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The fall anime season.

       Well, as the beginning of the fall anime season approaches, it’s time to give some thought to what series I should cover. I’m pretty certain that I’ll cover White Album II, and Winter Sonata. Letter Bee, and Kaidan Restaurant look very interesting. I’d like to cover Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) but I have this strange feeling that this series will win the most over blogged award, and I really don’t think that having fifty bloggers instead of fifty-one covering the series would hurt the anime community.

       I would like to know if any of my readers have any suggestions for any of the new series they’d like to see me blog in an episodic manner. Click on the graphic at the bottom of the post to see a list and description of the fall anime shows. 

Continuing projects, show droppage, and my blogroll.

        I’m going to continue working on covering all of the Candy Candy anime episodes, and I’ll also keeping doing my Japanese Idols posts, and my Weekly Anime Motivational Poster posts (many of the idol pics and motivational posters get downloaded several thousand times). I’m also thinking of adding another classic shojo anime series as a long term blogging project.

       I going to drop my episodic coverage of Emily of New Moon, while I loved this series, I just fell too far behind, and I see no point in continuing. I’m also dropping my episodic coverage of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, while I really love and enjoy this anime, covering the series in a episodic manner seems to suck all the joy out of watching the show, for a detailed review of the series read the Anime History Blog (he does a much better job covering the series than I ever did).

       When I started my blogroll, I linked to a few blogs that I really enjoyed reading, but the time has come to say goodbye to several of my former favorite blogs. I really can’t justify keeping links to blogs where the anime posting level has fallen to a post every 3-6 months, so goodbye Cinnamon Ass, Hop Step Jump, Lolitron, Memories are like the Wind, and Picture Perfect Paranoia.

Fall 2009 Anime Season Chart.


      This episode begins with Emily giving Perry a book about President Lincoln, and we see how much effort Perry has to put into learning to read and write with just Emily’s help. He lives with his aunt and they are very poor, she thinks that his learning to read is a waste of time, and he should only live to work. When Jimmy finds out that Perry is learning to read he offers him the opportunity to work before and after school but he remembers his aunt’s words and refuses, he tells Jimmy that he’ll be like President Lincoln, he’ll learn as he works.


       Later at school, Mr Carpenter gives the class the assignment to write a speech about their hopes for the future, and they will present the speech in front of a live audience, and the winner will get a laurel wreath. Emily and Ilse both try to convince Perry to join in the contest but he’s under a lot of pressure from his aunt to only work. They tell Perry that he can do like Lincoln, work and study at the same time, Emily and Ilse both go with Perry to see his aunt in order to convince her to let him enter the contest. After having a argument with his aunt Perry vows to enter and win the contest no matter what.



      When Emily and Ilse tell Mr Carpenter about Perry wanting to join the contest he finds it interesting and says OK, but the other girls lead by Rhoda mock the idea, Rhoda laughs saying that she’s going to win. Perry works harder than ever to get his job done while practicing for the speech contest. As a huge storm hits the island Perry’s aunt worries about Perry and comments on how seriously he’s been keeping up with his chores and working. While Perry is still working at New Moon his aunt becomes worried about him and goes outside to look for him, and while she’s outside, she gets ill and collapses.


      When Perry gets home he finds his aunt in bed and extremely ill and his aunt tells him not to worry about her, but he works hard taking care of her throughout the night. The next day the speech contest begins at the church, and as the day drags on the kids begin their speeches and Emily, Ilse, and Teddy wonders why Perry didn’t shown up for the contest.


      After the speech contest is over Emily and Ilse go to Perry’s house to find him, and they find him by the shoreline vowing not to give up on his dream of learning. Once he finishes his speech to the ocean, Emily and Ilse give him a round of applause and Emily gives Perry the laurel wreath that she got for winning the speech contest. Later, Perry’s aunt tells him that he can attend school if he wants to, Perry hugs his aunt and tells her he’s going to study hard and become a lawyer, and a member of parliament, and then he’ll marry Emily. When the girls hear his declaration, Emily is shocked but Ilse says that it sounds like a good idea to her. Well, that’s all for this episode.



         It was pretty interesting to see a episode focused on Perry, we’ve seen quite a bit of Ilse, Teddy, and Emily’s history but until now Perry was just the boy who worked at the New Moon farm that Emily was helping learn to read and write. Also, it’s interesting to see a time and place when it was considered acceptable for a kid of 11 years to work instead of going to school,  As we all know, if Perry doesn’t get an education he’ll just end up being a general laborer and poor his whole life.

      It was also pretty interesting to see how Perry was inspired by President Lincoln’s life story of moving from poverty to the Presidency of the US. Also, it was nice to see how the help that Emily has been giving Perry in his learning to read and write has paid off, in teaching Perry to read and write Emily triggered a burning desire inside of Perry to better himself. It was very funny watching Emily and Ilse’s reactions to Perry’s life goals, to become a lawyer, to become a member of parliament. and to marry Emily someday! Well, since I had to read the books back in school I know who marries who, but I doubt this series will go that far into the New Moon stories, so if you want to find out the whole New Moon story the books are still available in your local bookseller’s classic section.


        This episode begins with Miss Brownell announcing that she will be leaving the school to get married and they will be getting a new teacher. After the students see Miss Brownell off they all wonder what kind of person the new teacher will be, and at school that’s all the students are talking about. 


          Then Francis Carpenter, the new teacher shows up at the school, and the students think he’s quite strange. He does things like conducting classes outside in the fresh air, and he asks the students about their hopes and dreams. Emily should be very happy with this type of teacher because of a comment about her writing she doesn’t seem to like him while Ilse is very captivated by the new teacher.



        Later, Mr Carpenter visits Teddy’s house to give him a art book, he tells Teddy’s mother that Teddy is very talented and he could someday study at a good art school in a large city. When she hears him talk about her son leaving her someday to study she throws out the teacher and his art book, and she says that she’ll never be parted with her son. That night Emily finds out that all the townspeople know of Mr Carpenter but aunt Elizabeth won’t tell her any of the details of his history.


       The next day as Perry is returning from some errands he stumbles upon Mr Carpenter teaching a history class to the students by reenacting the events through a play, and he gets so excited that he gets involved in the class. Perry gets nervous because he’s supposed to be working and not going to school but Mr Carpenter has him participate anyways. Afterwards, he tells the kids that it’s important that they study history through the feelings of the people involved in the events. As Emily listens to Mr Carpenter’s words she’s reminded of how her father used to talk to her.


       Later, Mr Carpenter asks Emily to read one of Emily’s poems and she tells him that she doesn’t want a person who already judged her work to read them. So, he asks her that if she wishes to be a writer will she only let her supporters read her works? If so, then she’s an immature as a writer who has no confidence in her skills and her writings. After hearing this Emily hands him her poetry book and runs away from him in front of the whole class.


         Teddy goes after Emily and they end up at an abandoned house called the house of disappointments because many unhappy events occurred to a young couple that moved there causing them to leave in disappointment. Teddy asks Emily if she’s going to give up so easily, and he tells her about his mother’s reaction to his art, and that he won’t give up on being as artist no matter what his mother thinks. Teddy also gives Emily a drawing of her that he just finished, and Emily then resolves not to quite her dream of being a writer. The next day Mr. Carpenter gives Emily her notebook back and he tells her that while she wrote about 400 sentences only about ten of them were really noteworthy.



        Emily reacts badly to his words and he asks her if she’s going to give up writing? Emily starts crying as she tells him that she loves writing and that she can’t help herself because she has to write. She’s asks him why he’s bothering with her writing if he thinks that it’s no good, and he tells her that she wasn’t listening to him, if she can write ten good lines at age eleven she’ll be able to write 100 good lines at twenty.  He tells her that writing being a writer is a tough road to walk and that even if she works hard she might not succeed at it, but Emily tells him that she’ll really try hard to be a good writer.


        Later, she and Teddy meet at an abandoned house and they decide to go inside where Emily resolves to write her novels here, and Teddy also says that he’ll work on his art here. Emily and Teddy also resolve to someday in their future to find their happiness in this house together. Well, that’s all for this episode. 



       Well, it’s been such a long time since I’ve watched an episode of Emily I almost forgot how much I really enjoy this series. Two interesting things occurred in this episode that will probably effect the rest of the series.

      Firstly, the kids got a new teacher that truly seems to care about what the students want for their futures, and he is also the type of teacher that will go the extra mile for the students that have special potential.

       Mr. Carpenter is the first person that really took Emily’s writing seriously, Emily wasn’t ready to handle a serious critique, and I think that he’s just what Emily needs to force her writing to a whole new level. I think that everyone’s had the experience where they thought they were hot shit in their own little world until someone comes along and shows you that your good but not good enough yet.

         Also, this episode sets the course for Emily’s and Teddy’s future relationship with them promising each other that they’ll find their future happiness together. I guess that everyone could see it coming, Emily and Teddy are kindred spirits so it only natural that they’ll be attracted to each other. 


     This episode begins with Emily learning that Ilse’s father will be out of town for awhile, so she asks aunt Elizabeth if she can spend a few nights over, and to her surprise the agrees with the arraignment. As Emily is about to leave the house aunt Laura makes the suggestion that she should alter some of Emily’s mothers clothes for Emily to wear is makes Emily very happy, later when Ilse is at New Moon Emily shows Ilse her mother’s old room.



     When they look out the window Ilse asks Emily about a distant house, and Emily tells Ilse that’s the old summer house but nobody uses it anymore and that there’s a secret about the house, which she’ll tell Ilse about later that night. So, Emily tells Ilse a tale about a missing diamond ring, how it was lost in the summer house and how the ghost of one of it’s former owners searches for it every night. After Emily and Ilse tell the tale to the others, it is agreed that a treasure hunt is in order, so Emily, Ilse, Perry and Teddy will meet at the summer house at midnight to search for the lost diamond.



     So, at midnight the treasure hunt begins, when Emily and Ilse get to the house Perry gives the girls a scare from behind the front door, and it looks like Teddy can’t make it so they begin searching the house, Emily wanted to scare Ilse but she’s the one that’s frightened. After searching for awhile and getting really frightened Emily thinks that she has found the ring and goes to get Perry and Ilse where they run into a ghost who turns out to be aunt Elizabeth, she thought the girls were too quite in their room and discovered them missing and followed them to the summer house. Just as Emily is about to explain to aunt Elizabeth what their doing inside the summer house it starts groaning and part of the decrepit second floor collapses. The next day Emily tells everyone that at least they found her mother’s old dresses, and she still claims that she really did find the diamond ring but now it’s lost again, and then Perry, Teddy, and Ilse make fun out of Emily’s tall tales saying that she has as many tales as a fox. Well, That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well, another fine episode of Emily of New Moon, there’s nothing like a cheery episode of shojo anime to brightens one’s day. One of the things that I’ve always liked about this type of shojo series is that the characters are seldom cruel or mean and that most of the stories are driven by personal relationships. In this episode of Emily of New Moon she and her friends go on a mix of a treasure hunt with a little ghost story mixed in, the kids are never in any real danger, they just experience the wonder of a childhood adventure with a little overactive imagination mixed in. This story reminded me of a similar story from my youth, the great Nerf factory adventure, when I was young me and my friends decided to hop the fence surrounding the local Nerf factory and find the mythical treasure trove of Nerf products, in the end we found no Nerf products, even the rumored legions of security guards and the legendary attack dogs never materialized, but still of a 10 year old it was still one hell of an adventure.


     This episode begins with autumn coming over the island and New Moon farm, Emily finds out that the room her mother lived in when she was young is kept locked and someday she wants to look inside. Emily, Teddy, and Ilse are fishing when Emily tells them that when her mother left to marry her father against Elizabeth’s wishes Elizabeth locked the room and has never opened ever since, and Emily wants to go inside but she’s too honest to break in. Later in the day Jimmy and Laura are talking with Elizabeth about Emily’s mother Juliet and how they would like to let Emily inside the room, Elizabeth seems to be having a internal struggle on whether or not to allow it. Later Emily is standing in front of her mother’s room when aunt Elizabeth walks up and Emily asks questions about her mother and also asks to see inside the room. Elizabeth says opening the room will not bring back what was lost, then Emily and Elizabeth argue and Emily asks her if she really hates her sister that much and runs out of the house. While Emily’s outside, Jimmy comes over and talks with her, she learns about her mother’s poor health, and that everyone really loved her. Emily also learns what her mother’s dream was, for everyone to be happy and she wanted to become an adult and a mother to a girl. 



     While Emily’s outside Elizabeth and Laura read the last letter Juliet sent them after being unopened for ten years, then as Emily comes inside Elizabeth is reminded of Juliet when she sees Emily. Elizabeth takes Emily upstairs and opens the room for her, and they go inside the room. Then Emily and Elizabeth look out the window to see a rainbow, rainbows were Juliet’s favorite thing to look at, then Laura gives Emily her mother’s last letter to read. The letter talks about Emily’s birth, and how happy it made her and how she wishes for Emily’s happiness and the letter also asks for Elizabeth to forgive her for their unhappy parting. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     This episode resolves many of the issues surrounding the relationship between aunt Elizabeth and Emily’s mother Juliet. Elizabeth was angry at her younger sister for marrying a man she didn’t like but you can tell that was not the real issue, everyone knew that Juliet was a sickly child so I think that Elizabeth loved her so much that her leaving was the real issue not the marriage. But after Elizabeth reads Juliet’s last letter I think that Elizabeth forgives her sister, Elizabeth comes to realize that Emily’s birth was the conclusion of Juliet’s dream, and also Juliet’s wish for every one’s happiness kind of unlocks Elizabeth’s heart. What Emily’s effect on New Moon Farm is like a breath of fresh air, while Elizabeth, Jimmy and Laura are not unhappy they seemed kind of frozen in a dull gray world not really living for the future, but Emily’s appearance has a great effect on them not unlike when Tohru Honda arrives at the Sohma’s household in the anime Fruits Basket. Emily with her loving nature and spirit of wonder brings life back to the New Moon Farm, it is now a happier place because of her presence.


     This episode begins with Emily overhearing Jimmy, Laura, and Elizabeth talking about how John is telling everyone that he’s going to cut down the woods. Jimmy says that if that was to happens it would finish New Moon farm along with John’s Place. The next day Emily is talking with Jimmy and he explains to her that John’s woods act as a barrier to the salt water spray and the harsh winter winds and that without them that New Moon couldn’t exist. Later that night Emily hears her father’s voice in the wind asking her if she really can give up that quickly on saving the woods? Emily thinks that if her father were to ask her, she’d listen, but she wonders if theirs anyone John would listen to.



     The next day Perry tells Emily about Father Cassidy, and that John listens to him, Emily decides to go and talk to Father Cassidy because aunt Elizabeth would be too proud to do it. Later that night John seems to be lonely since the children have stopped visiting him, and he also looks pretty bored. Emily walks a hell of a long way to get to the church, once there she gets frightened because Perry told her he’s a scary and a unapproachable man. When she finally meets Father Cassidy he seems very nice and kind and he listens to Emily’s story and tries to think of a way to help. During their talk Emily tells him a poem she wrote and he’s very impressed and he tells her to keep on writing.


     Father Cassidy goes and talks to John as a friend, and later in the day John sees Emily walking home from school and gives her a ride in his buggy. He tells her he won’t cut down the woods, and he would have stopped if she had asked him to. When she gets home she tells everyone about John’s promise not to cut down the woods, and even aunt Elizabeth gives Emily some praise in her own way. The next day Jimmy give Emily a new writing journal for saving the woods and the farm. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     This episode continues with the themes of a love of nature and natural beauty, Emily truly loves nature and that love drives her creativity and her spirit. When she’s in touch with nature it unlocks her imagination, I don’t really think she really hears a wind woman or her dead father’s voice but in my opinion her inner spirit hears those thing when she is connected with nature. Because this anime is so involved with nature you can clearly see the quality the creators but into the backgrounds, and natural surroundings. I love this series and will keep watching.


     At the beginning of this episode we get introduced to a new character, Lofty John who lives alone in the nearby woods. His place is located near the New Moon farm, and Emily and her friends go and play at his place every now and then. They go to visit him but he’s not home, and Emily tells them that aunt Elizabeth has been trying to buy his land for along time but he’s not selling, and when he gets home Ilse asks him outright why he’s won’t sell?



     When Emily gets home aunt Elizabeth is upset about her visit to John’s, and she is angry about John’s refusal to sell the Murrays back the land. The next day when Jimmy, aunts Laura and Elizabeth head out Emily writes in her journal speculating on why aunt Elizabeth dislike reading and writing and why is she always mean to her. Elizabeth comes home early and catches Emily writing and demands to see her journal (how cruel, even when I was a kid a private diary or journal was off limits to parents/adults), they fight and Emily burns her journal in the wood stove rather than let aunt Elizabeth read it.


     After burning her journal Emily runs out of the house and flees into the woods in sadness, she believes that she can never recreated all the things she wrote earlier. She runs to John’s place in tears, she feels that when she burned her journal she ripped out a piece of her heart. When she gets to John’s place she eats some apples before reading a note saying not to eat them because they contain rat poison, Emily flees John’s place thinking she’s going to die, heads home and writes a note/ her will. She tells them is wasn’t John’s fault and bequeaths all her belonging to her friends and even tells them what she wants to wear before being placed in the coffin, and then she lays down to die. Perry finds Emily’s note and sees her lying there, but she’s still awake and she tells him to pray for her. When Laura and Elizabeth return home, Perry is very upset but Elizabeth doesn’t buy it, so she goes to John’s place where he asks her if they fell for the trick, Elizabeth gets angry and asks him to sell the land back, he tells her no and to get out. After learning about the trick John pulled Emily is very angry and hasn’t visited him or the woods since then. Then at the end of the episode Emily overhears the news that John is going to cut down the woods. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     This episode continues with the conflict between Elizabeth and Emily, Elizabeth believes that writing stories and poetry aren’t proper ladylike things but sewing, dressmaking, and cooking are (oh, I guess we can add barefoot and pregnant to the list later on), and Emily’s nature is to be creative and to use her imagination to provide enjoyment to others. The fight over Emily’s writing finally comes to a head with Emily showing aunt Elizabeth that she would rather burn a piece of her heart rather than have her private feelings picked through. What makes these stories special is that the author Lucy Maud Montgomery (the author of the Anne of Green Gables fame) bases some of the stories from the Emily novels on her real life childhood experiences growing up on Prince Edwards Island. If you want to be transported to a time and place that no longer exists but was once real than this series is for you.

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