Telepathy Shojo Ran

I'll believe in you too 

       This episode begins with Oogami having her animal followers begin a direct assault on Midori and Ran, and while Ran just stands there Midori throws up a barrier blocking the attacks. After Oogami realizes her animals won’t breach the barrier she turns around and summons a black hole like object saying that it’s time to cleanse the planet. Oogami also says that even if she didn’t choose direct involvement, humans would most likely destroy themselves.

Midori blocking the attack

Humans will destroy themselves 

       After a few minutes, Ran tries to talk with Oogami telling her that these animal were human once, and where her friends, what did they do to deserve this fate. Oogami again sends a wave of animals to attack the girl, and again Midori blocks the attacks. Midori tells Ran to help her fight but Ran grabs Midori and tells her to stop, causing Midori’s barrier to drop, and Ran and Midori are slightly injured. Midori tells Ran to fight, fight or die, Ran says no, if they hurt the animals they’d be no different than them.

we must no continue to fight 

        Midori starts to argue with Momoko, and while they’re arguing one of the animals goes to attack them. Ran pushes them out of the way at the last moment, taking the blow herself, and when Midori comes back to herself she finds that she and Momoko were transported to a future where all the humans are gone. Momoko tells Midori that this is paradise, and Midori says how so. Back with Ran and Oogami, the animals continue to attack Ran and she doesn’t fight back, Oogami asks Ran why she doesn’t fight back. All Ran says to Oogami is to return Midori, Momoko, and the rest of her friends.

you're a monsterthis is the end of the worldthis is paradise

bring back my friends

       Back with Midori and Momoko, they get in a debate about the destructive nature of humans, and Momoko tells Midori that she thought they would at least be able to get along since they’re both monsters. Midori tells Momoko that once she thought that way, but she’s no longer lonely and she has people who care for her, she calls Momoko a lonely person. Momoko gets angry and sort of merges her mind with Midori’s mind, and we see Momoko meet her grandmother, Tome-san, who turns out to be the old lady that Midori met in episode 21. We see Tome-san asks Momoko to forgive her for saying such horrible things to her, Momoko says it’s too late, but when Tome-san hugs Momoko and says she so sorry, Momoko breaks down in her grandmother’s arms. As Midori and Momoko separate they’re swept under water by a giant wave, and Midori calls out to Ran.

we're both monster

I have friends who believe in meyou called me a monsterI've regretted it my whole life

you are not alone 

       Back with Ran and Oogami, Ran hears Midori’s call and begins to pull herself off the ground. Oogami questions Ran on why she has power but refuses to use it? Oogami tells Ran that her powers are special, you could create something new, or do you want destruction? Ran tells Oogami that she’s never once thought about destroying something.

I don't think about destroying 

        Back in the real world, Rui makes his way to the tree in the school courtyard, he can’t find Ran and asks her to forgive him because he couldn’t protect her, soon Ran’s cats make their way to Rui. Back with Oogami, Ran asks Oogami if it’s alright if she says she can say that she understands her pain and the pain and suffering of the animals. Ran tells Oogami that she loves animals, and she loves plants & nature, she wants to protect them; no, she wants to live together with them and she’ll use her powers for that goal. Oogami says it’s too late for that.

I love plants and animals 

        Oogami sends the animals to attack Ran and suddenly Midori appears next to Ran. The animals attack them but the girls do nothing to stop them, and they tell the animals to vent their anger and hatred to them. Ran and Midori tell each other that they’ll believe in humans to the end, and soon the animals start to transform back to their human forms. After all the animals are back to their human forms Oogami says she doesn’t what happened. Just then, a tree sprouts from the ground near Ran, and when it reaches full size Rui emerges from it with Ran’s cats. When Rui and Ran reach each other it seems that Rui is about to tell Ran that he loves her but Midori steps in between them pulling a classic cock confession block.

this is a hell of a way to fighteveryone has returned to normalRan and Rui reunited

Midori's classic block move 

       Soon, all sorts of plants and trees start to bloom and we hear a voice telling the great mother that they’ve come to get her, it’s not time for them to reawaken yet, and to believe in humans. Just as Oogami tells Ran that she’ll believe in humans, a blinding light carries Oogami away and then Ran, Midori, and Rui awaken at dawn under the school tree with Rin rushing to meet them.

sleeping under the tree

       Flash forward, and a new school year has begun, Ran is depressed because Rui and her other friends are now in different class but Midori tells her to cheer up because she’s here. Well, we see that everything is going great; Ran and Rui are getting along fine, Midori is still crushing on and flirting with Rin, Momoko and her grandmother are getting along fine, and everyone hangs out at Ran’s lively house. Oh, we also see that Ran is still hearing voices that lead her and Midori on new adventures.

we're second year students nowRui's in another class nowI'm with you now

Rui she needs you

we'll just have to check it out

       Well, with this episode we’ve come to the conclusion of a highly enjoyable adventure series geared towards a younger viewing audience.  What I mean by when I say that this series is geared towards a younger audience is not that older viewers won’t enjoy this series but that there’s nothing objectionable in its content of viewers of all age groups. The basic premise of the entire series can be summed up as two junior high school girls with telepathic power  receive a call to adventure and have to solve supernatural mysteries, and going along of the ride is one boyfriend and one older brother.

       What I found so enjoyable in this series is how it differed from many current anime series. First of all, Ran, the main character, gets along with her family really well, in fact, she has two parents and a brother, what the hell are they trying to here I thought that most anime families are highly dysfunctional; missing or dead parents, kids hating their parents, older brother/younger sister complexes. Secondly, almost everyone acts accordingly with their real ages: Ran, Rui, and Midori act like the young teenagers that they are and not like mini adults; Ran’s older brother Rin actually acts like an older brother, no younger sister complex here, nor does he fawn over or develop a loli complex over Midori’s attempts at flirting; Ran’s parents actually act like normal parents, they’re not stupid and act more like children than the children do, they’re caring and kind and maintain proper ordered household.

       If you enjoy watching a good adventure story where most of the large issues can be solved and fixed with a “love conquers all” and a “can’t we all just get along” type solution then this is the anime of you, but if you expect a storyline line with a little more meat to it than you better leave this one alone.

the wolf god Oogami appears

         Ran and Midori head off to the middle school’s courtyard and they tell Rui and Rin to follow as quickly as possible. When they arrive at the school they follow some large cat prints to a large tree where one of their teachers falls out the tree, he’s very gravely wounded . Soon, Rin and Rui arrive on the scene, and as their teacher begins to regain consciousness. As he’s about to tell them what happened a large leopard leaps from the tree to attack Rui, Ran repels the creature with her power, and then the leopard demands that they have to give it back to them, “Chara”. Ran is shocked by this because “Chara” is the name that Junpei and nobody else calls her.

Going to the schoolfinding the teacherblocking the attack

give it back Chara 001

        Back at home, everyone is eating breakfast at Ran’s house when the TV reports a growing number of animal-human attacks, Midori asks Ran if she’s worried about what the leopard said? Yes. Later, the kids find out that classes have been cancelled because of the attacks. Rui asks Ran if she’s still worried about Junpei? Yes. So, he tells her that they should pay him a visit. As the kids (minus a sleeping Rin) make their way to Junpei’s house, many strange events are going on, the weather is unnaturally bad, and large groups of animals are on the move.

eating at Ran's houseRin is sleeping at homeVery bad weather in town

        At Junpei’s house the kids find it damaged by animals,  and when they begin searching for Junpei a tiger starts to attack them only to be foiled by a torch wielding Junpei. They retreat to Junpei’s room, and they block the door with dresser. Junpei tells the others that the tiger is his brother (Taka), when his brother returned from college he changed into the tiger, and he asks them if it sounds crazy. Rui says, not at all, we thought that there was a link between the earthquake and the strange animal/human happenings.

Junpei's house is trashedBlocking the tigerhiding in Junpei's room

         Just then, the tiger breaks through Junpei’s door, Ran and Midori don’t want to hurt Junpei’s brother so they setup a barrier and Ran tries to communicate with Taka. Ran tells Taka to come back to them, but he says he can’t, he says that he’s so tired of it all. After Ran drops the barrier, Junpei attempts to talk with his brother by asking him why he no-longer wants to be human? Taka calls out to his brother, saying that he should understand, then something causes Junpei to change into a leopard, and he chases after his brother who fled the house. The kids try to chase after Junpei and his brother but quickly lose them, Midori says that she’ll try astral projection to widen her reach over the whole city, she doesn’t know if it’ll work. After Ran and Midori project themselves over the whole city they hear a voice calling all the animals back to the Great Mother’s place to regain the world for themselves, and the meeting place is the beech tree at their middle school.

blocking the tigers attacktalking with TakaJunpei and his brother

Junpei is now a leopard

searching the city

        When the kids make it to the school they find all the animals gathered there, and they also figure out that everyone who felt the earthquake has been transformed into animals. A very old lady, the same lady they met at the restaurant emerges from the tree, the kids can feel the anger and hatred coming from the animals over their mistreatment and the mistreatment of the planet. Ran calls out to them but Momoko (their old teacher) tells them that their memories have been erased, and those humans have lost hope in world of waste, hatred, and never ending war. Midori asks Momoko if she’s human, and Momoko tells her that she’s not human she’s a monster just like Midori. Ran’s says that they’re wrong, not all humans hate animals and want the world to fall into ruin and war.

the old lady and the animalsMomoko is back in townnot all humans hate the world

         The old lady uses her powers and transports Momoko, Midori, Ran and herself to another plane/place where she transforms into a wolf spirit/god called Oogami. Then Oogami tells them a very very old story, back before the time of humans the aminals lived in harmony with each-other and nature. The first humans also lived in harmony with animals and nature, so the animal spirits had faith in the first humans and took a long sleep. But, when they awoken they found that the current humans are not the same humans they trusted, the current humans think that they’re the most important creatures around and that humans feel that they’re even more important than nature or the planet. The humans that turned into aminals are the remainder of the creatures that went into that long slumber, they are of human and animal nature and would have remained human if they were happy with the direction of the world. Now, Oogami says humans must be removed from the world so its natural order can be restored. Oogami says that Ran and Midori are slightly different from normal humans (they have some powers), so she’s been watching them for a long time but has come to the conclusion that they’re really not different from the rest of the humankind. Oogami says the time for talk is over, and she summons the other animals to her side. Well, that’s all for this episode.

ran and midori in the other worldthe old lady in the other worldI am Oogami the great mother

humans and animals in balance

the first humans on the planethumans have ruined the worldthe time for talk is over

        Well, here we are at the final showdown of the series, mankind’s treatment of the planet and its creatures has comeback to bite them in the ass. The theme of man vs nature/humans destroying the natural world are found in many anime like; Mononoke-hime, Green Legend Ran, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Prétear, and many many others; and the final solution is usually found in the kind and caring heart of a teen-aged girl. So, no matter how bad it gets, Ran and Midori will try to show kindness instead of power in their final showdown with Oogami and her animals. While the girls in Telepathy Shojo Ran have telepathic powers instead of magic girls powers the finale solution will most-likely be a Deus ex machina magic girl ending with love being victorious over hatred.      


        This episode begins with the children raking leaves from around a dying beech tree when Ran says she thought she heard a voice. When Ran places her hand on the tree a large gust of wind strikes the area and Ran hears a voice stating that a terror is about to descend on everything. Later that night, Ran is awoken from her sleep by her to cats crying at the window, Ran sees birds crashing into her window and Midori uses her abilities to tell Ran the same thing is happening at her place. Then a large earthquake strikes the area and Ran hears a voice saying the crone has awakened.


      The next morning Rin tells Ran that he doesn’t remember the earthquake, and at school only a small percentage of the kids felt the quake. Midori wonders why some kids felt the quake and why most of the other don’t know a thing about it? Then in class the teacher starts picking on Rui for no reason, and when he gets all the questions right the teacher still gets on his case. Then another student comes to Rui’s defense and he and the teacher start arguing with each other. Just as they’re about to throw punches, Ran and Midori intervene, the teachers takes a break, but Ran feels some unnatural anger inside her classmate.




       After class, Midori asks Ran what Rin is making for dinner, and of course she invites herself over and has a Hosaka moment. Ran’s asks Junpei (the anger kid) to walk home from school with them, he accepts. While walking home, Rui suggests that they stop for crepes, poor Midori, she wanted Rin’s cooking. While they’re eating, Junpei displays huge swings of emotions; boredom, normalcy, unnatural anger, and so forth. Then an adult gets into a argument with the old lady who owns the place, and it almost gets out of hand with Junpei jumping into the fray again. Midori uses her powers to defuses the situation.





      Just when we think it’s all over, Junpei pushes his way past Rui saying he’s going to kick that guy’s but, Midori says to let him fight if he wants to fight, but Ran says that he’s not himself. Midori gets left behind with the school bags as Ran and Rui chases after Junpei, Ran has to use her powers to stop him. When they finally catch up with Junpei he says that he became so angry the world went white. Midori catches up with them but forgot (?  if you believe that I’ve got some land for sale) Ran’s bag. Seconds later the old lady shows up bringing Ran her bag, and she says goodbye, until we meet again. Rui points out to the rest of them that while they had to run at full speed to catch Junpei the old lady just sort of appeared there without even being the least bit tired. Later, when they tell Rin what happened he turns on the TV to show them that animals from all over Japan were let out of their zoo’s and are now running wild across the country.



        As they continue to talk, Rin brings up the point that it wasn’t just zoo animals but also people’s pets that ran away. Midori says that they need to be on alert, and Rin says that since he didn’t notice the quake to please tell him if anything strange happens, then he goes off to cook dinner with Midori following close behind. Rui asks Ran if he could please spend the night, when Midori hears this, she’s all over Ran about spending the night too, Ran at first doesn’t want to have them over but soon gives in. When Rui is asked why he needs to spend the night, Rui says he feels that he should be close to Ran tonight.



       While Midori is with Rin, Ran asks Rui why such strange things happen around them? After a rambling answer, Rui tells Ran that he thinks this happens because she and Midori have the power to fix things. Rui tells Ran that he’ll always be there for her. Forever? Yes, and Midori too, you two need each other. At this point, Ran asks Rui why he’s always putting them together? Midori overhears this and says that someday they’ll be related, to which Ran replies that is a worse thought than her mother’s horror novels. They start arguing and bickering and are soon given a vision of someone watching them, Rui breaks their trance by touching their hands. Midori says that they have to be ready to go after whoever is behind this whole thing. Then we see  Momoko (the old homeroom teacher, and bad lady) returning to the town, saying that she never thought she’d come back so soon.




         Later that night, Ran has a vision of someone being attacked by animals, and she tries to wake Midori, no luck. As Ran’s is getting ready to leave the house alone, she gets intercepted by Rui, Rin, and a still sleepy Midori. Ran tells them about the attack, and soon Ran and Midori are leading the rush to find the location of the attack. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, it looks like the final battle/adventure of the TSR series is starting to happen, and this is probably the most dangerous mystery the kids have faced. The beginning of this arc is pretty much standard TSR stuff; Ran hears a voice or something supernatural happens to her to begin the adventure, Midori is the more forceful and be prepared to strike first member; Rui is more attuned people’s emotions and logical team member, and Rin is the member that can use muscle if necessary.

          You know that something really bad is about to happen when you see the total breakdown in Japanese social order starting to happen; teachers and students almost throwing punches, adults yelling at senior citizens, and  “shit that will turn you white…..this city is headed to a disaster of biblical proportions, fire and brimstone…..dogs and cats living together!” Well, who ya gonna call? The Japanese junior high school ghost-busters!

      This episode included all the stuff I’ve come to like about TSR; Ran and Midori’s good natured bickering, Ran and Rui’s nice wholesome romance, Midori’s crush on Rin, and his confusion about how to handle it. Also, I love how Ran’s and Midori’s personalities conflict but also enhance each other. While at times, Ran’s too soft and sweet, she tempers Midori’s more cold and clinical side, it would be really funny watching their relationship if Midori’s wish comes true and she becomes related to Ran by marrying Rin, watching them bicker forever would be sweet.   


        This episode begins with Ran, Rui, and Midori selecting book from  the school’s library with Midori complaining about have to carry Ran’s mother’s reference material, but Ran reminds poor “fragile” Midori of the time she battled a bull and won, so quit complaining. Just as they are getting ready to leave the library and head home to Rin’s cooking (Midori’s strength is renewed) Ran hears a telepathic voice and Midori comments about here we go again. So, the group puts back the books and heads off in the direction of Ran’s mysterious voice, and they soon find themselves inside the local records archive. Ran soon leads them to the source of the voice, a Haniwa (a Terracotta clay figure).


       Cultural Note: The Haniwa (terracotta figure) date back to the end of the Yayoi period (500BCE-300CE) but newer dating methods have dated some pottery as much as 500 years older than previously thought. At first the Haniwa were simple in design and got much more elaborate in design as time went on. The Haniwa were thought to have been placed around the perimeter of a burial mound, and it is also thought that the spirit of the dead person would inhabit the Haniwa protecting the buried body from evil spirits and so forth.


       Once Midori seems the Haniwa, she immediately begins to make fun out of Ran saying that Ran has fallen from the voices of people to animals, and now to the level of a Haniwa. As Midori is continuing to make fun out of Ran, the Haniwa speaks to both of the girls asking them to help it fulfill a promise from long ago. The Haniwa tells the girls that it’s name is Wakatakeru and they must help him take the Miko to the promised land so she can become the next queen. The Haniwa tells the girls that they must return him to the promised land so he can find the next queen to end a raging war. Ran wants to get right to it but Midori tells her how are they going to find the right place only knowing that he’s from the Yayoi period (500BCE-300CE) and he needs to be near a large ceder tree?


       Besides, Midori asks Ran if she’s just going to take the Haniwa out of the building? Midori thinks to herself that she could sneak in at night and take the Haniwa, but Rui asks the attendant if they could borrow the Haniwa it for a school project, and she says yes. The next day the group takes the Haniwa to the library to do some research with no luck until Rui says they should visit the site where the Haniwa was dug up. When they get there the Haniwa tells them that he remembered the sounds of waves, so they soon locate a stone tablet near the sea talking about a Miko from the area. The tablet also mentions a large sacred tree but it says that it was cut down long ago. But they still decide to go to the tree’s former location and Ran and Midori get a vision of a very old tree from the past.


       Midori soon gets a bad feeling about the whole thing and soon the group is transported to a battle occurring in the past and one of the arrows from the battle injures Rui’s leg. Midori and Ran then realize that the stuff from the past can injure them and they have to throw up a barrier to protect themselves, the Haniwa reacts to the girl’s use of power. The Haniwa tells the girls to quickly take him to the tree where he transform into his original form, and Ran and Midori have to protect themselves from another attack. During a pause in the battle, Wakatakeru declares himself to the warriors and he tells them that Ran is the Miko and must be crowned the queen. Wakatakeru brings Ran forward and declares her the queen and he asks her to use her powers to end the war. When Ran touches his hand her powers are activated and she transforms into period costume and her power envelop the area. Once Ran’s power fades the group finds themselves on top of the barren hill with the Haniwa back to a normal Haniwa, Midori says that since his promise was fulfilled his job is done.




      Back at home, Rui wonders if Ran might have been related to the Miko from the past, and Midori wonders if their powers where really able to transcend time? Rin’s says that it’s too far in the past and too confusing to say for sure what really happened. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, this was another interesting but standard TSR episode so my review will be really short. This story followed the usual TSR formula, Ran or Midori hears a voice, then the group follows it to the source where someone from the past needs their powers to fix something that has gone wrong or to correct a injustice.

      But, what I find enjoyable about this series is the good natured bickering that always occurs between Ran and Midori, and I like how Midori plays the “fragile pretty flower” card when she’s really as tough as a nail. I also like how Midori always imagines herself as a staring character in movies that exist only in her imagination. See the below pics to see Midori defeating a bull one on one, Midori as a master thief, and Midori as a magic girl.


      Also, maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the Haniwa from this episode closely resemble Gumby? Compare the two pictures below and tell me if there isn’t a near match between the Haniwa and Gumby.



        This episode begins with Ran, Midori, Rui, and Rin enjoying the ski slopes, but soon Rin gets a cell call from mom telling Ran and Rin to get working on some research for a future project of hers. Once they return to the ski lodge Ran asks Rin what the research assignment is? Rin tells her that they have to check into the local legend of Yuki-onna (the snow woman), to every one’s amazement Ran doesn’t know about the legend of the snow woman, so Midori tells Rui to tell Ran the legend. The legend goes something with this; two men are caught in a snow storm and seek shelter in a building, and later that night a woman appears out of the storm, she freezes of the men and spares the other man then disappears back into the storm. This story leads to Midori daydreaming that she freezes Rui and spares Rin so she can be alone with him, but Ran quickly figures out the nature of Midori’s dream and starts bickering with her.




       After a bit of bickering between Ran and Midori the group decides to head into the village to do some research on the snow woman legend, and on their way off the slopes Ran gets her hearing voices thing again. When they stop in a local shop they get two versions of the legend, the shopkeeper is frighten of a local area woods, but some children tell them that the snow woman is actually a snow girl who shows lost people the way out of the woods. Midori wants to check out the woods right away but the shopkeeper tells them that will be dark soon so they shouldn’t go there now, so the group takes his advice and returns to the ski lodge.



        While Ran is sleeping she gets a dream about a little girl called Non-chan who lost a locket in the blizzard forest (Non-chan is the name from the voices Ran heard earlier). Ran awakes to a voice telling her to come and find Non-chan, Midori soon awakens and Ran tells her about the voice calling out to her, Midori tells Ran that they better go because Ran’s voices always lead to a interesting case. The girls decide to let Rui and Rin remain sleeping and head out to the frozen forest alone.


       Once outside, Midori asks Ran to use her powers to find out where they have to go. The voice calls Ran towards the frozen forest, once inside the forest Ran and Midori spots some footprints and they follow them deeper into the forest. After a while they come across a young woman (Noriko) who is searching of  a villa from her childhood, Ran discovers that the Noriko was called  Non-chan when she was young, so they search the woods together until they find Noriko’s lost villa.


        After checking out the inside of the villa Noriko relates her memories of her youth to Ran and Midori, then Ran hears a voice calling her to follow quickly. Ran rushes out of the villa with Midori and Noriko giving chase, the snow girl leads Ran’s group further into the woods until she disappears, then Ran and the other girls slide down a slope and they end up at a river bank.



       Soon the snow girl appears again urging Ran to follow quickly, as Ran rushes forward but Midori is worried that it might be a trap, the snow girl lead them to the base of a large cliff. A large avalanche starts flowing down the cliff face towards the group, Ran and Midori combine powers to protect the three of them, but the avalanche threatens to overwhelm their barrier, then the snow girl appears and she lends her power to help protect the group.



        After the avalanche is over Yuki-onna speaks to Noriko through Ran, it turns out that Noriko rescued a fox when she was young but Noriko (Non-chan) lost her mother’s pendant in the process. Noriko nursed the fox back to health, and Noriko named the fox Yuki, Noriko played with Yuki and loved Yuki while she lived at the villa.




         When Noriko had to leave the villa to return to Tokyo she told Yuki that she wished that Yuki was a human girl so she could come to Tokyo with her. After Noriko had to leave Yuki behind, Yuki searched high and low until she found Noriko’s precious pendant, and she called out to Noriko in her dreams so they could meet one more time. After Yuki returns Noriko’s pendant, Yuki says goodbye to her precious friend for one last time and then Yuki disappears into the night sky. The next day, Ran and Midori tell their tale to Rui and Rin who listen intently. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, this was a interesting and cute retelling and mixing of two classic Japanese folktales. Firstly, the legend of Yuki-onna has appeared in so many anime, manga, and movies that I can’t even begin count them all.

        But the most popular versions go something like this; two men are traveling through a deadly winter storm when they are forced to take shelter inside a forest cabin or shack, late at night a ghostly pale woman dressed in all white enters their shelter and she freezes the older of the two men with her breath, she lets the younger more attractive man live on the condition that he never tells anyone what happened to them. Then much later in life the man tells his longtime wife about his encounter with Yuki-onna, and then his wife then transforms into Yuki-onna and does one of two things; she either melts away into a puddle of water (kind of like how the crane wife leaves her husband once he finds out his wife is a crane), or she gets really angry with the man but spares his life because of her love for their children.

       Also, this episode mixed in some Japanese folklore involving supernatural foxes (Kitsune), in Japanese folklore the fox has many supernatural qualities, even the ability to transform in to attractive human women (this ability only comes to the fox after it has lived a very long time 50-100 years). Many of these tales involve a human man falling in love with and marrying an extremely attractive young woman and after several years of marriage and many wonderful children the man discovers that he married a fox, most of the time the Kitsune leaves the heartbroken man forever, but sometimes the Kitsune will stay with the man. In other versions of Kitsune tales a fox will just seduce many attractive young men, and in other versions the Kitsune will become an eternal pain in the ass if you piss them off.

        Overall, this was a nice cute episode and I’m really coming to enjoy Midori’s and Ran’s constant bickering with each other. It’s a shame that there’s only four episodes remaining, but since this anime has pretty good TV ratings (top 15 weekly anime) I can always hope that this series will get a second season.


       This episode begins with Ran, Midori, and Rui walking home from school when they encounter an old lady (Tome-san) that almost gets hit by a bicyclist, they go to her aid, but she’s very rough and not very polite. Even though she says she doesn’t need help getting home they decide to follow her to make sure she has no further problems. After a while she leads them to her house (she lives in a hospital) where they find out from a nurse that Tome had snuck up to view rape flowers.


      This information triggers memories of Midori’s grandmother who also spent the end of life in a hospital, Midori would go and visit her all the time. Midori was learning to play a song on her violin for her grandmother. When Midori had finally learned how to play the song she went to the hospital to play it for her, but her mother was there telling Midori’s grandmother that Midori was a monster, when Midori hears this she runs away from the hospital. When Midori finally returns to the hospital her grandmother is dying and she requests to hear Midori play the song before she dies, but Midori keeps her back turned to her grandmother as she dies, it seems that this has been an unresolved issue for Midori ever since that day.


         The next day Ran asks Midori about how she thinks the old lady is doing, and Midori says how should she know? Later, Ran and Rui tell Midori that some club stuff came up at the last minute so she should go to Ran’s house alone and eat with Rin. But, Midori says that she can’t go there alone (idiot, take you chance) so she’ll just heads home. Midori decides to stop at the river to eat when she sees the old lady from the other day, she decides that it’s none of her business but she changes her mind saying that she’s gotten soft hanging around with Ran, so she begins to follow the old lady.


       When Midori catches up with the old lady they start talking, and it seems that Midori and Tome are kind of alike, Tome’s a little bit of a cocky smart ass like Midori. Tome keeps coming to see if the rape blossoms are blooming but Midori tells her that they haven’t bloomed yet. Midori tells the lady that she should get back to the hospital or she won’t get better, but the lady just frowns and sits down besides the river, and Midori decides to join her.


        Midori thinks that the old lady might be getting cold so she places her scarf around the old lady’s neck. When Midori touches the woman she gets a telepathic impression from the woman, the woman had a granddaughter who was like Midori and the old woman rejected her as a freak just like Midori’s mother did. Later, Midori gets an additional impression from the old lady that she regretted her words to her granddaughter. Midori also finds out that the doctors don’t think that the lady will live to the spring.


       Back at home, Midori is conflicted about her feelings for the old lady and her experiences as a child so Midori decides to visit the hospital to see the old lady. Once Midori gets to the hospital she sees the old lady trying to sneak out of the hospital, so she helps the old lady sneak outside and they go to a park bench were the rape flowers bloom. The old lady tells Midori that she hopes that her granddaughter will forgive her for what she did, and Midori tells the old lady about her grandmother. Midori asks the lady why she doesn’t she just go see her granddaughter? But, Midori reveals by accident that she is telepathic, and the old lady tells Midori that it is fate that she runs into someone with the same powers that her granddaughter had at the end of her life.



     As Midori is talking to the old lady she begins to get very ill and she begins to hallucinate that Midori is her granddaughter, she apologises to her for hurting her when she was little and she asks for her forgiveness before she dies. Then the old lady begins to sing a song about the rape flowers and Midori uses her violin to accompany her with music, Midori uses her powers to create a vision of a field of rape blossoms for the lady.



       The next day, Midori tells Ran and Rui about her encounter with the old lady, then Midori tells them that she wishes that she could use her powers to speak with the dead. Rui tells Midori that Ran that she’s spoken to the dead many times, and Midori agrees that Ran has spoken with the dead many times. Ran asks Midori who she wants to speak with, but Midori won’t tell her who, and it pisses Ran off. At the very end of the episode Midori hears the old lady thanking her for the other night. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, the issue of Midori’s relationship with her family has been a matter of speculation for practically the entire series. From the beginning we knew that Midori had issues with trust and secrecy, we had seen from flashbacks that Midori’s family had treated her as a freak and rejected her. This was the reason that Midori had no problems with lying to and using normal people because she had been treated so badly by people who had found out about her telepathic abilities.

       But, in this episode we saw how badly the words of her adult family members hurt her, to be called a freak and a monster at that young age still causes her pain to this very day. Midori’s encounter with the old woman gave both of them the opportunity to heal a little bit from past wounds and past sins. It would be nice to see if Midori and her mother could repair their relationship before the end of the series.

       It was also pretty funny to watch Midori blow her chance with Rin, throughout the whole series it’s been Rin this and Rin that. When Midori was given her chance to eat dinner by herself with Rin she pulled the it’s would be improper for her to go to Ran’s house by herself. Back in the day, I wish someone would have told my friends about that rule, I don’t know how many times my friends had shown up at my house when I wasn’t there to mooch a free meal and to flirt with my sister and her friends. 


         This episode begins with Rin deciding that since Ran has super powers he must also have some hidden power, so he spends most of the day bothering Ran with his attempts to unlock his powers. Rin keeps trying until Ran reminds him that Midori will be watching his next match so he should be practicing Judo or he’ll look like a fool if he loses.



         The next day Ran, Rui, and Midori arrive at Rin’s school to watch is judo match where Midori proceeds to fawn and swoon all over Rin. Rin shows them the inside of the clubroom, then he has to get something from his locker where something that looks like a love letter falls from his locker. Rin reacts with shock at seeing the love letter, Ran tells him that he’s deluded that someone would send him a love letter. But, Rin shows everyone that the letter is addressed to my beloved, when Midori sees this she is sent into a state of shock.



        Ran tries to get Rin to read the contents of the letter before the match but he refuses saying that he’ll read it later in private, Midori becomes very worried about not being able to keep Rin for herself. As the matches are about to begin Ran notices that Rin might be in trouble because he’s so spaced out about getting the love letter. So as the judo matches progress the two teams end up tied at 2-2 with everything to be decided in a captain’s match with Rin representing his team as captain facing the other team’s captain.


        As Rin’s match is about to begin Ran is very nervous and Midori does a cheer leading act to motivate Rin’s fighting spirit. As the match begins, Rin is still goofy and almost loses the match on the first pass but he recovers his senses and manages to beat the other captain on the next pass. After the match Rin, Rui, and Midori go the locker room to meet Rin and all his teammates think that Ran and Midori are really cute. As Rin is getting his stuff from his locker he finds that someone stole the love letter. Rin is very upset, but Rui says that this is a case that they can investigate.



       So, Rin decides to solve the crime, after first searching everyone else’s bags Rin tries to use his powers to read their minds but that doesn’t work, so he has Midori and Ran do it but they find nothing. Rui then takes over by using logic instead of special powers to solve the mystery. But Rin chimes in saying that since none of his team members stole the letter it has to be either Ran, Rui, or Midori. He says that he can exclude Ran and Rui because why would they steal his love letter, so it has to be Midori. Rin reaches into Midori’s pocket and pulls out the letter, then Midori falls to the floor in tears.



         After being caught Midori has the fantasy of throwing herself off a cliff like the heroines from the mystery and suspense novels. Back at home, Rin finally opens the letter and reads it out loud in front of everyone, but it turns out to Midori’s great satisfaction that the letter was meant for a sumo wrestler instead of Rin. Rin is all depressed, but Midori tells him not to worry she’s here to comfort him. Later, Ran walks into Rin’s room and finds him bummed out, but she tells him to cheer up he has his good points, he’s strong, he’s a good cook, he’s great at judo, even though he’s bad at studying and bad with girls. Rin’s asks Ran if she’s really trying to praise him or what? Well, that’s all for this episode.



       It was really nice seeing a Rin centered episode, after seeing several Ran centered episodes and a two part Rui adventure I guess it had to be Rin or Midori, so I guess that Midori’s up next. Watching a normal family (normal as far as anime families go) operate is pretty nice, Rin and Ran’s playful sibling banter was very amusing, no big brother or little sister attraction complexes here.

     When Rin found the lover letter in his locker and refused to read it I felt that he was going to be disappointed, and that’s exactly what happened. It was pretty funny seeing how giddy he got when he thought that he had gotten his first love letter, and his giddiness almost cost him the judo match.

       But to me, Midori’s situation was even more amusing to watch. I felt pretty bad for Midori when she thought that someone else had captured Rin’s affection before her, but If someone had snatched Rin from her it would have been her own fault. Rin most likely views Midori as a cute friend of his younger sister and he treats her as such, so Midori should have sent him a letter telling him that she likes him and asking him if there’s a possibility he might feel the same way about her, oh well.

        I thank the writers for not introducing any form of a love triangle into the series. The series feels pretty comfortable with the Ran/Rui pairing and the suspense/tension of a possible Midori/Rin pairing, so the introduction of another girl or guy into the mix would probably ruin the light hearted chemistry. The only character development left to do for the last several episodes would be to resolve the family issues remaining between Midori and her mother, I for one look forward to seeing if Midori and her mother can makeup.

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