Umineko no Naku Koro ni

The fall anime season.

       Well, as the beginning of the fall anime season approaches, it’s time to give some thought to what series I should cover. I’m pretty certain that I’ll cover White Album II, and Winter Sonata. Letter Bee, and Kaidan Restaurant look very interesting. I’d like to cover Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) but I have this strange feeling that this series will win the most over blogged award, and I really don’t think that having fifty bloggers instead of fifty-one covering the series would hurt the anime community.

       I would like to know if any of my readers have any suggestions for any of the new series they’d like to see me blog in an episodic manner. Click on the graphic at the bottom of the post to see a list and description of the fall anime shows. 

Continuing projects, show droppage, and my blogroll.

        I’m going to continue working on covering all of the Candy Candy anime episodes, and I’ll also keeping doing my Japanese Idols posts, and my Weekly Anime Motivational Poster posts (many of the idol pics and motivational posters get downloaded several thousand times). I’m also thinking of adding another classic shojo anime series as a long term blogging project.

       I going to drop my episodic coverage of Emily of New Moon, while I loved this series, I just fell too far behind, and I see no point in continuing. I’m also dropping my episodic coverage of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, while I really love and enjoy this anime, covering the series in a episodic manner seems to suck all the joy out of watching the show, for a detailed review of the series read the Anime History Blog (he does a much better job covering the series than I ever did).

       When I started my blogroll, I linked to a few blogs that I really enjoyed reading, but the time has come to say goodbye to several of my former favorite blogs. I really can’t justify keeping links to blogs where the anime posting level has fallen to a post every 3-6 months, so goodbye Cinnamon Ass, Hop Step Jump, Lolitron, Memories are like the Wind, and Picture Perfect Paranoia.

Fall 2009 Anime Season Chart.

you can't beat me Battler 

        This episode begins with Kinzo waking up in the morning to find out that he’s still alive and wondering who Beatrice chose as her first six sacrifices. Meanwhile, we see some of the others gathered in front of the blood sealed chapel, and we find out that Krauss, Eva, Rudolf, and their spouses are missing. Later, we see Rosa inside the guest house going through Marie’s handbag, and inside the envelope that Beatrice gave her Eva finds the key to the chapel. Battler awakens to see Rosa with the key, and Rosa tells him and the kids to stay in the guest house.

 which six pieces did you takethe blood sealed chapellooking inside Maria's purse

        Once Rosa returns with the key they enter the chapel to find the missing people seated at a dining room table, murdered. But this time, instead of their faces being mutilated they have massive damage to their chest areas, and soon George, Battler, Jessica, and Maria wander into the slaughterhouse. As the kids are screaming in horror, the scene freezes and Battler and Beatrice (the ghost/real ones) appear, Battler calls Beatrice tasteless but Beatrice says that this time she left their faces alone reducing the number of possible suspects for Battler to consider. Beatrice dares Battler to explain these killings logically, they both disappear, and time moves again.

now you can see their faces battler 

        Jessica yells that this is all Beatrice’s fault and runs out of the chapel to confront Beatrice, and Rosa sends Kanon and Gouda to follow her. Then George notices that there are some bars of gold inside the pumpkin located on the dining table, and Maria goes into her crazy girl mode saying that she wants Beatrice to take her to the golden land.

there's the gold bars 

        Jessica makes it to Beatrice’s room to find it locked, and she uses Kanon’s pass key to open the door. Once inside, Jessica finds Beatrice missing but she left a note taunting Jessica and mocking her parents. Jessica experiences an asthma attack and Kanon has to help her to her room where her inhalator is located. After Jessica starts to feel better, Kanon gets ready to leave but it seems like Jessica wants him to stay with her, and at that very moment Beatrice appears and starts mocking Kanon about not understanding women because he’s furniture.

Open up Beatrice, nowthe letter mocking JessicaJessica and her inhalator

you're supposed to stay by a woman's side

you can understand a human heart

        Beatrice tells Kanon to show his power to her, and she materializes several monsters. Kanon then summons an energy blade that covers his right arm, and he tells Jessica that he’ll protect her. Kanon easily defeats Beatrice’s minions, and Kanon goes after her but she easily dodges him. Beatrice tells him that furniture should know its place, Jessica sticks up for Kanon and tells Beatrice that he’s not furniture, he’s human. Beatrice laughs at her and summons One of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, a female creature called Lust. Beatrice tells Lust to carry out the second twilight and Lust goes to fight Kanon. It quickly become apparent that Lust is much too fast for Kanon and soon Lust transform into a dagger/stake saying she’ll pierce him. As the dagger flies all around Kanon, and is about to stab him, Jessica blocks the dagger with her back. As Jessica is dying in Kanon’s arms Beatrice mocks Kanon about not being able to protect his lady.

I'll protect miladyJessica dying in Kanon's arms 

        Then Beatrice summons another Stake of Purgatory called Wrath. When Wrath appears, Beatrice tells her to kill Kanon, and Wrath turns into a dagger and flies towards Kanon striking him the chest. As both Jessica and Kanon lay dying, Jessica reaches out to Kanon, and Kanon reaches out to her. Jessica tells Kanon he’s not furniture and she asks him is real name, and Kanon tells Jessica, thanks to her he’s not furniture, but he dies before he can tell Jessica his real name. Beatrice mocks Kanon telling him that she can still humiliate him even in death, and she uses smoke from her cigarette holder/pipe to make his body disappear.

I want to pierce you're chest

 the dying lovers

I can still torment you in death

       Kinzo having been informed by Shannon and Genji about the six deaths tells Shannon to get the stuff ready for him to prepare his will. Back with Battler and the others they find out that they are unable to reach the police or authorities. As Battler and the others are trying to figure out how the murderer got into and out of the locked chapel while the key was in Marie’s purse, the scene freezes and Battler and Beatrice appear on the scene again. Battler says not another locked murder scene again, and Beatrice tells Battler to explain how the locked door was opened and closed with out the key. Battler tells her that’s there’s not enough information, there could be a extra key or a hidden door, and Beatrice makes a rule saying that every time she speaks the truth her words will appear in red letters. After Battler tries to make some additional arguments Beatrice amends the rule by saying if her words speak the truth Battler has to take them at face value and not ask for proof, he reluctantly agrees to this.

explain the chapel door

this way you have no excuses battler 

       After a little question and answer between Beatrice and Battler, he comes to the conclusion that during the night the murderer took the key from Marie’s purse and put the bodies inside the chapel and then returned the key to Maria’s purse, so he refuses to affirm that magic exists. Beatrice laughs at him saying if it wasn’t magic then he’s fingering one of the remaining living people, prove it. Time flows again, and we see the group continuing to discuss Beatrice’s letter, and George wonders if she wants them to find the gold. Maria goes creepy again saying Beatrice wants them to solve the riddle, Battler asks her if she can solve it, and Maria says who cares, she just wants to go to the golden land. Soon, Rosa, Genji, and Shannon enter the room with Rosa carrying the gun saying she’ll protect everyone. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the murdered snuck in and took the key

I don't need magic

      Well, I found the format where Battler and Beatrice watch events unfold as invisible observers and then argue back and forth about whether or not these crimes could have occurred with or without the use of magic very interesting. But, I wonder if anything will ever be settled since Beatrice has the ability to rewind events and replay them in a different order so I wonder if it would be possible of Battler to catch her in a mistake? I also found the fight between Kanon and Beatrice’s minions pretty strange, I never would have thought that Kanon would have been able to materialise a energy blade, so what the hell was Kanon supposed to be, a magical butler? I found Beatrice’s stealing of Kanon’s body to be a great move, now the suspicion will probably fall of Kanon since he’s missing. Oh-well, all I know is that I’m really engrossed with this tale and can’t wait for the next episode.

Beatrice could fix this

      This episode begins with us seeing Maria and Rosa together before they head to the island, Maria acts quite bratty and Rosa overreacts by slapping the crap out of her. Then we see that servants getting ready for all the visitors that will be showing up and we see most of the family gathered together waiting to head off to the island. Later, we see everyone walking up the path to the house when time freezes and Beatrice and Battler appear off to the side, Beatrice says that this is a game that we can repeat over and over again until Battler admits defeat and accepts the fact that witches do exist. Battler tells Beatrice that he’ll never give in, so Beatrice tells Battler let the pain begin.

I want to dress like a witchhave some candy girl001 give it back to me 001

I told you to stop saying that

this will go on forever

let the game of pain begin

      The scene picks up with everyone walking towards the house and Maria mentions the witch again, Rosa stops her, and starts beating the crap out of her, Maria cries out for her mother to return and defeat the witch. Later, Kanon goes out to check on Maria asking her if she’s alright, Maria goes into crazy Maria mode and babbles about knowing Beatrice and that she’ll even play with her later. After a few minutes, Rosa realizes what she did to Maria and rushes outside to get her, she apologizes to her and Maria says it’s not her fault because she was possessed by the evil witch.

why won't you listen to me

please come back mommy 

      A few seconds later, Beatrice appears before Maria and Rosa looking different from how she appeared in past episodes? Beatrice fixes Maria’s broken candy and hands Maria a letter and tells her it contains her invitation to the golden land. Then Beatrice hands Rosa a letter and tells her to open it and read it to everyone once they’re all gathered together.

001 a letter for you, Maria 001 the letter 

       Inside the house, we see Beatrice messing with Kanon by making him kiss her boots or she’ll kill Shannon. Then we see Beatrice messing with Shannon telling her that she only sparked the love between her and George so she could twist it. Shannon tells Beatrice that she’s not going to let Beatrice control her fate any longer, she controls her own future. After Shannon leaves the room Beatrice says that she’ll kill both Shannon and her lover.

Beatrice and Kanon 0001I just might kill ShannonI control my own fate

       As the family is enjoying dinner Gouda gets asked if the special guest will be joining them, and he tells them that she wishes to eat alone. When someone demands to know who the guest is Gouda tells them that it’s Beatrice. This answer causes quite a commotion between the family members and they demand that Genji comes and answers some questions. The adults excuse the children and the doctor to retire to the guest house where the doctor tells them that Beatrice was once Kinzo’s mistress but he’d never met her, and he’s sure she died long ago. Then we switch to the garden where George gives Shannon the ring and proposes to her and this time she immediately accepts his proposal.

I promise we'll be together forever 0010010001

shannon wearing george's ring

the eternal promise

       Back inside the main house we see all the adults meeting with Beatrice, they all accept and acknowledge that Beatrice does exist and she is a witch. Well, that’s all for this episode.

 they believe in Beatrice 0001they believe in Beatrice 0002they believe in Beatrice 0003

I believe in Beatrice 0004

you are the famous Beatrice 0001 

       Well, this was quite an amusing episode, it looks like Battler’s and Beatrice’s test of wills has begun in earnest. After, a few moments of back story showing Maria and Rosa before the island, and seeing George preparing to ask Shannon to marry him, it seems that Beatrice has hit the reset button and changed how things progressed from pretty much the moment everyone left the boat. If this is truly a battle of wills between Battler and Beatrice, with Beatrice trying to convince Battler that she and witches do exist, I don’t know how this method of attack will settle anything. I think that if Battler truly doesn’t believe/or refuses to believe in witches it really won’t matter how many times Beatrice forces Battler to relive the events of the past couple of days. I think that in the end Battler may win this fight because no matter how many thousands of times Beatrice replays the past you can’t convince someone to believe in something they refuse to believe in.

In closing I’ll offer Battler a little wisdom from one of my all time favorite novels, Dune.

I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

—Bene Gesserit Litany against Fear, Dune

Beatrice and Shannon having tea 

      This episode begins with a flashback of George and Shannon enjoying their first date together, George asks Shannon of he can call her by her real name, Sayo, and he tells he that magic must have brought them together. Then we jump back a little bit in time and we see Shannon walking up to the island’s shrine in the middle of a storm, she opens the inner door and removes a mirror and smashes on the ground, and she says now that she’s kept her promise it’s time for Beatrice to keep hers. Then in little further in the past, we see George briefing the family on what he’s been studying and who’s he’s been studying with. After hearing this, Jessica’s mother tells her that she needs to be more like George, and she storms out of the room.

 Shannon and George on a date

001-Shannon smashing the mirror

       After Jessica leaves the room Shannon begins to serve tea and makes a mistake, Natsuhi jumps all over her, and George makes small talk to cover for her. Outside the house Shannon talks with Jessica about George, and since she can tell that Shannon likes him she teases her a bit. Eva sees George talking with Shannon and Jessica and goes out and tells him that Grandfather wants to talk with him about a marriage meeting. As Eva walks past Shannon she whispers to her to not forget her place.

you really like george 001001-Shannon wants to talk with you001-thank you for helping me out-001

001-know your place woman 

       Later, we see Shannon standing in front of Beatrice’s painting saying that before, she wasn’t human, she was a piece of furniture, but why was she given a heart that loves. Then Beatrice appears before Shannon and tells her that before she had a heart or knew love she wasn’t human, but now that she has a heart, she’s human. Beatrice compares Shannon’s situation to Adam and Eve inside the garden of Eden, they tasted of the fruit and left the garden because they knew they desired more than the garden, and she tells Shannon that if she smashes the mirror inside the shrine she’ll regain her powers and help her out. At first, Shannon refuses, saying she wants the peaceful days on the island to continue. Yes, things will stay like this forever, but if you change your mind I always keep my promises, Beatrice tells her. Kanon walks in on the scene and yells at Beatrice, and when Beatrice threatens to hurt him, Shannon begs Beatrice not to hurt him because he’s still a child. Before Beatrice leaves she gives Shannon a butterfly hairpin/broach and tells her the pin represents her wish, and if she smashes the mirror her dreams will come true, but if she does nothing everything will stay the same.

 001-Beatrice's offer to Shannon-001

001-this my offer, your wish

       Then we jump forward about two years where we see Shannon telling Jessica about her date with George, and Jessica teases her a bit then she tells Shannon that she wants her own boyfriend. Shannon asks her, doesn’t she already have someone she likes? Then we see Shannon having lunch with Beatrice, Shannon thanks her for her help and tries to return the pin to her, Beatrice refuses saying that it’s very seldom that someone thanks her for her help, and Beatrice tells Shannon that only her and Kanon see her. They go on to discuss how she was summoned by Kinzo for the gold, and how Beatrice’s power was blocked by the mirror.

001-Jessica wants a BF too-001

001-think of it as a gift of friendship-001

       Later, that night, Shannon tries to give the pin to Kanon but he refuses. Then Shannon tells Kanon that she wants to talk with him about Jessica, and this catches him off guard. Then we seen that the scene switch to Jessica’s high school where we see Kanon meeting her there during cultural festival, and some of Jessica’s girlfriends go all gaga over him. Jessica thanks him for pretending to be her boyfriend, and she tells him that she’ll be busy but will try to make time for him, so enjoy yourself. We see Kanon watching Jessica while she’s doing her cultural festival activities, Kanon wonders what the hell he’s doing here, I hate crowds, then he notices that Jessica is much different from how she acts at the mansion.

001-Jessica's BF is very cute001-thank you for coming-001

        Back on the island Kanon tells Jessica that she sings very well, and he can’t sing at all. He calls himself furniture, and Jessica tells him to give it a rest, they’re both human after all. Jessica tells him she doesn’t even like living on this island, let alone being a heir to this family, it’s a pain, so she created another self, one in which she can be the person she wants to be and do the things she wants to do. She tells Kanon that even you can create another you, one in which you like yourself. Basically, Kanon tells her thanks for thinking of him as human, but there can be no love between humans and furniture, so they could never work, and even George and Shannon will fail.

001-we're both human after all-001

001-their can be no love between humans and furniture-001

        On his way back to the house, Beatrice appears before Kanon and tells him that she thought her magic brought another pair of lovers together. Kanon takes the pin out of his pocket (it looks like he took it after all) and smashes it to the ground and tells Beatrice to stop messing with people, and begone from here. Beatrice just laughs at him, and says that nothing can stop her revival, she’s the true ruler of this island. After Beatrice vanishes we hear her say that now that she’s planted these seeds she wants to see how they grow, and it’ll soon be time of the banquet. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I thought that I had brought more lovers together

001-you do nothing but toy with people-001

        This was quite an interesting episode because we did a little time travel and got to see how Beatrice got semi-released from bondage, and I never would have thought that it would have been Shannon that did it. My, my, Eva seemed quite worried that her son might consider slumming with a servant girl, and Eva was really a little bitch for going after Shannon instead of talking with her son. It was very enlightening to find out that Beatrice’s spirit was still hanging around the island for who knows how many years just waiting for the right time to appear. So, it was to Shannon that Beatrice first chose to appear to, Shannon was offered a deal with the devil, I’ll help you with love if you help me with freedom. I found it very interesting that Beatrice never threatened Shannon, she just offered her a straight forward deal, help me and you’ll get your love or do nothing and every stays the same forever.

       It was also quite interesting to find out that at one point Shannon was just like Kanon, she felt she was furniture, not human, and didn’t deserve to love or be loved. I think that Beatrice knew she had her once poor Shannon’s heart felt the slight warmth of love, she knew that once Shannon had a taste of that warmth she couldn’t go back to being a piece of furniture, and she knew that Shannon would have to risk leaving the unchanging but not satisfying safety of her island garden, game over. I also found it very interesting to find out that Kanon’s heart was much harder than Shannon’s heart, he was offered the chance of becoming human and tasting love, but he refused. I kind of thought that Beatrice was playing the role of the snake by getting Shannon/Eve to taste the fruit then she gets Kanon/Adam to also eat of the fruit, but it seems like he refuses. I really feel sorry for Jessica it seems like her love for Kanon was pretty one sided and unrequited, unless more information is forth coming in future episodes.

       Beatrice; my reaction to her in this episode was all over the place, at times I really liked her, and at other times I despised her. At the point when Shannon and Beatrice where sharing tea and snacks it seemed to me that Beatrice almost liked having someone to talk to, and might I say even having a friend. Shannon expresses gratitude towards Beatrice even though they made a fair exchange, and Beatrice seemed to appreciate her gratitude. But, at the point when Beatrice raves about getting ready to sow the benefits of the seeds she carefully planted I found myself hating her. I would like to think that even though we supposedly have seen both Kanon’s and Shannon’s dead bodies that they’re in one of Beatrice’s rooms having tea and enjoying the show  hoping for a good end to the game that Beatrice is playing with everyone.   

 it's nice to see such a charming human

     The episode begins with Battler confronting Maria about the three deaths, and he gets pissed off when she says she didn’t see anything, he demands answers. But, George is the one who gets Maria to talk, she tells him that Beatrice slipped inside the room as a butterfly and told Maria to look at the wall and sing a song. Maria goes on to tell them that Beatrice couldn’t get into Kinzo’s study because of the seal on the door knob, and the reason Beatrice didn’t kill her was because Battler gave Maria the charm back.

George talking to Maria

This charm saved me

         A few seconds later, Jessica notices her mother is missing, and the group finds out that Natsuhi has locked them in the room. Natsuhi goes to the room with the Beatrice painting and as head of the Ushiromiya family she calls out to Beatrice to show herself, and a golden butterfly appears, Natsuhi shoots at the butterfly. That very second, the group manages to breakdown the door to see Natsuhi fall to the ground from a gunshot wound to the head. As Jessica rushes to her dead mother’s side, Maria goes into her weird little girl mode and tells the group it’s all over, Beatrice will return. Battler grabs Natsuhi’s gun and tells them the he won’t die and he’ll make it until the seagulls return.

I challange the witch to show herself 001let's settle this nowJessica over her mothers body

     Just then, Maria points at the clock as it strikes midnight and a golden butterfly appears. Maria says that Beatrice will grant four things to the wise; the golden land’s gold, bring back all the dead souls, resurrection of a lost love, and the ability to put the witch to sleep forever. Battler gets really pissed off and shots the butterfly but it just splits into several butterflies, and Maria tells him that bullets don’t affect Beatrice.

the clock strikes midnightthe golden butterfly appears 001-a-00001a001-Beatrice will grant four gifts001

bulletts don't bother Beatrice

      Battler still denies the existence of Beatrice; he says he refuses to accept her existence. Then the scene switches to some fisherman finding a floating bottle with a message in it, and the message is from Maria that says that by the time you read this I’ll probably be dead, and maybe not even a corpse will remain, so please reveal the truth.

0001-I'll probably be dead by now-001

      Then the scene switches to George, Battler, Jessica, and Maria discussing how even though they never solved the riddles everyone ends up back alive. We can see them discussing this turn of events with Shannon and Kanon, and they all say that Maria was right that Beatrice did all this, after all only a creature with supernatural powers could have done this. After a few moments Battler starts asking them when did they stop thinking and just settle on blaming it on Beatrice. They all try to convince Battler that Beatrice did it but he still refuses to believe; Maria asks him if it wasn’t the witch then who was it?

I've been saying it's Beatrice since the begining

      So, Battler assumes that the deal with their situation is that if he agrees to believe in Beatrice that this reality will come true, and he accuses the others of giving into Beatrice because they can’t understand the situation. He tells them if they want him to believe in Beatrice to have her appear before him. Well, Battler gets his wish, a butterfly appears and changes into Beatrice, and she tells him its been a long time since she met such a charming human. All the rest of the group apologises for Battler’s attitude, but Battler says that Beatrice only exists as a illusion in the minds of the others, and unless she/they can convince Battler that she really does exist Beatrice will only be an illusion. Well, Beatrice does compliment Battler for his knowledge of the situation even though he knows nothing of magic.

0001a-You're pretty good at this

     Basically, Battler and Beatrice face off with Battler telling Beatrice that he’ll explain how each event was caused by a human, and Beatrice telling Battler that she’ll love breaking him and having him kiss her toes. Beatrice tells Battler to explain this; she mentions all the strange events and takes back the magic that brought everyone back to life, Kanon and Shannon dies before his eyes, Maria also dissolves, and Battler is left standing in a blood splattered room.

001a-you'll only exist if I believe002a-kiss my toes004b-witches don't exist

001-the blood splattered room

     Then the scene switches to Beatrice appearing in front of another witch who’s drinking tea and she asks her what business the legendary witch Bernkastel has with her? The other witch says that she’s merely a traveling witch, but Beatrice says her powers include the possibility of creating a miracle as long as the probability isn’t zero. No, Bernkastel says that she’s just traveling around to escape boredom and she’d heard that Beatrice started something interesting. Bernkastel tells Beatrice that the only thing that can kill a witch is boredom, so please don’t kill me. When Beatrice leaves the room we hear the witch Bernkastel talking to someone or pledging to someone (I assume it’s Battler)  that she’ll lend them/you some of her power, but not become an ally, she says she has the power to make anyone give up, even the endless witch Beatrice, so don’t bore me. Well, that’s all for this episode.

0001a-the witch Bernkastel arrives on the scene-001a

004ab-I can make anyone surrender

       Well, finally the game’s afoot, and Beatrice has shown herself. After the first few episodes I was beginning to wonder if Battler was right about there being no witch Beatrice and the murderer was one of the original 18. But, in my mind, Beatrice does exist as a magical force of some sort. It was quite interesting watching Battler going through his “Last Temptation of Christ” moment where he had his chance to give in to the illusion of everything being alright and believing in Beatrice. So, it looks like that Beatrice can’t kill everyone, she’s has to get a certain number of living people to accept her as fact and praise her name for her to be fully brought back to life. It quite understandable why George, Shannon, and Maria are willing to accept Beatrice, both George and Jessica get their lovers back, and Maria if she’s even real has met Beatrice in-person several times. So, now, it’ll be a battle of wills between Battler and Beatrice to see who gives in first, will Battler give up and kiss Beatrice’s toes and praise her, or will Beatrice give up on trying to convince Battler that she exists? The stakes? Beatrice’s existence, or Battler life and sanity.

       The appearance of the witch Bernkastel does really make this match a more even contest. If we assume that Beatrice does exist in some form or another it would only be a matter of time before she crushes Battler with her little game, but with another witch giving him a little aid it sort of evens out the contest a little. I also found the Maria “message in a bottle” story very intriguing, did Maria die and when did she die, if so, was it before getting to the island, or was it before or after Maria gave Battler and Jessica the charms? Overall, I’m really looking forward to watching Beatrice’s and Battler’s little dance of death, five stars for this episode. 

what if we're just being setup 10001fdfdfdf 

        This episode begins with all the remaining living people looking at the latest scene of carnage, George breaks down after seeing both his mother and father killed. Another strange envelope is found at the murder scene, and Natsuhi orders the room sealed until the police arrive. In the living room Battler and Jessica discuss the latest murders with Maria adding in her opinions in her weird girl mode. Battler has had enough with Maria’s strange mood swings and starts beaning her upside her head when she starts laughing about people being killed, and Jessica asks Battler if he thinks that Maria has met Beatrice?

finding the dead bodiesGeorge with his dead mother 001isn't Maria strange

it's about damn time this happened

        Meanwhile, Kanon and Chiyo have headed to the furnace room to search for the source of a terrible smell. When they are about to enter the room, they overhear a noise and Kanon rushes ahead of Chiyo who has fallen to the ground. Inside the furnace room Kanon grabs a large machete like object and challenges Beatrice or whom ever is there to come forward. Kanon says that he’s so upset over Shannon’s death that he vows to change the game, and as Kanon is surrounded by golden butterflies a knife strikes him in the chest, falling him to the ground. The others arrive in the furnace room to find Kanon wounded but still alive, and they also discover the source of the foul smell. It seems that Kanon walked in on someone while they were trying to burn Kinzo’s body in the furnace. Battler sees an open door leading to the outside and he tries to give chase but finds no suspect outdoors.

looking for the smellcalling out BeatriceKanon is stabbed

this is what stabbed KanonKinzo's half burned body hdfshjhdfgshjag

        When they get back upstairs, Jessica and the doctor are with Kanon, while the others discuss who could be doing this and how they have unfettered access to the house.We also learn from George that Jessica likes Kanon, but I think that’s all for not because it looks like Kanon either died or was murdered because the doctor bring Jessica into the room where she collapses. They assume that the culprit has either stolen Gouda’s or Shannon’s master key or has something similar, so Genji takes them to Kinzo’s study and says they should be safe here, and Maria says that the doorknob has a similar seal like the two she gave them earlier.

 Jessica is upset over Kanon's murder 10001

        Once inside the room Genji tells them that there’s only two keys to this room, his, and the key that he took off of Kinzo’s corpse. Then they talk about the seal on the door, Natsuhi shows the charm that Jessica gave her and Maria says that’s why Beatrice couldn’t touch her. After they open the letter, all it says is “glorify my name”, does it mean Kinzo, or Beatrice, or both of them? Battler asks Genji if there really is a Beatrice, and Natsuhi asks if she was Kinzo’s lover? Genji says that when he started here he had heard that Beatrice was already dead, but the master dabbled in black magic in order to revive his true love Beatrice. George says that if he could use black magic to revive Shannon he would, and Jessica says she understands his feelings. Battler asks if Kinzo had a secret child with Beatrice? Genji says he never heard of one, but Jessica says that Kinzo did contribute large amounts of money to an orphanage, and there are rumors that he used some of the kids in his black arts.

 the seal on Kinzo's door 10001

this is the Beatrice charmI heard Beatrice was dead

I would give everything up

         This line of thought leads Battler and the rest of them to the inscription by the Beatrice painting, and it seem that the murders are unfolding according to the script with three more murders to follow, and when Beatrice revives, no one will be left alive. Then they ask themselves if Kinzo really intended that they all die as sacrifices to revive Beatrice? Maria chimes in with it would be alright if no one is left alive, but she says that if they can find the gold they will be given all the treasure and all their loved ones will be brought back to life. Then they notice another letter from Beatrice, Natsuhi point her gun at the three servants and Maria saying that one of them place the letter there when the rest of them were looking at the painting. Battler reads the letter, and Beatrice mocks them saying that either they win and live, or she wins and they all die, and their time is running out. Natsuhi says that if one of them doesn’t own up to placing the letter that means that they’re all in on the plot. Battler tries to calm her down but Natsuhi insists that the four of them leave the room, and Maria calls Battler a hypocrite because he only wants to believe in Beatrice because he doesn’t want to suspect one of them. As Natsuhi forces the four of them out, Battler tosses Maria the charm she gave him and says he lied because he wanted to contradict her, and she takes the charm and laughs.

you'll get everything back 

       After they leave the room, Natsuhi tells Jessica that she would become a monster or demon to protect her child and that they should be safe until the police arrive. Then Battler finds a second page to Beatrice’s note, and it has a symbol or glyph on it that matches something from the bible and it means to sow discord among the enemy and have them destroy themselves. So, this means that having them split up is what Beatrice wanted them to do. Just then a phone rings in the room, Natsuhi answers the phone to hear a girl’s voice singing into the phone, the four of them rush downstairs to find the three servants murdered, and Maria singing about the rape blossoms. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I would do anything to protect you

Genji is murderedthe doctor is murderedChiyo is murdered

Maria is being weird again 10001 

       This was quite a interesting episode that had me filled with suspense the entire time, and I really enjoyed watching Battler trying to knock some sense into Maria’s head when she started making inappropriate comments. For a while I found myself thinking along the lines with Battler that maybe one or more of the bodies might be a fake with that person doing the killing. But, now I’m more in-line with the Beatrice/supernatural theory, most of the killings have been done with knives or other sharp objects, and that requires someone to get up close and personal and I don’t think that one normal person could have killed the doctor, Genji, and Chiyo together with just a knife, three adults fighting one person with a knife, it would be very messy but I’ll place my bets with the three adults. Also, I found the Jessica/Kanon & George/Shannon stuff interesting but not surprising, it’s only natural that George and Jessica would become attracted to/involved with the only two members of the opposite sex that are close to them in age that stay full time on the island. One thing that I found quite interesting was what Maria said about getting your loved ones brought back to life, and if that includes Kinzo does it also include Kinzo getting the love of his life, Beatrice, brought back to life too? So, I think that if Battler and the rest end up winning it just might be a win for Beatrice and Kinzo, they can rush off into the jungle and make mad love for the rest of their lives.

I dare you to shoot me

        This episode picks up at the shed with George finding out that Shannon was wearing his ring on her ring finger, and he’s told that he shouldn’t look at her face. Later, back inside the house, Maria is told about the killings, and Natsuhi leaves to tell Kinzo about the killings with Eva insisting that she come too. As they’re walking out of the room, Chiyo calls them to the dining hall where it looks like some of the murders took place. When Jessica, Battler, and George are alone, Jessica asks Battler how he’s doing? He tells her that his anger is greater than his sadness, and George agrees with Battler.

 Shannon is murdered 001Shannon is wearing George's ringGeorge is very angry

they're all dead Maria

        Later, the doctor shows Maria a symbol and he asks her if she knows about this, Maria gets a crazed look on her face and she finishes drawing the symbol and tells them that it stand for release from bondage and gaining freedom. Maria continues to slip between little girl mode and crazy mode. Natsuhi, Eva, and Genji enter the room and Genji tells them that the radio is out and they have no contact with the mainland until the boat returns to the island. Battle thinks that means the killer will still be stuck here but Maria says the killer isn’t human.  Then Natsuhi and Eva tells them that Kinzo is missing and they should search for him. At around 10:30 AM the group still hasn’t located Kinzo, Battler and Eva have a discussion about who could have killed the group, and Eva casts suspicion on one or more of the servants working together or with a family member. She tells Battler that she had the most to gain because all the money now belongs to her, but if she did it, the crime wouldn’t have been so messy or suspicious.

Maria in creepy little girl mode 001 

they could have pulled this off

        While the remaining family members are eating lunch the servants are discussing the murders, Kanon asks why Beatrice had to kill Shannon? Genji says that it had to be fate, then Kanon asks why the madame (Natsuhi) wasn’t also killed? Genji says that the madame’s door was marked, then Kanon says that if the madame was chosen but not killed than Shannon was killed in her place, and at that very moment Battler walks in and says that this is an interesting conversation. When Batter walks in they tell him that Beatrice really exists, she lives in the forest but she has no body, she sometimes moves around in the form of a golden butterfly, and that picture of her was from when she possessed a human body. Maria walks in and says that Beatrice is here now, and the only reason Battler is still alive is that he still has the charm. Battler says that’s BS, because he lost the charm and didn’t have it last night, so the talk of witches and magic is a lie.

 This sound interesting

beatrice is here right now

       Later, Natsuhi breaks out one of Kinzo’s guns saying that it’s now her job to protect the family, and George, Jessica, and Battler discuss the whole Beatrice issue. Battler says that someone desperately wants them to think that the witch is doing this, and George agrees by saying that if the crime was made to look supernatural than everyone would blame the witch. George also speculates that part of the gold’s interest that has to be returned to the witch might include the lives of Kinzo’s children and grand children.

it's my job to protect the family 001repayment might include up

       As all the remaining living people discuss the missing Kinzo, Eva begins to cast suspicion on Natsuhi saying that she killed him, dumped the body out the window, and later hid the body. Eva says that if Kinzo was missing for seven years he’d be declared dead and the money would be hers, this really pisses Jessica off. Natsuhi gets so pissed off that she points the gun at Eva, and Eva dares her to shoot her right now.

 why did they have to kill everybody 001

       Right at that moment, Battler breaks the tension by saying that it’s too early to point guilt towards Natsuhi, and he suggests that Kinzo hid inside the room and slipped outside after Natsuhi and Eva left the room. Eva goes off on Battler’s theory, and Battler throws some suspicion back at Eva suggesting that she might have killed all the others. Back in Eva’s room, her husband asks why she always rides Natsuhi? Well, she says that she’s always hated being behind Krauss, and she wants to pass up Krauss as the head of the family for the sake of her family. When dinner time arrives, Genji and Kanon call Eva and her husband to dinner but they’re not answering the door, Genji uses his pass key and finds the security chain locked from the inside, and he tells Kanon that he’ll inform Natsuhi, so Kanon should get Chiyo and the bolt cutters.

Eva and her husband

       When Kanon and Chiyo arrive with the cutters they find the door marked with another blood symbol/seal. When Kanon and Chiyo enter the room they find Eva murdered by the bed, and they find her husband murdered in the bathtub. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Eva is killed

Her husband is killed

       Well, this episode pretty much had me guessing about who would be killed next and who the possible killer was. Does the evil and vengeful witch Beatrice really exist as Maria and the servants insist? Or is the killer really a living person like Battler suggests? Or does Battler really think that Beatrice does exist and he’s playing a little game theory with Maria by telling her he lost the charm when he really has it all along.

      What I really found interesting is the use of the Bible passage that Maria referred to while she was working on the symbol that the doctor had shown her.

         O LORD, truly I am your servant; I am your servant, the son of your maidservant; you have freed me from my chains.

Well, this passage could really mean something in terms of the storyline, or the writers could just be using the simplest interpretation of the passage, but after doing a little looking I found about 8 different versions of this passage. I might me reading this wrong but it seems to suggest that maybe Kinzo had a child with one of his female servants, and this unknown son (at least unknown to the rest of Kinzo’s family) is now carrying out is bidding or orders. For the many different translations and interpretations of this passage click here.

        Overall, I found this episode to be very suspenseful and engrossing, I just wish they’d tone down the Maria is a creepy little girl thing a bit. If I had to guess at who’s doing the killings I have to say that I think that Kinzo and some bastard son of his are making the blood flow, but all I know is that I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

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