Blue Drop


     This episode starts off with Mari getting almost no sleep after last night’s incident, Hagino continues to play it off as Mari is just dreaming or just confused. Then we get a scene change to a command ship that looks just like the one we’ve seen Hagino with, and it is searching for a missing ship (I assume its Hagino’s ship). Later the ship that Hagino is from  places a phone call to the school making an excuse for Hagino to leave the school for a while. Hagino boards the ship called Blue and they leave the water and head into space (help I’m confused) meeting four other ships to do something. Then before dinner Mari finds out that the students are required on a monthly basis to cook dinner for themselves, she is completely helpless and almost dangerous when it comes to cooking. That night Mari goes to bed wondering what Hagino wants from her, and Hagino’s ship makes it to the rendezvous point. That’s all for episode three, below are some screen shots.



     OK, I felt that this series had the elements to make a fairly good science fiction based yuri anime, but enough is enough, this episode almost put me to sleep. All the plot covered in this episode could have been done in five minutes time, not a whole 25 minutes. In takes more then good character design and great animation quality to make a series worth watching, it also requires a good storyline and the pacing of the story is critical, its got to move fast enough to keep you awake but not so fast as to wear you out. After three episodes of Blue Drop I’m quite bored, I care for neither the aliens or Mari, and I will not continue to cover this series episode by episode, I will post a wrap up entry once the series is over.


     This episode picks up with Mari waking up the next morning after following Hagino to the docks and seeing her with the strange under water ship/sub/craft? Mari can’t seem to tell if it was real or a dream, and she starts having dreams/visions from her missing past. Mari attends class for the first time and gets seated next Hagino, and all she is sure of is that she dislikes Hagino. Later during lunch Mari tells her friend Michi about how she was the sole survivor of the destruction of her island home, and how she lost all of her prior memories due to shock. Then Hagino pulls strings and gets moved to Mari’s room, and the dorm mother says that might be a good idea because Hagino seems too perfect. That evening while Mari is in bed, she sees Hagino talking with a floating apparition floating in the air. After seeing Hagino talking to the ghost/spirit gets out of bed and starts freaking in their room. Hagino touches Mari in a attempt to try and calm her down, and this causes a physical energy reaction between the two. The force of the energy reaction causes Hagino to collapse in a heap on the room’s floor. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.




     This episode of Blue Drop is mostly about the weird chemistry developing between Mari and Hagino, Mari has a hate/fascination/attraction vibe when she’s around Hagino, and it seems that Hagino is being drawn towards Mari like a moth to a flame. Most of the other girls at the school almost worship the ground that Hagino walks on due to her perfect/aloof/cool nature, but the dorm mother thinks that she’s too perfect and goes along with Hagino’s request to room with Mari, because she says that “that’s the first time she’s cared about anything”. In this episode we also learn that Hagino is a commander of a alien ship/sub that is linked to the destruction of Mari’s island home.

     This episode has many yuri overtones developing between Hagino and Mari, it is obvious that Hagino is attracted to Mari, its almost like she can’t help herself, and Mari has a hate/fascination feeling when it comes to Hagino, we all known how thin the line can be between hate and desire. The Blue Drop anime is based on some one shot yuri/scifi manga anthologies created by Akihito Yoshitomi the creator of Eat-Man, if you would like to read some of the manga click on this link, Well I really like this series so far, science fiction and yuri (maybe) can it get any better.


     Blue Drop starts off with a young girl named Mari being told by her grandmother that she needs to have friends to share her life experiences with, she can no longer just stay with her, and that her parents would have wanted this to happen. While being driven to school Mari sees a young girl being surrounded by a flock of sea gulls on the seashore. When Mari arrives at the school and it seems to be an elite private girls school called the Kaihou Academy (anytime I think of a private girls academy in anime I start to think of yuri).


      Immediately Mari’s lack of socialization becomes apparent to the headmaster, and he assigns a girl to show her around the school. Kouzuki Michiko shows Mari around the school and give her the basic information on the school, Mari is not very friendly towards her. Mari feels that her grandmother was glad to be rid of her, but we learn that she’s concerned for Mari’s future and that she might not be able to care for her in a few years. We also learn that all of Mari’s memories were erased as a result of an accident that happened five years ago, Mari’s homeroom teacher tells the headmaster that she’ll act like a counselor for her. After Mari is shown to her room she meets the one of girl’s in charge of the dorm, a student like her called Senkouji Hagino, Mari thinks she’s the girl whom she saw along the seashore. When the girls shake hands Hagino gets a vision about Mari’s past, then acts like she wants to kiss her, and then proceeds to try and strangle her.



     Later at dinner the dorm mother introduces Mari to everyone and Hagino tries to shake Mari’s hand again, but Mari attacks her in retaliation for the near strangulation that happened earlier. Hagino’s posse of girls attacks Mari for the retaliation and bedlam ensues, then all the girls involved in the fight are sent to their rooms without dinner. During the night Mari sees Hagino sneaking out of the dorm and follows her to the harbor where she sees Hagino meet a mysterious ship(?) at the water’s edge.  That’s all for episode 1, below are some screen shots.




     Now for the review, I found Blue Drop quite interesting. The feel of the animation varies greatly, when Mari’s moods are subdued the animation is muted with a water colored like feel to it, and when Mari’s emotions are freely flowing the animation takes on a vivid sharply sharply drawn nature. It will be very interesting to see this story develops, lost memories, a private girls school, yuri undertones, and mysterious ships, this series has  great potential. Now for my rant, whats the deal with anime’s obsession with yuri occurring at private girl’s schools, and yaoi occurring at boy’s schools? When I was in high school one of my neighbors’ daughters went to a catholic girls school, and she and her friends did more drinking, partying, and fooling around with us than the public school girls did. When I was eighteen years old and in the army I lived in a three man room, with 48 guys to the building and all we thought about was how pickup girls, anything that could wear a dress and had breasts were a target of opportunity. If I was a high school guy again and a place like the Kaihou Academy really existed I could think of no better place to live next to. Well that’s all, I continue to watch this series.