Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)

          After watching thirteen episodes of, and blogging twelve episodes of Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) I’ve decided to drop my episodic coverage of Letter Bee. I felt that Letter Bee had started off strongly, but as the episodes went by I grew tired of Lag’s crying, and decidedly un-shonen like behavior. My disdain for Lag’s crying has reached the point where if I have to cover one more episode of him crying like a baby, I’ll……..


Goodbye, Niche and Steak, you were the most interesting part of the entire series.

       So, I’ll be picking up episodic coverage of Sora no Woto to fill the gap left after dumping Letter Bee. At least Kanata is self-aware enough to know she sucks.

       This episode begins on “Holy Night” with Lag asking what “Holy Night” is. So, it gets explained to Lag that the holiday was set up for the people to honor the Empress and pray for a happier life, and the Bees will be delivering packages to the needy children in the northern areas.


      Well, we soon see that the Bees have to wear Santa outfits while making their deliveries, and Lag gets partnered with Zazie for the night. This night is also new experience for Niche since the Dingos have to stay behind, and it takes some convincing on Aria’s part to explain it to her.

      As Zazie and Lag make their way up the snow covered path to the delivery address they both fall a couple of times, and Zazie’s in a pretty foul mood. When they get to the front door they’re greeted by a little girl (Sonja) who is very happy seeing the Holy Night messengers for the first time. Lag and Zazie present Sonja with her gift which happens to be a picture book. Then Lag asks Sonja for her wish, the messengers are supposed to grant one wish to the recipient of the gift, and Sonja chooses to have them stay for dinner.

       Sonja tells them to wait inside while she gets everything ready, and Lag notices that Sonja seems to be all alone. Zazie says it’s none of their business but Lag goes outside and helps Sonja chop wood and shovel snow. Then Sonja remembers that she has to shop for ingredients, so Lag asks Zazie to go with her while he finishes with the snow. Zazie declines Lag’s offer and says he’ll finish the shoveling and Lag can go shopping with her, but Zazie is forced to go with her since she wants to talk with the other messenger.


      Well, Zazie isn’t very friendly with Sonja while they’re walking to the village, she asks him many questions and he gives the shortest answers possible. Once they reach town and begin shopping, Zazie notices that the villagers aren’t very friendly towards Sonja and even seem to shun her.  When Zazie waiting outside a shop for Sonja a village resident walks up to Zazie and warns him to stay away from that girl.


      Later, we see that Sonja has cooked a tremendous Holy Night meal for the three of them, turkey with all the fixings. Lag digs in with gusto while Zazie remembers the warning and is a little more reserved. After they finish dinner it’s snowing so hard that it’s impossible for them to leave so Sonja offers them shelter in exchange for one of them to read the book to her. Well, guess what, Lag does the reading and he and Sonja are soon reduced to a pile of tears. Zazie makes the comment that they’re both crybabies. Lag asks Zazie didn’t he cry when he first read the book, and he says he did but he was a kid when it happened.


      Sonja then tells them that her dream is to be able to draw good enough where she’ll be able to make a picture book everyone will want to read. The storm continues to rage outside so Lag and Zazie play cards with, draw pictures with, pray with, and finally call it a night and sleep with Sonja. While Sonja and Lag are crashed Zazie is still awake because he remembers the warning the villager gave him.


       Just as Zazie is about to crash Sonja thanks him for making her dream come true, and Zazie finally asks her why she’s alone. Sonja asks him if he heard the villagers. Yes. She tells Zazie that she’s alone because both her parents were killed by a Gaichuu and now they shun her because they believe that children whose parents are killed by a Gaichuu will draw other Gaichuu to them. Zazie gets angry and says that’s not true, but Sonja says try telling them that. Sonja goes on to say that’s the reason she doesn’t go to the village, plus this house contains all the memories of her parents.


       After Sonja says goodnight to Zazie he lays awake thinking back to when his own parents were killed by a Gaichuu, and he wonders why he became a Letter Bee. Then next morning when Lag and Zazie are leaving, Sonja thanks them for the gift and for all the help with the chores. Just as Zazie is about to say something to Sonja a panicked villager runs up to them saying a Gaichuu has attacked the village.


      As soon as the group reaches the village, people start to blame Sonja’s visit to the village for attracting the Gaichuu there but Zazie goes off on them telling them it’s not her fault.

       Zazie tells Lag to distract the Gaichuu and he’ll attack its weak spot from above. Lag gets the Gaichuu’s attention and Zazie attacks from above destroying the Gaichuu. When Zazie is charging his gun we see that he charges it with hatred and malice while Lag uses his precious feelings. After the battle is over he tells the villagers that a Gaichuu isn’t attracted by a little girl, but they’re draw by heart, so all the holiday gift giving probably attracted the Gaichuu. Zazie goes on to tell the villagers if another Gaichuu appears just call him and he’ll destroy it.

       While, Lag and Zazie are returning by wagon, Zazie thinks back to the parting gift of ribbons that Sonja gave them, he seems quite happy with his experiences with Sonja. When Zazie returns home he places the ribbon that Sonja gave him around the neck of a stray cat that he took pity on at the beginning of the episode. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       I found this episode to be quite interesting and fulfilling despite it being a filler episode. Getting a little back story on Zazie was very nice, and I found it quite interesting that Zazie powers his gun with hatred and malice VS Lag’s use of precious feelings. This leads to an interesting question, if a Bee like Gauche used up too much of his heart and bad things happened what happens if Zazie uses up all his hatred and malice. Does he become unable to function and just lay around and cry every couple of hours like Lag does.

        Also, this episode raises a major question about the Gaichuu, if the Gaichuu are so numerous that a lot of orphans are being created what the hell is Amberground’s government doing about it, and why are they just letting it happen, isn’t the first responsibility of a government the safety of its citizens. I’m starting to get this weird feeling that the Amberground government has something to do with the Gaichuu problem, and could they just be a tool used to keep its citizens in fear and under control. I really feel that there has to be some linkage between the Gaichuu, the Empress, the artificial sun, and the day of flicker.

Damn, another sad girl in the snow

She’s cute, she chops wood, she cleans, she shovels snow, and she cooks. Hell, I’ll adopt her, and buy her a Snuggie.


           This episode begins with us getting the first verse of Amberground’s scripture, and then we see Sylvette seeing Lag and Niche off to work. Then we get a little Skit involving Niche and her underwear, we find out that Sylvette has gotten Niche to wear more girly ones in exchange for not making that nasty soup for three days, and Niche’s not happy with the new style.

          Then Lag runs into another Bee while traveling to a pickup and Moc Sullivan tells Lag that he wonders if someone like him should be a Bee. He goes on to tell Lag that it’s not necessary to know anything about a letter, or its heart, only that it was delivered properly.

           When Lag arrives at the pickup address, he finds out that he’s early and the man (Vincent) hasn’t finished writing the letter. Vincent asks Lag for some lies/tall stories to put into his letter and Lag is shocked about the idea of putting lies in a letter. Then Vincent tells Lag to look around him and see how shitty of a situation he’s living in, of course he can’t tell his mother the truth because she’d worry about him.  Vincent tells Lag to shut up and just deliver the letter, and it’s none of his business what he writes about anyway.

         Later, just as Lag is about to deliver the letter to Vincent’s mother, they get attacked by a Gaichuu while walking across a rope bridge.  While Lag has Niche carry Vincent’s mother to safely he has to decide whether or not a letter of lies is worth risking his life for, and he decides that it’s worth the risk. After a short battle, Niche and Lag defeat the Gaichuu, and some of the fragments from Lag’s Shindan hit Vincent’s letter.

         Well, Vincent’s true situation is revealed, he’s been writing novels and stories but keeps getting rejected over and over. Lag tells Vincent’s mother not to look at that, but read the letter instead. Vincent’s mother is in tears when she tells Lag that she’s glad that her son hasn’t given up, and she tells Lag that her son has a great imagination. She goes on to tell Lag that Vincent is a terrible liar so those BS letters he had been sending her just made her worry.

          Later, guess what? Lag shares a nice cry with Vincent’s mother before heading back to town.  Then we see Niche showing Lag that Steak has swallowed one of Vincent’s books along with an unposted letter. Next, we get another skit involving Niche, Steak, and underwear, because we and Lag can see that Niche has taken off the girly underwear and Steak is now wearing them, and Lag has to promise Niche to buy her some baggy ones with his first paycheck. Well, that’s all for this episode.

         Well, I’m going to go on a small rant about this series. I don’t mind filler episodes as long as they make sense, but it looks like we’re getting back to back filler episodes, this one, plus the upcoming  Christmas episode. Other than the beginning of this episode where we got to hear the first verse of Amberground’s scripture everything else was pretty much recycled Letter Bee tropes; Lag cries, Niche underwear skits, Lag cries some more,  Sylvette’s terrible soup, and Lag cries again, you get the picture.

         With Letter Bee episodes being only 20 minutes long including the opening and the ending songs you would think that the creators/writers would consider every minute precious, but it seems that we’re going to continue getting bad jokes about Niche’s underwear choices, Sylvette’s poor cooking, and Lag crying at every possible moment instead of progressing the story forward.

        Well, this episode begins with Lag renting Gauche’s old room from Sylvette, and we see that Sylvette has her hands full with getting Niche to do things like brush her teeth. Later, Lag thanks Sylvette for letting him rent the room, and Sylvette makes Lag promise that as long has he’s living here he’ll come home. Then Sylvette makes Lag and Niche her brother’s favorite dish, and it tastes just like that crappy soup Gauche fed him in the first episodes.


         Later, Lag is saved from having to eat more of Sylvette’s food by a knock on the front door; Aria Link has stopped by for Lag’s first work day. Aria gives Lag a bag and tells him to hurry up and change. Outside, we see Lag reappear in a Letter Bee uniform with both Aria and Sylvette waiting on him. Sylvette hands Lag her brother’s old gun and lunch for him and Niche, as Lag departs with Aria we see that Sylvette has tears in her eyes.


        Lag asks Aria where she’s taking them, and she tells them they’ll know when they arrive. During the ride, Lag finds out that Aria knows about Lag being a letter, and Aria finds out that Lag knows her because he was shot by Gauche.


       They finally arrive at an elevated part of the road where Lag and Niche are given a spectacular view of Amberground’s artificial sun.  Aria tells them that this is the Hill of Prayer, the place where you can feel closest to the sun. Aria goes on to tell them that Amberground was founded by the Empress who rules over the country and whom we worship, and this hill is a holy place where we pray to the Empress under the light. Lag asks Aria why she brought them here, and she says that Gauche loved this place since we were little.


         She tells them that she and Gauche would come here every day and pray for their safety until twelve years ago on day 311, called “The day of Flicker”, on that day Gauche lost a precious part of his heart. Lag asks what happened. On that day, while Gauche was on the hill, his mother went into labor and was in a very bad way, and Aria was sent to get him. As Aria was running up the hill the sun went out and only starlight was visible, Aria watched as a government airship crashed from the sky. When Aria reached Gauche the sun was back on but Gauche was in a trance/daze talking about the sun flickering on and off.


        Well, when Aria and Gauche return, Gauche’s mother is dead but his infant sister is born. Gauche grabs his sister and names her Sylvette shocking everyone around him. They ask him if he’s giving his sister the same name as his dead mother. It seems that Gauche has lost all memories of/feelings for his mother. Gauche promises to always be there for his sister, and he notices that something is wrong with her legs.


        Lags asks if the Flicker caused this, and Aria says the government announced that it was doing an adjustment/examination of the sun that day and they claim the airship crash was unrelated. Lag asks if that’s true, and Aria says that’s what the government claims and she doesn’t know. Aria gives Lag a bit of advice telling him that if you get to close to the sun darkness will grow in your heart, and that’s what it means to aim for the Head Bee position.


        Just then, Conner runs up to Lag and Aria and tells them that Zazie ran into trouble with a whole lot of Gaichuu and is requesting backup, Aria tells Lag to get going. Lag thanks Aria for the word of warning as he heads off, and he also tells Aria that he was also born on The Day of Flicker.


       Well, Lag arrives on the scene to help Zazie and he has to learn to control is Shindan energy levels. Lag and Niche work as a team with Zazie and his dingo to take care of the Gaichuu, and after the battle is over he joins Zazie and Conner for a snack from Lag’s canteen, oh no it’s Sylvette’s nasty soup. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, after watching this episode the mysteries only deepen and the connection between Gauche, Sylvette, Lag, and Lag’s mother only grow stronger. I sure wasn’t expecting to find out that Lag was born on the same day as Sylvette, and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that to be the day that Gauche’s mother died and the sun flickered.  It’s really going to be interesting to figure out why the Day of Flicker took from Gauche his memories of his mother, Sylvette the use of her legs, Gauche’s and Sylvette’s mother’s life, while giving Lag an spirit amber eye.  Also, this episode raises the question of why Gauche had to work hard at becoming a Bee if his family already lived on the “good” side of the river, doesn’t being a citizen have its bennies.

        Also, it was quite funny finding out the source of Gauche’s poor taste in soup, of course he’s goanna love his sister’s soup even if it tastes like shit. For me, Niche continues to be one of the best characters in the whole damn series, and for god sakes can Lag go more than a day without crying his eyes out.

“Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There’s no crying! THERE’S NO CRYING IN SHONEN ANIME!”

       All I can say is that it’s going to be an interesting ride watching Lag getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the artificial sun and finding out if/how Amberground’s government is corrupt. Another interesting note was Aria warning Lag about getting to close to the sun, and getting darkness inside your heart.  Her comments to Lag raise an interesting parallel between Gauche’s actions in attempting to become Head Bee and the myth of Icarus, and did he like Icarus fly to close to the sun?

Question; did the creators use Saaya Irie as Sylvette’s body model, both are twelve?

        This episode begins with Sylvette having a flashback of her brother vowing to work hard to become Head Bee so she can live better and walk again, Sylvette thinks to herself what did he accomplish by losing his heart. Lag walks in on Sylvette crying and they reach out to one another, and Lag spirit amber eye charges, so he fires the shot at Gauche’s gun.


        Then we get a flashback/vision of Lag talking with Gauche about his mother, Sylvette’s birth, his lack of previous memories from before Sylvette’s birth, and why he became a Bee. We Also see flashbacks of Gauche’s battles and his deliveries, and his fights seem to take a ever growing toll on him. Then we see Gauche asking the Head Bee for ever more work in order for him to get a job in the capital, and we also see Aria telling Gauche that she’s worried about his heart.

         Then the scene changes for a bit to Conner, Niche, and Steak where we see that Conner easing Niche’s worries about Lag. Back inside Sylvette’s house Gauche’s gun is still giving off memories where we see Gauche being followed by some suspicious characters. After giving them the slip we see Gauche buying a new custom revolver and being warned that the new gun will use more heart than his normal gun, and we also see that the seller telling Gauche that his old gun is worth a lot of money if he wants to sell it.


       After eating a meal with the merchant, Gauche tells him that he’s heading off to the capital this weekend, and Gauche refuses to sell his old gun. The merchant asks Gauche if he was followed. Yes. The merchant tells Gauche that they are rumors of a anti-government group called “reverse” forming that wishes to reform the current government, and he tells Gauche that the word is that they’re targeting Bee’s that work in the capital.


        Then we see Gauche giving his gun to Sylvette and telling her that if his good friend comes calling please give him this gun, Sylvette asks if it’s the crybaby boy her age? Yes, his name is Lag Seeing. As Lag reaches for the “memory” all the memories and illusions vanish.


       A tearful Lag tells Sylvette that no matter what happened to Gauche he’ll become a Bee and travel the world and find and return Gauche to her. Sylvette tells Lag that he’s first person she’s met that’s a bigger crybaby then her, and she give Gauche’s gun to Lag. She also tells Lag that she’s sorry for not giving it to him earlier because she was afraid of a flood of memories about her brother.


       Once Lag returns to the wagon he’s in better shape and thanks Niche for her help, and that he’s counting on her in the future. Inside the Bee Hive, the Head Bee informs Lag that having passed his exams he is hired as a full-fledged Bee, and that only he and Jiggy come from Yokada. Lag tells them that his dream is to deliver hearts and dreams, and his goal is the same as Gauche’s. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, while this episode answered some questions it also raised many more, like did Gauche lose his heart or did he find out that the government of Amberground is corrupt, or is he dead? Another interesting question is why Gauche felt it necessary to get a more powerful gun that drains even more heart than normal? Also, I would like to know why Aria didn’t go looking for Gauche after he disappeared if she was so close to him. 

       Regardless of the new questions, I’m glad that Letter Bee seems to be reaching the meat of its story; Lag finding and returning Gauche to his sister. Well, Letter Bee sure is a shonen series because every female except Niche is racked and stacked whether or not they’re thirteen or thirty. The only thing that separates this series from a normal shonen series is that our male protagonist cries more than any male lead I’ve ever seen, and for a while I couldn’t figure out who was supposed to be the girl, Lag or Sylvette?

        I also worry about Niche’s long term future, while she claims to be Niche’s dingo her feelings have to go deeper than that, Niche is a girl after all. While Niche may be the “child of Maka” she has to feel more than just loyalty towards Lag, and I wonder if she’ll get jealous or emotionally hurt if Lag becomes romantically attached to Sylvette. Maybe, we’ll see a Conner/Niche relationship develop or maybe Niche will be happy just being a dingo. 

        This episode begins with Lag questioning Zazie about Gauche no longer being a Bee, and Zazie tells him that Gauche had worked his way up to being a candidate for Head Bee and then must have had a nervous breakdown or something that caused him to quit. Lag is so upset that he tells Zazie to stop lying about Gauche.

        Later, Connor and Zazie take Lag to visit Sylvette, and Lag doesn’t respond to Connor’s apology about not telling him about Gauche. After Lag has left the wagon, Connor tells Zazie about what Gauche meant to Lag. Zazie heads back to the Bee Hive leaving Connor to wait for Lag’s return.

         When Lag enters Sylvette’s house he encounters a strange doll and a gun toting woman who at  first mistakes Lag for a bill collector. Lag then realises that the woman is none other than Gauche’s sister Sylvette, and Sylvette also figures out that he must be Lag Seeing.

        Sylvette makes some tea with milk for Lag and Niche, and Niche doesn’t drink the tea until Sylvette makes a comment about Niche staying small (Niche does a comparison between her and Sylvette’s tomato’s).

        Well, Sylvette tells Lag that he’s just like Gauche described him, and Lag tells Sylvette that he met her through the Shindan that Gauche shot him with. Well, Sylvette tells Lag to stop, and she tells him that Gauche isn’t here and points him towards a letter.

        The letter is a termination letter stating that Gauche is fired because of his absences from the Bee Hive and his failure to appear at a hearing, so his crossing pass is terminated and his residence in the capital is revoked. Meanwhile, back at the Bee Hive, we see Aria looking over an old picture of her and Gauche and thinking back to when the Head Bee had her deliver Gauche’s termination notice to Sylvette.

        Sylvette tells Lag that soon after Gauche crossed into Akatsuki he lost his heart and disappeared. Well, Lag asks about Sylvette’s gun (Gauche’s old gun) and she says that Gauche had a new gun made once he arrived at the capital and that this gun doesn’t contain spirit amber, she uses it to bluff people. Sylvette tells Lag that over the last 4 1/2 years she’s seen no report of her brother or heard from him, so she’s given up hope, he’s dead to her. Lag tells her that Gauche was doing everything for her, but Sylvette says he reaped what he sowed and that she never asked for anything other than to be with her brother. She goes on to say that he pushed himself to ruin by taking the most difficult deliveries. Sylvette tells Lag that she was glad to met him and apologies for the bad new, and she also tells Lag to leave and never come back.

       On the wagon ride back, Lag asks Niche what she’d do if he lost his heart and forgot her. Well, Niche tells him that she’d drop him, bite him, and lick him. But, she also tells him that she’s his dingo and she would never forget him, so they’ll always be together.

       At that point, Lag tells Connor to stop the wagon because he’s going back to see Sylvette. When Lag leaves the wagon, Niche tries to follow, but Connor grabs her and says that Lag should see Sylvette alone. Soon, Niche comments of Connor’s squishy waist, and she also asks Connor if you need nice breasts to be beautiful? Before Connor can give her a answer he needs a little help with Steak who’s decided to taste Connor’s head.

       As Lag rushes to Sylvette’s house he thinks that she gave up hope because it was too sad to bear, and he also thinks that Gauche is still alive somewhere, he vows to become Sylvette’s hope and he’ll search for Gauche. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, as Letter Bee has progressed Lag’s done a lot of crying over other people’s troubles. But, in this episode Lag’s tears come from his own sadness. Since the beginning of the series Gauche has always served as Lag’s standard for judging his manhood; Gauche would never quite so I won’t, Gauche works hard for his sister so I’ll work hard for my mother, and Gauche is a Letter Bee so I’ll become a Letter Bee. So, when Lag is confronted with the knowledge that his idol wasn’t perfect it really rocked his world. It must have really shocked Lag to see how Gauche’s dream and Sylvette’s reality conflict with each other; Gauche’s dream was to get his sister to Akatsuki so her life would be better, and all Sylvette wanted was to be with her brother. So, while Gauche achieved his dream, Sylvette’s life isn’t any better in Akatsuki, and it could be argued that her life is even more lonely and sad in Akatsuki. By the end of the episode, Lag’s decided to take on the maybe impossible task of becoming Sylvette’s light of hope, I guess it’s time for him to payback what Gauche did for him.

       I also found it quite interesting that while Niche considers herself Lag’s dingo, she’s now comparing herself to other girls in terms of looks and attractiveness. Sorry, Niche, I don’t think you’ll grow much in the tomato department because I think that operating those golden swords uses up a lot of energy that normal girls might have used in other areas. Also, I wish that the girls in my high school would have drank some of Sylvette’s tea with milk, for her being only slightly older than Lag she got better equipment than many of the girl’s I dated while in the Army and in college.

that's your goal Lag

        This episode begins with Lag, Niche, and Steak passing the guardian of Bifrost’s test, and they are allowed to cross the bridge. Once on the other side, Niche, Lag and Steak again face another guardian, the twin of Signal (the guardian from the other side) before being allowed to exit. While they were crossing the bridge, Lag accepts Niche as his Dingo causing her to put her pants back on, and Lag also gets wet because he had to rescue Steak from the water.

Lag and Niche 1

Lag and Niche 2Lag and Niche 3Lag and Niche 4

       On the other side, Lag finds Connor waiting for him and he introduces Niche as his Dingo. Connor takes them by wagon to Yuusari Central, the capital city, Yuusari Central is very lively and vibrant. Lag asks Connor if Gauche’s sister Sylvette lives here, and he says yes but he’s also very quiet whenever Gauche’s name come up.

I've finally made it

        When they arrive at the main post office (the Bee hive) Lag’s rush to make a good impression cause quite a stir, and soon Lag meets the sub-master who happens to be Gauche’s friend Aria Link. After Lag is fully dressed he is taken to meet the master (Largo Lloyd), who happens to be none other than the rare anime collector from the last town. When Lag first notices who Lloyd is, he tells him he can’t have his friend and dingo, Niche. Lloyd tells Lag that he intended to use the child of Maka as his own dingo on business trips (OK, I really buy that). Aria sends Lag to wait at an apartment complex to begin his interview.

Meeting Aria

so we meet againNiche is my friendI won't let you sell her

        Once Lag arrives at the apartment, he’s introduced to Macky Gee (age 17) and his dingo Resia, they’re each given a letter and told that their sole task is to deliver their letters to the proper address, no time limit and they are both told that all 22 of the previous test takers have failed the exam. Each is offered a Shindanjuu gun and amber, Macky chooses the largest gun, but Lag tells Aria that he has his own gun and amber.

everyone has failed so far

the other letter bee wanabeethe exam maybe stopped

       Outside, Macky is very cocky towards Lag and about the task, he decides to take the carriage while Lag chooses to go by foot. As the two head off, we see Aria watching Lag from above and wondering if Lag is the silver haired Albisian child that she heard about?

Is Lag that child

       When Macky reaches the encounter with the Gaichuu (they were basically told they would encounter one), he and his dingo are worthless, his dingo runs away and he starts crying for help. Finally, Lag, Niche, and Steak arrive on the scene, and after a tough battle they destroy the Gaichuu but Lag is covered with mud and his letter is missing. The entire battle was observed by a Bee (Zazie) who is serving as exam proctor, and who’s job is also to prevent the test takers from being killed.

Coming throughfrom above Lagaiming point here

the blast 001

the blast 002

        When Lag delivers his letter the woman goes all “postal” on Lag because the letter is very soiled unlike the clean letter Macky delivered. As Lag is saying his apologies, Zazie shows up and gives the lady some stamps for the inconvenience and asks to see the other letter. Once Zazie has the letter he has Lag shoot it with his Shindan revealing to everyone that Macky forged the letter to pass the test, Zazie tells Macky to train his heart and try again.

my letter is dirty

shooting the letter

       Later, Zazie tells Lag that he did a great job, and almost got the all time speed record, faster than him, Conner, and Jiggy. He tells Lag that since Gauche is no longer a Bee he’s really the new record holder, Lag stops in his tracks and asks Zazie if Gauche is really no longer a Bee? Well, cliffhanger time, that’s all for this episode.

Gauche is no longer a bee

say that again

       Well, I think that we’ve reached the real beginning of Letter Bee with Lag seeming to be well on his way to becoming a full fledged Bee. In the next few episodes it seems that Lag’s got quite a bit of work ahead of him, he’ll have to discover why Gauche gave up his dream of becoming head Bee, and he’ll have to discover who kidnapped his mother, and why. I really don’t trust Largo Lloyd because there has to be more to his interest in the Child of Maka/Niche than his needing a dingo excuse he feed to Lag, and I get the feeling that there’s corruption somewhere in the Letter Bee management. Also, I thought that Niche and her dingo bait stole the show in the fight with the Gaichuu, Steak rocks!

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