This episode begins with Keita and his two sisters celebrating at a karaoke parlor, and it just so happens that his sisters have gone to the trouble of making Santa outfits for the occasion.  The reason that the sisters give for the occasion is shake Keita out of his depressed emo mood. After the sisters take a break from singing they try to get Keita to sing.

        After drinking some Oolong tea, Riko asks Keita if the tea tastes strange, then Riko suddenly passes out.  Ako then realizes that this must be the adult Oolong tea, and concludes that Riko must be really bad with alcohol. Ako tells Keita that they might as well just enjoy the tea, and after they’re both nice and toasty Ako tells Keita that she needs to pee. Keita tells her to just hurry up and go, but Ako’s legs won’t work properly. Keita offers to help Ako to the bathroom but she would rather crawl, so she crawls off to the bathroom.

       Just as Ako crawls off to the bathroom Riko finally wakes up and tells K that she also has to go to the bathroom but can’t hold it in. Well, Keita tells her the owners will be mad if she goes inside the room, then Riko and asks Keita if he’ll drink it? Well, Riko settles for asking Keita for an empty plastic bottle. Well, he says it’s impossible so Riko says she’ll just go here, and she says she hasn’t wet her pants since preschool.

     Keita decides it’s better to carry Riko to the bathroom instead of letting her pee her pants, and when Ako sees Keita carrying Riko past her she envies the princess carrying style.

      When Keita finally gets Riko inside the bathroom she plays up her intoxication getting Keita to remove her panties so she can pee, and once they’re off she tells Keita that is thing has gotten big. Keita finally gets her to go and when she’s finished she gets on Keita’s case for staying in the bathroom when he could have left and as punishment she tells him to hurry up and wipe her off.

       Keita starts to get really flustered and confused and she asks him what the problem is since she’s his sister. Riko tells him to remember back to when they were young and he was still pissing his bed and Riko and Ako had to take care of him, so he can return the favor this one time. Keita asks Riko if she’s sure it’s just pee down there and she tells him to hurry up and find out. Just as Keita begins to wipe her off Ako knocks on the door wondering what’s taking so long, breaking Riko’s moment of exaltation.

      As Keita is leaving the bathroom Ako gets a glimpse of the situation and Keita says she has it wrong but one glance at Keita’s pants confirms her worries and Riko says it’s exactly what it looks like.

       Back inside the karaoke booth, Riko’s fallen back asleep with a very nice smile on her face. Well, Keita is bummed out because Ako thinks something happened inside the bathroom so he starts to drinks heavily and Ako apologies to him. Then Keita places Ako on his lap and tells her to share some of her cheerfulness with him by mouth to mouth. After a few seconds thought, Ako thinks it’ll be alright for her to enjoy Keita by herself, and after a few minutes of kissing Keita wants Ako to work on his tongue then he returns the for her.  After a little while, the drunken Keita pulls Ako’s top down and tells her that he’s going to see how excited she gets when doing these things and proceeds to go to work on her twin peaks. He starts off a bit rough, but after a hint from Ako he gets gentle and asks her if it’s OK for a brother and sister to do this?

       Well, Ako tells Keita that she’s a sister Santa for now. Keita eventually works the rest of Ako’s outfit off and is about to go to work on her lower half when she gets a telephone call from the front desk saying that their time is up in five minutes, Ako asks for an extension, but the front desk tells her they’re booked solid so they have to leave, and when Ako looks over to Keita she sees that he’s asleep.

      When Ako returns to Keita’s side she bops him upside the head for falling asleep then she heads to the bathroom to take care of a moisture problem lamenting that if she knew it would have turned out like this she would have brought some spares.

     On their way back from the karaoke bar, Keita tells his sisters that he doesn’t remember a thing but he doesn’t feel stressed out anymore, and he thanks them for their help. As the episode ends, Ako and Riko bicker over what the other sister did with Keita, and Ako is still dealing with her moisture problem. Well, that’s all for this OAV.

       Well, I’ve always liked Kiss x Sis because of its playful execution of the wincest trope. While Keita relationship with Ako and Riko isn’t truly incest because they’re his step-sisters and it’s about as close as you can get without stepping into the creepy territory of Koi Kaze (real incest). In the previous two episodes of Kiss x Sis I’ve ripped on Keita for his lack of a man card, his parents say go for it, his step-sisters say go for it, his male classmates say go for it, even his own body says of it, and what does he do? Nothing. Well, in this episode he finally decides have a little taste of forbidden fruit, but only because he’s drunk, and to make matters worse, he doesn’t remember anything. I almost wish that I could swap Keita with Touya (the scumbag from White Album), Keita would make a better boyfriend for the pure and virginal Yuki, and Touya would have already passed his twin entrance exams and both Ako and Riko would be worring about buying diapers instead of making cosplay outfits. Eventhough I hate weak male leads in harem and love triangle anime, I like both Riko and Ako because those girls know what they want and they actualy go for it. What makes Kiss x Sis frustrating is that Ako and Riko offer Keita the perfect male fanstay of hot willing girls and he doesn’t have the sack to take advantage of a situation that could never exist but you wished it could.

Kana giving Fujioka his long awaited chocolate 

         This OAV episode begins with Hayami watching Hosaka doing some planning on how he’ll cook some food for Haruka, and she decides to interject herself into the situation. She tells Hosaka that Haruka’s cooking is about love and his is about ego, so he can’t make her happy. He tells her she’s wrong and that his feelings are pure, she realizes this but she feels his approach is wrong. As Natsuki is walking down the hall Hosaka passes him and exudes such bad vibes that it even scares him.

Hosaka 0001Hosaka 0002Hosaka 0003

Natsuki and Hosaka 0001

         Later, as Chiaki is doing some grocery shopping, she and Hosaka run into each other, Hosaka picks up some carrots and says that they’re filled with love, Chiaki also picks them up and wonders if they’re filled with love. Later, as the three sisters are eating dinner, Chiaki blushes as she looks at the carrots and thinks of love, and she soon manages to eat a carrot.

these are filled with lovethey hold lovethinking about love

eating some love 001wow look at chiaki

         The next day, Hayami’s games with Hosaka backfires on her, Hosaka corners her in class and basically performs food rape on her to prove his love for Haruka. Also, Haruka takes Chiaki’s acceptance of carrots too far, she starts planning all kinds of carrots dishes for dinner.

he comes my love for Harukadon't fight the love 001don't worry it'll be all right 001

prepare for entry

        Back at the Minami household, Yoshino stops by and Mako-chan asks Kana if she thinks that Yoshino has found out about his secret identity? Kana says that she’s smarter than Uchida, so maybe, but she won’t say anything because she’s a sadist, because that would ruin all the fun. After Mako-chan hears this, every-time he looks at Yoshino he sees evil thoughts and intentions coming from her. When Yoshino talks with Mako-chan he takes all her words as meaning that he’s been exposed, and Kana’s no help to him. Haruka tells Kana to clean the tub but Mako-chan’s so frightened of being left alone with Yoshino that he/she volunteers to do it for Kana.

have I been found outMaybe she's figured it outYoshino's evil vibes

I think I'm nailed

       While Mako-chan is cleaning the tub, he thinks that he’s finally got some alone time, but Yoshino comes in and says she’ll also help. She sees that Mako-chan’s skirt has gotten wet and wants to wipe it off, Mako-chan says she’s OK and tries to get Yoshino to leave. They end up slipping on a bar of soap and end up falling into the tub, Mako-chan breaks his fall so he doesn’t land full force on Yoshino. Later, Yoshino says that she’s surprised that Mako-chan’s so strong, it’s almost like she’s a boy (wow, this would make a great start to a great H-dojin where a sweet innocence young girl discovers a hidden trap and the benefits of having a trap for a friend).

I'm finally alonetripping on the soapMako-chan on Yoshino

        Later on, Kana, Chiaki, Uchida, Touma, and Maki are hanging out and the topic of Valentine’s day comes up and Kana wants Maki to give advice to the other girls. Maki asks Uchida what the it means to win on “V-day”, and Uchida says it’s to get candy from someone you like. Maki says, wrong, winning is getting candy from anyone! Chiaki is unsettled by the idea of getting candy from someone she doesn’t know (come on Chiaki we all know that strangers have the best candy), Kana tells Maki that Chiaki isn’t suited for V-day, and this sends Chiaki to the floor. Then Touma says she’s been getting candy from strangers for years, she always eaten the chocolate that her brothers have gotten for V-day.

I want to win on V-daycandy from someone you likeeven candy from strangers 001

Chiaki not suited for V-day

This one is for Chiaki.

Strangers have the best Candy 001

       Kana then tells Maki that Toumalives in a different cultural world from the rest of us so just ignore her like Chiak, and this sends Touma to the floor with Chiaki. Uchida asks them what she should do because her fated lover hasn’t shown up yet, and Kana plays a joke on her and she ends up on the ground with Touma and Chiaki. Soon, Kana realizes that she’s ruined every one’s mood, and tries to lighten up the mood by asking Maki about her happy V-day experiences, stunned silence.

My fated lover hasn't appeared yetall three girls are ruinedMaki is ruined too

       When Haruka returns home with chocolate every ones mood improves, and soon the doorbell rings. Kana goes to answer door saying it’s probably Fujioka sending all the other girls into a panic, Maki says it’s improper to let guys see the girls getting ready for V-day, and poor Fujioka is just standing outside the door. While Fujioka was on his way to the Minami-ke household he saw Hosaka standing by a advert for V-day, of course Hosaka is being Hosaka, but it serves to remind Fujioka that V-day is coming soon.

eating Haruka's candy 001you can't let guys see thispoor Fujioka is waiting

Hosaka by the poster

           Once Fujioka finally gets in their house, Chiaki assumes her natural seat on Fujioka’s lap, and Maki asks him who he wishes to receive candy from? Chiaki asks Maki where her courtesy is, Chiaki says that guys are sensitive to this issue, and Fujioka’s body twitched when V-day was mentioned. Maki smiles and calls into the kitchen looking for Kana, and Chiaki says that Fujioka’s body twitched again, making Maki even more happy. Maki tells Fujioka that there are things as a guy that he can do about it, so struggle. The next day at school, Fujioka asks to hold one of Kana’s books for her then he hands it back to her, and then day after day he tries to help Kana and get closer to her, but every time he does so he melts down from being close to her. Kana is perplexed by Fujioka’s behavior and goes to Keiko for advice who says it’s probably about the upcoming soccer competition, but he’s really stressing about V-day.

 Chiaki on Fujioka's lapwho do you want candy from 001Maki loves stressing Fujioka

Fujioka with Kana 0001Fujioka with Kana 0002Kana and Keiko talking

         The next day, the big V-day, Kana come to class and gives Fujioka a dark sweet chocolate bar making him very, very, happy. Keiko tells Kana that she thought that Kana didn’t care about V-day but she gave Fujioka chocolate anyways? Kana forgot that today was V-day and thought she was giving Fujioka a chocolate bar for energy during his soccer stuff. Then we flash over to the high school where we see Hosaka waiting with a rose for Haruka to give him some chocolate that will never come. Well, that’s all for this episode.

here have some candyKana giving Fujioka his wishFujioka and his dream

did you know it's V-dayHosaka waiting for the day that will never come.

          I found this OAV/OAD (I don’t really care what it’s classified as) to be very enjoyable and interesting. Minami-ke has aways been a series that centered around the  human desires of eating and drinking along with friendship/companionship, a vast majority of the episode in one way or another where centered around the kotatsu or kitchen table and involved food and eating. 

        Throughout  this whole episode all the characters were pretty much the same as before but it was quite nice seeing Kana doing something kind for Fujioka, unintentional as it was, if she had known that it was V-day she never would have given him any chocolate, but to me it’s the end result that counts, Fujioka is very happy. Hell, Kana has no idea how much stuff she’ll probable get in return for Fujioka on white day.  I think that it worked out perfectly for Fujioka, Kana’s so dense that if he told her outright that he liked her, she’d think that it was some kind of crazy plot. Every one around Kana and Fujioka knows that Fujioka likes Kana, except Kana, even the fortune telling trick told Kana that Fujioka will be her future husband. Also, I found it very amusing how Hayami’s games with Hosaka backfired on her in a most satisfying way.

         Eat Drink Man Woman, the desire for food and sex (or just a crush) wets the human palate, Minami-ke has always been about a good meal and good friendships (and hopes for more), so I found this entree of Minami-ke to be a very fulfilling meal, seconds please.

Riko under the covers  

       This episode starts off with Keita having a dream of him and his sisters having a “nice” visit to the beach. When Keita pulls a small octopus from the water, it’s mother or father begins to have its why with his two sisters as punishment, and just as the dream is getting good Keita is awaken by a kiss from Ako.

Ako and Riko at the beach

look out girls Ako is attackedRiko is attacked

the twin attack

Ako's wet kiss

       After Keita gets over his shock, he chews out Ako for being so physically forward with him. Ako just ignores him and tells him he has to get up or he’ll be late, and when she pulls back his blanket she finds her sister underneath.

Riko under the covers what are you doing thereRiko good morning rub

       As Keita is heading off to school his step-mother tells him that he’s the talk of the neighbor because everybody knows about how his sister’s confessed their love to him at school. She says that she’s not trying to be nosey but she’s just wondering who’s going to be his choice, Ako or Reiko? He says that its not right because they’re siblings, but his father says that step-brothers and step-sisters are just like any other man or woman. His step-mother tells him to hurry up and chose because the whole neighborhood has bets on his choice.

who's your choicecome here lover hurry up and chose

did you go for it

      At school, Keita’s friends notice that he’s been sleeping most of the class and they ask him about his sisters? His friends let their erotic thoughts run wild with all the yummy possibilities his two sisters represent, Keita gets angry at them but they tell him that healthy males should want action with hot girls. The more that Keita tries to put erotic thoughts of his sisters out of his mind the more they creep in, he even injuries his hand by hitting it on a desk to drive those thoughts from his head, and his friends notice this fact.

if we had your sistersdreaming of Akodreaming of Riko

Keita thinking of his sisters

       When Keita returns home he finds his sisters inside his bedroom, they tells him if they waited till he got home to visit him he wouldn’t let them in. When Riko notices that he hurt his hand she grabs his hand and sends him some good healing vibes, and soon Ako jumps on him and gives him a mouthful of love saliva. During Ako’s assault on Keita’s mouth she manages to fall on him further injuring his hand, and later the sisters offer their apologies and their assistance to Keita.

 poor Keita hurt his handI'll make it feel betterthis kiss will make it better

we sorry and we'll take care of youeye catch 01eye catch 02

         Keita heads off to the bath where he finds himself unable to wash himself with just one good hand; he thinks about asking his sisters for help but gives up on that idea.  As Keita is leaving the bath a naked Riko walks in on him, followed by a school swimsuit clad Ako, Riko compliments Ako on her use of such an imouto item. Once Keita has had enough of the girls, he gets up to leave, and the two girls fall on top of him, Ako’s forbidden zone lands on Keita’s face, and Riko’s treasure chest lands on Keita’s hand. The double erotic stimulation seems to bring satisfaction to each girl, but its too much for Keita to handle and the turtle comes out of its shell and Keita has a nosebleed explosion.

Keita in the baththe power of the swimsuitthis is much better

here take a peek

Ako on Keita 001Ako on Keita 002Ako enjoying the action

Riko on Keita's hand

Riko getting some hand actionRiko getting some finger workRiko getting that feeling

Riko having the big O

the turtle is outAko sees the turtlesKeita has nosebleed overload 001-001

      The next morning Keita wakes up in his bed and he finds a letter of apology under his alarm clock from Ako, she says she’s sorry for his injuries and he should let her take care of him. Under Ako’s letter, there’s another letter from Riko telling him that she washed his underwear and that she was probably the cause of his wet dream.

the letter from Akothe letter from Rikochecking for his underwear

      After school, Keita goes to see a doctor and he finds his two sisters waiting in front of the doctor’s office, they figured that he’d go see a doctor and wanted to be there for him. They tell him that they’ll do anything to help him, and Riko he goes as far as showing him that she’ll frap him off. This is too much for Keita, as he turns to leave, Ako grabs his injured hand to stop him, and once she figures this out she lets go and poor Keita falls down the office steps. As poor Keita is in a heap at the bottom of the steps he tells his sisters that he’ll never be able to study at this rate. Well, that’s all for this episode.

we're here to help yououch my handoh shit I'm falling

        Well, Kiss x Sis is back and the fanservice is even higher then in the first OAV. Kiss x Sis is a male dream world come true, living with two smoking hot step-sisters that want to jump your bones, and even your parents are giving you the thumbs up. It can’t get any better than this, right? Wrong, our hero seems to be slightly morally conflicted, even though his parents, friends, neighbors, and sisters are giving him the go for it sign he still tries to think of his horny sisters as regular sisters. But, what I mean by Keita being slightly morally conflicted is that he’s actually getting very turned on by his sisters’ actions and in the bath scene he even seems to go with his sisters’ flow, or at least he helped them flow.

       I know that the purpose of this anime is for us male viewers to say that Keita is an idiot because we’d hit both those sisters, and it’s having the desired affect on me. I would nail both Ako and Riko separately and together, and I would even have them do some yuri action before I jumped in to the fray. But, the whole premise of the series is to keep us saying I’d hit that while the lead refuses to give in to his male urges. So, I’ll give Keita one bit of advice, the only bad sex is having no sex at all.

If you would like to read the manga feel free to follow the links below to read several chapters of Kiss x Sis.

Kiss x Sis Chapters 1-6Kiss x Sis Chapters 7-14, Kiss x Sis Chapters 15-22


     This episode begins with a skit in involving the girls sitting around doing their homework and Miu getting Chika to scratch an itch that she can’t reach herself. Then we find out that Nobue is trying to quit her smoking habit, Chika tells her that there’s no way it’s possible, and they end up making a bet involving bathroom usage, and another task.




      Then we get a little skit where Miu copies all of Chika’s expressions and mannerisms, ending with Miu getting a picture of Chika acting real silly, and a face plant for Miu. After we watch how Ana and Matsuri interact with each other, the scene switches to Miu and Chika where Miu asks Chika if they’re just friends of best friends? Chika asks if there’s a difference, and Miu says she thinks there is, so she rushes off to ask Nobue. While Chika is listening to some music Miu bugs Nobue about the difference between friends and best friends. Nobue walks out of the room and texts her classmate about what their status with each other is?





       A little while later, Ana and Matsuri show up, and when they enter the room Miu ambushes Matsuri and threatens to write on Matsuri’s forehead unless Ana plucks out her nose hairs and sticks them on her eyebrows. Nobue walks in and grabs Ana and tells Miu that if she doesn’t unhand Matsuri she’ll stick her fingers up Ana’s nose or even kiss Ana. Soon, Chika gets upset at the noise and Nobue and Miu let go of the girls, and Nobue tells Ana and Matsuri that Miu was checking how close they are.



       Miu says that Ana and Matsuri are pretty close, best friends? Both Ana and Matsuri say yes without a moment’s thought. How close? They tell Miu that they’re close at school, they play after school, they have matching cellphone stickers, and they text each other all the time. Well, Miu says that she and Chika text each other all the time, so she demands to see Matsuri’s phone so she can look at their texts. When Matsuri hands the phone over, all of Matsuri’s and Ana’s text are nice, cute, and sugary sweet texts to each other, so much so that Miu’s on the floor laughing.


        Then Miu tells Nobue to look and see how best friends text each other, when she see Matsuri’s messages she says how cute, and when Miu shows everybody her and Chika’s messages, everybody feels sorry for Chika. Then Miu sends a sugary sweet text to Chika, and her response is to blow Miu off. Then Miu asks how far Ana and Matsuri have gone, Miu says she’s kissed Chika, and they’ve even touched each others tits a long time ago, so she asks Nobue if that makes them best friends? Well, when Miu goes to talk to Chika, it looks like Nobue told Miu that they’re liable to be lesbians, Miu gets another face plant. Matsuri asks Ana what’s “liable to be Lesbians” mean, and Ana tells her that she doesn’t need to know.




        Nobue asks the girls what her status is with them? After a short pause, Miu tells her she’s a boss, and a second later her classmate texts her back saying, Nobue is a boss! Well, poor Nobue tells them that she guesses that she doesn’t have any best friends. Ana and Matsuri tell Nobue that she’s best friends with them, but Nobue says that their ages are too different. Both Ana and Matsuri say they don’t understand the age difference thing but they love her anyways, this instantly cheers Nobue up. Then the question of how close Ana and Matsuri comes up again with Matsuri being asked if she would give up one of her organs to save Ana’s life if it wouldn’t kill her? Of course she would, and Ana would do the same for Matsuri. Then Miu asks Chika the same question  in a Miu manner, but when Chika hears the details she agrees that she would save Miu, making Miu very happy, but Miu tells Chika she wouldn’t give her an organ.



       As Miu is getting ready to leave, she looks at everyone and goes off on them, she tells them that they’re boring, they do them same thing all the time, and she does mocking impersonations of everyone. Her impression of Nobue is just perfect, I’m an old lady that likes cute little girls, Chika agrees with Miu’s act, and both Miu and Chika get a face plant from Nobue. Miu tells Nobue that she has to prepare for the day that they become junior high school girls. Oh, the horror of that thought, poor Nobue is in tears. Chika tells Miu that this is too sudden for Nobue, so Miu wants to slowly prepare her for that day. So, all the girls including Nobue put on sailor uniforms, and Miu wants to take them to the world where they have left grade school.



       So, Miu explains her vision of life after grade school to everyone, of course it’s a Miu version of the future, slighty off kilter. In her version of the future she and Chika are in eight grade, Ana’s in seventh grade, and for some reason Matsuri is still in sixth grade. Her version also includes a lot of school girl anime tropes found in many of those types of series’s. Also, in Miu’s version, everybody but her comes off bad, and she gets another face plant.




       Later, we see Nobue looking in a store’s window at a turntable or some other thing, it looks like she was saving she money to buy it, but it’s already been sold. As Nobue is getting ready to drive off she sees a cigarette machine and pauses. Back at home Chika and Miu walk-in on Nobue having a smoke, and Chika asks her if she’s going to live up to her end of their bet. Yes. Chika calls everybody up and tells them to meet at her house, Nobue is taking everybody to the beach. At the beach, the girls have a good time and Nobue has a good time watching them play. Well, that’s all for this episode.






Nobue’s in her Heaven & All’s right with the world.

       I’ve always felt that there’s almost no better example of someone enjoying the Moe aesthetic than how Nobue takes pleasure in watching Chika, Miu, Ana, and Matsuri being cute little girls. Nobue takes pleasure in enjoying the girls’ innocence, not in any sort of sexual manner, it’s like she sees them as a younger version of herself, not yet cynical, untouched by the baser realities of teenage life; longing for boyfriends, sex, smoking, having to work for money, and so forth. I think that Nobue’s pleasure in watching the girls is also an expression of  her appreciation of the principle of Mono no Aware, she knows that sooner or later the girls will exchange their childhood innocence for a more worldly adult experience, and she chooses to enjoy every last moment of their childhood.

From William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experiance (1789)

Nurse’s Song (or Nobue’s song)


    When the voices of children are heard on the green
    And laughing is heard on the hill,
    My heart is at rest within my breast
    And everything else is still. 
    “Then come home, my children, the sun is gone down
    And the dews of night arise;
    Come, come, leave off play, and let us away
    Till the morning appears in the skies.” 
    “No, no, let us play, for it is yet day
    And we cannot go to sleep;
    Besides, in the sky the little birds fly
    And the hills are all cover’d with sheep.” 
    “Well, well, go & play till the light fades away
    And then go home to bed.”
    The little ones leaped & shouted & laugh’d
    And all the hills echoed.


       After a hellish couple of days at work, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do, I’m going to give a quick impression of the Ichigo Mashimaro Encore OAV RAW. Usually I don’t review RAWs because my Japanese language skills aren’t good enough for a in-depth review but I’m so tired that I don’t have the energy for a full episode review of something else. So, I’ll just list the skits, and show a few screen caps, then I’ll join Ayu and dream of taiyaki with her.


       The first skit involves Chika getting some prank phone calls, whenever she answers the phone no one says anything to her, then Miu gets pranked too.



       Now some caps from the opening.




      The next skit is about Miu dying after trying to pull off a standing back flip, Miu ends up being judged by Nobue and sent to hell.



      After managing to get past the devil Chika, Miu takes a elevator to heaven where she meets the angel Ana, Miu manages to trick Ana into giving her a set of boobs and wings. Miu then uses her wings in a escape attempt, only to be foiled by Nobue.



       Once Miu finally wakes up from her fall, she’s back in the room with the other girls, and she discovers to her disappointment that everything is back to normal. Then the girls end up at a school field trip where Chika discovered that she forgot some of her school supplies, and Miu calls Nobue, forcing Nobue to make a trip to bring the supplies.



      Once Nobue gets to the location, Miu proceeds to piss off Nobue with her usual antics, and she suffers Nobue wrath. Then the girls just kind of wander around the place looking cute, and doing cute things. Then the girls finally settle down to do their sketching and painting assignments, while Ana, Matsuri, and Chika try to be serious, Miu just sketches silly and ecchi drawings.






        Here’s some caps from the ending.



       Well, here’s my quick impression of the RAW. I feel that the animation style for this OAV is a little different from the previous iterations, while the girls are still drawn very cute I feel that the four younger girls are drawn looking younger than before. I also feel that Miu’s face looks a little chunkier that usual. The girls all still have their usual personality traits; Miu is still Miu, dense and silly; Ana is extremely cute; Matsuri is cute and vulnerable; Chika is still kind of the foil to Miu’s silliness; and Nobue still gets her moe enjoyment from the girls,and she still favors Matsuri. Oh, I also found the devil Chika and angel Ana to be over the top in cuteness. Overall, I found this OAV to be quite enjoyable and relaxing, so I hope that this OAV will either be released on DVD or get a official online release.   


            This episode starts off with a high school aged (?) boy named Keita waking up in bed and finding his arms have gone numb because his sisters, Riko and Ako decided to use them as pillows.  As soon as Ako wakes up, she takes advantage of Keita’s numb body to give him a good morning kiss, and as she’s leaving Keita’s room she tells her sister Riko to quit faking sleep or Keita will be late for school. As soon as Ako is gone, Riko also takes advantage of Keita’s lack of mobility and she gives him a  good morning kiss plus some extra morning stimulation.


How Ako says good morning.



How Riko says good morning.


         Once the whole family is together for breakfast we find out that Ako, and Riko are really Keita’s step-sisters. Keita’s father remarried and Keita got a step-mother and two smoking hot twin step-sisters in the bargain, Riko and Ako are both open about their antics with Keita and his father is OK with it as long as his studies don’t slip. We also find out that Keita is in his last year of junior high school, and he has to choose between studying to take a test to enter the same school that his sisters attend or entering another high school without testing because he can get an athletic recommendation, and he’s decided much to his sisters’ chagrin to take the easy path.


        When Keita gets to school he finds out that all his buddies are going to apply to the same school that his sisters attend, and his friends call him lazy and unmotivated for taking a recommendation. Later that night Riko comes over to Keita and lets him have a panty shot and he tells her not to do that in public and she says it’s only for him to see. Soon Ako runs Riko off and before Keita can leave for his room she also gives Keita a panty flash. On his way to his room, Keita speculates that he’s just a toy to his step-sisters and that the only reason they are doing this is so one won’t lose to the other.

we-want-your-sisterstake-a-look keita-says-wtf1

        The next morning Ako tries to make a bento for Keita and Riko also shows up trying to do the same thing then Ako notices that Riko is wearing Keita’s shorts, and soon both girls end brawling over the shorts. Keita soon walks in on the sisterly brawl, and Keita walks off as Ako strips the shorts off her sister. The girls then find out form their mother and father that Keita went to school without eating breakfast so they both show up at his school to bringing him bento. Soon his sisters draw a crowd of boys fawning over them, and Keita gets very embarrassed by his sisters’ actions, and he yells at his sisters telling them to stop playing games with him, and he also tells them to stop making a fool out of him. Ako and Riko leave the classroom, but they soon return and apologise to him before finally leaving.



        After the sisters leave, Keita is soon bombarded by gossip from the girls in his class about incest and so forth. He goes off on them telling all the girls that he’s not related to his sisters by blood, and nobody should care is he fucks them. Keita leaves the classroom and catches up with his sisters and apologizes to them for being so harsh with them. But his sisters tell him that they only acted that way because they were just lonely because he’s going to attend a school so far away from them. So, Keita tells them that he’ll forget the recommendation and study for admission to their school. In a fit of joy the sisters attack him in the hallway and cause quite a commotion with their hentai actions, and as Keita is laying on the floor watching his sisters fight, his feeling towards them seems to change form annoyance to affection. Well, that’s all for this OAV episode.





      Well, after reading a couple of chapters of the Kiss x Sis manga series I’ve decided review the Kiss x Sis OAV. First let me start off by saying that since this is a OAV release I thought that normal anime TV content rules wouldn’t apply so I thought that the fanservice would be much higher than normal. But to my surprise, other than the two incidents of “morning wood”, the fanservice was a lot lower than I thought it would be, many current TV anime series have a greater level of fanservice than this OAV did. I really don’t mind fanservice in anime as long as it makes sense in the context of the story and it makes sense to be there (unlike in the H2O series where a girl falls on top of a blind guy with her panty’s in his face).

       Overall, I found Kiss x Sis to be pretty standard fare for this genre. Generally, in the sis-con or brother-con genre, the stories in this genre usually has the out that the brothers and sisters are really not related by blood so they avoid the incest taboo (a true incest anime/manga would be Koikaze or Angel Sanctuary). Even in a true hentai anime series such as Cream Lemon where  Hiroshi, and sister, Ami actually have sex it’s later found out that they are not really related by blood, but it’s still pretty creepy since they grew up together defying the Westermark Effect. Where Kiss x Sis differs from the norm is that the sisters are older than the brother (it’s usually the reverse), and that the sisters are open to their parents about their “affections” towards their brother. What’s also pretty unrealistic that the father would tell his son that it’s OK to “hook up” with his “sisters” because they’re still girls after all.

       So, if your interested in a unrealistic but funny sexual tension farce geared towards high school aged guys then go ahead and watch this OAV series and get a good laugh out of it, because it’s really pretty harmless. But, if your looking for something much more serious dealing with the consequences of a brother sister relationship then watch Koikaze, and if your looking for something in the hentai genre (only for those older than 18) then watch the Ami episodes from the Cream Lemon series if you can find them.


        This OAV starts off in the year 19 of a new era with a thirteen year old girl named Arumi traveling by space shuttle to a space station (Pink Corral), when the space station comes under attack from an unknown force, and the attack destroys the space station and the shuttle, ejecting Arumi into space. Arumi does not die because she is an adapter (a special child born with the ability to repel physical contact and the environment) she floats in space thinking about how her abilities have keep her from touching family and friends.



        While Arumi is floating in space, a ground crew starts organizing a rescue mission to look for survivors, while the adapters can’t be killed by physical damage they can still die from lack of air eventually. Just when Arumi thinks that she’ll bounce around forever she she comes in contact with an object that she doesn’t bounce off of, she floats inside the object an encounters a girl that she sort of passes through without being repelled. Inside the object she’s told by a computer/bunny that she’s a very special adapter and that she has a repulsion allergy. Arumi finds out that the computer/bunny is called UKATAN 09023 and that they are inside a medical recovery capsule, and just as Arumi is about to start talking to the girl, the recovery capsule is attacked by an enemy ship.



        It turns out that the UFOs aren’t attacking the capsule but retrieving the debris from the destroyed space station and taking it back to a giant satellite constructed out of garbage. The other girl tells Arumi that she’s scared, and at that very moment the Earth based group sends a rescue squad after the survivors of the attack. The rescue squad arrives just in time to stop the capsule from being destroyed but in turn the rescue squad is destroyed trying to get the capsule off the satellite. After a pitched battle another girl (also an adapter) ends up in the capsule with the two other girls. Arumi finds out in a most unusual way that she can have physical contact with this girl.


        Just as many missiles approach the capsule Arumi under goes a transformation into some weird version of a space magical girl, many missile are fired at her but they are all repelled back at the attackers destroying them. It turns out that a custom spacesuit was constructed from Arumi’s DNA/powers, and just as everyone thinks that the battle is over a giant mother ship shows up and begins attacking Arumi. Arumi is constantly bombarded with attacks, even though the attacks are repelled back at the enemy the enemy uses reflectors to send the power back at Arumi. As she is under continuous attack, she thinks back to all the things that have happened to her, her mother was killed giving birth to her, she never could touch her grandmother and now she dead, and she never could do anything about the situation.




             After a while, Arumi calls on her other self to come to her aid, she asks her other self to do something that she only can do. Arumi’s spacesuit transforms again and begins to repel all the attack directed towards her, and soon she begins to overwhelm the attacking force. After Arumi destroys the mother ship she returns to the capsule to learn that it has been damaged and that their air supple is nearly zero, and without a air supple they’ll soon die. Well, that’s all for this OAV episode.



         This is a hard anime for me to review because it seems that some knowledge of the manga series is necessary to fully enjoy or understand the story. Star Ocean is based on a manga series of the same name but since the manga only got a OAV release and not a full series release, generally OAVs are targeted at the hardcore fans of the manga. So, many of the plot points that were just very briefly covered in the first OAV release would be known to the fans who brought this OAV, but I’ll give it a shot anyways.

          The first OAV of Star Ocean was a mildly interesting entry in the genre of science fiction anime. Many questions the viewers might have had about the story are not covered or very weakly covered such as; why did the sun started acting up in the first place, if Arumi repels everything how is she able to eat or wear clothes, who are the aliens attacking the Earth and what do they want, and how did a spacesuit get made from Arumi’s DNA without her knowing it, and many other minor questions?

        But the one saving grace to this show was that the adapters (Arumi, and the other girl) triggered a moe reaction in me. Poor Arumi, the girl who’s mother died giving birth to her, and who could never touch anyone,  I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything would be alright. As the last two OAVs are released I hope the writers spend more time on plot and story because just having a moe feeling for the main character won’t be enough to carry the show.