This episode begins with Moetan’s creative staff discussing the end of the series and how will they get their fans to buy the DVDs. Then we see a little skit of Nao killing Pastel Ink with a light sabre, and then we see Dandy (Da-kun) sneaking a glimpse of Mio’s undies while she is in the shower and he gets caught.


      Then the series switches to high school, where Mio is now a first year student, and she is caught daydreaming about a cute guy in her class. Then after school, a female classmate of Mio chases after her and she stumbles and falls to the ground, immediately Mio recognizes her as the stupid magic girl that she fought in the other episode. While walking home, the girl tells Mio that someone named Himawari changed her into a magic girl because she wanted her help in defeating Mio.


       After a while Mio hears a voice calling to her, and Dandy tells her that the voice is from another world. Soon, Mio receives a text message on her magic girl phone telling her that she is Pastel Ink from another world and that she has died and needs her help in the other world. Mio and the other girl (Magical Shizuku) transform and Dandy tells them to head to Alice’s house so they can travel to the other world. Upon arriving at Alice’s house, Alice and her assistant tells the King that they also heard the voice and are ready to assist them.

       Soon, Alice transforms into a magical girl and she uses her power to open a gate to the world where Ink is currently in. When the group arrives in the new world they discover that Sumi and her maid are also there but in this other world Sumi is no longer rich but she is instead very poor. After Sumi extracts some food and money from the group she gives them directions to where Pastel Ink is being held in a frozen slumber.

       As Alice and Mio are searching for Ink, Nao and Arks (Ah-kun) have laid a trap for the girls. Once the girls arrive at the secret base they are attacked by Ka-kun after he transforms into his human form, Alice tries to battle him but she and Mio are overwhelmed by his power. Soon, Da-kun shows up and he tells the girls he’ll handle this, and as Dandy and Ka-kun begin to battle Alice and Mio continue on in search of Ink.

       Alice and Mio have to fight their way through the secret base until they are confronted by Ah-kun (Arks) and he unleashes his secret weapon on the girls, Dark Ink. At Ah-kun command Dark Ink attacks the girls telling them that she will kill them. Dark Ink is very powerful, and soon she is close to defeating the girls when Tempura Sumi and Alice’s assistant shows up from their world to help them. Sumi manages to change Ink back to her normal self by calling her a grade schooler, and Ah-kun uses his fart attack to escape from the girls.


       Once the girls arrive at Nao’s throne room he tells the girls his master plan, he will use his magical powers to transform every girl with a “B” cup or larger breast size into a “A” cups. After hearing this all the magic girls get very angry and Ah-kun decides that Nao will not be able to defeat all the girls, so he changes sides and is killed by Nao.


      Then Nao transforms into a giant monster with naughty tentacle attacks and Mio uses her magic girl staff to summon mecha planes from their original world. Once the planes arrive, the king tells the girls to go ahead and show him the power of magic girls, and they get transported to the planes and combine to form a giant robot. The girls then use a giant magic girl sword to destroy the Nao monster and then they return to their world.

      Then the show ends with Da-kun getting caught playing with Mio’s undies again, and then it finishes with a montage of the girls with their animal mascots in various poses. Well, That’s all for this episode and this series.

       Well, this episode was a nice way to send off the series with a bang of fan service, oh wait, this series was nothing but fan service. This episode managed to showcase everyone of the magic girls’ “special” abilities and “talents”.

      This episode’s major theme was all about loli, in fact Nao master plan was how he would transform all the girls in his world into “A” cups. While all the male leads supported or at least thought that it wasn’t a bad idea but the girls had a different opinion about.

      This episode also took the level of potty humor to a totaly different, previous Moetan episodes used some potty humor. We see two Ah-kun fart attacks, and Ka-kun does a “full moon” attack and even Dandy chooses to reveal his full power in a “pointed” golden attack.

       Overall, I found this episode to be amusing but not very original. At least the earlier episodes were driven by plot and story but this last episode just seemed to be almost pure filler.   


     This episode begins with Ink studying at home for school finals with her mother encouraging her on, and telling her that she meet her father at college. At school the stress of exams is starting to effect Ink’s other friends especially Rina, and it seems that Sumi is under even more stress.

       Japanese Cultural Note (the period where high school students take their final exams and take their college entrance exams is known as exam hell or in Japanese as juken jigoku,  as many as 2/3 of students fail to get in to the colleges of their first choice, if they fail their entrance exams they can attend a lower status junior college or try again next year becoming a ronin, think of anime like Love Hina,  or Shin-chan)

     Later, Ink offers to help Sumi with her English studies but Sumi refuses because she’s too proud to accept the help, and she feels that exams are a battle to be fought alone. In the hallway Ink comes across Nao who is also studying for exams and they have a talk that turns nostalgic about high school ending soon. That evening Ink goes over to Nao’s house as Pastel Ink and Mio has almost completely given up on calling her Pastel Ink and just calls her Ink. Then Sumi decides to change into Tempera Sumi to go over to Nao’s house too.

      So, at Nao’s house, Pastel Ink conducts English lessons for Nao and Tempera Sumi while the mascots read ecchi magazines. The next day the students continue the exam preparation then finally comes the moment of truth, Moezugi University test day. Then the show fast forwards to the spring where Remi and Rina seem to be college students now, and Alice is working on her new single.


     Also we get to see Ah-kun walking around town and it seems that he knows everyone and everyone likes him.


      Even the police officer is missing Dandy lately until he shows back up and leads him on a chase, and he disappears around a corner. The officer asks Mio if she has seen a suspicious man, and she says no, but by her side is a dog that looks like Dandy and Mio calls him Da-kun, oh-my. Then another magic girl shows up to attack Mio but she falls down and Da-kun tells Mio to transform, and Mio transforms into magical Mio. Da-kun enjoys the show as much as the other mascots but Mio is much harsher on him the the other girls’ are to their mascots.

     Da-kun steps in and destroys the other magic girl’s mascots before Mio does anything, and the other magic girl retreats quickly. Well, at the end we see that both Sumi and Ink made it into college, and Ink got her dream of attending college with Nao. Well, that’s all for this episode.



       Well, as far as I’m concerned Moetan  ended as sweetly and kindly as possible (1 DVD only episode remains). To me everything was wrapped up nicely, Ink and Nao are in college together, Sumi is in college too and she has Ka-kun, Alice-chan’s career is going nicely and the evil has been expelled from her, Remi and Rina are still together, and Arcs and Alice have made up.

     Moetan, unlike other high school anime actually shows us a little of what happens after high school even if it was only about 10 minutes worth, after all life doesn’t end after high school.

    To me Moetan  was a loving send up of the magic girl genre intended for long time male fans, even with all the fan service and ecchi moments all the girls were good girls. I really enjoyed all the parodies and spoofs of other magic girl series (someday I might try to list them all) but I’m sure that after watching over 25 years or anime I would probably still miss half of them.

      One of the most interesting characters in this series was Arcs/Ah-kun, he can almost be seen as a surrogate for the male viewer. He comes from another world and is deposited in a foreign world as a magical mascot, he gets to drool all over the loli magic girls but because of his form he can never touch/enjoy the objects of his desire, and this is just like the male viewer, he may desire the magic girls but due to him being real and the girls being animated he may only drool just like Ah-kun. 

      This episode of Moetan  begins with Ink, Sumi, and Nao getting ready for their senior exams, and Ink has a flashback to the magical kingdom, with Arcs getting in trouble with Alice again for making comments that her breast are too large. Sumi and Ka-kun seem to be in love and he vows to return with Sumi to be with her, and Ah-kun vows to return with Ink to help her along with her relationship with Nao.

       As a “joke” Alice sends them back to the human world but sends the two guys back as animals again to keep them out of trouble. At school Ink’s grades seems to be slipping due too her worrying about her relationship with Nao. Sumi sees that something is bothering Ink and she has a talk with her about the situation, and comes up with a solution to the situation, if Ink can’t transform anymore, so what, nothing a little cosplay can’t solve. So they go shopping for the materials to make Ink a Pastel Ink uniform, and Later the king asks Alice to return to the human world once again.

      Once Ink arrives at Nao’s house she has to use the front door (no magical powers anymore) and Mio isn’t fooled in the least bit by the costume, so over tea Ink confesses the magic girl story to Mio and how she used it to be near Nao. Well, Mio tells Ink that Nao is in the bath and Ink almost explodes from the thought of a wet Nao.

       Just then, Ah-kun interrupts Ink’s thoughts and tells her not to think of such things, but as Ah-kun looks at Mio he immediately thinks of bath scenes of almost every girl form this series. Just as Mio lays some justice on Ah-kun, her brother Nao finishes his bath and sees Ink inside the house, but soon calls her Pastel Ink, and Mio is surprised at his stupidity.

      Then we change scenes to Sumi’s house where Sumi seems worried about Ink, so Ka-kun suggests she cosplay into Tempura Sumi, and Ka-kun gets treated into a non magical strip tease until Sumi notices that he’s watching with intense concentration. Back in Nao’s room the English lesson seems to be going well, but finally Nao asks her why she’s teaching him English? After not answering for awhile Pastel Ink finally tells him that someone who wishes the best for him asked her to help him.

     Just as Mio is watching breaking news about Alice on TV, Sumi shows up at the door just like Ink did (it sure sucks to not have magic powers any more).  Mio lets her in and shows her to Nao’s room where she makes sure that proper teaching is going on. Later at home, Ink is in the bath when Ah-kun asks her what happens when the tests are over, and after Ink throws him out she vows to go to college with Nao. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, the end of Moetan  quickly approaches, after the defeat of the main enemy in episode 10 all that’s left to do is wrap up some loose ends. As the series ends Ink, Sumi, and Nao are about to end their current phase of life and are about to embark on a new journey.

     Final exams and high school graduation approaches the crew, will Nao score high enough to get into college, will Ink’s and Nao’s relationship every progress to the point where her frustration is ended, and will Ah-kun and Ka-kun have to remain as animals in this world (well, I bet Sumi hopes not), these questions will most likely be answered (or I hope so).

     One of the funniest things about this episode was seeing Ink and Sumi having to deal with losing their magical powers, seeing Sumi and Ink having to walk and knock on a door instead of flying was just too cute, also watching them both freeze their asses off in the cold was pretty funny.

     In most magic girl shows the magical girl when transformed has some ability to confuse or fool the people around them into not seeing who they really are. This disguise ability only goes so far, most magic girls will try to never transform in front of other because this usually will ruin their cover. While the transformed magic girl is usually only slightly different from her normal self most people never figure out their real identity, but sometimes close female friends will correctly guess their true identities.

      This issue of having a secret identity for the magic girl can be a source of joy and frustration when their crushes is involved. While it’s great for them to get the attention from the guy while they are transformed it’s also a source of frustration for them. While the guys that they like might lavishes attention on their transformed selves they can’t see that the cute, sweet, and loving girl sitting next to them in class, or living next door to them is the same girl that they watch in wonder, after all it’s the inner qualities of the magic girl that’s makes them magical.    

       This episode picks up the morning with the magical mascots waking up Ink then Sumi and telling them that they have to rescue Alice. When Sumi asks why they have to rescue Alice they tell her and Ink that Alice controls the power of time, and having her as a hostage can cause big problems in the magical kingdom and in the real world.

     The girls are told that the only why to help Alice is to use all their magical powers to open a gate to the magical kingdom, and this means that they won’t be able to transform after it’s over. Both Sumi and Ink are shocked when they hear about losing their powers permanently.

      After some begging and pleading by Ah-kun and Ka-kun, the girls decide to make the rescue of Alice their last magical mission. Then the girls do a double transformation in front of Ah-kun and Ka-kun and they head off to Alice’s place. Once at Alice’s place they are told that the pond in front of her house links the magical world to this world. The crew leaps into the pond and Ah-kun and Ka-kun are transported to the front of the palace inside the magical kingdom but the girls aren’t with them.

     The magical mascots make their way through the palace and discover that the royal guard was easily defeated and the king is missing. All the while, the “will of darkness/Black Darkness/Dark Alice” waits for them to arrive while holding Alice hostage, she says that it’s her mission to bring destruction to both worlds. The mascots make their way to Alice and confront the bad guy, it seems that Ah-chan (Arcs in the magical world) has done battle with her before, in the past the magical kingdom sealed the villain inside of time (Alice’s heart), but now she has broken free. We also see that she has taken Ink and Sumi hostage and they are trapped inside of their own dreams.

     It seems that Arcs and Alice were boyfriend and girlfriend back in the magical kingdom but Arcs’ interest in looking at small breasts and loli girls kept interfering with their relationship until it caused them to break up.

     Ink struggles, lost inside her dream until dandy helps her remember her true self, when Ink remembers who she is, she and Sumi are freed along with Dandy. Then we find out that Dandy is really the king of the magical kingdom, all hail “King Dandy”.

     In front of everyone, Black Darkness tries to fully take over Alice, and Ah-kun in his anger transforms back onto Arcs and begins to attack her. As Arcs is doing major damage to her, she transforms into a giant monster and the King transforms Ink and Sumi back into magic girls and orders them to defeat the monster. The girls use a new combined power called “magical climax” to transform Ah-kun into a giant duck to battle the monster. Then every one lends their power to Ah-kun who fire a Godzilla like fire blast from his mouth destroying the monster (Dark Alice).

After the battle is over, we get to see everyone transformed back into their true forms, below is Sumi and Ka-kun.

Below are Alice and Arcs together in their true forms.

     Well, as Moetan  comes to a close the spoofs and parodies come faster and faster. I thought the ending was very funny, can it get any better than Ink and Sumi’s combined power being called magical climax, and a giant Ah-kun spitting fire just like Godzilla  was just too funny.

    Also, the king of the magical world being Dandy was very funny, the whole idea for him messing around with young girls for years is pretty amusing, I guess Ah-kun is a chip off the old block. What was also amusing is that Ah-kun/Arcs was a loli watcher even in the magical kingdom.

     The whole Alice/Dark Alice storyline is something that’s been in magic girl shows for a long time, think of the Sailor Galaxia/Chaos storyline from the Sailor Moon  anime, also think of the Hikaru/Nova arc from the Magic Knights Rayearth  anime. Those stories show that’s it’s never a good idea to place some other power inside of you, or to separate from yourself the darkness that dwells inside your heart.

     Well, the bright side of this episode is that in the end the king restored the girls’ magical powers, after all what good would the three remaining episodes have been if we had no magic girls in a magic girls anime.

     This episode begins with English lessons, Pastel Ink is teaching Nao-kun, and Ruriko teaching Sumi, Nao’s lessons are going well, while Sumi’s lessons are going poorly, so poorly in fact that Ruriko tells her that if she doesn’t improve college might be out of the question. At the start of the episode Ink has gotten a cold from the night before and it’s getting worse, the next day at school Ink passes out on top of Sumi and has to be taken to the school’s infirmary.

     The school nurse tells Ink that she has a fever and she must go home early to rest, Sumi happens to overhear this and feels that it’s her chance to go on a date with Nao. When Ink gets home she sees that her mother is out, and Ah-kun asks Ink if it’s all right if he goes out for a while, he tells Ink to rest and take care of her body. Later, Sumi decides to check on Ink and while she’s talking to her, Ink passes out again.

     Sumi has to transform in order to carry Ink inside the house and Sumi struggles to care for Ink. Sumi changes Ink’s clothes and she wonders why she has to care for Ink, while walking around Ink’s room she spots a key chain that reminds her of something from the past.


     Then Sumi remembers a time in the distant past when she was ill and Ink came to visit her and keep her company. Ink spent time talking with her and even read a book to her, later Ink gives Sumi her stuffed cat to keep her company, but Sumi was afraid to accept the gift for Ink, but Ink tells her to keep the black cat because she has the small white cat and they are close friends just like them.

     Later that night Sumi has fallen asleep at Ink’s bedside, Ink wakes up and finds Sumi asleep by her, and Ink wakes Sumi up. Sumi tries to deny that she cares for Ink, but Ink thanks her for her help anyways, and Sumi tells Ink that she has to be going home now and leaves.

     As Sumi is trying to sneak away from Ink’s house (she doesn’t want anyone to know that they are friends) she runs right into Remi, so Remi and Rina drag her with them to visit Ink. Ka-kun confronts Ah-kun at a park about Ah-kun searching for Alice-chan, and while they are talking Alice-chan’s partner (Na-kun) the rabbit stumbles up to them injured saying that the magical kingdom has collapsed, time is messed up and that they have to save Alice-chan. When Sumi returns home she falls ill with the same cold that Ink had, she curses Ink for giving her the cold. Well, that’s all for this episode.

     Well, episode nine was a slight change of pace for our magic girls, no magical battles this time. This story focused on the relationship between Ink and Sumi, while Sumi seems hostile to Ink but in reality she still cares for Ink due to their relationship from the past.

     Also, it looks like Moetan  is preparing to start it’s final storyline, at the start of the series Ah-kun is forced to flee the magical kingdom or face imprisonment, so with the magical kingdom in collapse he can be a hero and be forgiven for his past transgressions.

     This episode also has less fan-service than the last couple of episodes, so it looks like they have some plot other than fan-service to work with.

Below are two fan-service eye-catches from this episode.

     At the beginning of this series I felt that Sumi-chan’s ever changing ahoge was pretty silly, but as the series has progressed I have become quite fond by her mood reflecting hair. If only in real life all women had the same ahoge, I can only wonder how many arguments with old girlfriends this would have saved me. “Honey, are you still mad at me from yesterday?”, “No, why do you ask?”, then I could look at her ahoge to see her true mood, oh-well, one can only wish.

Below are some shot’s of Sumi’s ahoge reflecting her moods.


     First let me say that this episode has very little plot other than fan service, and more fan service. So this post will mostly be about fans service, every recurring female character in the series gets a fan service treatment.

     This episode begins with the creative team for a certain anime show getting chewed out because the show has lost it’s impact (and maybe ratings?), so they argue and brainstorm about how to improve the shows appeal, and in the end it’s decided that they will amp up the anime sex appeal (fan service). So there you have the entire plot for Moetan 8.

Fan service of Ink and Ink’s mother.

Fan service of Sumi and her maid.

Fan service of Ink and Mio.

Fan service of Remi and Rina.

     The only interesting thing in this episode was how Ink’s teacher is disappointed about how no men or boys even turn to look at her when her skirt flies up again and again, but when a school girl’s skirt flies up they mob her like moths to a flame. Also, we find out that Dandy and Ink’s teacher knew each other from her school girl days, he once saved her from a pervert and she’s had a crush on him ever since.

Misc pics of Ah-kun in search of his loli prey.

     Well, after 24 minutes of solid fan service, I have a few thoughts about Ink’s teacher’s dilemma, and maybe it’s a commentary about Japanese men or anime fans in general. Her teacher is by far the most physically mature (hot) female in the series but whenever she shows some skin nobody notices. But as soon as a young school girl gives a little flash of skin men are all over her like white on rice.

     And now to the issue of Ah-kun, he’s either a perverted magical duck, or he’s a stand-in for lolicon otaku fans, or even worse he’s supposed to be us, the viewers of this anime?

Ah-kun finds his promised land.

Alice-chan as Hell Girl taking Ah-kun away.


     Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged a Moetan episode but I’ve wanted to do this show in the proper order. So, I waited for episode 6 which was a DVD only release, supposedly because of the extra fan service content. Below, I’ll cover the episode content, than the review, and below that the fan service content. 

     This episode begins with Mio (Nao’s younger sister) giving Nao two tickets to a amusement park, and she suggests that he should invite someone to go with him, like Ink. Nao says that it would be OK to go with a friend, but Mio intends this to be a date, so Mio tells Nao that she’ll take care of the arrangements.

     At Ink’s house, Ink’s mother teaches Ink how to bake cookies, then the phone rings and it’s Mio basically setting up a date between Nao and Ink. Ink goes bonkers over the prospect of going on a date with Nao, and soon her imagination runs wild with fantasies of their first date. Ink goes into a dream world of expectations over the thought of a date with Nao, and her mother has to shake her back to reality.

     After Ink’s mother shakes her back to reality, Ink gets nervous about her first date, and begins to prepare for the date. Ah-kun tells Ink not to worry so much about the date, he says that boys don’t really notice small changes anyway, but Ink tells him that a girl’s clothes can change her image drastically, then Ah-kun starts to dream of Ink in various outfits.

     Later at Sumi’s house, Sumi is getting abused by her maid again, and she is also getting bombarded with homework for her up coming exams. When Na-kun tells Sumi about Ink’s date with Nao she goes ballistic and ends up getting smacked around by her maid again.


     The next day Ink is walking to meet Nao for their date, and a magical alert goes off, Ink doesn’t want to respond because it might make her late for the date, but Ah-kun makes her go anyway. She helps out a choking man, but he was choking due to his own stupidity, and that puts Ink at least thirty minutes late in meeting Nao. At first she doesn’t see Nao, but he shows up and says he’s used to her being late because she used to always be late as a kid.

     Nao and Ink are enjoying their date (or at least Ink thinks it’s a date) until they get separated, and Ink starts to get very upset. Finally they meet back up again and everything seems to be OK, they sit down to eat and Ink gives Nao some of the cookies she baked the other day but they got broken, even so Nao thinks they that they taste delicious. After the date is over Ink calls Mio and thanks her for setting them up, Mio thinks that it’s funny that Ink was so excited about the date but her brother is so dense that he has not noticed Ink’s feeling for him. Well, that’s all for this DVD only episode.

     Well, now for the review. The long awaited episode 6 of Moetan  is here, this episode was supposed to be so loaded with fan service that it couldn’t be shown on TV. While this episode has a lot of fan service in it I think that it was just a inducement to sell more DVDs. Other that the extra fan service nothing really changed; Ink still has the hots of Nao, Nao is still oblivious to Ink’s attraction, Sumi still gets her ass whooped by her maid, both Ah-kun and Na-kun are still attracted to the loli girls but being trapped as animals they can’t do anything but drool. In the end I feel sorry for Ink, the only way she ever going to get some from Nao is if she walks into his room naked and says “what’s a girl got do to get laid around here”.

     Now for the fan service pictures, every girl/woman in this episode (except Sumi’s maid) gets a fan service treatment. So, if you have tender eyes skip these screen shots.

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