My next entry into my Japanese idol/cute girl category will be Hiroko Sato. Hiroko was born on February 17, 1985 in  Kanagawa, Japan. Her vital statics are Age 23/ H-160 B85-W55-H85. Hiroko began her singing, acting and modeling career when she was almost 18 years old, she has appeared in at least 15 modeling DVDs and in over 15 photo books, she has appeared in several television series and several movies (mostly horror), the role where some Americans might have seen her in was her staring role in the film ‘Chô’ kowai hanashi A: yami no karasu, released in the US under the name (Cursed, released by the Tokyo Shock label), I have a copy of Cursed and it’s not a bad J-horror film. Well, in her various photo book appearances she poses in mostly tasteful shots, and she occasionally does some cosplay, and will even sometimes put on her old school uniform. Almost all of her old photo books and DVDs are still available at amazon.com.jp. Below are a couple of pictures of Hiroko for your viewing pleasure.