This anime is based on a manga of the same name which I have not read so I can’t any comparisons based on it. As a new anime season is starting in Japan I’ll give a quick impression of the show, and I’ll have to decide quickly on what shows to watch and what shows to blog about.


     So, here’s the basic story, you have Aono Tsukune 15, who sucks at school and can’t get into the same school as his friends,  he gets entry into a strange high school because his father picked up a admission packet that a strange priest dropped on the ground. After being dropped off by a bus he has to walk through a graveyard to get to the school, and while walking he’s struck by a cute pink haired girl riding her bike to school. While getting up from the crash his hand ends up in a very inappropriate place, when he looks at the girl he is instantly smitten by her beauty. After recovering from the crash she notices blood on him and she bites him on the neck after telling him she’s a vampire, he shocked for a minute, but when she asks if he hates vampires she’s so cute he tells her no. She then introduces herself as Akashiya Moka, and says that they can be friends. When they finally get to school they get an introduction to the Youkai Academy, a school for monsters, and it’s rules. Needless to say that Tsukune and Moka end up in the same homeroom.





Rule 1: all student must be in human form

Rule 2: no students should reveal their true forms to other students

Another rule is that any human entering the school’s barrier will be killed on the spot.

     So what ends up happening is that Tsukune ends up being with the hottest freshman girl in the school and it starts causing him problems with some of the other guys right away. Later Moka tells him that his blood was her first taste of non-transfusion blood and that she’s fallen in love with him. The reality of his situation hits him hard and it looks like he’s ready to leave the monster school for a human school. Moka chases after him and she’s doesn’t want him to leave, and tells him she hates humans, then he finally tells her that he’s a human and runs off. She chases after him and is attacked by one of the guys from earlier who is a orc, Tsukune hears her scream and he returns to help her but gets his ass quickly whooped, and Moka goes to help him and he unknownly removes her rosary unlocking her true form. Her true form is a S classed vampire (whatever that is), and she defeats the orc with single kick, Tsukune watches all this and wonders who the real Moka is, she grabs him just as he passes out. When he wakes up they are back to being friends and maybe more, also Tsukune discovers that the bus only runs monthly so he decides to stay at the academy with Moka. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a vampire “kiss” like that!


     Well, my first impression of this series is that it’s enjoyable but you’ll see nothing new here. Anime dealing with supernatural schools and supernatural creatures are nothing new. I feel that Rosario + Vampire is starting off as a supernatural school-life/ harem type anime, in Tsukune we have a typical harem anime male lead, he’s average, a nice guy, not too smart, and has no outstanding qualities other than being a nice guy that would indicate the reason why several smoking hot girls will flock around him later on. He might be magical in some way because humans aren’t supposed to be able to penetrate the school’s barrier, but that question will have to wait. In Moka we have a very cute female lead, very attractive, a kind and nice girl, not too smart, and she’s instantly attracted to the male lead. Moka’s mild exterior also hides a super powerful core/interior personality. One of the plot-lines I found interesting is the issue of Tsukune having to hide his human-hood or be killed for being at the school. I think I’ll keep watching this anime unless it turns into a monster of the day type anime with Tsukune have to release Moka’s inner vampire to fight a new monster each episode. Oh, one more thing, this anime is loaded with fan service, the first panty shot came no less than 15 seconds into the episode, and we probably got at least 20 panty/crotch shots of Moka, be forewarned.