This episode begins with a verbal prehistory for this series, a long time ago, a war was fought between the heavenly people, the war was over control of a power that could create anything (Akuto). Then this episode shows a large explosion that causes a large pillar to become detached (from the magical kingdom?) and it falls to earth, this is witnessed by a young girl before the pillar disappears. Then the young girl (Yumemi) wakes up in her bedroom, and she tells us that she likes rain days, while eating breakfast with her family we hear the TV give the news of a large tidal wave occurring. Then as she leaves for school, Yumemi has vision that she really not in the normal world, and she’s finally snapped out of her daydream state when she runs into two of her friends (Ichiko and Suzume).





      As they are walking to school together, Ichiko notices that Yumemi is in a distracted mood and she asks her if those floating islands that she can only see are up there (in the sky) again, and Yumemi says yes, but she also says that she’s messed up in the head. Ichiko gets angry at Yumemi and tells her that she not messed up, and that she’s the only one that can see them. Just as the three girls are stopped at street crossing a large explosion occurs next to Yumemi and a young man (Munto) appears out of the dust cloud, he calls Yumemi the “girl of destiny” and he asks her to lend him her powers.


      As Munto reaches out to Yumemi, he is blocked by a reaction by a time barrier separating their worlds, he calls to her to join him, but Yumemi is pulled back to reality by Ichiko who sees that Yumemi is spacing out. Later, in the magical world, we see Munto talking to Gass (the guardian of time) he tells Munto that he won’t stop him from trying to contact the girl. Gass tells Munto that no matter what he does that the fate of the magical kingdom is sealed, but Munto tells him that it’s his duty as the king to try and save this world. Later, in the magical kingdom, we see a young prophet trainee (Toche) talking with his instructor (lady Ryuely) about how Yumemi is the key to the future of their world. They continue to discuss Yumemi and the boy asks who she exactly is, and the lady tells him the she’s just a regular girl with unlimited possibilities.



     Later we see Gass intervening in a battle to protect the magical kingdom from attacking forces from the other heavenly kingdoms, and at the enemy’s HQ (the elders of the other heavenly kingdoms) they discuss why Gass (an outsider is taking sides) and why king Munto has traveled to the lower world. In the lower world (Yumemi’s world?), Munto still is unable to break through the time barrier completely. At Yumemi’s school, Ichiko tells Yumemi that she thinks that the guy Yumemi saw in her vision is dangerous, so she shouldn’t think about him.



        Then we find out that the war being fought in the heavenly realm is being fought because of the power of Akuto is running out and the other heavenly kingdoms blame the magical kingdom for using too much Akuto. Back in Yumemi’s world, Ichiko and Yumemi go to check out Suzume’s boyfriend (Kazuya-kun) to see if he’s a troublemaker and if he’s just trying to use her. Then in the heavenly kingdom the elders decide to send a death god to kill Munto who’s in the lower world. Just as Ichiko and Yumemi finally manage to catch up with Kazuya-kun, the episode ends. Well, that’s all for now.


     This series is based on a OAV series from 2003, released on DVD in the US by CPM in 2004, and this series is typical of the genre of a normal girl from our world holds the key to saving a hidden/parallel world, think Escaflowne, and Leda. Yumemi and her two friends are typical of this genre; Yumemi is a cute and sensitive girl (aren’t they all cute and sensitive) who sees or hears a hidden world calling to her, Ichiko is a serious and down to earth type who wants to experience the visions that Yumemi has, and Suzume is the naive and innocent type.

      This episode introduces a ton of characters, so many in fact, that not much character development occurs. We only really get the basic setup for the series which is, a hidden magical kingdom is in danger of being destroyed and it’s only hope for salvation lies in the hands of a normal thirteen year old girl from our world.

      The animation style and color schemes lends a old school feel to this series, and when Yumemi is in her own world, it feels like we are walking through a daydream with her. Overall, I enjoyed the first episode, but I will withhold my judgement until I’ve seen a couple of the future episodes. While I enjoyed the original Munto OAV series, I don’t know if there’s enough plot to carry an entire TV series.