Lucky Star


     Well, this is the last Lucky Star  episode. The final episode starts off with the two groups of girls (Konata & friends, Yu-chan & friends) looking over the school’s bulletin board. The flier on the board makes the announcement for the school’s upcoming cultural festival. Patty decides that she wants to do a cheer-leading act for the cultural festivals’ opening ceremony, she manages to talk Yu-chan and her friends into helping but she’s a few girls short. So Patty uses a special event ticket to bribe Konata in to helping, and Konata talks her friends into helping too. 



     So as the cultural festival draws nearer Kagami asks Konata about the practice schedule, and Konata says that Patty hasn’t told her anything yet. Then Kagami jumps all over Patty telling her to get her shit together. While preparing for the festival the girls and their parents reflect on what they did for their cultural festivals, and the girls find out that most of the stuff their parents did is the same kind of stuff they still do today. The next day the girls continue to get ready for the festival, Akira shows up for a rehearsal of her appearance at the school’s festival, and Shiraishi and her get into it again. The girls continue to practice until the day before the festival.



     Then the show ends with the girls up on the school stage right as the curtain rises, the girls are very nervous about their performance, and then the episode finishes on a light hearted moment right as the curtain rises. Below are some screen shots from the final episode.




     Well Lucky Star  ended the same way the it started, the series began as a light hearted comedic romp filled with small skits sent out with love to anime otaku everywhere, and that’s the way the show ended. The last episode showcased all quaky character traits of the girls that made them so endearing to hardcore anime fans, including me. No graduation ceremony, no tearful goodbyes, no walking off into the sunset, the show ended on a laugh with a wink and a nod to the fans. I think that the two screen shots below sums up entire vibe of the Lucky Star  series in a nutshell. 




     Well here we are, only one episode of Lucky Star  remains, so here’s the review of episode 23. Well the episode starts off slowly with little skits about other peoples’ computers, Spam mail, and downloading files. Then Yui stops over to visit Yu-chan and Konata, both of them being sick. Then Yu-chan’s friends come over to visit her, and Konata makes comments about moe to Tamura. Also the subject of Manami small breast insecurities turn up, leading to some pretty vivid yuri thoughts by Tamura. The ongoing Miyuki dentist saga continues at full force, poor Miyuki her dental work is never done. Then Konata, her dad, and Yu-chan, watch a dog show, with Yu-chan making comments on how cute the dogs are, and Konata and her dad making otaku remarks about the handlers. Then the rest of the episode is about the relationship’s between the two groups of girls, Yu-chan and her friends, the main group of girls, and Kagami and her classmates. A lot of discussion of moe takes place within all the groups of girls. Then at the end of the episode Akira and Shiraishi must deal with the aftermath of the destruction of the Lucky Channel  television set. Well that’s all, below are some screenshots from the episode.








     With only one last shot of Luck Star  remaining it’s almost like the feeling I get when I find out that I only have one smoke left in my pack and it’s too late to stop at the store. This episode of Lucky Star surprised me in many ways, first I thought that it would have continued on with the more emotional and melancholy feel of the previous episodes. But, instead the show returned to the feel of the early episodes. The topics of this episode were many and varied, manga, anime, dentists, computers, and of course moe. The concept of moe permeated this entire episode completely. The only clue to this being the last episode was is the viewing of the real and symbolic destruction of the Lucky Channel  television set by Akira and Shiraishi. I haven’t got a clue on how they’ll end the series. I would like the series to end with the girls walking off into the sunset with the same endearing good natured qualities that made this show so enjoyable. No sad ending please, after all there has to be life after high school in anime.  


     Lucky Star 22  starts off with little skits about gas prices, otaku buying habits, and baseball, then a lot of smaller gags follow. Then there is a pretty funny gag involving Yu-chan and Konata that has do do with opening jars and bags of chips. Then Konata asks her dad if she or Yu-chan were approached by a guy from the same grade would that make him a lolicon, and her dad replies, no that would probably OK, but because of Konata’s appearance it might be suspect. Then Konata asks her dad what about him? He fell in love with someone like her mother (Kanata), and she did look very young. Then Konata tells her dad that she can see why he fell in love with her mother, but why did she marry him? This question leads to Konata’s dad explaining his relationship with Kanata to Konata, all the while Kanata’s ghost watches. Well That’s all, below are some screen shots.






Below are some screen shots of the Kanata part of the anime.







     I found this episode of Lucky Star  to be very fulfilling and touching. It seems that the whole issue of why Konata’s mother (Kanata) would have married her dad has been bothering her for some time, It was even said jokingly that she might have been forced. But seeing the flashbacks of their relationships really fleshed out the the whole story nicely. He truly did love her, and Kanata truly loved him, flaws and all. As the end of Lucky Star  approaches it definitely has taken on a more melancholy, and somber mood. Last episode Kagami thought she had a chance at romance, and this episode dealt with Konata’s mother and father’s love for each other. For all the deadpan humor and in-jokes this series, in the end, has been a sweet and loving  look at all main characters and their relationships with each other.


     Lucky Star 21 starts with the girls returning to school after the summer break. The girls spend time discussing how with all the summer classes and studying they hardly had any time to have fun, then Konata tells the other girls that she spent between 330 to 420 dollars at comiket (hell that’s a lot of money, I usually don’t spend that much at a convention and I have a much better paying job then she does). Later the show switches to Konata’s house where cousin Yui comes over for a visit to check on her sister Yu-chan. Later Tsukasa has to deal with her issues of getting up early enough to do her studying because she can’t muster enough energy to study into the night. Then we spend some time watching Hiyori coming up with ideas for her manga but always forgets to write them down so she always forgets them later. Then the high school senior class goes on a school trip to Kyoto and Japan’s old capital of Nara (Nara was the capital of Japan from 710-784, it has a lot of famous shrines and other cultural attractions, and Nara is also famous for its tame deer population). Then after the bus ride to their hotel in Kyoto Kagami finds a note in her bag saying a boy would like to talk to her at 9pm outside the hotel, and she thinks that a boy wants to confess to her. She spends the better part of the day in a dreamy mood, but at the meeting it turns out the guy just wanted a doll she bought. Then we switch to Lucky Channel  where Minoru returns from his trip and Akira rejects the water he brought back and he finds out he’s been replaced, so then he goes on a berserker rampage. Below are some screen shots from the episode.




Below is a picture of a lost in thought Kagami thinking about meeting the guy whom wrote her the note.


Below are pictures of Minoru’s rage.


     Well, as Lucky Star  continues towards it’s conclusion I feel that the show is starting to take a more melancholy mood as its pace increases. The girls spend more time than ever studying, and less time having fun. I felt really sorry for Kagami this episode, she seemed to be in a really dreamy mood as she wondered how the meeting with the boy from the note would go. Then she received a let down when she found out all he wanted was a doll she bought instead of a confession of love. I think that Konata figured what happened and felt sorry for Kagami. Well what did I expect, so far none for the girls have had a boyfriend yet and a boyfriend would probably screw up the chemistry of the show, oh-well better luck next time Kagami.


     The first couple of minutes of this episode covers Konata’s theory of how to pick out the valuable and rare figures and collector cards out of a stack of unopened boxes and card packs. Then Konata asks Kagami why male otaku always desire a female otaku for a girlfriend, but she never hears female otaku ask for an male otaku as a boyfriend. Then Kagami pays a visit to Konata’s house and then Kagami asks Konata some questions about characters in dating sim games. The girls then spend time basically talking about random things like, dentists, sweets, losing the will to study, and summer classes. Then the girls spend a lot of time together test prepping, and they decide to go see some fireworks in Miyuki’s neighborhood. It turns out that Yu-chan’s gang and Konata’s gang end up going to the fireworks together and they have a very good time at the festival. Well that’s all for episode 20. Below are some screen shots from the episode.




Damn, I wish our girls dressed like this for our summer fairs.


One thing I must admit to is that I’m a Kagami fan, and I think she has killer set of legs for an anime girl.



     Well episode 20 is done and only 4 more remain in the series, Sigh! This episode was all about anime, sim game, and other otaku references. The girls are on summer break and have to spend more time than ever on exam preparation, and only a couple of months remain until they have to take their high school exit exams, and their college entrance exams ( Cultural Note: remember that the high school exit exams and college entrance exams are considered to be harder than actually attending college, this period is called exam hell or juken jigoku in Japanese. If you don’t score high enough you can attend junior college or become a ronin  like in the Love Hina  and Crayon Shin Chan.  If you don’t go to college as a girl you can try and get a job as a office lady while waiting to get married. If you choose not to go to college and can’t get a decent job you can become a parasite single or in Japanese parasaito shinguru.) So in Japanese society the period leading up to Juken Jigoku is considered to be one of the most important periods in a young persons life. Well as Lucky Star  comes to a close I find myself a little down, Lucky Star  is a great way to relax for 30 minutes after a hard days work.


     This episode begins with the girls talking about how you talk to your pets, and Konata rips Kagami about having fish (hey, Konata I have fish to, back off). Then Konata and her dad have a otaku discussion about the Gundam series. Then the girls are shown spending a lot of time on studying for their tests, and the adults get disappointed that the girls only ask themselves for help instead of asking them for help. Later Konata considers Miyuki’s mistakes very moe inducing, and Kagaimi and Konata have a conversation about how otaku’s view moe. Then the episode switches focus to Yu-chan and her friends, and there’s a pretty good insert of a FMA sequence. Most of the rest of the episode is filled out with sketches of Tamura doing her various dojin related stuff. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.







     Well Lucky Star  continues its march towards to finish line, and more and more of the girls time is taken up by exam preparation. Pretty soon the girls will have to get into the full swing of preparing for exam hell. The series is switching more of its focus on Yu-chan and her friends, now the moe level is doubled. Hey Yu-chan you better keep Tamura away from the house we all know that Konata’s dad likes them young, and Tamura probably a even bigger otaku than Konata.



     Lucky Star 18  starts off with Konata deciding, if the girls were animals, what kind of animals they would be. Then at school Konata has a talk with Miyuki about her eyesight, and if she could improve it with exercise (very cute). At lunch Tsukasa asks Konata what moe means, and all Konata says is that you like something. Kagami is not satisfied with this answer, but Konata say it’s something an otaku would understand right away. Then the girls talk about umbrellas and cell phone bills. Later we get to see how Yu-chan and her friends get along, and then we also see Kagami’s interaction with her classmates. Then in the Lucky Channel  segment we see Akira getting angry about all the bit players getting screen time, and her appearance being only two seconds long. Well that’s all for episode 19, below are some screen shots.




     Well Lucky Star  keeps moving at its slow but enjoyable pace, there were some very cute parts especially the animals bit, and the moe bit. In this episode a lot of the girls classmates get some screen time, but I don’t know if this is going to continue, or if it was a one time deal. Until next week, what is moe, Tsukasa (well its you).

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