Marie & Gali

Rainy day Marika 

        This episode begins on a rainy day with Marika wondering how long it will continue to rain, Gali tries to read some of a scientific manga to Marika but she says she wants a shojo manga. As soon as Marika mentions the word shojo, the rain stops, the sun returns, and Newton shows up bringing some of his apples for Madame Curie. As Marika, Newton, Gali, and Madame Curie are sharing some drinks outside, Marika asks Newton about the term spectrum.

what caused these lightsNewton is on the scene 

       Newton goes on to explain to Marika that light is not made up of a single color but many combined colors, and if you shine light through glass or other object that acts like a prism you can break down light into its other colors, Newton uses the example of a rainbow to explain this principle to Marika. Gali tells Newton to stop bragging about his old glories and Newton shoots back at Gali asking him why he’s still bragging about his heliocentric theory.

 spectrum is lightthis is the spectruma rainbow has seven colors

       Soon, their argument ends up in an insult contest taking place in a boxing ring with both sides taking shots at each other with Newton landing a hard blow on Gali when he mentioned that Gali caved to pressure and recanted his heliocentric theory. Just as then fight is getting hot and heavy, Madame Curie shows up and forces a piece of apple pie on both Gali and Newton bringing their fight to a close. As Marika is commenting on how much she loves apple pie Newton is upset over the loss of his beloved apples. Well, at the end of the episode we get today’s science lesson; Newton is the one who discovered that light is made up of several colors, and a rainbow is made up of seven colors. Well, that’s all for this episode.

newton defending his rainbowyou wimped out galinow its on Newton

newton and galie all worn out

marika checking out the rainbow

       Well, this was another strange and interesting episode with Marika learning about the spectrum of light. Not much else to say other than I wonder how long it’s going to take Marika to learn to love science, after all, Madame Curie told her this world was created to help children to learn to love science?

Marika and Madame Curie in onsen

         This episode begins with Marika and Madame Curie enjoying the warm relaxing waters of her onsen (hot spring), she tells Marika that the waters contain Radium, a radioactive isotope that she and her late husband discovered. Madame Curie than gives Marika a little lesson about radiation and radioactivity, and she explains to Marika the three basic types of radiation, alpha, beta, and gamma.

Do you know about radationThese are the three typesI'm so confused

         While Marika and Madame Curie are enjoying the onsen, Gali is up in his observatory making important observations like checking out Marika & Madame Curie, and trying to use Flemming to scam Archimedes out of his unpaid oden tab. While Marika & Madame Curie are sitting spa-side, Marika gets the feeling that they’re being watched, Madame Curie sees a glint coming from Gali’s observation area and she sends Pet alone with a cucumber power attack to punish him for peeping. The attack strikes Gali and destroys his telescope in the process, Madame Curie eventually tells Gali that she’s didn’t know he was using his telescope to cheat at chess, and when Archimedes finds out he doubles Gali’s tab.

Checking out the girlschecking out the girls 0002it's my lucky day

the pet-cucumber attack

Gali is blasted

         Gali goes in to a depressed mode over his newly increased food tab until Marika and Madame Curie invite him to join them in the onsen. While they’re in the spa Marika asks Gali what she has to do to return home, and he tells her that she needs to grow to like science. All poor Marika can do is sigh, saying that she might be here forever, but Madame Curie tells her that this town was created to help children like science. She asks Marika what interests her? Marika says that Gali interests her because she can’s understand why a old man like him can be so famous. Madame Curie says that’s easy, all Marika needs to do is to start observing him, so today’s lesson is that science is the observation of things.

lets go in the spalets go in the spa 0002lets go in the spa 0003

you need to wear something 0002Hey, Gali how do I go homeyou need to learn to like science

Marika is shocked about science


this is the city of lost lolis

       Well, Marie & Gali has has always been a pretty strange little series taking place in a weird European-like town that is inhabited by quirky versions of famous historical scientists and inventors. This series takes on a surreal and dreamlike quality when you consider that Marika hangs out with a living plush doll, and other than the people Marika directly interacts with are all drawn as some version of a cardboard cutout. But, when Marika finally asked Gali how she can get home we get some answers about her situation and the whole series. Gali tells Marika that the way she can get home is to grow to like science, and Madame Curie also says that this city is created for children who don’t like science to learn to like science. So, I’m assuming that the city and all the characters were created out of Marika’s mind because maybe our girl is failing or at least not doing well in her school’s science classes. Maybe this series should have been named “the city of lost scientifically challenged loligoth girls” , but either way, I’ll take Marika in her loligoth swimsuit over her Lolita look any-day.

the flying DaVinci

       This episode begins with Madame Curie having trouble with her sliding balcony door, Gali offers to fix it, but instead she calls Leonardo da Vinci for the repair. After a little while, Gali and da Vinci start arguing, Madame Curie tell Marika that Gali is jealous of da Vinci’s genius. Then da Vinci spots Marika and calls her cute, he asks her if she would like to model for a painting? Yes, of course, if Pet can be in the scene.

this door is a problemhey, Da Vinci come herehey fix the door 001

Gali & DaVinci fightingGali is Jelous of DaVinciwill you model

DaVinci painting Marika

        After he finishes the painting, da Vinci gets bored and begins to tear up the place so he can build some of his inventions. Gali starts yelling at him, but all da Vinci says is that he’ll fix the place later. He finishes building a tank and chases Gali around the place, and soon they all blast through the building’s walls. As they’re falling to the ground da Vinci uses a remote control to call his helicopter to save them, but that soon falls apart. da Vinci hands everyone a parachute, da Vinci & Marika’s parachutes function properly but Gali’s parachute opens letting nothing out but a banner.

doing the paintingdestroying the housescratching Da Vinci's back

Chasing  Gali with a tankFalling out the buildingfalling to earth

the helicopter ride of doom

Da Vinci's chuteMarika's chuteGali's chute

          da Vinci and Marika float back to Madame Curie’s balcony while Gali falls to Earth making an impact crater. When Madame Curie sees Marika and da Vinci she tells them that it looks like they had fun, and she tells da Vinci to just to fix everything up. As da Vinci runs around fixing the place up we see Gali crawling out of his crater. Later, da Vinci reveals two paintings, the first one is of Marika that looks beautiful, and then the second one is of Gali and it looks like a shooting target. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Da Vinci and Marika back to EarthGali climbing out of his hole

Da Vinci's painting of Marika

Da Vinci's painting of Gali

     Well, this was another strange and wonderful episode of Marie & Gali, this time Marika gets to meet Leonardo da Vinci, and he portrayed as a kindly old man who has a hidden streak of mad genius in him. During the course of this episode Marika and us the viewers are treated to some of da Vinci’s most famous drawings and inventions, including his helicopter, bat hang glider, tank, and the Vitruvian Man drawing (see below for some of da Vinci’s original works for comparison).

       Another interesting thing about Marie & Gali is that most people who run into Marika find her very cute or at least attractive. I think that a major reason for this is that the town of Gali Hubble has almost no, or at least very few (as far as I’ve seen in the anime), cute or attractive girls/women under the age of about 30, so Marika’s a prime target. Overall, I found this episode to be laugh out loud funny, and I look forward to each new episode.

Thumbnails of some of da Vinci’s original work.

Leonardo_helicopter 001800px-Leonardo_tankfly3


Marika is thinking 

        This episode begins with Gali taking Marika to a restaurant located on the sea shore called Oden, the owner of Oden is a friend of Gali’s called Archimedes. As soon as Gali and Marika enter his restaurant, Archimedes throws them to the ground and we soon find out that he’s dodging some debt collectors. Soon Archimedes tells them that his restaurant is about to go bankrupt, Gali tells him that he wants to help, and he tells Gali that he can begin by paying off his tab. Gali says no way, he can’t do that.

Marika by the sea

that's one of my favorite placesGrabbing Marika & GaliHiding Marika & Gali

the debt collectorsI'm going broke

           Archimedes cooks up some food for Marika, Gali and pet, and soon Gali starts complaining that his serving is smaller that Marika’s. But, Archimedes uses a water scale to show Gali that his and Marika’s dishes are the same size. Marika says that his food isn’t bad at all, that being the case, Archimedes asks them why his shop is empty? Gali says his face is scary, and after an attempt is made to fix that, it’s ruled a failure by Marika. Then Archimedes suggests that he make more food catering to young girls, Marika suggests French or Italian, Archimedes says no problem, but his fusion cooking attempt is ruled a failure by Marika.

the foodthe water scalethe face fix

trying the fusion cooking

         As Archimedes and Gali are fighting, Marika opens a letter addressed to Archimedes, it says that if he doesn’t pay off his debts they’ll take his restaurant. Archimedes begins to cry, saying it’s all over for him. But, Marika begins to think that his Oden, French, and Italian weren’t that bad individually, she begins to spin around and comes up with the idea that he should do a sushi conveyor belt style restaurant. As, Marika is spinning around, Archimedes comes up with is Eureka moment, and he runs off naked through the streets shouting Eureka over and over.

the debt collectors letterit's all over for meMarika is thinking

Marika is spinning 001Marika is spinning 002Marika is spinning 003

         His Eureka idea is combining food with a revolving screw to create a revolving Oden restaurant. A few days later, Marika and Gali visit his shop and business is booming, Archimedes hugs and kisses Marika in thanks for the great idea. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the eureka moment

running to the futurethe revolving oden restruantthank you Marika 001

       Well, another day in Gali Hubble, and another meal cooked up by a famous historical figure for Marika. Marika & Gali has found a pretty enjoyable and interesting, if not strange, way of introducing historical figures and their scientific discoveries to the viewing audience. It has become a ongoing pattern in this series for Marika to meet someone famous in a situation involving food, Madame and pasta, Fleming and noodles, Newton and his apples, and now Archimedes and Oden. One interesting thing about this episode was that Archimedes’ shop was called Oden, but what he served Marika and Gali looked nothing like any Oden dishes I’ve even seen (most Oden dish that I’ve eaten has been some variation of a hot broth with ingredients) not a jello looking dish. This episode also managed to cover many of Archimedes discoveries and stories related to him.

Marika is cutting zzzzz's 

       This episode starts off with Marika experiencing a terrible dream where she’s a little child being frightened by some weird marching stuffed bears, and in this dream she calls out for her mother and father. When Marika awakens, she goes out to her room’s balcony where she wonders how her mother and father are doing, and Gali shows up and asks Marika if somethings bothering her? After Gali tells Marika that she’s being sentimental her takes her to a ramen cart for some food.

Marika's dream 001Marika's dream 002Marika's dream 003

Marika's feeling down

       It just so happens that the ramen cart is run by MC JF (John Fleming from the promo episode 00), MC JF converts his ramen cart into a D.J station and Gali introduces MC JF to Marika. MC JF can tell that Marika’s not feeling the love, so MC JF starts spinning and singing his Love Coil song for Marika. As the song gets rolling, Gali joins in the singing and dancing, and they even get Marika to join in the singing and dancing. After the song finishes Gali tells Marika that since she sang and danced she must be feeling better? No, Marika tells Gali that she was having trouble sleeping and now she’s fully awake and might not be able to sleep.

the hip hop cart 001Marika on the floorMarika's not feeling the love

lets rock this cart

Marika walkingMarika feel the beata good head spin

the dance 002the dance 003you must be feeling better

       Marika comments that the song was weird, Gali takes exception to the weird comment, and he tells her that now she knows Fleming’s left hand rule of motors. MC JF tells her the middle finger stands for current, the index finger the direction of magnetic current, and at this point Marika starts to get confused, then she gets dizzy, and she finally collapses to the ground. When Gali checks on Marika he finds her fast asleep and he tells MC JF to just let her sleep. So, today’s lesson is the Fleming Left Hand rule, or as Marika puts it, if your having trouble sleeping just study Fleming’s rules. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Fleming's left hand rule

this is currentthe direction of magnitismMarika is getting confused

todays science lesson

         Well, this was a very cute little episode dealing with sleep and Fleming’s rules, also we’re beginning to see Marika show a little bit of weakness. At the start of the series Marika was portrayed as kind of a tough little goth girl with most stuff just rolling off her back, but in the last episode she got a little upset about the bridge into the city going missing, and in this episode Marika is starting to miss her parents. I wonder how long Marika’s going to have to stay in the strange town of Gali Hubble before she gets to meet the wizard, and gets told to click her black goth boot heals together three times and say that there’s no place like home?

Marika and Gali enjoying some Ramen 

          This episode picks up with Gali taking Marika to the best restaurant in town where they order two bowls of soy sauce ramen. Marika looks around the strange restaurant and asks Gali if he’s sure this is a real restaurant? Yes, of course Gali tells her, and we get introduced to the shop’s owner, Heinrich Hertz. Gali tells her that Heinrich studied electromagnetic waves in the past, but Marika says he just looks like a thug. Heinrich uses a machine to convert electromagnetic waves into bowls of megahertz ramen noodles for Marika and Gali, and we even see the stuffed plush Pet eating some noodles.

Marika and Gali at the restrauantHeinrich HertzTwo bowls of ramen please

Marika and Gali trying the noodles

even a stuffed plush is eating

       Gali loves the taste of his ramen noodles but Marika says while the ingredients are top notch all the different ingredients just interfere with each-other. When Heinrich overhears Marika’s comments he starts to get angry and goes back to his food machine and whips up a batch of special salt ramen for them, Gali loves this dish but Marika still thinks that its average, which angers Heinrich even further. So, Heinrich turns his machine to maximum frequency and creates his masterpiece for them. This time Marika says that this dish is the best so far, all the ingredients are in harmony with each-other and balanced, but she says that Madame Curie’s pasta is probably better.

this isnt very good

turning up the powerpower level is 9000Heinrich's new dish

this is very balanced 

        Heinrich is all bummed out over losing, and Marika tells Gali that it’s time to leave. As Marika and Gali are walking out of the shop, Heinrich asks Marika for her name. She pauses for a second, and tells him that he can call her the wandering glutton, and a few seconds later Heinrich’s food machine explodes from the strain. Then Heinrich tells us that today’s lesson is that electromagnetic waves interfere with each-other, and Marika says that Madame Curie’s pasta is the best. Well, that’s all for this episode.

what's your name little ladythe exploding noodle shopthe lesson of the day

I'm the wandering glutton

      Well, Marika’s strange adventures in the town of Gali Hubble continues with a trip to a noodle shop ran by Heinrich Hertz, and I felt the way that they covered the principle of electromagnetic waves and interference was pretty funny. I thought that using ramen noodle dishes and their ingredients to demonstrate harmony or discordance was pretty good and different from anything I’ve seen in along time. Also, after several episodes I thought that Pet was just a stuffed plush doll that happened to move around but we also got to see that Pet likes to eat ramen noodles on occasion.

A pissed off loligoth

         This episode begins with Gali trying to get Marika to chose a place to visit in town, Marika tells Gali that she wants to visit a butler cafe which he miss-hears her saying she wants to visit a sheep cafe. After that misunderstanding is worked out Marika hears the sounds of a hot guy, sending her heart all aflutter.

Marika lets go somewhere

Butler cafe 001Butler cafe 002Butler cafe 003

Marika's in male rapture

sheep cafe 001sheep cafe 002sheep cafe 003

Marika's in veal rapture

        Marika’s heart starts pounding louder and louder and she sprouts wings on her back and flies off with Gali in hot pursuit. When Marika finally stops, she sees a very attractive young man sitting on a park bench reading a book, Gali tells Marika that the young man is named Newton and he’s a little bit strange. Gali tries to stop Marika from flying to Newton, but to no avail, Gali makes the comment that for someone who dresses so strangely she sure likes pretty boys, and Marika turns around and beats Gali with her parasol for that comment. Marika goes up to Newton and introduces herself to which Newton says that once again just like gravity his manly sexiness has attracted another young girl to him (major DB moment or a Hosaka moment).

Marika's hearts a flutterthe Marika shy look 001Marika flying off

the sexy Newton

hello I'm Marikabehold my sexy body

        Newton goes on to tell Marika that people with allure attract other people with allure and it’s called the universal law of attraction. He says that if he’s the Earth and women are the apples in the trees then when they fall they’re attracted to him. Just as Marika’s about to ask him a question (or the question) he interrupts her and says she’s not his type, he prefers women who wear red and are round like apples.

Marika likes what she seeswomen falling to NewtonMarika falling to Newton

         Poor Marika, she had her loli-goth heart broken, Gali says he warned her that Newton was strange but Marika is depressed that she lost to a apple. When Marika starts pouting, Gali tells her that now her face looks like an apple, Pet hands Marika her parasol and she drives Gali into the lake just like a golf ball. Marika and Pet hop into a boat and paddle out to where Gali is and Marika tells Gali that all this disappointment has made her hungry. So they paddle off into the  distance with Gali telling Marika that he’ll get her something to eat, and Marika says OK as long as it’s not apples. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Newton's kind of woman

Marika as a appleMarika in the apple binI told you he was strange

now your face is like an appleto the water hazard

now I'm famished

        Well, it was pretty funny seeing the sometimes distant and serious loli-goth Marika fawning all over a guy, while Newton was quite the attractive pretty boy he was pretty much a DB almost rising to the level of Hosaka from Minami-ke.

Hosaka 001001

Also see this video for more on the BD method.

        The whole learning point of this episode was to teach Marika about Newton’s law of universal gravitation, but when Newton explains this law to Marika he substitutes allure for mass in his explanation. Overall, this cute but strange anime has got me hooked on following the adventures of Marika discovering the wonders that the town of Gali Hubble holds.

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