Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity

For my 10th entry in my “12 moments in anime 2009” I’m choosing the philandering ways of Touya from the White Album series.


       In the harem themed anime of the past such as Ranma ½ and Tenchi Muyo the guy at the center of the harem had many redeeming qualities that would lead the girls surrounding him to want his DNA. The harem leads from the past weren’t pathic punching bags for all the tsundere chicks in his harem like Keitaro was from Love Hina, and I could no more picture either Tenchi or Ranma getting slapped around by all the women in their lives as I could ever picture myself putting up with any of my former girlfriends/lovers slapping me around to show me that they love me.


      So, what the hell happened to the harem genre and their males leads over the intervening years? Well, my personal theory is that in the past, anime in general was targeted and viewed by a larger general audience, and those shows made back their production costs, and then some, by being popular enough to actually make money off of commercial advertising. So, as television audiences and anime audience’s numbers began to slip the production companies had to reley on sales of VHS tapes and later DVD sales to make a profit. 

      This situation led to these types of anime being targeted towards the hardcore buyers of DVDs and away from trying to attract a large diverse audience. So, where we once had male leads of harem type anime where female viewers liked them and male viewers looked up to and aspired to be like them we’re now left with male leads who are avatars for lonely/sexually impotent male viewers who spend more money on anime then getting laid.


        Even in a harem anime such as Bakemonogatari where the male lead, Koyomi, is a pretty tough hard core guy and surrounded by attractive females who are available, he’s sexually impotent. Koyomi gropes Mayoi and both enjoys himself and loathes himself for the act but can go no further, he leers at Nadeko who’s attracted to him and available but does nothing, and even when he finally gets Hitagi as a girlfriend he practically had to get dragged kicking and screaming to their first date, she did all the work. Then we have other harem type anime such as Kiss X Sis, Kanokon, and Kiss on my Deity where the male leads practically have pussy shoved in their faces everyday and they’re so pitiful and impotent it’s no wonder why Japan has a negative/zero population growth problem judging by how these males react to women.

Loser #1

Loser #2

Loser #3


       So, all this ranting brings be to Touya from White Album, the hero of this post. While Touya may be many negative things such as; a very bad boyfriend to Yuki, a man-whore, a liar, an unreliable person, and a piece of shit, he’s certainly not impotent. When Touya gets that loving feeling he’s not contented with a little panty shot, he wants what’s underneath that thin piece of cotton, and he knows where his sausage belongs. Out of the six main girls in Touya’s harem he’s filled the love canal of three of the six girls (Yayoi, Misaki, and Haruka), and made out with two of the remaining three (Rina and Yuki).

Hit Yayoi many times.

Hit Misaki and left it.

Hit Haruka and left it.

Kissed Rina and wanted to hit it.

Yuki, the girlfriend, kissed her and been trying to hit it the whole series.

       So, in the spirit of the awards season Touya wins the erect penis award for knowing how a man should react to readily available lonely women. Yes, Touya’s shining example should be a guiding light to all males involved in harem situations: Yes, Keitaro you should have slammed every chick before settling on Nauru; Yes, Keita you should bang both Riko and Ako before picking one; Yes, Kouta you should have deflower both Chizuru and Nozomu; Yes, Yuuri you should really taste Mashiro and all the other girls around you; and Yes, Koyomi you should have acted first by picking a girl and doing something; you’re all losers compared to Touya.

All male harem leads please read the following advice.

Dark Ameri is kind of hot 

        This episode begins with Yuuri having a dream about his past where he and Ameri promised each-other that they would always be together. Then in middle school it looks like Ameri started to distance herself from Yuuri, and he wonders what happened to their promise. Later, while Mashiro is giving Yuuri a massage, Nue tells them that they aren’t ready to battle the other monsters yet, they barely managed to beat her and she was the weakest of the bunch. Ameri gets pissed off at Mashiro for giving Yuuri the massage, and because she keeps saying she’s Yuuri’s wife.

Ameri and Yuuri as kidsAmeri and Yuuri as kids 001Stop staying you're his wife

You're not strong enough 

       While Mashiro is out shopping with Yuuri she overhears some women talking about how women in a nearby town are being attacked by some monster. After school, Ameri invites Yuuri and Sankuro to hangout with her, and Yuuri agrees until Mashiro calls him and says she wants to investigate a nearby town. When Sankuro and Ameri are walking home he notices that she’s not happy, he tells her to just tell Yuuri how she really feels, but Ameri says it might be too late. When Mashiro and Yuuri meet outside the school, Yuuri comments that she looks tired so why don’t we forget about the Tayutai and go have some fun. We see that Ameri is watching and listening to their conversation from around a corner. Later, we see that Sankuro has come up with a plan to get Yuuri and Ameri together, he invited Yuuri to go shopping with him and he gives Ameri two tickets to a motorcycle movie and leaves.  When Yuuri shows up, Ameri works up her courage and asks Yuuri to see the movie with her, he turns her down saying that he promised Mashiro that he would take her to a museum. When Mashiro shows up, Yuuri asks her if she wants to go to a movie with him and Ameri? Yes. Ameri gets really upset, she says why does Mashiro have to come with them, and she runs off in tears.

Just tell him how you feelhere's two movie ticketshere's to your victory

why does she have to come along

        Later, Mashiro goes to Yuuri and asks him if Ameri might like him? He asks Mashiro if she means in a romantic way? Yes. Yuuri says there’s no way, they’ve know each other since they were kids, it’s not possible. Mashiro says that Yuuri’s wrong and she wants to have a serious talk with Ameri. When Yuuri tries to call Ameri he finds that she’s blocking his calls, and he gets pissed off at Ameri and jumps on his bike and says he’s going to find out what her problem is, Mashiro tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen and leaves anyway. While riding in the rain, Yuuri spots Ameri and he stops and asks her what is she thinking, they get into a big argument over Mashiro, Ameri calls her a monster and she asks Yuuri if it’s pity. He tells Ameri to take it back now, but she runs off in tears (Yuuri is a blockhead).

does Ameri like youYou're wrong Ameri does like youGoing to see Ameri

         Then we see the Tayutai that has been killing women on the prowl, he complains that people don’t have enough spiritual energy to fill him up. He senses some strong energy and goes to investigate, then he attacks a girl who turns out to be Ameri. As she being attacked by that guy another human looking Tayutai destroys the other one and saves Ameri, he tells her that she’s the one he’s been looking for.

 taking out her angergive me your energythose nasty tentacles

leave her alone

       The next day, Yuuri has cold from searching for Ameri all night, and when Yuuri is talking with Sankuro, Ameri rushes up to him and apologises to him for last night. When Ameri notices that Yuuri has a cold, she again apologises and touches him, and some sort of energy transfer from her to him making him feel better. As dark clouds form above the school, Ameri tells Yuuri that it’ll all be over soon. Yuuri notices that all his friends are frozen so he makes his way outside where he finds Nue, Mashiro, and Kisaragi. Nue says that the dragon got lucky and found someone with high spiritual energy, so they better run away. Kisaragi gets pissed off at Nue for wanting to runaway, and Nue removes her protection from Kisaragi, freezing her in place, she tells them that since she made a friend she doesn’t want to lose her, she grabs Kisaragi and runs off.

I'm sorry about last nightit'll all be over soonyou can't win 

       Mashiro and Yuuri face the dragon alone, Mashiro uses some of her power to attack the dragon and when she calls on Yuuri for his power she finds that he’s unable to do anything, something been done to him. The dragon attacks Mashiro while Yuuri looks on helplessly, finally Yuuri is able to break whatever is binding him and he is able to aid Mashiro. When Yuuri reaches the unconscious Mashiro he looks up and sees a dark winged Ameri hovering above them. Then the scene switches to the school’s nurse’s office where Yuuri wakes up to find that Kisaragi and Ameri are by his side, and a injured Mashiro is in a bed next to him. He asks Ameri about her wings and she tells him that he must have been seeing things because of the blow to his head. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the drangon attacks

Attacking the dragonMashiro is attacksYuuri is unable to help

wake up Mashiro

you're finaly awakeMashiro is next to himit's just the bump on your head

         Well, here we are, it was quite apparent from the beginning of the series that Ameri going to play the role of the girl next door in this harem, but I didn’t figure that Ameri would also be the promise girl from Yuuri’s childhood. Or should I restate this to call Ameri the broken promise girl from Yuuri’s childhood? I know that this is an overused premise in anime, and some bloggers like omisyth  dislike the childhood promise trope, but I’m a sucker for it. Some of my favorite television shows, anime, and movies like Forest Gump, Love Hina, Little House on the Prairie  and many others use some form of the childhood promise/childhood pledge of love to drive the story forward.

        I think the reason why I like the whole premise of the childhood pledge being included in the story is that it raises the level of the storytelling to fairytale levels. I know that most childhood promises/pledges of love are soon forgotten, but when the do come true they become part of family lore that is passed down through the generations. I think that every family has some story about how some relative met their spouse at a very young age and they eventually married and stayed together for 40  or 50 years, but Ameri’s and Yuuri’s childhood story has a little twist to it.

      As we saw in this episode, Ameri and Yuuri made a childhood promise to always be together, and they seemed to keep that promise up until middle school. We saw from Yuuri’s memories that at some point he felt that Ameri slowly started pulling away from him, his memories are probably right but his conclusions were most likely wrong. It seems from his memories that he felt that Ameri was breaking her promise to him, but her pulling back was more likely caused by a difference in maturity levels between them. We all know that girls mature at a some what faster rate than boys, so I assume that Ameri’s pulling away was caused by her becoming romantically/sexually attracted to Yuuri while he still viewed Ameri as a girl friend and not a girlfriend, and because of Ameri’s youth and inexperience she didn’t know how to react to her new feelings so she pulled back. Now a couple of years later, Ameri is still in love with Yuuri and views him as her property, and Yuuri still views Ameri  as a close childhood friend. So, now along comes Mashiro, the new girl who’s not afraid to show some physical affection towards Yuuri, and he responds to her actions. Now, poor Ameri is all angry and flustered because Mashiro has managed to get romantically and emotionally closerto Yuuri in a couple of weeks than she’s managed in about ten years. Well, it’ll be interesting to see whether the magical girl or the promise girl gets the guy in the end. 


        This episode begins at Flawless with Kisaragi apparently doing battle with a Tayutai, she tries her best but she can’t seem to do it any harm. When the Tayutai has Kisaragi in a helpless position it starts laughing at her and just goes away on it’s own. Then get a skit between Ameri and Mashiro involving panties, it seems that Mashiro never figured out that panties are a integral part of modern girl’s clothing, and Ameri asks Mashiro if it was breezy in her school uniform? Finally, after much stress on Ameri’s part, Mashiro agrees to wear panties, and Ameri will even loan Mashiro a pair of her own. A little while later, Yuuri walks in on Mashiro’s and Ameri’s’ panty session, and he gets the once over from Ameri.  Yuuri gets all hot and bothered from listening to the two girl discuss panties when they get a visitor to the house, Kisaragi.



       Kisaragi takes Mashiro to flawless where she shows her the aftermath of the battle with the Tayutai, Mashiro tells her that it was one of the three strongest and that normal humans can’t beat it. Kisaragi gets even more upset when she finds out from Mashiro that they’ll need Yuuri’s spiritual powers to defeat it because Flawless has always protected itself. Kisaragi doesn’t like the idea that Yuuri’s long linage means something, she isn’t ready to buy the idea that inherited traits and experiences mean more than work (?). Later Kisaragi stops at Yuuri’s house to see him, and she watches him maintain and repair his  motorcycle, Kisaragi makes asks him some rude questions and she gets chewed out by Ameri and Yuuri asks her to leave. Later, as Kisaragi is taking the train back to Flawless, she thinks that she may have judged Yuuri without really knowing anything about him.


       The next night, Flawless is infiltrated by the same Tayutai from before, and it places some spider-like mini-demons around the school and it also looks like it’s been stealing some of the student’s panties. The next day we see that Kisaragi and Yumina are observing Mashiro and Yuuri training, but it seems that she doesn’t ask them for their help. Later, we see Kisaragi standing before Flawless’s student body talking about how they’re going to police the grounds. Then we see that Kisaragi has brought Mashiro and Yuuri (dressed as a girl) to the school’s grounds, while the students are posted all over the campus, Mashiro and Yuuri-ko go inside to do a sweep of the dorms. Mashiro and Yuuri soon encounter Nue (one of the big three), Nue says that they walked right into her trap, and she begins to attack Mashiro. Poor Mashiro is soon getting the tentacle treatment (nothing goes better with panties than tentacles) from Nue, Yuuri wants to help her but Kisaragi asked him to hide his powers until she gives a signal.





      When Kisaragi gives the attack signal, all the girls begin to kill those little spiders that Nue placed all over the school’s grounds, and thoose attacks seem to weaken Nue so Mashiro is released from Nue’s tentacles. Kisaragi shows up and tells Nue that she can sense Tayutai and their powers to some extent, and she tells Nue that she knew it was a trap and setup one of her own traps for Nue. Kisaragi uses the school sprinkles to neutralize Nue’s lighting attacks, Mashiro uses her spiritual power to trap Nue inside the building, Kisaragi uses her sword to wound Nue, and Yuuri uses a punch laced with his powers to finish her of. When Nue vanishes, a small Tayutai that looks like a human girl appears, Mashiro says that’s Nue’s true form. Nue stole the panties from the students because they look cute and she wanted to try them on, and we find out that she took her other form to keep from being bullied by humans or Tayutai. Kisaragi makes her a deal, if Nue follows the rules she’ll protect her if anyone tries to hurt or bully her.



        Nue doesn’t believe that humans will keep their promises, so Kisaragi makes a bet with her, if Kisaragi keeps her promise for three days then they have a deal. Later, at Yuuri’s house, we see Mashiro, Nue, Yumina, and Ameri going through the panty selection process, Nue likes the red lacy ones, Yumina likes a pair that’s white with a bear picture on it (WTH, is that what I think it is?) which Nue calls childish. Soon, Mashiro and Nue are in a shouting match about which panties are more daring, and how she’s gonna show them to Yuuri for his approval. Yuuri’s father magically appears in the room and he begins to give his opinion on which type of panties turn men into animals. The whole time this is going on, Yuuri and Kisaragi are outside the door listening to the whole thing, Yuuri is getting very excited about the panty talk until he figures out that his father is in the room and he goes off. Kisaragi calms him down by talking to him about his motorcycle, and soon Mashiro and Nue are chasing each other around the room like little kids. Well, that’s all for this episode.






        Well, I really enjoyed this episode compared to episode 3, which I felt wasted a lot of time on nothing, but this episode hit all the right harem buttons for me. Firstly, this episode had plenty of ecchi humor, I love how shocked Ameri was over Mashiro’s lack of panty usage, it was to be expected that Yuuri and his father might forget to explain a little detail like panty usage to a teenaged girl, or maybe it’s a secret desire to keep all the female visitors to the Mito household nice and breezy. And speaking of panties, I assume that all those panties are Ameri’s, if so, she sure has hell has a lot of panties. If I was Yuuri, I would make a game out of trying to guess what type of panty she’s wearing that day,  like Kusanagi from Blue Seed does with Momiji. I slso liked how Yuuri got all hot and bothered every time he listened in on all the panty talk, I find this reaction more normal than his reaction to Mashiro’s offers of sex. I also found myself liking Kisaragi more this episode, while she still shows an exterior image of aloofness, she now comes off as more human and likable. One thing I still find annoying is the whole idea of the elite Flawless school, are all those girls students or prisoners, and what’s the point of keeping them locked up like that, are they trying to protect their virginity or turn them into yuri friends? I would love to see a guy stroll naked through the center of their campus, kind of like Akira’s scene in the first episode of Eden of the East, that would raise some interesting questions. This episode also introducted a true loli characther into mix, at first I thought that Yuuri step-sister Yumina was going to fill that role, but it looks like Nue is going to be the lolicon bait (even though she’s very old, she’s still is a loli at heart).

        Well, it looks like the harem collective is now complete; we have the girl next door, the girl of destiny, the imouto girl, the loli girl, and the serious and quiet girl, so all we have to do is sit back and watch as each girl peddles her wares to Yuuri. As long as Tayutama keeps up the humor level and the action level of episode 4 I think that it’ll be alright.


        This episode begins with Mashiro getting chewed out by Kisaragi for her telling lies and getting everyone upset about her claims of coming out of a relic and so forth. She tells Kisaragi that she didn’t lie, and it’s the truth, Kisaragi tells her that she’ll be sending the counselor to see her. After a few days have passed without any contact with Mashiro, Yuuri begins to worry about her, then he finds out from Ameri that Mashiro is locked  up alone inside Flawless. They try to visit Mashiro but get stopped by a guard, and even Ameri’s father doesn’t have enough pull to get them a visit with her.


      Later that night Kisaragi stops by Yuuri’s house to talk about Mashiro, Yuuri tells her she won’t believe him if he told her about Mashiro, and she calls the relic/god thing nonsense. Kisaragi tells them that the counselor thinks that Mashiro might have developed a mental illness, Yuuri and his dad tells her the whole story about Mashiro, but she still thinks it’s fiction. Later, Yumina escorts Mashiro for a appointment with the counselor when she finds out that Yuuri was just informed of her situation. Back at home, Yuuri wonders what to do, and he wonders if Mashiro thought it would be like this?


      The next day, Yuuri and Ameri are talking about Mashiro’s situation when Ameri tells him that humans and Tayutai can’t get along. She also tells him that she doesn’t want him to fight the big three, and that maybe Mashiro should leave. She tells him that Mashiro’s problems are her own problems and that they should go back to their normal situation. He tells Ameri that he can’t leave Mashiro alone and he asks for her help in trying to see Mashiro tonight. Ameri goes off on Yuuri about his caring for Mashiro. Later, we see that Ameri doesn’t show up to help Yuuri, so it’s just him and Sankuro. But, at the last minute, Ameri shows up and gives Yuuri her father’s pass card. Once inside the building, Yuuri meets up with Yumina who shows him the way to the room where Mashiro is being kept.



      When he sees Mashiro, he finds the door locked, and Mashiro refuses to use her powers to open the door. She tells him to go away, she says that if it wasn’t for the Tayutai humans could live their lives without any problems. Mashiro calls herself a monster, and says that even though she told the truth no one believed her, so she’s all alone now, and she shouldn’t have even bothered him. Yuuri finally gets pissed and calls her an idiot, she doesn’t have to be alone, and in his eyes she’s human enough for him. Mashiro starts to cry and uses her power to pass through the locked door to hug Yuuri.



       After a few seconds of hugging, the Flawless security system alarm triggers (wtf, are they trying to keep all those girls prisoners and turn all those girls into yuri fiends) and Yumina tells Yuuri that he has to escape and she’ll try to stall anyone who come along. When Yuuri and Mashiro meet up with Sankuro and Ameri they find themselves trapped, Ameri’s father’s pass card code is locked out. Soon, the four of them are cornered by Kisaragi and her dyke security squad (maybe if he dropped trouser like in East of Eden they would die of shock), Kisaragi yells at Yuuri for using his step-sister and for trying to kidnap Mashiro. Mashiro says that she’s not being kidnapped and she tells them that no one at Flawless believed her, Kisaragi tells her that she’ll believe her but those that caused this trouble have to be punished. Mashiro tells Yuuri that she’s at her limit and she’s want to scare these stubborn people a little bit. Mashiro powers up her spiritual energy, and she summons all the Tayutai that obey her to the Flawless school’s courtyard.




      The next day, Kisaragi tells Yuuri that only she and Yumina seem to remember what happened last night, but she now believes what Mashiro said. She tells Yuuri that she’s now working on getting permission for Mashiro to live at home and commute to Flawless for school for the sake of humans and the Tayutai. Kisaragi tells Yuuri that she’ll also do what she can to aid him and Mashiro in their mission, Yuuri thanks her for the help and he says that he wishes that everything could stay this peaceful. Later that night when Mashiro and Yuuri are alone, Mashiro asks Yuuri how long she’ll have to wait before they sleep together. Yuuri is surprised and speechless, Mashiro takes his silence as a rejection of her and her Tayutai nature and begins to cry. Yuuri apologizes for being this way and he tells her to wait until he feels that he’s earned the right/confidence (?) to call himself her husband (you coward, die a cherry boy), Mashiro settles for holding Yuuri’s hand. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        OK, I have to let out a rant about this episode, but before I begin let me say that I like the series. Now, to the rant. WTF, like I said in my review of episode 2 I thought the whole idea of Mashiro, a goddess, going to school is just plain stupid. I know that most harem anime are targeted towards males of high school age, so therefor the majority a character such as Mashiro must suffer through the high school experience even though it’s pointless and even cruel for her. The very idea of a goddess being basically held prisoner inside a school dormitory stretches even my limit of tolerance towards stupid things inside of an anime series, the idea that a goddess would put up with being called a liar, a crazy, and locked in solitary confinement was about my limit. I don’t care how much a goddess wants to learn about modern society, I don’t think that she would fall into the Japanese behavior pattern of “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”. To me, most of this episode was pointless other than the fact that Yuuri finally goes to Mashiro’s aid.

          Before I get to Yuuri let me say that I dislike wimpy male harem leads, so after the first two episodes I thought he really wasn’t that bad, but in this episode he showed a total lack of a man card. Come on now, Yuuri’s supposed to be the real deal, a young Shinto priest in training with real spiritual powers, but he’s ready to grovel at the feet of Kisaragi when she’s holding his family’s temple goddess a virtual prisoner, I don’t care if Kisaragi is the head virgin at Flawless. I also know that these leads are supposed to make the male viewers feel better about themselves, but how many guys would have really turned down Mashiro’s offer to sleep with Yuuri? Well, then again, if we judge Yuuri’s reaction to Mashiro’s offer and place it in the context of Japan’s zero or even negative population growth it explains a lot of things. I’m still giving this series a few more episodes before I decide if I’ll send it the way of H2o: Footprints in the Sand to my dropped bin.


     This episode begins with Yuuri being awoken at 5am on Sunday by Mashiroto begin a training session for their upcoming battle with the top three. She smokes his ass for 5 hours then she tells him that she’s sorry for being so tough, and she transfers a small amount of her spiritual to him. He asks her if the big three are really that tough? Well, for Kikurami at full power it would be no problem, but with my current power it’s a fifty-fifty chance. After a while, she asks her husband to not to leave her alone, and just as Marshiro tells Yuurito do as he pleases with her Ameri walks in on them and goes off. Mashiro tells Ameri that it’s a wife duty after all, and Ameri says that Yuuri’s still in school and it’s now the 20th century. Later, Mashiro asks Yuuri’s  father to attend school with Yuuri so she can learn more about modern times.




       Well, Ameri is very opposed to this idea, but Mashiro makes the argument that Ameri is closed minded, and besides, she was the one that suggested that it’s the 20th century. Well, Yuuri’s dad calls Ameri’s father, who’s one of the school’s directors, and basically threatens him to pull some strings to get Mashiro into Yuuri’s school as a scholarship student, Ameri is not happy about this.


       Then Yuuri takes Mashiro to school by motorcycle, and she really seems to enjoy herself, while she riding with him she seems to be semi-transparent. At a road crossing, some little children seem to be able to see her, and Mashiro says that it sometimes happens. When they finally get to school, Yuuri tells Mashiro that her tail is showing, and then Sankuro doesn’t even recognize her from the other day. Sankuro is shocked to find out that Mashiro is the little girl from the other day, Mashiro tells Sankuro that she’s here to build harmony between humans and Tayutai. Mashiro also mentions that she’s Yuuri’s wife to Sankuro who’s shocked and even more confused. Soon, Ameri runs into the group and her and Mashiro talk, Mashiro mentions that if anything happens she can use her powers as a god to erase memories.



      The a a young girl runs up to and hugs Yuuri, it turns out that she’s Yuuri’s younger step-sister, Yumina. Ameri explains to Mashiro that Yumina is different, she’s a Flawless Woman’s School student, and they only have women of high class and very high grades as students. Then as they’re talking, the girl from the other day yells to Yumina to stay away from that guy, it turns out that she’s the Flawless Perfect, Kisaragi Mifuyu. Mashiro tries to stick up for Yuuri but Kisaragi asks if she’s the transfer student? Yes. I’ll be in charge of your transfer exams. Then Yumina asks Mashiro what her relationship with Yuuri is? Mashiro says that she’s now Yuuri’s wife and to please take care of me. Well, this draws a shocking reaction from both Yumina and Kisaragi.


       Ameri storms into her father’s office and goes off on him about Mashiro. He tells her that no matter what happens, if Mashiro can’t pass the entrance exam she’s can’t join this school. Mashiro tells Yuuri that she’s worried about her test results, she only studied for only one day. When her results come in, Ameri and her father are shocked to see that Mashiro got a perfect score, one of the Flawless administrators says that Mashiro was watched the whole time to ensure that she didn’t cheat. Later, Kisaragi takes Mashiro to see the director of Flawless, and she gets invited to join their part of the school, to live in their dorm, and dedicate her life to studying for the future.


       Back at home, Mashiro tells Yuuri and his father about this, and she asks them what she should do? Mashiro is confused about what to do, Flawless is a boarding school, Yuuri tells her that he’ll practice really hard without her. Mashiro says that she could use her goddess powers to slip out and meet with Yuuri when she has to. Well, she agrees to attend the flawless academy to help build up the harmony between humans and Tayutai. Mashiro packs her bags and leaves Yuuri a training schedule and some of her friends to help Yuuri train.



       When Mashiro gets introduced to life at Flawless everything goes well at first, she meets lots of nice and friendly girls who want to meet her and be her friend. But, one of the girls comments about her cute hairstyle, it sort of looks like ears, Mashiro says that they can move, then the girls spot her tail, and Mashiro shows them that it can move too. Well, that scares all the girls, they take off leaving poor Mashiro all by herself. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, I’d hoped that they wouldn’t have taken the series this way, but they did, does Mashiro really have to attend high school, let alone the elite Flawless academy, for kami’s sake, she’s a goddess. Letting Mashiro attend a elite private all girls school will probably ruin her, I recently read a Japanese semi-fictional novel where the writer asserted that the all girls private school she attended was good at making elite income earners but terrible at making good people. The school was a viper’s nest, full of backstabbers and false friends, and the graduates have much higher failure rate at personal matters than normal high schools graduates have.

      Overall, this series is following the classic harem mold, we have our harem master (Yuuri) and his childhood friend (Ameri), they get along well, but nothing romantic ever happens between them then the new girl (Mashiro) comes along and makes a play for Yuuri. The friend starts to get upset that another girl is trying to steal her guy which always confuses me, they’re not sleeping together, or even dating, or let alone promised to each other. Then this episode also introduces two other girls who will fight for our guy’s attention; Yumina, the loli sister type (a step-sister), and Kisaragi, the elite, my shit doesn’t stink girl. So, the number of girls is slowly growing around our guy, and the only question is how many girls will eventually enter the equation.

      The saving grace for this show is that I like Yuuri, so far he’s not the wimpy harem lead that I find so annoying at times. Now to Mashiro, I like how she come off, while she’s a goddess she struggles with a modern world, she’s quite naive about her real odds or trying to get normal humans to accept the idea of friendship with mythological creatures. Well, so far, I find this show entertaining and enjoyable, it’s more harem than anything else, and as long as the series doesn’t start to annoy me too much I think it’ll be a winner.


      This series begins with a flashback to the past when a village was being attacked by  Tayutai ( magical creatures from the past), the Tayutai are defeated by two people (a Shinto priest and a goddess), it looks like the Tayutai are broken down into balls of lights that are then sealed into a wood or stone marker. Then we skip forward to the present day to see a boy named Yuuri (Yuu, to the girl) working on a motorbike for a girl (Ameri, Yuuri’s childhood friend), it looks like Yuuri lives on the grounds of a Shinto temple.



      Then Yuuri’s dad steps into the scene and he tells his son about some trouble at the high school. Yuuri goes to investigate, and he finds a construction site roped off with the seal we saw earlier, in the middle of the site. As he walks towards the seal we see some floating lights revolving around the seal, Yuuri gets interrupted by a girl asking him if he’s a student here. He says yes, and then she tells him to leave. Before Yuuri leaves the site he touches the seal and feels that an important “God” dwells here, the girl again tells him to leave. As Yuuri is leaving, he sees spirits surrounding the girl and attempts to grab them, leading the girl to think that he’s being weird.



       Later that night, Yuuri asks Ameri and his cousin (Sankuro) to help him out with an exorcism. Then we see Yuuri’s father and uncle sharing a drink and talking about Yuuri, it seems that Yuuri’s father admits that Yuuri’s power is the real deal. Then we see Yuuri prepping for the exorcism with Ameri and Sankuro watching, and after some small talk, Yuuri begins the exorcism. As the exorcism progresses, time stops around the site and ghostly goddess appears above the seal, Yuuri calls her Tayutayu, but she tells him she’s a Tayutai, not Tayutayu. She the says that she’s Kikurami Kami no hime, Yuuri tells them that this is the deity that his family shrine worships. The goddess says that she knows this site is about to be destroyed, and she tells them that this relic houses over 1,500 species of Tayutai totaling about 10,000 in all. She tells them that if the seal is broken the world will thrown into chaos, Yuuri and the others vow to protect this place to the best of their abilities.




       As the group is talking with the goddess, she tells Yuuri that he reminds her of someone she once knew, and that someday the Tayutai and humans might coexist. Just then, the area is attacked by someone telling the goddess that she makes him laugh, Ameri asks Yuuri what they should do, he tells Ameri to take the bike and flee the area. As Ameri is getting ready to leave, the bike goes out of her control and smashes into the seal causing it to split open. As the Tayutai are freed from the relic, the goddess’s power starts to fade, and the goddess invokes a ancient contract between her and Yuuri’s family. She tells him that he has to look after this child for the future of humans and Tayutai are at stake, a pillar of light splits the sky and a young girl appears in front of the seal.



       As soon as the girl appears, she begins to attack the spirits we saw earlier, telling them not to bother humans or cause trouble. She says that they probably won’t cause any more trouble. Then we see that a large group of dark spirits flying about them, it says that it can’t listen to talk like this, the girl calls it the Ouryuu Houou (dragon phoenix). The spirits call the girl weak, and Yuuri asks if those were the sealed spirits? The girl tells him that those were the strongest and most troublesome of the Tayutai, the spirits call the girl Kikurami, and they say that they’ll pay her back for the 500 years of being sealed.





        The dark spirits attack Kikurami, she tries to fend then off but they soon overpowers her, she’s smashed into the relic and knocked out, and the dark spirits leave saying that it would be too easy killing her now. The group takes the unconscious girl back to Yuuri’s house, where they watch the news of the troublesome Tayutai already causing problems. Yuuri, his father, and the other two discuss the problem of Kikurami, Yuuri’s father says that they have no choice but help, the goddess that their shrine worships request their help, and after all the girl is probably another form of the goddess. He places the responsibility of caring for Kikurami in Yuuri’s hands because he has more abilities than his father. A little while later, Yuuri asks his cousin Sankuro to make sure that Ameri gets home safely.



     When Kikurami wakes up, she tells Yuuri that she’s hungry, Yuuri feeds her some of Ameri’s rice balls as she sits on his lap. Kikurami tell him that her body isn’t complete so she’s just overexerted, and needs to rest. Kikurami calls him Yachimata and he tells Kikurami to call him Yuuri, she calls him Yuuri-san and says that it is a nice name, and Yuuri calls her small Kikurami-sama to which she says that it’s not right to call her Kikurami because right know there’s too much difference between their forms. So, she asks Yuuri to give her a name? Well, he looks to the bag of marshmallows, and calls her Mashiro, but he says he can’t name her that, it’s too late, Kikurami starts calling herself Mashiro, and soon the minor Tayutai agree with the name.



        Then Mashiro tells Yuuri that he’s good around girls and asks him how his wife is doing? He says that he’s still in school and not married, but he realizes that back in Kikurami’s days, coming of age was a lot younger. She tells him that he has an adult body and that marrying late is bad for the mind and body, does he at least have a lover or mistress, maybe that girl Ameri? No. So, Mashiro tells Yuuri to marry her, but he says that she’s too young. Will it be OK when I get older? Yes. Then Mashiro says that we’ll make an oath, she turns and kisses him, she says that the oath is now sealed, and they’ll live together, forever. Mashiro then falls asleep in Yuuri’s arms, and he puts her to bed and says that she’s too young.



      The next morning, Yuuri goes to check on Mashiro and he walks in on her while she’s naked, she starts screaming and soon Ameri see the naked girl and starts calling Yuuri a pervert. But, soon Ameri stops her screaming because she realizes that the girl knows her name, and then she figures out that the girl is Kikurami. Mashiro tells Ameri the she’s called Mashiro and that she’s Yuuri’s future wife, Ameri demands to know how far he got in just one night? Mashiro asks Yuuri if he already forgot his oath, and she rushes to his side and says thanks to his loving care she’s been able to recover to this level. Then his father walks in and says, wow what a beautiful girl, they then give Mashiro a kimono to wear, and she looks stunning in it. When Mashiro finds out that it was Yuuri’s mother’s kimono, she says that she feels the responsibility of wearing it. Mashiro bows to Yuuri and her father-in-law and pays her respects to them. Mashiro then tells Yuuri that they must prepare to battle the three strongest Tayutai, Yuuri must fulfill the old contract, and the future is in his hands. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, this episode turned out to be a lot better than I thought it be. While the premise of a live in goddess is a silly one, and one that’s been done many times over in manga and anime, I still found it to be interesting and enjoyable. Yuuri is different from many of the typical leading male characters in a harem type anime, he’s not wimpy, nor is he clumsy, or is he stupid, and he’s not total buffoon around girls, so that’s already a plus. Ameri, Yuuri’s childhood friend is typical of the girl next door from these types of shows, she gets threatened when a new girl comes around treading on her home turf. Yuuri’s cousin Sankuro seems pretty cool and laid back about the whole exorcism and goddess thing, like it happens everyday around there. Yuuri’s father is pretty open to the idea of Kikurami prancing around the property, and since his wife is dead that means that their house will be a pretty wild place, kind of like a bachelor pad.

      I also really liked how small Kikurami-sama/Mashiro is played, innocent and randy at the same time. If you’ve ever studied the historic behaviors of the Shinto priests, Buddhist monks, and the Kami that they worshipped at the time, you’ll know that they were a very randy bunch. Monks and priests fooled around with females all the time, be they married, single, divine or mortal. The Kami, male or female, also were known to bestow more then just blessings on their followers, and several kami were known to have taken mortal lovers, or married and had children with mortals. So, in historical context it’s not out of the question of a female kami to take a mortal husband or lover, but because of their immortality it won’t last forever.

      In closing, I’ll be looking forward to watching how Mashiro’s and Yuuri’s relationship develops, and seeing if they really will fulfill their oath. The only other thing I have to say is that Yuuri’s one lucky dog, and that I want my very own lap goddess too.