My next entry in my cute girl/Japanese idol category is  Jun Natsukawa,  Jun was born in Hiroshima, on September 19, 1980 (age 27). She has had a professional modeling career since 2003, and is featured in over 17 DVDs, and at least 9 photo books. Jun has appeared small television roles even one where she played a schoolgirl who falls in love with her teacher, yea as if a teacher could really be so lucky.

     Jun has appeared in many TV commercials, and she has even released a music CD covering a anime theme song. She had a small controversy in 2007 when she was forced to admit that she was older than she claimed to be, at the time she claimed to be born in 1983 when she was really born in 1980. I really don’t care that she was three years older, this is one woman I would sell my soul to be with. Her vital stats are height-165, Bust-85 Waist-59 Hips-85, below are some of my favorite pics of her, enjoy.

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