My next entry in my cute girl/ Japanese Idol category will be Saaya Irie. The reason that I am choosing Saaya for this post is that in a previous post I placed a picture of Saaya without putting her name on the picture and that pic has become my most clicked on non-anime picture. So if your over eighteen years old and reading this post you will go straight to hell.

      Saaya was born in Fukuoka, Japan on November 15, 1993. Saaya has appeared in several photo books, DVDs, live action films, and done anime voice work. Her most notable film role is that she starred in a live action film adaption of the Hell Girl anime series, and Saaya has also been in the musical groups Sweet Kiss and Chase. Saaya is one of the most popular junior idols in Japan, and she also has a large following China and Korea. Her vital stats are height 152 (4′-11”) B80-W57-H80 (35D-25-35), her hobbies are dancing, singing, and calligraphy, and Saaya likes to participate in the sports of basketball, and badminton. Below are a few pics of Saaya, click on pics to view at fill size and reserve your place in hell.