin a conversation between themselves with the younger one telling Kaiba that since all everyone did with the things made to preserve happiness is cause pain and suffering so why don’t they join then let the oncoming Kaiba plant devour them and end it all. But Neiro calls to Kaiba and tries to toss him a memory roe and she tells him to learn this but the memory roe is knocked away by a blast.

      Neiro tells Kaiba that he is being crushed by his bad memories and that he must have some happy ones, so she goes releasing memories trying to find happy ones for Kaiba. Finally she release memories of Kaiba and his mother but the dark Kaiba says their mother was evil, but Neiro finds her way to Kaiba and holds him and she tells him it will be alright, she tells him the truth that his mother loved him and didn’t give him enough poison to kill him, but she gave him just enough to protect him from danger. The dark Kaiba says it’s all a lie but Hyo-Hyo manages to get the memory roe to Kaiba, and as the world is falling apart around them Kaiba regains control of himself and he learns the truth, and then he thanks Neiro by saying that before her he had nothing.

       Kaiba begins to release all his stored memories towards the Kaiba plant saying that he doesn’t need them anymore, he also tells the other Kaiba to do the same, and soon he even sends the purple mist at the Kaiba plant. A few seconds later the Kaiba plant explodes from consuming all the memories sent at it. After the explosion of the Kaiba plant we see Popo and the others standing around in silence in the aftermath of destruction, the sky has cleared and Neiro makes her way to a unconscious Kaiba, when she kneels at his side he wakes up and smiles at her. Well, That’s all for this episode and series.

      Well, the long enjoyable ride that was Kaiba has come to an end. At it’s heart, after you strip away all the science fiction, changing animation styles, issues of life and death, and other interesting topics, Kaiba is a love story.

       Kaiba, after defeating the fake Warp has to face his deadliest foe yet. Like all of us Kaiba has a constant internal struggle going on between “the better angels of our nature” and “the darkness that lies inside of our hearts” for us this might plays out on whether we choose to stop and help someone that we see standing by a broken down car on the side of the road when we are in a hurry to get somewhere. But for Kaiba, the person who remembers everything that has ever occurred has chosen due to his painful childhood to let the dark side of human nature begin to overwhelm the love between people.

       In my opinion this struggle is played out in the creation of the Kaiba plant and the appearance of the “dark Kaiba”, I think that since Kaiba chose to embrace the worse side of human nature he locked away the good things about life. So, I feel that dark Kaiba is the voice of all the poison inside his soul and the Kaiba plant was created to end his pain. The growing hole in his body signifies the emptiness and pointlessness of his existence, while Kaiba is all powerful he really had nothing until he met Neiro.

     This is why Neiro is finally able to reach Kaiba, through her love she shows him that he doesn’t need every-one’s pain and memories, their love in enough to fill the growing hole in his body. With Neiro’s help he chooses to “Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness” so in the end Neiro’s love causes him to expel all the poison and venom in his soul destroying the Kaiba plant and freeing himself and the world in the process.

      When talking about the power of love I think MLK sums this battle up the best with this quote about the battle between love and hate, “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

      Overall Kaiba was masterful exercise in storytelling played across a ever changing canvas of science fiction and fantasy. Many have commented that the way the characters were visualized and drawn seemed childish in nature but I feel that this really helped balance the serious nature of the show. Love and hate; light and darkness; immortality and oblivion; hope and despair; when issues like these are explored in a series it at times can come across as pretentious or condescending when done improperly, but Kaiba through it’s exploration of these issues gave us much more than a visual feast, Kaiba gave us a feast for our minds.

      I’ll make no bones about this by saying Kaiba is the best show of 2008, I know that I’ll probably receive comments from fans pimping this hot show or that hot show, and that’s fine, fans are fans and that’s the nature of the beast. But I will say that this show will pass the test of time, down the road when fans of the next hot new thing have moved on to their next hot new series those old shows will fade to a one or two inch mention in the latest anime encyclopedia, while people will keep watching and discussing Kaiba years down the road.


      This episode begins with a flashback to Popo’s childhood, it recalls Popo’s goals and wishes for the future. Then as Popo leaves the area that Warp and Neiro had their battle he runs into Sate and they get chased by some mechanical robots. When the get back to the underworld area they find out that the lower levels are covered by an purple mist (electronic field) preventing entry. Popo then runs into Cheki and he tries to tell her of their victory over Warp only to find out that Sate has erased her memories so she didn’t interfere with Popo’s plans. Popo is angry over the memory erasure act but when he’s with Cheki he tries to pretend like nothing happened.

      As Popo’s ship begins to take off towards Warp’s palace he tells Cheki that everything will be alright, and Popo also glances at his mother’s memory chip. He tells his mother that since he will be the king soon he’ll get her a new body, maybe a younger one than before, and maybe he’ll even get her a body with larger breasts if that’s what she wants. But, soon Popo loses his grip on her memory chip and it falls out of his grasp. Popo tells Sate to stop the ship but she tells him that the chip has already been incinerated from it’s fall. Popo now seems to be slowly losing his grip on his sense of reality and starts acting in a rash manner.

       Then the scene changes to Neiro mouring over Kaiba’s body, Hyo-Hyo and the memory merchant are with her, and he tells Neiro the true story of what happened after she and Kaiba fell to the ground. When they fell to the underworld Popo got to Kaiba’s body first and took him away, he was forced to alter Neiro good memories and replace them with the ones that Popo wanted but he placed Neiro’s unaltered memories inside of Hyo-Hyo. So, Hyo-Hyo (Neiro’s true self) has been looking over Kaiba while he regained his memories, and he offers to reintegrate her memories back inside her true body. In her sadness Neiro refuses while she mourns over Kaiba’s body, but soon Kaiba stirs and he tells them that the false ruler is on the throne and he needs to return to the palace.

      Kaiba tells Hyo-Hyo thanks for everything, and he looks at Neiro kindly and he tells the group that he is Warp, king of this ugly world and he needs to return to the palace. He jumps on Neiro’s transport device and takes off for the palace. Neiro tells the memory merchant that she needs to tell Kaiba an important story so he needs to take her to Warp’s palace.


        Then we get more flashbacks into Popo’s childhood and how he was manipulated as a child by the Dadas’ into becoming what he is today.

      Another interesting thing we see in the flashback is the meeting between Popo and his mother with Neiro’s family, we can see Neiro holding a stuffed animal that looks like the stuffed dog Quilt from episode five, could it be that Patches is Neiro’s father or a friend of the family?

       Once at the palace Popo declaires himself the king of everything while he’s in front of the Dadas and others, and on a computer screen they can see the approach of Kaiba the memory destroying plant and the Dadas tell him that it will soon arrive here. So, Sate suggests the they use the fans to spray the purple mist/ electronic field at the plant but the Dadas tell them that the palace and the underworld will be no longer separated and the people will be harder to control without the field. But, Popo tells them no, he chooses that they all be swallowed by the plant to become one with all their memories linked together. He tells everyone that he’ll inject his and Cheki’s memories inside the plant to form a circuit and change humanity and make everyone happy.


      The Dadas decide that Popo is crazy and they decide to deploy the field/mist anyway and form a barrier to stop Popo from doing what he wants to do. As Popo is celebrating his victory and declaring how he will change human evolution Sate blasts him form behind saying that she can’t follow him there. Then Mantle blasts Sate from behind telling everyone that he is quick to recover and he’s not dead, and then as the Dadas are freed the fake Warp blasts Mantle from behind and the four fake Warps celebrate their victory by saying that brothers/ friends help themselves. As the three Dada’s are enjoying their victory the fake warp freezes them with his gun and looks into their memories and then he kills them.

      Now as the fake Warp stands over all the dead bodies of everybody who wanted the throne he says that he’ll now release all the stored memories. The fake Warp grabs a sword and enters the memory tank storage room and begins to smash all the storage tanks over the objection of the computer system, so now the fans are directing the purple mist and all the memory roe out into space. Then we see the memory merchant transfer his memory chip into a robot and he grabs Neiro and Hyo-Hyo and rockets up towards the palace telling Neiro that now only (the real Warp)/ Kaiba can save the world by understanding and fulfilling his true power. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, this episode was one hell of a wild ride, it’s almost as if the writers were listening to the song “Let the Bodies hit the Floor” as they were writing this episode.

      First lets discuss Popo, at first I thought that he was a good guy and as the show progressed I really thought he was pretty evil. But after seeing episode 11 I still feel that he’s somewhat bad but I also feel sorry for him after finding out that the Dadas have been messing with his memories since his early childhood days.

      Now I really feel sorry for Neiro, her only crime was falling in love with a man. Her memories were manipulated and twisted until she was willing to kill her lover, but at her core she is a kind and loving girl. If anyone in this series deserves a happy ending (LOL), Neiro is the one I wish could live out the rest of her life in kindness and comfort.

      Kaiba/ Warp, my feelings about him are mixed, in one respect I feel sorry for him not knowing love until Neiro came along. But on the other hand I feel that as the ruler of a corrupt system he should have did something sooner to reform the system. After watching this episode I’m more firmly convinced that even that the whole system is beyond reform and needs to be utterly destroyed, the whole memory system is a perversion of the laws of nature and human rights, if one can’t even control your memories and emotions than freewill doesn’t exist on the most basic level.

      Sorry for the short review but lots of work, the Olympics, a couple of parties, power watching Tweeny Witches, and other things have been taking out a lot of my spare time lately. So, hopefully my schedule will allow me some more blogging time in the next couple of weeks.


      This episode is a flashback episode covering how Kaiba and Neiro first met, it begins with Kaiba flying through the air and crashing to the ground. Neiro who was nearby saw all this happen and rushes to the crash site where she finds an unconscious man and takes him back to her room.

      The stranger soon awakens and but doesn’t speak, Neiro offers him food and drink, and eventually Popo shows up to see the stranger. Popo soon summons Neiro away for training and he tells the stranger to join them when he feels well enough. Soon Kaiba begins to walk around and check out the situation, and he sees Neiro and the others training for the revolution against Warp.

      After Neiro finishes her training she returns to find Kaiba up and about, and she sees that he has drawn some pictures from memory on her walls. After a while she takes him outside where they talk about Warp, her family, and her goals. Then Neiro grabs Kaiba and takes him on a little tour of the area, and later he is taken to a rally with a group for people.

      While at the group rally Dada request that Kaiba remove his shirt, and then we see Popo looking at the symbol on Kaiba’s stomach through a spyglass. Later, Neiro and Kaiba get drunk on some powerful spirits sent as a gift from Dada.  While they are messing around on Neiro bed she tells him that she will call him Kaiba after the legendary memory stealing plant, and she tells him that she’ll call him that until he remembers his name.

      After a while Kaiba seems to be remembering something, he remembers some of Neiro’s parents’ memories about how they were happy to have her around. Neiro says that they were saving up for her memory chip but she tells Kaiba that it’s OK that when she dies that everything can disappear like before she was born. Kaiba tells her that if she dies that she will always stay in his memories and she tells him that’s it’s not fair, and she wants him to hold her tight.

       Later while Neiro and Kaiba are walking together, Kaiba gives her a locket with her picture in it, and then he asks Neiro if she wants to live with him and they can change the world together. As they are walking down the hallway Neiro stops to show Kaiba a giant stone carving of the plant Kaiba being driven off by the king. Just then, the wall begins to collapse and Neiro and Kaiba are about to be crushed but some power that Kaiba has prevents the wall from crushing them until Neiro is pulled to safety, and then Kaiba flees from the group in a panic.

       The group tries to follow Kaiba and they end up in a large chamber where they see giant carvings of Warp and then they realize that Kaiba is Warp. Then Popo gathers everyone and tells them that Dada tried to strike Warp down from the shadows but failed, so they must track Kaiba/Warp down themselves. Then we see that Neiro is really upset over the situation, and Popo tells her that she must be punished for falling in love with Warp even though she didn’t know who he was. She is to go to Warp’s palace and gain his trust then use poison or a gun to stop his evil deeds.

     She finds Warp and he sneaks her into the palace because he says people will get angry if he let a underworld person inside the palace. Once inside his room they sit down to have a drink and as Warp is about to drink the poison that Popo gave Neiro she stops him from drinking it, and then she pulls out her gun and tries to take her own life but Warp stops her. A few seconds later some security bots surround Warp and Neiro and they say that they will eliminate the intruder, Warp summons a gun and tells Neiro that he’ll transfer her memories but she says no, he can’t use them for his enjoyment, and a second later a security bots blasts Neiro to goo.

      After the security bots leave, Kaiba goes around gathering up the remains of Neiro’s body and he also retrieves her memory roe. He then begins to grow a clone of Neiro from scratch and when she is finished he takes her out of the cloning pod. Later, Neiro asks him why he doesn’t fight and he tells her he’s doing the best he can. Kaiba then tells Neiro a little about his family life before he became the king, he had six brothers and his mother tried to kill him but she couldn’t. He explains that his body is immune to external damage and he can only be injured from the inside. His father tries to kill him and there was a big fight and only he survived to inherit the throne.

      After a while Neiro goes looking for information about Kaiba and when she finds something interesting she summons him to see it. As she is showing it to Kaiba they are betrayed from inside the palace and as they are falling from the heaven she tells him he won’t forget her because he’s Warp, and she places the locket around his neck and calls him her Kaiba. Now the series flashes forward to where Neiro realizes that she might have killed her Kaiba after having her memories controlled by Popo. Well, That’s all for this episode.

       Well, as we get closer to the end of Kaiba this episode answers a lot of questions that were raised earlier throughout the series. First of all, Popo really is a pretty evil guy, he knew that Dada was going to make an attempt on Warp/Kaiba’s life and he was willing to let Neiro get killed along with him. So, much for all that loyalty and trust that life long friends should have.

     Neiro and Warp clearly did/do love each other, it was pretty sweet watching their relationship develop over time. But what confused me was that while Warp/Kaiba is supposed to be the king he really doesn’t have much that much power over his situation. That issue was brought forward by two incidents in this episode, first of all if your the king you should be able to see/date whoever you want to, and secondly he should have been able to command the security bots to not shoot Neiro.

      That brings us to the heart of the matter, if Warp/Kaiba really doesn’t have full power as the king who really is calling the shots, is he just a tool of control for some heartless/amoral control system? Also, what is the relationship between Warp/Kaiba and the legendary memory stealing plant Kaiba, clearly Warp has tremendous memory abilities, he could recall Neiro’s dead parents memories and feelings.

      After watching this latest episode I more firmly than ever believe that Kaiba is the best anime series of 2008, it would take a monumental collapse of plot and story telling for me to change my mind. While this show might not be to some anime fans’ tastes but this series shows what anime is truly capable of, anime at it’s best can take almost any idea or theme and give life to it.

        Neiro’s just too damn cute!, if I was a 2D guy I could also fall for her cuteness. Please enjoy the cute screen captures of my Neiro.

       This episode begins with the fake Warp being told by an electronic device that a suitable replacement body with the correct DNA type is almost ready, this new body will be the 99th.  Then we see someone examining Kaiba’s first body and he determines that the body still contains massive amounts of frozen and abandoned memories, and he tells Hyo-Hyo that if he activates all those memories there aren’t enough drives in the universe to contain them. But just as he’s about to activate the memories the hideout comes under attack from Popo’s allies.

     Later we see Popo rallying the rebels by telling them that the Warp in heaven is fake and that they now hold the real Warp’s body so now is the time for them to strike. They will strike down the fake Warp and the real Warp, and attack will be lead by Neiro.

      Then we get to see Cheki confronting Neiro by asking her what happened to her old self, when they were young all Neiro wanted to do was make people happy, and now she’s destroying memory tanks and basically killing people. She asks Neiro to wake up, and asks her what did Popo do to change her, but before she can answer, Popo orders his sister taken away. But before that can happen she breaks free and threatens to jump from a platform, she asks them why they broke the memory transfer rule and destroyed the memory tanks. When they think that Cheki is above something they shoot to freeze her so her fall isn’t that far.

      Then we see Popo threatening the three failed Warps/Dadas into helping him with his plans, and then we see then internal conflict inside of Neiro, she is torn by her good nature and her feelings for revenge against Warp and heaven.

     Well, the three Dadas lure the fake Warp to a meeting and when they are alone they zap him into green goo. Then Popo revives Kaiba’s original body and memories, and he tells Warp/Kaiba that Neiro is a traitor and that he should kill her when he has the chance. As Neiro approaches she fire her large weapon and the blast frees Hyo-Hyo and the engineer that was helping Hyo-Hyo earlier. The blasts also knocks Warp/Kaiba down and she points her weapon at Kaiba/Warp and Hyo-Hyo points a weapon at her, she continues to fire at him as Hyo-Hyo saves Warp/Kaiba from falling, while all the time the engineer keeps asking Neiro for time to explain what is happening.

      Just as Neiro has Kaiba/Warp cornered she thinks to herself that this isn’t right and that she misses him, but Popo keeps telling her to shoot. Just then the engineer (Kichi) tells Neiro that she used to love Warp and the hatred inside of her was implanted into her, and even though Warp was evil he changed because of their love for each other. Kichi tells her that he became Popo’s man and implanted those memories inside of her, and he tells her that he placed Kaiba’s face on all her unhappy memories and put Popo’s face on all her good memories. He tells her that after she died once, Kaiba/Warp collected all her memories and remade her even leaving in the bad memories.

      As Kaiba starts to approach Neiro she starts to see through all the memory alterations, but as all her good memories come back to her she still shoots Kaiba and as he’s falling Hyo-Hyo goes after him. As Popo is celebrating his victory Neiro is in tears asking for someone to help her. As Popo leaves Neiro flushed with victory Neiro is in tears next to Kaiba’s body, but Cheki tells her not to worry because Hyo-Hyo has her true memories of how she and Kaiba meet, and everything that really happened to her. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, as far as I’m concerned this was the best Kaiba episode so far, this episode shows how truly damaged and wounded Neiro’s mind really is. As Kaiba has progressed I had various theories as to who Kaiba and Popo really were, for a while I thought that Kaiba was really a copy of Warp sent to have Neiro fall in love with him and destroy the rebellion from the inside.

      Then for a while I thought that Popo’s mind might have been taken over by Warp so that he could use Popo’s body to completely destroy the rebellion, after all there is no better to destroy an organization then from the inside. But, it seems that the answer is much simpler than that, Kaiba/Warp and Neiro really do love each other, and Popo’s lust for Neiro, revenge, and power has lead him to forsake his mother, wound his sister, and nearly destroy Neiro’s mind. One word of advise for Popo “what profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul” 


Note: (for those new to this series, Kaiba is the name of the main character in this series, Warp is the name that Popo gives to Kaiba in the first episode, and Warp is also the name of the King/Prince that rules the world, and Chroniko is the name of the female body that Kaiba’s memories inhabited for several episodes, and Kaiba will often give her/his name as Warp when asked for one)

     This episode starts off with a flashback to a time when Popo, Neiro and his sister were young, with Popo stating that someday he’ll be a king and the two girls pledging to help him. Then we see that Kaiba is still alive but in another body, and then we see the King (Warp) getting a report that another memory tank was destroyed by rebels. Later, we see a rebel meeting where Neiro is getting praised by the rebel leader (Dada) for destroying the largest memory tank so far.

      After the Dada leaves, Popo calls out one of the rebels for trying to get a replacement body for his sister, this is strictly forbidden in the rebel movement, humans must live only to their normal lifespans. Soon the boss (Dada) orders the execution of the offender and all other members who use memory chips.


      Later we get to see Neiro and Popo together after the meeting, and we get to see some flashbacks from Neiro’s and Popo’s past. Then Popo gets summoned outside by Cheki (his sister) for a situation that might involve his mother, he gets brought outside to identify whether or not a old robot is his mother, from earlier flashbacks the robot is probably his mother, but like Judas he denies her several times. Later, Popo returns to the scene of the denial and seems to regret his decision to deny his mother.

     Then Popo has a discussion with another member about how Warp is still in charge of everything, and that he is aware of the fact that the body that Kaiba inhabited in the first episode was found and that the memory chip is missing. Also the person that discovered Warp’s body also found a statue (Meiri) that interests the King greatly. Then Popo is taken to a factory to see where Warp’s body is being held.

      We see  that a collector has managed to acquire lots of copies of Warp’s body, he tells someone that so many copies are made because very few can hold all the abilities of the real Warp, only about one in every two thousand bodies can take the full power, and that the real body bears the proper mark. After hearing this, Kichi attempts to shot the collector but his security system disarms and injuries him, he offer Kichi a deal. He’ll transfer his memories into the body and Kichi can take over as king and he’ll reap the rewards of being the king’s helper. Just then the ostrich like creature from the first episode breaks in and snatches the body away from both of them.


     In the fight that ensues Kichi manages to kill the body collector and tries to escape with the body just as Popo and the other guy shows up. Then we find out that the Warp sitting on the throne is fake and is almost powerless and that the body that was taken is the real body of Warp. Later, Popo is summoned to see Dada and the other other guy tells Popo not to go, he says that if he knows about Popo’s mother exchanging her real body for a robot body, and Popo using a different body than his original body, and that Popo has altered Neiro’s memories that Dada most likely knows about this too. He also gives Popo the memory chip belonging to his mother saying that she had already been scrapped,  and that he’ll help Popo deal with Dada.

     At Popo’s meeting with Dada, Popo and his allies attack and subdue Dada before he is attacked, after they unmask Dada and his helpers they discover that their are actually three Dada’s and that they are all are fake Warp bodies. Popo forces the three to take them to a secret chamber where they find ancient machinery from two thousand years ago, and they also see the approach of the memory eating plant “Kaiba”.

      At the end of the episode we see Hyo-Hyo with the real Warp’s body, and we find out that Hyo-Hyo is a copy of Neiro’s memories, and a technician tells Hyo-Hyo that now that they have her boyfriend’s body he’ll soon restore her memories. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       This episode was very interesting for several reasons, mainly we find out the story behind Kaiba’s/Warp’s body. So, the body from the first episode is the real body of the King and that the current Warp sitting on the throne is a fake, so that means that Kaiba is probably the true king.

     This episode also shows that Hyo-Hyo is a incarnation of Neiro, so Neiro has been looking after her boyfriend Kaiba/Warp for most of the series. This episode also puts into question Popo’s true nature, good or evil? On one hand he might be “good” because he fights against oppression, or does he really want to take over himself. Also he shows weak character when he denies his mother several times just like Judas did to Jesus.

      Also it is shown that Popo has altered Neiro’s memories, did he do this because Neiro loved Warp instead of him, in several flashbacks Warp’s body is shown wearing a Popo mask when he’s around Neiro. This whole “super Warp” body issue brings up a question in my mind, if you have a indestructible body why would you need several copies? Also, is the approaching of “Kaiba” the planet consuming memory eating plant the beginning of the end for the main world?





     Note: (for those new to this series, Kaiba is the name of the main character in this series, Warp is the name that Popo gives to Kaiba in the first episode, and Chroniko is the name of the female body that Kaiba’s memories now inhabits. Vanilla only knows Chroniko as a cute girl not a male, and Kaiba will often give her/his name as Warp when asked for one)

     This episode begins with Vanilla bringing Chroniko to the planet Nene to see the ocean because he feels that she should see the ocean at least once. Vanilla shows Chroniko a planet where the people never left the ocean and live underwater, and he also wants to show Chroniko the planet’s moon Libera, one of the best spots for a date, he thinks that there he’ll finally get some from her.

      When Chroniko sees Vanilla looking creepy he/she asks him whats up, he says nothing and tells her that he wants to take her to the moon, and she reluctantly agrees to go to the moon with him ( writer’s silly comment-come on now boys and girls, everybody needs to go to the moon every once and a while) . The next thing we see is that the security chief from the last episode has come looking for Vanilla and Chroniko, at the front desk the clerk tells them that Vanilla wanted to go to the moon but didn’t rent a boat so they should still be on the planet. The security chief says that the moon is a tough place, no one lives there but the town retains the memories of the dead, and the town still thinks it is alive.

     Once Chroniko and Vanilla arrive on the moon, she says that it looks like no one live here, so they begin to explore the city. later Vanilla asks Chroniko if she likes Gel and she tells him “no”, why does he ask, and after Vanilla being tongue tied, Chroniko tells him to just be a man and ask. Vanilla begins to overheat and Chroniko slips away and Kaiba asks himself want kind of man would Chroniko have liked or loved, would Vanilla have even been an option?

     Later when Vanilla is alone he finds out that he’s wanted along with Gel, Chroniko, and Hyo-hyo for the terrorist action at the last planet, he also gets a message that his sheriff’s license has been revoked and he must turn himself and his gear into the police, and we also learn that he’s carries around the memory chip of his mother. While Chroniko is using a rest room she decides to review Gel’s memories, she sees a image of Neiro inside and decides to step into them and see what’s up.

     Once inside Neiro’s mind Kaiba finds out that Neiro was inside Gel’s body along and was responsible for the destruction of the memory tanks and that Popo is one of the ones pulling the strings. Also Kaiba finds out that his former self is also mixed up in the whole affair, his mind before he lost his memories has some how gotten mixed up in Neiro’s memories or her memories of him are not very pleasant. He was her lover or an agent pretending to be her lover, and at the end he is shown attempting to kill her or actually killing her, he is also shown killing, destroying, torturing many people with extreme glee. After seeing this Chroniko decides to return to the planet Lala.

      Once Chroniko hooks back up with Vanilla the town is having a party and Vanilla joins in and everything is going OK until he disturbs the town and draws its anger. The town declares that its residents must arise and destroy the dictatorship of Lala and win back freedom, Chroniko and Vanilla start to flee from the town. As they are fleeing the town, the security forces stops them and tells Vanilla to turn himself in but he instead attacks them injuring himself in the process of escaping with Chroniko, and he asks Chroniko if she a villain and she tells him no, so he says he’ll handle it.

     As they are escaping, Vanilla tells Chroniko that he’ll now transfer their memories back to his home village, he kisses her and removes her memory chip placing it into a transfer device and presses the send button. Later he says an apology to his mother for not letting her meet Chroniko once, and he also says he lied and he doesn’t have a spare body.  Vanilla now presses the lifeless body of Chroniko to him and in tears turn their ship back to face the attackers, his ship is hit many times before it explodes, Vanilla holds Chroniko’s body close to him as the ship is destroyed. Well, That’s all for this episode.

     Another extremely awesome episode of Kaiba, I had the feeling that it was only a matter of time before the authorities caught up with Kaiba. To me there are two main points to this episode, the first one is the death of Vanilla and the destruction of Chroniko’s body, and the second one is Kaiba’s true nature.

     Vanilla died like an honorable man at the end, he despite his earlier cruel acts died protecting the girl he loved. During this episode Chroniko tells Vanilla to be a man and ask, he’s had the hots for her along but all he does is pine away and scheme to get some, but in the end he kisses her and takes her memory chip to save her, in the end he finally did what he wanted to do all along.

      Next Kaiba finds out about himself and it’s not very nice, he either loved Neiro or was just faking to be her lover to get close to her to kill her. I think that Neiro really loved him and was shocked by his betrayal at the end. Now Kaiba faces a choice, after viewing his cruel, evil nature through the eyes of another he can chose to become what he once was or he can chose a different path, I feel that he’ll follow a different path.

     What will be interesting is to find out what type of body that Vanilla has transferred Kaiba’s mind into, knowing Vanilla it will probably be a strong one or maybe I have misjudged him and it will be a frilly one.


     Note: (for those new to this series, Kaiba is the name of the main character in this series, Warp is the name that Popo give to Kaiba in the first episode, and Chroniko is the name of the female body that Kaiba’s memories now inhabits. Vanilla only knows Chroniko as a cute girl not a male, and Kaiba will often give her/his name as Warp when asked for one)
     This this episode begins with Kaiba/Chroniko/Warp and Vanilla staring at the flowing river of memory roe passing the ship with Vanilla making a comment on how pretty it is. Vanilla tells Chroniko that the river of roe ends at the planet Lolo their next stop, and he also inquires of Chroniko if she loves someone?
       As the ship starts it’s descent to the planet’s surface they pass through a cloud of memories  and  Kaiba hears many memories and thoughts and they are not very happy and pleasant ones. On their way down the ship collides with a smaller ship, and that smaller ship can be seen crashing towards the surface. Once on the surface Kaiba goes in search of the crash-site of the small ship, once at the crash site he meets an old couple that explains the history of the planet to him. He also sees an extremely muscular male cyborg that is helping repair the old couple’s ship.
     This planet has always been a place where old memories gather, and now the federation has built a large base here, excess memories because they can’t leave float around this planet like clouds. The old couple hasn’t made memory chips yet and they keep all their memories inside their heads and in pictures, so they have traveled to this planet to see the new attractions. Soon Kaiba joins the old couple as they sample the new attractions of the planet, and after a memory water rafting trip they end up inside the memory tower.
     Once inside the tower they discover that you can search the memories of famous people, people close to you, and even the memories of still living people. After awhile Kaiba tries to search for someone named Warp, the first name given to him. Kaiba then runs into the muscular guy from earlier while leaving the restroom and he asks Kaiba if he male and if he switched bodies earlier, Kaiba says yes, and the muscleman (Gel) tells Kaiba that he’s really female, and that Kaiba hasn’t adjusted yet to the female body. Later, Kaiba must help Gel use the bathroom, Gel’s body doesn’t have any hands (quite annoying of a male) and that’s a problem for a guy, later Gel tells Kaiba not to get involved with him/her.
      As the park is closing Kaiba and the old couple experience the anger of the memories residing there, they are angry for having been summoned from their rest/slumber and being recalled, many demand/plea for bodies. Later the old couple says that it was scary but in the end it was fun. That night, Kaiba, the old couple, and Gel who was waiting outside the old couple’s ship have dinner together, then the old lady decides to sing them a song to thank Gel of his help in fixing the ship.
     As Gel and Kaiba are listening to the song they both have memories of it from long ago and Gel tries to put his arm around Kaiba then apologies by says that sometimes he/she forgets how to act in this body. Soon they discuss why Kaiba is called Warp, Kaiba doesn’t know why, but Gel explains that Warp killed her parents and her once, and that Warp is the king that is holding all the captured souls and that they must be freed.
     A short while later, a little plant comes inside the ship and the old couple and Kaiba thinks that the plant is cute, Gel shouts a warning but it’s too late, the plant attacks the old lady sucking her memories. Gel moves to sever the plant from the lady but misses, soon the plant lets go and Kaiba fire the memory gun at the plant and memories begin to be vocalized, Gel tells them it is the legendary memory eating plant Kaiba.
     Soon the memories are of the old woman’s affairs and Kaiba shuts off the gun saying that the plant is making up false memories, but the old man says it’s OK he knew all about it. Later that night while Kaiba is sleeping Gel walks up and gives her a kiss then starts to leaves the ship, Kaiba asks him if he had a perverted idea and Gel says that he acted on impulse and might not be able to control him/herself if he stays and Gel tells Kaiba that if he stays inside a woman’s body for much longer he’ll lose himself too.
     The next morning Vanilla shows up with a collapsed Gel and asks Chroniko/Kaiba if she had any acquaintance with him, he hopes not since the cyborg is a suspect in a big incident from the night before, Chroniko covers by saying she spent the whole night with him. Soon some security forces show up looking for a cyborg, Vanilla goes outside to cover but the security forces say that the cyborg is stolen and they want him back. Vanilla gets accused of corruption by the head of security but they soon leave telling Vanilla that he’ll be punished if it turns out that he’s hiding a criminal. The old man leaves the planet with the memory-less old lady saying he’ll take care of her no matter what. Later Gel and Kaiba say their goodbyes and then we see the girl (Neiro) from Kaiba’s locket meeting with Popo saying that she destroyed the body factory from the last planet and the memory tanks from Lolo as ordered. Well, that’s all for this episode.
     Well this was truly another amazing episode of Kaiba,  this time another aspect of the mind/memory link was examined. While Kaiba/Warp is clearly a male the issue of if you inhabit a body of the opposite sex for long enough can you begin to lose yourself.
     At the beginning of this episode Kaiba  is not feeling well and Vanilla makes the observation that it might be Chroniko’s time of the month, but Kaiba mind might not have figured it out but his current body’s hormones are ruling the day.
     Gel points out to Kaiba that even though he’s a female he is beginning to feel male impulses and urges, so it makes one wonder if Kaiba stays in Chroniko’s body will the female body’s senses of touch, smell along with it’s hormones begin to change the male mind inside of it. I feel that it would probably happen slowly, so slowly that one might not even notice it until you might have turned female without realizing it happened until you realize your in bed with a man you were attracted to.
     Now don’t laugh, if you look back at your own past, you have probably arrived at a certain point without realizing how you got there, few or us can predict our futures, and when I look around myself I think that I could have never predicted that I would have my current house, friends, and relationships.
     Kaiba  is truly a work of tremendous creativity, vision, and storytelling, I see no current series that even comes close, do your brain a favor and watch this series.





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