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     This episode begins with Eika doing some dogfighting training against the Viper unit back at the old base, even though Eika is piloting a older jet she easily beats Hizaki’s Viper pilots, and then she turns down a offer to join the Viper unit. Then we get to see Karen back at her old school and she seems much more easy going around guys than before, and we also learn that it’s six months after the defeat of the worms. Then we move on to Elise who’s now a normal schoolgirl,  and she’s now living with Gen-san and his family as his adopted daughter. Togo, Hizuki, Eika, and Nanae are reunited back at the Oppama test base for some reason. In the control tower Nanae and Eika are watching three young recruits training, and Nanae tells Eika that six more girls should be arriving soon, oh by the way Eika has been promoted to Lieutenant.



      Then we see Otoha back on her home island diving off the coast just like before,  Ranko and Haruko stop by the island in a military plane to bring her a letter, and after reading the letter she agrees to be picked up by them in one months time. News flash, we finally get to see Karen and her brother together for the first time. Once everyone is back at the base, Togo introduced the candidates for the sonic diver rescue team to the old crew, Lt Eika will be the supervisor of the unit. Back in the hanger Ryohei tells the girls that their old sonic diver units can only be piloted by them, so their units are going to be retired to a memorial as a symbol of peace. The next day all kinds of press and so forth are there for the commemoration ceremony of the old sonic diver unit, and then the girls have to fly the last mission, conducting a demonstration flight and retiring the four original sonic diver units. As the girls are conducting the final flight Aisha wakes up from her six month sleep. Well that’s all for the series, below are some screen shots.






     Well this episode brings to a end one of my favorite anime of 2007, this show was a fine example of a fun action packed si-fi anime. This anime featured interesting characters, a nice storyline, good pacing, above average animation quality, and above all else it was fun to watch and Sky Girls never took itself too seriously. The last episode was a nice wrap up to the series, everyone ended up back where they started but with improvement to their inner strength and their confidence for all the experiences they had together, it’s seems like everyone is doing all right and getting along with their lives. The original Sky Girls can now retire their sonic diver units to posterity and enjoy the fame of saving the world, nice ending!


     The story picks up with the battle group fully formed, and the big wigs are planning the operation. Otoha is still having a very difficult time trying to operate her sonic diver unit, Ryohei tries to get her motivated but it doesn’t seem to work. Just as the admiral is getting briefed about the sonic diver team, a new island is discovered in front of the battle group, and everyone thinks that the island is the nest. A short while later the military headquarters reports that the worms have begun attacking major cites all around the world, so they must begin attacking the nest.  The mission plan is for the ships to begin attacking the outside of the nest with the Vic Viper unit blasting a path to the nest’s interior, and then the sonic diver team will enter the nest find the core and plant the DNA virus. Aisha will pilot the new craft and Otoha will be left out of the mission because of her fragile mental condition, Togo tells the other pilots to keep this secret from Otoha. When Aisha is linked to her sonic diver unit her sync rate is over 100% and Eika learns that this causes Aisha to have complete memory loss when she is piloting her unit, and this is the reason for her lack of memory during their fist dogfight. Later the girls decide not to keep this a secret from Otoha, so the have a talk with her about comradeship, teamwork, trust and faith, they get her to agree to fly again.




     Eika tells Togo that Otoha will fly with them and Togo agrees to get permission form the higher ups, Eika tells him that she’ll take responsibility for the mess, but Togo says what kind of commander wouldn’t trust his troops. Otoha begins to train extra hard to regain her sync rate with her sonic diver unit, and after a talk with Aisha she regains use of her sonic diver unit and rejoins the other pilots in the ready room. Then the final battle begins, first the battle group attacks with cannon and missiles, then the carrier’s jets attack attack followed by the Viper unit, and finally the sonic divers join the battle.




     The battle with the worms causes losses on both sides, after a while Karen is able to determine the weakest location on the island so the Viper team clears a path for the sonic divers unit to enter the nest. After the sonic diver unit enters the nest the battle outside heats up, many ships and jets are destroyed fighting the worms, and the Viper unit destroys many worms. Inside the nest worms approach the sonic divers from the rear, Eika and Elise stay behind to fight them sending the other three girls forward to continue the mission. The Eika and Elise’s battle with the worms seems to be going badly, they are badly outnumbered but fight bravely, Karen must also engage worms on her own sending Aisha and Otoha on with the mission. Even the Koryu is heavily damaged during the battle outside the nest, but the crew struggles mightily to save the ship. A short while later Aisha and Otoha find the core of the nest and Otoha attempts to hold off many worms while Aisha tries to insert the DNA virus into the core. The girls fight valiantly while Aisha is inserting the virus into the core, Eika runs out of ammo in the battle, and the other units also struggle against almost hopeless odds.


     When virus insertion reaches 100% the worms seem to go into a dormant state, but as everybody is about to celebrate victory the effect wears off and the worms come back to life. Togo orders a retreat because the mission is a failure, but before that happens the core opens reviling Otoha’s brother Yuuki, he greets her saying he has been waiting for her. Otoha loses her sync with her unit and falls into the water, the other girls are trapped by the worms while coming to her aid. Just then Yuuki and the core materialises a sonic diver unit and it begins to attach Aisha and her unit. At the last minute Otoha realizes the promise she made to everyone about being a team and rejoins the fight, Yuuki asks her if she’ll fight him and she says yes that’s what she came to do, and fight of her life begins. The worms attempt to absorb Otoha and her unit saying the world no longer needs humans, a short while later Aisha grabs Yuuki and tries to change him back into a human being. The transformation works allowing Otoha to destroy the worm’s sonic diver and Yuuki dissolves into light just as Otoha reaches him, he says thank you for keeping your promise.


     After Yuuki disappears the worms start to deactivate and turn to dust all over the world, the nest starts to collapse around the girls. Otoha goes to rescue Aisha who’s fallen unconscious after her efforts changing Yuuki back into a human. The collapse of the nest stops and Otoha carries Aisha back to the outside where every one’s waiting for her. Well, that’s all for episodes 24-25, below are some screen shots.




     Well it all comes down to this, the final mission, the last battle, even though a great deal of planning goes into the mission, a feeling of melancholy hangs over everything. The girls decide that even though Otoha is having great difficulties trying to regain her emotional ability to be a pilot they won’t let that break their bonds of fellowship with each-other and convince Otoha to fly again, they will fight together, and live or die as a team, this isn’t blatantly said but they all know it to be true. Even if all the mission planners want everyone to return safely all the key personnel knows that some might die, so many feeling are finally expressed out in the open for the first time. Otoha and Ryohei finally are able to somewhat admit their mutual attraction, and Gen (the ship’s cook) asks Elise if she wants to be adopted by him and his wife after the fighting is over, she accepts his offer since all her family and friends were killed earlier in the war. Karen and Takumi are also able to show mutual feeling towards one another, or at least Karen is able to look Takumi in the eye while she’s talking to him (hell maybe she’ll even be able to kiss him in ten years), and Eika and her father also reconcile their father/daughter relationship. When the battle’s joined everyone displays courage and self-sacrifice during completion of the mission, they never give up. In the end, Otoha is finally able to keep her promise of flying together with her brother, and it looks like the worms are finally defeated. From the preview of the last episode it looks like it will be a wrap up to the series set in the near future, look forward to it.


     This episode begins right where the last episode left off at, the sky girls confronting Otoha’s younger brother/worm, and all the ship’s instruments confirm this to be the case. Otoha tries to go to him but Togo orders her to stop, and when she refuses the other girls stop her. Elise becomes angry at the worm for impersonating a human and tries to attack him, the worm attacks her with a energy beam that destroyers her nanoskin and knocks her unconscious. Togo orders the girls to return to the ship but before they leave Otoha’s brother/worm tells them the he’s the worms’ messenger and he’ll be waiting for them? After they return to the ship, Elise is taken to the medical center, and Togo calls the pilots to the bridge. Kiriko briefs everyone about the final encounter between the worms and Otoha’s brother, Otoha gets very angry at her about this issue, she’s says that no one believed her back then even thought the military knew it to be true. Otoha breaks down in tears and Togo orders the other girls to make sure Otoha gets a good nights rest, and he also tells Eika to come see him later that evening. At the meeting Togo tells Eika the full story as he knows it; Otoha, Aisha, Yuuki, and the worms have the same basic cellular structure, and Otoha must pilot the new sonic diver unit into the nest and insert a new DNA program into the worms, without this new programming they will be unable to destroy the worms. Eika tells Togo that she will protect Otoha even if it means her life, but Togo tells her he wants everyone to live through the last mission.



     Later the bigwigs discuss the mission, whether the worms letting them know the nest’s location is a declaration of war or a trap, but the Captain says it doesn’t matter they been ordered there anyway. Togo’s told that the Vic Viper unit will also assist the mission, and that they need to begin training for the mission. During the training Otoha has a bad reaction to the sonic diver and Ryohei has to pull he out, she has to go to the medical center were she finds that the problem is in her heart not her body. Later when talking to Aisha, Otoha asks if Yuuki is real or a worm and Aisha tells her he’s probably just a copy (but the originals are destroyed in the coping process) but for all purposes it means the same thing, and since the worms are based on Aisha’s DNA Yuuki was chosen because of a very close match with her, so basically the worms, Otoha, Yuuki, and Aisha are almost a complete DNA match.  After their talk Otoha seems to get her motivation back, on the ship’s deck Karen and Elise wonder if Otoha will recover and Eika tells them it up to Otoha. A few minutes later the carrier Tengu arrives carrying the Vic Viper unit and maybe Eika father. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.



     Well, finally all the mysteries of the Sky Girls are revealed in this episode, the linkage between Otoha and her sonic diver, the link between her and the worms, and the mystery of her brother’s disappearance. Now all we have to do is wait for the results of the final battle, and to see who survives and who doesn’t. In a real life mission like this some would probably die, Eika realizes this fact, but this being anime everybody will probably live. After it’s all said and done Hizuki and Kiriko need a good ass kicking for all the lies and all the behind the back scheming they did. Oh, I can see why Otoha’s mad about being lied to and having information withheld from her, but being a former military guy I have a few terms she should become acquainted with.

SNAFU=Situation Normal All Fu%kedUp.

FUBAR=Fu%ked Up Beyond All Recognition.

BOHICA=Bend Over Here It Comes Again.


     This episode begins with the ship getting ready to receive a new sonic diver model based on the prototype piloted by Aisha, the project manager has not chosen the pilot yet, Togo is very suspicious over this move. A little while later all the pilots are in the mess hall and they find out that Aisha’s never enjoyed a Christmas party, so Elise and Otoha decided to organize a Christmas party for Aisha. The girls get permission from Togo for the party but he wishes them luck getting permission from everyone else, and then the girls go about the ship trying to get everyone’s permission. The girls finally get permission from the Captain on the condition that the mission still comes first, and the girls readily agree.



     Then we see the Sunia’s (the new sonic diver model) manager talking to someone on the phone about the new model, and in the background we see a computer screen showing data that relates the new sonic diver to Otoha’s encounter with the worms and the disappearance of her brother many years ago, it seems that she (Kiriko) and Hizuki are plotting something involving Otoha. The night of the party the doctor makes some Santa costumes for her and the girls to wear, and they run the buffet line for the ship’s crew. Everyone has a good time at the Christmas party, and later on the ship’s deck Kiriko (Aisha guardian and the new sonic diver’s manager) tells Togo that Otoha will be the pilot for the new unit, she also tells Togo about Otoha’s incident with the worms all those years ago. A little while later a worm approaches the ship, and the ship’s instruments are unable to determine the worm’s level and classification. Togo send the girls in for a closer look and to relay the information back to the ship. As the girls approach the worm, it appears as a glowing sphere that opens like a flower’s bud, and inside the glowing bud Otoha’s missing brother appears and even says hello to his sister. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




And now a picture of my current favorite tsundere anime girl, Eika.


     Well, as the entire crew become more like a family, and as the ship draws closer to the worm’s nest, a feeling of foreboding and impending loss seems to slowly approach the ship like gathering storm clouds. The girls in their attempt to teach Aisha about the Christmas spirit bring a lot of happiness to the ship’s crew, a feeling of melancholy grows among the more seasoned military personal, call it sixth sense or call it experience, I think that people like Togo and the Captain can sense the calm before the storm. So in this episode we finally gets some of Otoha’s loose ends tied up, her brother is either controlled by the worms or is now a human worm, and since the sonic diver technology is based on worm biology/technology we now see why she has a special connection to her sonic diver unit. I just don’t like how Hizuki and Kiriko scheme in secret, and behind everyone’s back, and I think it’s very dishonorable for them to keep their plans secret from the other military personal. Most military people will pretty much accept any mission unless it’s a suicide mission (and maybe even a suicide mission if it’s that important, just don’t lie to them), I really dislike their lack of trust in Togo and the others. I kind of wish this series was just a standard bug hunt, no secret DNA stuff, no complex personal links, just find the bugs and kill them.


     This episode starts off with a flashback to the previous battle with the worm where Aisha exhausted herself aiding the girls, she synchronized herself with the worm causing it to freeze in battle. The doctor tells her not to do it again, but she says exhausting herself in battle is the least she can do. Later we learn that the Vic Viper team (led by Togo’s old combat buddy Zen Hizaki) is being deployed to destroy the worm’s nest, but first they must battle a class A+ worm (the strongest worm seen so far in the series). Eika is angry about the situation, and Otoha says that Hizaki creeps her out (she’s angry about him calling them children, and she refers to him as a old man).


     At the beginning of the battle, the worm stops the initial attacks by the viper team, then it looks like the Viper unit gets the upper hand on the worm, as the Viper unit is about to deliver a death blow the worms separates into two pieces escaping destruction. After a hard fought battle two out of the three planes are damaged battling the worm, Hizaki orders the two damaged planes back to base and stays behind to fight the worm. He deals a heavy blow to the worm, but the worm also severely damages his plane, and he is forced to land on the sonic divers’ base ship. Eika listens in on Togo and Hizaki talking about old times, she learns that Togo can no longer fly because he was injured saving Hizaki during a battle with the worms, and Togo’s happy leading the sonic diver’s pilots. Later Togo comes up with a battle plan for fighting the worm, the sonic divers will attack the worm’s main body while Hizaki and the ship attack the other part,  and if they don’t succeed the worm will destroy the sonic diver’s base ship. When the battle starts the worms splits into three pieces instead of two, and at the last minute the other two viper units show up to take out the third piece, working together the worm is destroyed. Well that’s all of now, below are some screen shots. 



     Well 21 episodes down and five to go and were getting down to the nitty gritty of the series, in this episode we get a lot of information on Togo and Hizaki’s history. The only plot-line that still needs to be fleshed out is Otoha’s missing/kidnapped friend/brother story, then we can get to the final battle with the worms. This episode included a lot of talk about dreams and trusting the future to the young. This device is very common in anime today, many recent anime including Eureka 7, and Stellvia have large elements of older adults guiding younger characters, and entrusting the future to them. What I find kind of amusing is that Togo and Hizaki are both under 30 years old and they feel that they are old and the future is no longer meant for them. In the real world it would be nice if the old timers really felt this way, instead we get really old geezers holding on to power till they drop dead, just look at our congressmen and senators, they make policies about modern issues knowing nothing about how the younger generation really lives, works, and uses things like music and the Internet.  


     This episode starts off with Karen helping Takumi gather supplies from the storeroom, then Otoha gets mad at the maintenance crew because they are cold towards Aisha, and Ryohei tells her that they are uneasy around her, and someone else tells Otoha it’s because Aisha never shows any emotions. While gathering supplies Takumi finds some old fashioned camera film, and when Karen and Takumi return to the group he begins to take picture of everyone, but when it’s Karen’s turn, she runs off without letting him take her picture. All through the day Takumi goes around the ship taking pictures, and he finally catches Karen off guard and gets a picture of her. Later Otoha tries to get Aisha to smile for a picture but she doesn’t see a point to smiling or treasuring past memories. Just as Takumi is getting ready to take a picture of the group on the outside deck, the ship is attacked by the worms. Once in the air the sonic diver units are having a really tough time fighting the flying worm, the worm’s speed is so great that the girls can’t even land one hit on it. Things are going really badly in the fight, the ship is hit many times and the crew is battling the flames, and the girls are losing the air battle. At that moment Aisha makes some sort of mental contact with the worm, affecting it’s behavior, she basically freezes the worm in mid-air allowing the sonic diver units to finish the worm off, after the worm is destroyed Aisha passes out from the effort. After the battle Aisha earns the respect and friendship of crew for her efforts during the fight. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.






     Well were through twenty episodes of Sky Girls already, and only six more remain, this episode was all about memories, and the preservation of memories. Karen and Takumi got to spend some time alone talking, Takumi is the perfect guy for Karen, he’s easy going and relaxed, the kind of guy who will wait in Karen’s case for about five years for their first kiss. This episode also features Aisha’s integration into the crew, before this combat mission most of the crew was very weary of her due to her lack of emotions, but after Aisha’s role in defeating the worms is spread throughout the ship they finally consider her part of the “family”.


     This episode starts off with showing how the ship is recovering from the intrusion of the worms, no major casualties, and only some minor system damage. We get to meet some of the people that Lt. Hizuki brought aboard with him, Professor Suou Kiriko head of the worm countermeasure unit, and we also are introduced to Aisha Krishnam. Otoha confuses her with her childhood friend, and Eika thinks that she’s the same pilot that defeated her in the first episode. Eika confronts her by asking her if she’s ever been to the same base as her, she says that she was involved in the prototype testing, but she has no memories of her, Eika asks her if she thinks she’s a fool, and she says that she doesn’t remember anything. Later we learn that most of the ship’s food stores were destroyed and that it will be three days to get more supplies so it’s lo-cal meals for now. Otoha had it with little food so she wants to use the sonic divers to fish for food, Col. Togo goes to the bosses for permission, and the Rear Admiral thinks it’s a joke but the Admiral says he’ll give permission for combat formation training (wink and nod). The combat practice is very successful netting a large quantity of fish resulting in an above average dinner feast.



     Otoha gets interested in the strange new girl and goes on deck to talk to her, Otoha tries to make small talk with her but gets nowhere. Elise overhears the other girls talking about the rumor that Aisha was the origin of the worms and goes on deck to confront her, and just as Elisa is about to hit her, Otoha stops her. The girls go to the professor for some answers about Aisha and she tells them that Aisha’s father developed a nano program and experimented on his daughter, and the resulting consequences was the birth of the worms which think of humans as a cancer growth that needs to be treated. So the professor explains that as the worms tried to cure the planet of it’s human infection mankind struck back with nuclear weapons attempting to defeat the worms. After the worms disappeared Aisha was found in a capsule with instructions from her dead father that she should continue in his stead, so the girls learn that Aisha has always been an experimental subject and that the sonic diver units evolved from her DNA. Elise feels bad upon learning of Aisha’s situation and goes to apologize to her and that’s how the episode ends, below are some screen shots.




     Well we finally find out the origins of the worms, and in in immortal words of Charlton Heston from The Planet of the Apes “Damn you all to hell”, when he finds out that we ruined the planet and left the apes in charge. So we come to find out that the worms were created by humans (Aisha’s father) playing around with nano tech., this plot-line is nothing new we’ve seen it before in shows like the Matrix, and Planet of the Apes, also this is the ultimate expression of the nano tech. “gray goo theory” which means that if we screw up with nano tech. the machines can run wild turning the whole surface of the planet to gray goo. One thing I didn’t get was how we got from Aisha’s fathers experiments on her to the worms running wild around the planet. Also we get to wonder about Otoha’s special link with her sonic diver unit, that will have to wait to a future episode.

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