For my next stocking stuffer I’m including three manga that I consider to be diamonds in the rough. The first manga is Mysterious Girlfriend X, and it’s the story of a boy, a mysterious female transfer student, and some strange saliva. The second manga is My Lovely Ghost Kana, and it’s a sweet slightly naughty romance story about a young man, a haunted apartment, a sexy ghost, and whether the boundaries between life and death can stop the power of love. The third manga is Love Story Killed, and it’s a brutal tale about the price that war extracts from a young soldier and a girl he meets on the battlefield.


Mysterious Girlfriend X by Kotonoha


My Lovely Ghost Kana by Solaris-SVU


Love Story Killed by Snoopycool

Click on this link to download all three manga; give me Christmas manga

     Well, this will probably be my last Candy Candy manga page update, for all of you lovers of great shojo romance please check my manga page for it’s content, and enjoy for that’s all there is of the Candy Candy manga.

     I just updated my Candy Candy  manga page with a few new links, plus a link to a special treat for all the Candy fans out there.

I’ve updated my Candy Candy manga page again for the holidays, by posting an additional link to manga volume 4, so if you want to read this classic shojo manga (1975-1975) please go to my Candy Candy manga page.

After many request, I grabbed my torch and and my Indiana Jones whip, and ventured in to the caves of twilight to open the vaults of time (hard drives, Zip drives, and so forth) to unearth two more lost jewels. So if your a Candy fan and would like to see these shoujo jewels, please go to my Candy Candy manga page, and enjoy the classic shoujo melodrama that is Candy.

I fixed the link on the Candy Candy Manga page it should finally work now, sorry for the mistake.

For all the Candy Candy Manga fans that have been telling me to post more of volume one on my Candy Candy Manga page, I just don’t have time to post the pages individually. So, if you go to my Candy Candy Manga page and scroll down and click on the link named Candy Candy Volume 1 you can download the file in zip format. If there’s any sad candy girls out there on the web web remember “your much prettier when you smile” I hope volume 1 of Candy Candy cheers you up. I just uploaded the file so it might be a while before it’s available if you can’t currently download it please try later.

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