White Album

For my 10th entry in my “12 moments in anime 2009” I’m choosing the philandering ways of Touya from the White Album series.


       In the harem themed anime of the past such as Ranma ½ and Tenchi Muyo the guy at the center of the harem had many redeeming qualities that would lead the girls surrounding him to want his DNA. The harem leads from the past weren’t pathic punching bags for all the tsundere chicks in his harem like Keitaro was from Love Hina, and I could no more picture either Tenchi or Ranma getting slapped around by all the women in their lives as I could ever picture myself putting up with any of my former girlfriends/lovers slapping me around to show me that they love me.


      So, what the hell happened to the harem genre and their males leads over the intervening years? Well, my personal theory is that in the past, anime in general was targeted and viewed by a larger general audience, and those shows made back their production costs, and then some, by being popular enough to actually make money off of commercial advertising. So, as television audiences and anime audience’s numbers began to slip the production companies had to reley on sales of VHS tapes and later DVD sales to make a profit. 

      This situation led to these types of anime being targeted towards the hardcore buyers of DVDs and away from trying to attract a large diverse audience. So, where we once had male leads of harem type anime where female viewers liked them and male viewers looked up to and aspired to be like them we’re now left with male leads who are avatars for lonely/sexually impotent male viewers who spend more money on anime then getting laid.


        Even in a harem anime such as Bakemonogatari where the male lead, Koyomi, is a pretty tough hard core guy and surrounded by attractive females who are available, he’s sexually impotent. Koyomi gropes Mayoi and both enjoys himself and loathes himself for the act but can go no further, he leers at Nadeko who’s attracted to him and available but does nothing, and even when he finally gets Hitagi as a girlfriend he practically had to get dragged kicking and screaming to their first date, she did all the work. Then we have other harem type anime such as Kiss X Sis, Kanokon, and Kiss on my Deity where the male leads practically have pussy shoved in their faces everyday and they’re so pitiful and impotent it’s no wonder why Japan has a negative/zero population growth problem judging by how these males react to women.

Loser #1

Loser #2

Loser #3


       So, all this ranting brings be to Touya from White Album, the hero of this post. While Touya may be many negative things such as; a very bad boyfriend to Yuki, a man-whore, a liar, an unreliable person, and a piece of shit, he’s certainly not impotent. When Touya gets that loving feeling he’s not contented with a little panty shot, he wants what’s underneath that thin piece of cotton, and he knows where his sausage belongs. Out of the six main girls in Touya’s harem he’s filled the love canal of three of the six girls (Yayoi, Misaki, and Haruka), and made out with two of the remaining three (Rina and Yuki).

Hit Yayoi many times.

Hit Misaki and left it.

Hit Haruka and left it.

Kissed Rina and wanted to hit it.

Yuki, the girlfriend, kissed her and been trying to hit it the whole series.

       So, in the spirit of the awards season Touya wins the erect penis award for knowing how a man should react to readily available lonely women. Yes, Touya’s shining example should be a guiding light to all males involved in harem situations: Yes, Keitaro you should have slammed every chick before settling on Nauru; Yes, Keita you should bang both Riko and Ako before picking one; Yes, Kouta you should have deflower both Chizuru and Nozomu; Yes, Yuuri you should really taste Mashiro and all the other girls around you; and Yes, Koyomi you should have acted first by picking a girl and doing something; you’re all losers compared to Touya.

All male harem leads please read the following advice.


       This episode begins with all three sets of idols getting ready for their concert performances, Yuki’s seems a little nervous, Rina’s venue looks like a sellout, and the Sakura-dan group is missing one member (maybe Touya got to her). As Yuki is about to go on stage, Eiji tells her to forget about everything and just sing. Yuki’s concert seems to go over very well, Rina sings to a fully packed stadium, and the Sakura-dan also plays to a full house. As the concerts are going on we see Haruka sitting by herself, Mana shopping alone, and Misaki and Akira running out of gas. As Rina finishes her concert she rushes from the stadium to the other venue to put on another performance.





        After Yuki’s show is done she rushes off stage to cry in Yayoi’s arms. Later, Touya and Yayoi run into each other, and as Touya is about to ask Yayoi to give Yuki his gifts she tells him that Yuki wants to see him. When they meet, Yuki and Touya talk about her concert, and Yuki wonders why Haruka, Misaki, and Akira didn’t show for her concert even though she sent them tickets? Touya tells her that they were just being considerate of their feelings. Then Eiji tells Yuki that they have to leave as she’s giving Touya her x-mas gift, and she tells Touya to come with them. After Touya gives Yuki her gifts she tells him that the phone call ban is over and that she loves him. Touya is left standing there as Yuki and the crew drives off.




       After Yuki and her crew drives off, Eiji offers Touya a ride, later Eiji tells Touya that they won. He also talks to Touya about all his Yuki replacements, he tells Touya that Yuki will probably tolerate unfaithfulness on his part but she probably couldn’t tolerate herself being unfaithful. Eiji tells Touya that both he and Rina do battle with songs, they defeat them, and they make them their slaves. But, he says that Yuki is different, she like a song’s lover, sometimes she wins, and sometimes she loses, she gives off the illusion to the audience that she lives to sing. Eiji asks Touya want he wants to do? Just then, Yayoi pulls up and Eiji tells Touya that his ride is here.


        Then we see that Akira and Misaki have finally made it to a gas station, and they debate whether they should continue on to visit Touya’s father. Misaki tells Akira that she’s sorry, but she promised that she would visit him. When Yayoi drives Touya back to his apartment she tries to put the moves on him, but he stops her and tells her that she’s much too cold. When Touya gets to his door he finds Mana asleep by his door, and he bends down to wake her.



        When Touya wakes Mana, she tries to say that she went to visit a friend but that friend went out with her boyfriend, so she decided to visit him because he was close by and just dozed off. Touya invites her in to warm up, but Mana says she has to go and gives him the gift she wanted to give her friend. Touya notices that Mana looks really cold and a little sick so he insists that a girl with cold hands and cheeks has to come in to warm up. At that point, Mana starts to cry but blames it on the cold wind in her eyes.



        So, Mana agrees to come inside to warm up as long as Touya doesn’t try anything. While Mana is warming up and Touya is making her some food his doorbell rings. Yayoi is back saying that Touya left something, when she sees Mana, she touches her forehead and finds that she’s burning up. Mana asks if this is Yuki, and before he can tell her that she’s Yuki’s manager, Yayoi puts her in the car and drives off. Inside the car Mana asks if Yuki is older than Touya? Yayoi says she’s about the same age and gives Mana a not very nice look.




       Later, Haruka shows up at Touya’s door and he thanks her for the concert ticket. Just as Haruka’s about to say something to Touya she notices a umbrella by the door and food for two at the table. Touya tells Haruka that the weather is to bad for a walk and before he knows it Haruka has run off. Touya then puts two and two together and goes after Haruka but she’s already driven off on her bike. When Akira and Misaki get to Touya’s dad’s house there is no answer when Misaki rings the bell, she notices that the doors open and decides to go in. When Touya finally finds Harukahe asks her why she left so quickly. Haruka asks if the umbrella was Misaki’s? No, Mana-chan forgot it. Haruka asks what the hell was Mana doing at his place, but before he can answer her Akira pulls up in his car and tells Touya that somethings wrong with his father. Then we see Yuki trying to call Touya after she opens her gift, but there’s no answer at his place, and we also see that Yuki’s gift to Touya was a new phone/answering machine. Well, that’s all for this episode and the first season of White Album.




       Well, it’s finally come and gone, season one of White Album is over, and I can’t say it happened soon enough. While I felt that White album started strong and had potential, I feel that the series got bogged down with too much emo self-torture, unrealistic situations, and many of the main characters became just plain unlikeable.

      I think that the concept of a up and coming idol and her boyfriend struggling to keep their high school romance alive through the intervening years is some pretty good material to work with. But, I thought both Yuki’s and Touya’s problems were too silly to be believable, I never bought the whole concept that they could never find a spare hour to see each other and do the whole BF/GF thing.

      As the series began I thought that the supporting characters were interesting and intriguing, but as the series went on I felt that many of them became just plain unlikeable.

       Touya’s buddy Akira, after all the time Touya spent trying to get Akira to hook-up with Misaki you’d think that he’d be grateful when it finally happened, but no, he’s so jealous or paranoid  of  Touya that it almost boarders on a mental disorder. Plus, the way he talks to and treats Misaki he deserves to be promptly dumped by her.

      At first I really liked Misaki, I thought she was calm and refined with her head screwed on tight, but after watching her put up being treated like shit by the theater club’s president and Akira made me feel that she likes being a punching bag.

      I don’t like or dislike Mana or Haruka, both of them are typical of their character types. Mana’s your typical lonely anime schoolgirl. Mana acts tough and together, but she’s really deeply lonely because her parents are almost totaly absent from her life, out of all the girls she’s has the realistic reasons to fall for Touya. Haruka just a messed up and confused young woman, she probably can’t distinguish whether she thinks of Touya as her lost brother or she’s really attracted to him in a romantic way, she needs counseling.

     I also really admired how strong of a character Rina was at the start of the series, but as the series went on she became too indecisive and compromised for my tastes. At one point in the later episodes Rina basically knew the whole deal about what was going on between Touya and Yuki and she could have fixed the problem or at least limited the damage to their relationship by just telling Touya that Yuki really misses him and Yayoi never delivered Yuki’s letter, and she could have told Yuki that Touya really misses her. But, Rina chose to protect Yuki from finding out about Yayoi’s attempts to keep Touya from her, while this might have protected Yuki’s career it might have destroyed the relationship with the man she loves.

     The only character I would really like to see inside their mind is Yayoi. While I can understand her wanting to protect Yuki’s from being distracted by Touya I think that her relationship with him actually means something to her. At first, maybe, Yayoi thought of her sexual trysts with Touya were just part of her “job” but I think she needs him as much as he needed her. Yayoi never struck me as having much of a life after work so maybe her little trysts with Touya where actually filling a void in her life, like I said in a earlier review “the only bad sex is having no sex”. Plus, if Yayoi was only interested in keeping Touya away from Yuki she should heve been happy seeing Mana at Touya’s place but she seemed more concerned with getting the girl out his room then she seemed about Mana’s health, and the look Yayoi gave Mana was quite wicked where it was suggested that she was older.  

       Overall, I feel this series had potential but never used much of it, and I really never came to care for any of the characters so I’ll watch season 2 but I won’t be blogging it. White Album was worth the 25 minutes a week it took to watch it, but it was a hollow meal indeed.  


       This episode picks up with Rina questioning Touya about his relationship with Yayoi, how did it happen and so forth? Touya tells her it just sort of happened; what does it matter I’m just an obstacle to Yuki’s career? Rina tells him it’s too dangerous, and that Yayoi can’t love anyone but Yuki? Touya tells her that he’s sorry it happened this way, so Rina asks him for a date, but he says he’s already been asked.


         During Touya’s next shift at Echoes, Rina shows up to see Touya but he takes off with Yayoi leaving Rina alone with the master.  When they get to Touya’sapartment, Touya tells Yayoi that she can’t become Yuki’s replacement but she can become something else. Once inside his apartment Yayoi asks him what she can become? Touya embraces Yayoi from behind and he tells her she can become “the goddess of the day” as he maneuvers her on to his bed.



       The next day after a emotional workout session Touya enters a room to find Rina waiting for him. As he’s about to speak, Rina tells him to shut up and listen to Yuki’s words. Rina reads off Yuki’s undelivered letter to Touya from memory, the letter explains to Touya why Yuki didn’t tell him about the concert and why she’s avoided him, and the letter covers all of Yuki’s hopes and fears about her upcoming concert. After hearing Yuki’s words, Touya breaks down in tears, Rina tells him that she can’t stand to be near someone who causing her dear Yuki this much and fires him on the spot.


Then we get a little montage of Touya’s memories of Yuki.



      Later,  we see Touya making a call to Yuki, and he only gets her answering machine. When Yuki gets home she sees her machine flashing and she plays Touya’s message. He tells her he got her message from Rina, and that he’ll be at her concert no matter what, he also says sorry. Yuki wonders why he got her message from Rina, and she struggles with herself resisting the urge to be strong and not call Touya. Then we see Touya failing to find a concert ticket for Yuki’s show, and the next day Mana makes fun of him for not getting his ticket soon enough. Mana also insinuates that if Yuki really was his GF she would have sent him a ticket, or he should have gotten one from Rina, either way she thinks he needs a shrink.




       Later Haruka and Mana meet up and Mana tells Haruka what happened with Touya not having a concert ticket, in the middle of their conversation Haruka gets up and calls Yuki a idiot and rides off. Then Misaki calls Touya and she finds out about Yuki not sending Touya a ticket and she is confused by Yuki’s actions. Touya also refuses to go visit his father with Misaki during the holiday saying it’s better for the both of them this way. Later, we see Mana asking her mother for a favor, then we see Mana giving Touya a ticket to Yuki’s concert, plus she bought him a gift to give Yuki for her birthday.



      When Touya gets back to his apartment he finds that Misaki and Haruka have both left him tickets to Yuki’s concert, now he has three tickets to the main event. The next day we see Akira and Misaki walking down a path when the drama club’s president steps onto the path and he tells them that he’s tried to see Misaki so he can apologize to her but her “boyfriend” is always in the way. So, he begins to apologize to Misaki when he stabs her with one of her prop knives, then he rushes off. When Akira  kneels beside Misaki he finds out that she’s not really hurt because the poetry book that Touya returned to her has broken the knife blade, Akira is angry that Touya manages to save the day when he’s not even here.




       Then, on the night before Yuki’s concert, we see that Yayoi has shown up at Echoes to give Touya a “ride home”, he tells the master that it’s only a ride.  When they get to his apartment, Yayoi begins her usual seduction of  Touya, but he tells her this has to stop. She continues to touch and caress his body, she asks him if he’s fallen for her or if he loves her? He says no. Then why don’t you stop me? Touya says that he only loves Yuki. Yayoi begins to kiss him again and says that she can’t allow that to happen. The next day we see Touya entering the concert hall to see Yuki’s show. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, with only one episode left to go in White Album’s first season almost everyone’s plans and schemes are revealed. Rina now knows about Touya’s sexual trysts with Yayoi, and she also now knows the the full extent of just how far Yayoi will go to protect Yuki’s concert debut. What I found interesting is that Rina gave Touya a chance to stop his affair with Yayoi, she warned him that Yayoi would never be able to love anyone. But when push came to shove, Rina chose to fire Touya instead of also confronting Yayoi about her part in the Touya/Yayoi affair, could it be that she realized if this became a battle her brother would side with Yayoi?

       In this episode Touya also finds out that Yayoi sat there and lied to his face whenever he brought up the issue of Yuki’s not trying to communicate with him, and he also knows that Yayoi threw out Yuki’s important letter. But, whats even more interesting is that even after knowing all of Yayoi’s lies Touya still chooses to continue their affair and have sex with her. Maybe, Touya is just a needy guy, a guy that has to have a woman around him even if he knows she’s lies to him and he’s nothing more than a peice of meat to her?

       I wonder how Yuki is going to deal with Yayoi now that she knows that her manager lied to her and never delivered her letter to Touya. I don’t think that Yuki’s reaction will be very pleasant when she finds out that everyone knew about Yayoi’s and Touya’s affair but her. But, like I’ve said in earlier reviews, Yuki has to take responsibility for quite abit of her relationship problems. Yuki shouldn’t have relied on a third party to communicate her feelings to her boyfriend, if she would have just given in to her desires and slept with Touyaso he wouldn’t be out there trying to nail every piece of warm girl flesh he runs across because he can’t figure out whether on not his GF cares about him.

       I think that the most interesting character in this whole series is still Yayoi. I really would like to know want she really thinks, even though she says she’s just doing her job I wonder if she really wishes that Touya would fall for her? Yayoi has always left me feeling that she’s a deeply lonely person, so I wonder if she would be happy becoming Yuki’s replacement for real, if it would make her happy knowing that her and Touya’s sexual relationship means something more that just sex. I actually think that Yayoi and Touya could make a believable couple, just imagine the lying, cheating, emotional monster they could give birth to, sweet. 


        This episode begins with Eiji laying out the rules for winning the game between the Sakura-dan group and them to Yayoi, Rina, and Yuki. Basically, they have to sell many more seats (a lot more) than the Sakura group to have a victory, to which Rina responds that she feels that she’s been tricked by her brother. After the meeting Rina confronts Yayoi about the torn up letter, did she do this, and why? Yayoi makes no bones about tearing up the letter saying that it’s her job to remove all obstacles to Yuki’s success. Rina says what about their feelings? Yayoi says she didn’t read the letter and asks if Rina herself has become emotionally involved? Rina says that she’ll do what she can for Yuki, and that for now Yuki needs Yayoi to succeed.


        Then Touya makes a stop at Echoes and asks the master to return the poetry book to Misaki and Akira, because he’s too busy to do it himself. Rina picks him up and they go to the stadium where she’ll be performing. As Rina is doing some preparation on the field, Touya starts thinking of Yuki doing her show. Then Rina goes back to the studio where she and her band works at perfecting her upcoming performance, and after practice Rina has Touya join her for dinner. Touya asks her if he did something wrong, he hasn’t gotten a single message from Yuki? Rina says that they’re in concert mode, and have to shut out all distractions. Touya tells Rina that he hasn’t done anything yet, but she tells him that this is his job.



      Then the scene switches to Yuki, she seems to be having problems with her nerves when she tries to think of herself in front of the concert crowd. We see Yuki holding a phone receiver with it’s cord cut while she’s trying to make a call (to Touya?), in a daydream. It’s seems that all this was occurring in Yuki’s mind while she was riding in Yayoi’s car. Then Yayoi’s phone rings, and she tells Yuki it was from the president, he’s picked out Yuki’s final song (but was the call really from Touya?). Yuki asks Yayoi if she gave Touya her letter, and Yayoi tells her not to worry, Yuki is very thankful.


      Later, at Mana’s house, she finds out that Touya is now Rina’s personal assistant. She asks Touya if it’s OK with Yuki’s concert coming up? He tells her is not about OK, or not OK, Yuki didn’t even tell him any info about the her concert. Mana then tells him to leave. Walking out the door, Touya sees than Haruka has shown up to meet with Mana, as Haruka rides her bike Mana jogs with her. Later, Mana and Haruka talk, Mana tells her that she should give up on the idea that Touya is her boyfriend, she keeps calling her Yuki. Mana tells her it was cute when he insisted that Yuki was his girlfriend, but claiming he works for Rina is too much. Haruka thanks her and then she properly introduces herself to Mana.




       Then we see Yayoi pick Touya up, and they talk about his job as Rina’s manager, he tells her that all he does is stand around and watch. He tells her that he overheard the band calling him Rina’s mascot or pet, and they think that Rina’s changed. Yayoi asks him if he knows why? No idea. He also talks about Mana and Haruka’s new friendship, and Masaki and Akira’s romance.  When Yayoi ask him if not going to talk about Yuki, and Touya breaks down in tears. As he’s crying about not knowing Yuki’s feelings, Yayoi leans over and licks his tears and begins to kiss him. The next morning we see that Touya is still in Yayoi’s car.



        During rehearsal, Rina suddenly stops singing and calls Yuki, she tells her she’s stuck. They talk for a while, Yuki asks if Touya has mentioned her and Rina tells her “no”, do you want me to get him? Then we see Rina waking Touya up, and she tells him it’s time to go home, and she asks him if he free for dinner in a few days? No, he already has plans. With Yuki? No, with Yayoi, Rina seems really shocked. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       After watching the first ten episodes of White Album I’ve become quite annoyed by most of the main characters and somewhat bored by the storyline. But, this episode kind of got me slightly interested in the plot once more. Like I’ve said in previous episode reviews, I really don’t like Yuki or Touya, they do more whining and pouting and anything else, but I’m quite fascinated by Yayoi’s and Rina’s motivations and actions.

        When I first observed Yayoi’s interactions with Touya I thought that she was only spending time with Touya to keep his horny ass away from the virginal Yuki. Then as time went on, I thought that maybe she was getting something out of fooling around with Touya because she really doesn’t seem to have much of a life outside of work. So, I figured that even though Touya is a loser, maybe Yayoi figured that sex with a loser is better than no sex at all. But, now I’m back to thinking that as soon as either Yuki or Touya decides to end their relationship then Yayoi says bye-bye to Touya and she’s back to her lonely lifestyle. But, Yayoi is playing a very dangerous game, if Yuki discovers that Yayoi never delivered her letter, or she’s banging her “boyfriend” then I think that Yayoi’s career as Yuki’s manager is over.

       Rina’s position in the mess is quite interesting and fraught with danger. I think that Rina is really trying to be a friend to Yuki but the whole Yuki/Yayoi/Touya triangle is a no-win situation for her. Rina knows that Yayoi is doing everything in her power to ruin Yuki’s and Touya’s relationship, she’s knows that Touya still cares about Yuki, and that Yuki still cares about Touya, so if she mentions the undelivered letter to either Touya or Yuki it could lead to Yuki finding out everything. Yuki is in such a shaky career and emotional position that the news could possibility destroy her career and personal life. I really don’t envy the position that Rina is in.

      Oh, in closing, Touya is a even bigger wimp than I first thought, the nerve of him to cry about his girlfriend in front the woman he’s cheating with, he doesn’t deserve any of the harem that surrounding his loser ass. 


      After Blogging so many depressing episodes of Clannad ~AS~, and White Album I’ve decided to do another Japanese idol/cute girl post. But, this time I’ve chosen to do a tie in with the White Album anime series. So, after searching my Japanese idols’ folder I think that I’ve found a girl that kind of looks like Mana from White Album, she’s has about the same body type & hair style, and she about the same age as Mana. (See below pics of Mana)


      Natsuki Okamoto (岡本奈月) was born on September 13, 1989 in Mie, Japan. Natsuki’s vital stats are Blood Type: O, Height: 155cm, B-75 W-56 H-78, Shoe size: 23cm. Natsuki’s hobbies are cooking, Youkyoku (Noh songs), and Noh dancing. The below pictures are from Natsuki’s first two photo books (age 14-15), so take a look at the following pictures and tell me if Natsuki’s hair was a little shorter does she look somewhat like Mana from White Album (that wimp Touya doesn’t deserve to be so lucky)?







      So, if Natsuki’s hair was a little shorter and worn as twin-tails, I think she’s look a little like Mana, and if not, she’s still very pleasing on the eyes. Enjoy.


       This episode begins with Akira visiting Misaki at the hospital, the doctor tells him that it’s just a sprain plus she’s exhausted, they’ll release her tomorrow. When Akira is reading the morning paper we see that Rina-chan has gotten passed up by the Sakura-dan group. Later, we see that Touya’s father has gotten ill at home, he drops his wife’s picture, and struggles to climb up the stairs.


       Then we switch to a meeting between Rina and Eiji and she questioning him about her getting bumped by Sakura-dan, she asks her brother if it was money?No. What then? I always make the right choice. Rina tells her brother to just make sure that Yuki isn’t destroyed in whatever game he’s playing. It seems that Eiji wants Rina to do a small club event instead of the arena concert, and Yuki and the Sakura-dan group will do the arena instead. Then we see Yuki asking Yayoi is she ever visits Echoes, Yayoi tells her that she never goes there unless it’s business. Yuki hands Yayoi a letter and asks her to deliver it to Touya on Wednesday night, she says that the letter tells Touya that she won’t see him until after the upcoming concert, and that’s her decision. Yayoi tells Yuki that she’ll deliver the letter.




       Then we see Touya hanging out at the college, and just as he’s about to have a run in with Misaki’s ex-stalker (the drama club prez) Haruka shows up. After they talk for a while, Haruka leaves, and Rina-chan shows up. Earlier in the episode Rina told her brother that she would go along with his plans as long as she can hire Touya as a assistant, he says fine, as long as Touya says OK. So, Rina-chan and Touya head off to Echoes where he sees Akira and Misaki, he stops to say hello but Akira is very rude to him. In the secret lair, Rina and Touya talk about his new role as her assistant. During their conversation, he explains to Rina how random women (his goddesses) just seems to be around him all the time, and he also explains to Rina how her fans view being close to her.



      So, Touya begins his job as Rina’s assistant, he does stuff like keeping the press from getting too close to her and ushers her from place to place. Things get really crazy as the news of Rina’s demotion and Yuki’s & the Sakura-dan group’s promotion hits the press. During a run in between the Sakura-dan group and Rina, they tell her that they’ll win and she’ll lose, but Rina looks at them and tells them that it’s not about wining or losing. Later, we find out that one of the conditions that Touya demanded from Rina was that he could keep his Thursday Echoes shift and his Friday tutoring session.


       Later in Eiji’s office, Rina asks her brother what kind of numbers she needs to draw to win this game, when Rina sees the number her brother has written (46,701) she seems a little shocked. Later, we see Yayoi looking at a letter addressed to her and she gets a threatening phone call from Rina’s old manager, she tells him she’s not worried and she rips up the letter.


      Rina watches Yuki practice for a while then she leaves to write her a note. While at the desk she notices a ripped up letter addressed to Touya in the trash (did Yayoi rip up the wrong letter, or was it on purpose?), Rina places her note to Yuki in Yuki’s purse then she leaves the studio. Later, we see Yayoi and Touya together and Touya can tell that something is wrong with Yayoi, but she won’t say what.  Then we see Rina at Echoes putting the ripped up letter back together, it seems that Yayoi has torn up Yuki’s letter to Touya and Rina says it’s now too late and she starts crying. Then Yayoi drops off Touya at his apartment (do they ever do anything more than kiss) and she’s about to give him Yuki’s letter but when she sees that she has the wrong letter she holds the letter back. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, this episode further confirms my theory about Eiji and his motivations, the whole Rina/Sakura/Yuki thing is nothing more than a game to him. I don’t think that he really cares who wins or loses as long as he’s entertained, Rina has pretty much figured this out and she tries to point it out to the Sakura-dan girls. Rina also tells Eiji that she hopes that Yuki isn’t destroyed in this game, it seems that Kabitz from Sea Slugs is right about Rina being a true friend to Yuki, and she seems very upset when she thinks that Touya and Yuki’s relationship is destroyed.

      A few additional observations about this episode. Whats up with Akira? He sure was a dick to Touya, all Touya ever did for him was to try and hook him up with Misaki is he threatened by the idea that Misaki could be stolen from him. Yayoi, does she really feel something for Touya, he makes the observation that she returned to the Yayoi he first meet. Does that mean that Yayoi had changed from the lifeless doll to a sweet affectionate woman? I’m coming to the conclusion that Touya is a man whore, he needs a woman around him all the time, if it can’t be Yuki, it can be any available piece of warm girl flesh. But, I still don’t feel sorry for Yuki, put the goddamn pen and paper down and just sleep with your man, it will keep him from finding more random goddesses and it will end your endless virginal emo yearnings.


       This episode begins with Misaki and Touya finishing up with the costumes and props, Touya helps Misaki load them into a van, and then he heads off to Mana’s house for her lessons. Misaki continues to have problems with the head of the drama club, he rejects her costumes and props even though he approved the sketches, he tells Misaki to make them mono-color or they won’t use them. Meanwhile, at Mana’ house, Touya sleeps while Mana studies. For some reason Mana goes over to Touya and appears to give him a kiss, but it seems that she might have pulled back at the last moment.



       That night, Misaki and Touya are back at his father’s house, they seem at a loss about what to do with the costumes and props until Touya’s father gets Misaki going and together they complete the costume work. At the school festival, we see Mana running into Haruka at a promotional appearance for Yuki’s new single. The crowd wants Yuki to sing them a song but she puts them off by telling them she has a big announcement of them instead(?).


       Touya wakes to find himself alone, he asks his father why he didn’t wake him, and his father tells him that Misaki asked him to let Touya sleep. Touya rushes off to the school and runs into Akira, he continues to look for Misaki when he overhears a male idol group talk about how popular Yuki is and how glad they were that she didn’t steal the show. Then Touya finally figures out why Yuki asked him what he was doing this Saturday, she tried to arrange a work assignment where she could see him while doing her job. Later, Touya calls Misaki from a phone booth and he tells her that he saw the drama club rehearsing her play, she tells him to please stop by tomorrow to see the real thing.


        That night Yuki again tries to call Touya’s house, but he’s not home, and then we see that Touya has walked over to Yuki’s apartment but he lacks the courage to go up so he walks off. The next day Misaki tries to get tickets to the play for herself and Touya but asshole says that seats are for the audience, if Touya wants a ticket he’ll have to buy it, and Misaki can watch from the side. Misaki gets pissed and storms off with Touya chasing after her. Touya offers to buy two tickets for the show but she points out that he won’t be allowed to buy two tickets, so she asks Touya to just follow her this one time. Misaki gets a key to the spare auditorium and they proceed to sneak into a unused room where they can watch the play together.


       So, Touya and Misaki make their way through the bowels of the theater, trying to reach the location before the play starts. But, as they near the location, the play begins, Touya and Misaki stop and they talk about old times, and Touya tells her he is happy because of all the time he’s spending with her, getting to know her. Touya then brings up the issue of Akira, and he asks her what she thinks of him? She says now is not the time or place for that, and she walks off towards their final destination.


        Touya can clearly tell that he’s upset Misaki, and as he follows her he tries to apologize to her. Misaki trips on something and falls to the floor and a bunch of iron pipes fall onto her. When Touya rushes over to help her, she sort of confesses to him that it would end this way, she never should have been around him this much, she knew how this would end, it’s like a betrayal of Yuki’s and Touya’s feelings. Touya tells Misaki that he loves her and then he kisses her, she tells him that it can’t happen and that she doesn’t love him, and she tells him to leave her. After Touya leaves, Akira soon shows up (did Touya fetch Akira?) and tells Misaki that he loves her, and Misaki is taken away by ambulance. After this incident Touya comments to himself that he never realized that he was surrounded by some many emotions, and he thinks of Yuki. Well, that’s all for this episode.



      Well, Touya’s done it again, he been unfaithful to Yuki for a second time. But, this time I’m not going to put 100% of the blame on him this time, I’ll place about 50% on Touya for him not having the balls to just walk past Yayoi on his way up to Yuki’s apartment. I give Yuki about 40% of the responsibility for their relationship problems, a relationship takes two to make it work, and Yuki spends too much time in her apartment playing the longing virgin, the whole “oh, pooooooor me, here I sit, naked, wrapped in a bedsheets with no boyfriend to hold me” act is getting old. If Rina-chan or Yayoi wanted something, they would just go out and try to get it. I don’t want to hear any of the Yuki has to submit to having her strings constantly pulled by everyone around her comments. Yayoi is Yuki’s manager not her mother or chastity guard, she could easily throw on a disguise like Rina wears and tell Yayoi to drive her to her boyfriend apartment and just wait outside in the car until I’ done.

      I can see why Eiji and Yayoi would like Yuki to breakup with Touya, it’s helps to keep up the illusion that idols are cute, innocent, and virgins. (even if they are many years past high school age). After all, this illusion helps with record sales if the stay at home, frapping fan-boys, really think that they have a chance to make that virgin idol girl (or anime girl)(remember the Kannagi uproar)theirs. While, I find White Album interesting, I really don’t care very much about whether Yuki and Touya can make it as a couple, they just have to many emo issues for me, I tend to enjoy the supporting cast, Rina, Yayoi, Mana, and the rest. So if Touya doesn’t grow a pair of balls, I don’t care, and if Yuki stays a pouting virgin, I don’t care, go out and buy some AA batteries, at least you don’t have to work to make that relationship work, you just flip a switch.

       I place the remaining 10% of Touya’s cheating on Misaki, she knew about Yuki’s and Touya’s troubled relationship. What did she expect would happen when you spend a lot of time around a guy that’s having girlfriend troubles, it just adds to the problems and confusion. If she really cared about Yuki’s and Touya’s problems she would have gotten him to talk about it with her instead for being a convenient replacement for Touya’s unfulfilled sexual feelings for Yuki. OK, that’s enough ranting for one day.    

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