The next new anime I’ll take a look at is RD Senno Chosashitsu  this anime was produced by Production I.G, and it was based on an original concept by Masamune Shirow  the creator of A Ghost in a Shell.

     Episode 1 begins with a diver (Haru) having a conversation with another man (Kushima) who appears to be his boss or the project manager about his last dive of the day, Kushima asks Haru how some integrated electronic implanted into his body are functioning, Haru tells him OK. While Haru is performing his last dive, his brain has a reaction at a depth of 102 meters, and the mission crew begins to make observations of Haru’s brain reactions. As Haru dives deeper he is interested in what is happening below, and the observation crew loses the ability to monitor his progress. After losing contact with Haru, Kushima and the crew struggle to bring him back to the surface.

     As Haru’s reaction with the sea becomes more violent, several undersea explosions rock the ocean surface damaging several surface vessels, Kushima injures himself while holding on to Haru’s lifeline. Once the reaction has stopped, several surface projects look to be destroyed and Haru looks like he’s either dead or severely wounded.

     Next we go to a dream/flashback/or the real world, where Haru is now an old man in a wheelchair fishing on a dock, then an assistant of Kushima (Aoi Souta) tries to take Haru somewhere without  his permission. Before this can happen, Haru summons a female assistant (Holon) who is probably a robot or a cyborg, Souta and Holon fight, and Souta is quickly beaten, and he leaves. Right after the fight, a cute, well endowed schoolgirl (Aoi Minamo) shows up telling Haru that she now his new assistant. It turns out the Holon requested the girl because she must take a few days off to undergo some maintenance, so Holon turns over caring for Haru to Minamo for a few days.

     Later Souta reports back to Kushima about his encounter with Haru and Holon, and Souta tells Kushima that Haru is still looking for answers in the sea. Kushima and Souta both discuss how pre-cyberbrain memories can’t be trusted or even verified. Later Haru and Minamo have a talk about the sea and how he loved free diving, but fifty years earlier an accident robbed him of the ability to dive. He goes on to tell her that when he woke up after the accident fifty years had passed and his brain had been converted into a cyberbrain. He tells Minamo that he can never regain the past so all he can do now is listen to the sea. Haru tells Minamo that maybe he should kill himself, but Minamo tells him not to give up and that she’s sure he’ll find what he’s looking for.

     While their talking Minamo hears noises from the sea, and Haru asks her what she hears, Minamo tells Haru that the sea is burning, this triggers a memory of the accident from fifty years ago when he told Kushima the very same thing. Back at some control room, Kushima and Souta detect an attack against the “metal” and try to limit the damage, Haru tells Minamo that it’s the same as fifty years before. The hospital Haru is staying at loses power, and Minamo goes to try and do something about it.

     After Minamo leaves, Haru decides to dive back into “the sea”, when he enters the sea his old body (mentally not physically) is transformed back into it’s youthful appearance. He dives towards the bottom where he penetrates into the cyberworld and he tells himself that’s it’s not over as long as his desire to know is still alive. Well, that’s the end of the episode.

     Well endowed androids, busty schoolgirl helpers, cyberbrains, a hidden wired world (?), Production I.G, and Masamune Shirow , can it get any better than this? If your a fan of Masamune Shirow’s previous works like A Ghost in a Shell then you’ll probably like this anime, but if your not a cyberpunk or a Scifi fan, or a fan of all girls/women whether their 15 or 30 being drawn very well endowed then you need to leave this anime alone.

     This first episode makes the viewer ask a lot of questions like; do the normal people know of the existence of Meta-real, or is it hidden; do all people have cyberbrains, or is it just the old; are Souta and Minamo brother and sister, and if so are they just playing Haru; is Kushima the same Kushima from fifty years ago, if so why hasn’t he aged, is he fully cyber now; and lastly why are problems in Meta-real affecting the real world?

     Fan service, well, this being a  Masamune Shirow  creation almost every girl/woman is eye candy, no female I’ve seen in this anime so far would ever need to visit the doctors from Nip-Tuck for any frontal enhancements, Haru’s android Holon could almost be clone of the Major from A Ghost in a Shell.