Since it’s the Christmas season I’m choosing the Christmas episode from the Minami-ke Okaeri series for my six post in the “12 moments of anime 2009” series.

      Tis the season to be jolly, so what better way to spend Christmas then to spend a Christmas evening in the kids’ paradise that is the Minami-ke household. The Minami sister’s parents are overseas for work, and the only “adult” supervision the girls recieve is an occasional visit from their uncle who drops off their living expenses and drives them to the beach or to an onsen. So, the sister must content themselves with daily school life and the company of good friends who have become their family.

        The one thing that I’ve always liked about the Minami sisters and their friends is that there’s not a bad person amongst them, and while they may at times tease or needle each other for the most part they enjoy their mutal frienships. So, as Christmas day approaches share a toast with Haruka, Kana, Chiaki, Mako-chan, Uchida, Touma, and Yoshino to good friends. The only thing missing from this garden of flowers is me sitting next Uchida, Merry Christmas.


     This episode begins with Chiaki and Haruka sitting at the Kotatsu when Chiaki notices that something is wrong with Haruka. As soon as Kana gets home Chiaki expresses her concerns to her, Kana tells her that she’s worrying too much, and she even tells Chiaki that sometimes Haruka might be worried about something so don’t make it worse. That night, Chiaki wakes Kana up with her worries and Kana again just blows it off. The next morning Haruka still seems down in the dumps and Kana also begins to wonder what’s up with Haruka, Kana and Chiaki agree to talk about this after school.



     So, Kana meets with Chiaki after school, and they seem to have a long conversation at a park bench. Meanwhile at the Minami household, Yoshino and Uchida are having tea with Haruka when Uchida notices that something is wrong with Haruka so she asks her about it. Haruka tells them that she has a toothache, but she also has another problem, lately Kana and Chiaki have been acting strangely around her.



      Haruka asks Uchida and Yoshino if they’ve heard anything from Chiaki? No. But, Yoshino suggests that Haruka should make them laugh by making funny faces, she proceeds to pull Uchida’s face in a funny manner and Haruka begins to laugh loudly. At that very moment Kana and Chiaki get home, and Chiaki begins to cry saying that Harukahas grown tired of them and wants sisters like Yoshino and Uchida. Kana says no-way, it’s just because they’re making funny faces, and she goes in and joins them. Soon everyone is laughing out loud, Chiaki is laughing even though she’s still in tears and she doesn’t really know why they’re laughing.



      That night we see Chiaki waking up from a horrible dream, she gets out of bed and checks on Kana, and she climbs into bed with Kana. The next morning Kana awakens to find Chiaki sleeping next to her. When Kana enters the kitchen Haruka notices that Chiaki is clinging to Kana, and when she asks whats up, Kana tells her that Chiaki had a dream where she went shopping and never returned.



        While they’re eating breakfast Chiaki continues to cling to Kana and she even asks Kana to feed her, Kana asks Haruka if she’s got anything to say about this? It’s OK for this to happen once in a while, it just shows how close you are to each other. Soon, Haruka leaves to do some shopping with Maki and Atsuko, and Chiaki continues to cling on Kana. After a while, Kana gets bored with Chiaki’s clinging and manages to break free from her, Kana says that she’s tired and lays down to take a nap, and a moment later Chiaki snuggles down next to Kana for a nap (how cute). When Chiaki awakens she finds Kana sitting at the Kotatsu, so she goes back to clinging, but somethings wrong with Kana. When Haruka returns home she sees that Chiaki is still clinging to Kana, but a second later Kana rushes to Haruka and starts hugging her with Chiaki following right behind, it seems that Kana had a dream that Haruka went to the bathroom and never returned.




     The next skit involves Uchida and Yoshino stopping by the Minami apartment so they can get Kana to write her Tanabata wish  out so they can place it with theirs. A few minutes later, Haruka sends Kana off to do some shopping, Kana wants to buy sweets but Haruka tells her to only buy the basics. As the hours pass, Kana hasn’t returned home yet and Haruka starts to worry, but Chiaki says that she just probably doing something stupid, Kana being Kana. Then Chiaki sees that Kana left a Tanabata strip by her Kotatsu cushion, and it says that they no longer need her so she’s going to disappear. They wonder if it is a suicide note but Haruka says “no way”, then Chiaki says that it’s Kana after all, and Haruka wonders if she should have just let Kana buy the sweets? Chiaki wonders if it was her fault because she was mean to Kana in the other episode and she thinks back to the times when Kana was really nice to her. Haruka kind of breaks down for a second or two then she tells Chiaki that she’ll go look for Kana while Chiaki goes to buy the sweets, and just as their about to leave Kana returns home saying that it took a really long time because everywhere she went she only found old milk.





      So, the next night we Haruka, Kana, Chiaki, Fujioka, Touma, Mako-chan, Yoshino, and Uchida all gathered around the Kotatsu, Kana tells Haruka and Chiaki that she’s sorry about the misunderstanding about the note, and they soon get a Tanabata  party going. A little while later they all end up on the balcony looking up at the stars and joking around about Tanabata, and they have a good old time. The episode ends with a montage of scenes showing how nothing has really changed, Riko stills pines for Fujioka while he only has eyes for Kana, and so forth. The last clip in this series is of Hosaka waking up from a horrible dream where Hauka went away and never came back.






     Well, I really enjoyed the way that Minami-ke Okaeri finished up it’s run. This series has always been about the importance of family and friends, and this episode really hit on this topic hard. Most of this episode was about how much Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki mean to each other, even though they sometimes get on each others nerves they really love and cherish one another. The last skit summed up the entire series, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki enjoying a holiday party with their good friends.

     In the end, I like to think of the Minami-ke franchise as a slice of life show about the importance of  family, good friends, good food, and lots of laughs. I hope that they find some way to get another season out of this series, because after watching 39 episodes I find myself wanting more laughs from the Minami sisters and their silly friends.


      This episode begins with Kana, Uchida, and Maki having a lot of fun and their noise wakes Chiaki from a nap, Chiaki attacks Kana with Fujioka. Kana asks Chiaki if she wants to fight? Yes. So, Kana pushes Uchida into face off with Chiaki for the first shouting match of the season, if Chiaki loses she has to leave the girls in peace, and if the girls lose they have to be quiet so Chiaki can sleep. Uchida quickly loses to Chiaki and tags off to Maki who also promptly loses. Then Kana has to go forward to battle Chiaki, their match seems to be a draw until Haruka enters the room with food, and Chiaki’s starts to lose her will to stay in place. As Chiaki rushes to the food Kana tackles her and proceeds to hold her down, Maki says that she thought this was a shouting match?






         Then the next skit involves Maki asking Kana to watch her while she’s sleeping to see if anything funny is going on, it seems that back in her middle school days Maki woke up to find some girls laughing at her, so she wants to know whats going on. Soon, Uchida decides that she also wants Kana to watch her sleeping to see what she looks like (maybe a princess?). Once Maki and Uchida are sleeping Mako-chan asks Kana if they can also join the other girls for a nap? Kana says no, and pulls out a marker and proceeds to do some drawing on Uchida’s and Maki’s faces. After she finished, Mako-chan and Kana are laughing so hard that Maki wakes up to find Kana and Maki-chan laughing and says she knew it, and Chiaki notices that someone wrote princess on Uchida’s forehead. Later we see Haruka and Maki looking at a yearbook from their junior HS days and Kana notices that it’s always been easy to draw on Maki’s face.




        The next day Kana and Chiaki are talking about upcoming uniform change day and Kana says that she wants to reinvent herself in a beautiful way with the uniform change. Kana asks Chiaki if she wants to join her in a change? No. Kana can’t believe that there’s not one thing that Chiaki would want to change about herself. While Chiaki is cutting down one of Kana’s shirts she accidentally cuts one of Haruka’s uniform skirts, after arguing about it for a while, Chiaki makes a emergency sewing repair on it. They decide to not tell Haruka about it because in about four days they can take it for a real repair.


       Then we see that the next couple of school days for Haruka seems to go by very quietly, unless you count the appearance of Hosaka carrying a bento (for Haruka) which he is unable to (or scared to) give her. Then on the fourth day at school, Natsuki is thanking Haruka for caring for Touma when Maki notices a thread hanging from Haruka’s skirt. Maki pulls on the thread and Haruka’s uniform skirt goes sliding all the way to the floor, Natsuki’s epic win!



       Then later on, Chiaki calls Kana a dumb-ass again, and Kana gets really pissed off and pushes Chiaki. Then Chiaki punches Kana in the face, and Kana complain that Chiaki’s become so violent. While Kana is the bathroom she decides that she has to save Chiaki before she becomes a delinquent.



       So, Kana decides to be nicer and more caring towards Chiaki, asking her about school, offering her food, volunteering to wash her back. Haruka thinks that it’s quite nice, but Chiaki wonders if Kana is working on a plan to finish her off? When Chiaki leaves the bath she finds Kana waiting in her bed for her, Kana tells Chiaki to come over here and she’ll read her a story. Chiaki gets really scared and goes to Haruka’s bedroom and asks to sleep with her, saying that if she sleeps she’ll be eaten. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, with only one episode of Okaeri left the series seems to be swinging back to it’s roots. The Minami-ke franchise has always been about the relationship and interaction between the three Minami sisters. While we’ve been entertained by the interesting and odd characters that surround the sisters (Mako-chan, Touma, Maki, Hosaka, Fujioka, Uchida (my personal favorite), and others, the series always comes down to the something contentious, always interesting, but mostly loving relationship between Chiaki, Kana, and Haruka. So, it looks like episode 13 will most likely be mostly about Chiaki, Kana, and Haruka even though we may see some of the side characters.

      Poor Hosaka, for all the time he spent following Haruka around, Natsuki got the epic win and not him. I guess he’ll spend all his time chasing and never seeing, but I guess it’s his own damn fault.

      I would really love to see a fourth season of Minami-ke, but I’m really having my doubts, the uneven production quality suggests that not much money or effort is being spent on Minami-ke Okaeri; read here and here for a discussion of the production problems. I await the final episode of Minami-ke Okaeri with anticipation and a little bit of melancholy because this may be the final episode of the franchise. 


       This episode begins with Fujioka asking Kana to give Chiaki a book that she wanted to read after he was finished with it. After thinking about it for a while, Kana just tells Fujioka to stop by and give it to Chiaki himself, he seems happy. All the while, Riko is watching from the other side of the classroom, she wonders aloud how she can get closer to Fujioka? Then Hiroko shows up and starts making observations of Fujioka and makes some comments about the Fujioka/Minami bancho triangle. Soon, Hiroko is giving Riko advice on how to snag Fujioka from Kana, she tells Riko that even though Fujioka only has eyes for Kana, Kana has no intentions with Fujioka, so confess to him, but don’t look weak. Keiko doesn’t think this approach will work, but she holds her tongue.



      So, during break, Hiroko takes Riko and Keiko to see Yuu, she wants Riko to practice confessing to Fujioka, Hiroko has a less than enthusiastic Yuu pretend to be Fujioka. Well, Riko tries her best to practice but when she finally gets out the nerve to see Yuu as Fujioka she freezes up, and Yuu chews Riko out for concentrating on looks vs conversation. Then Kana walks out of the classroom and Yuu rushes over and starts talking with her, telling her how cute she is, and touching her hair. Hiroko who has a girl crush on Yuu gets upset and grabs Yuu away from Kana.



       Later that day Kana asks Riko is she would be interested in coming over her house for a study session with Keiko and, oh-my god Fujioka. Riko is so shocked by the offer that Kana thinks that she might not want Fujioka at the study session, but Riko soon agrees to come over. Once Kana gets home she soon wonders what hospitality is? Warmth.


        The study session seems to go very well, Haruka and Chiaki serve the guests refreshments. After a while the guests are offered a bath, Riko and Keikoseem too embarrassed to go first so Fujioka is offered first use, he says he’s going home soon so he’ll pass. But Kana asks if he’s refusing her offer of hospitality, and even Chiaki offers him some towels, so he can’t refuse. So, when Fujioka enters the bathroom he thinks to himself that this is the bath Kana uses, he doesn’t want to dirty the tub so he takes a shower. After Fujioka is finished, Riko enters the bathroom she thinks that this is the bath that Fujioka used. So, she ends up taking a shower too. Then it’s Keiko’s turn, she thinks to herself that using someone else’s bath is scary, so she takes a shower too. Then after all the guests have used the bath Kana decides to take her turn, she removes the cover and hops in the tub and we see that Kana has added chili peppers to the water to add warmth. After a few minutes in the tub Kana finds out the meaning of warmth, she rushes back into the room and asks the guests how the bath really was?





      The next day, everyone is discussing their test scores, and Riko did very well. When Keiko asks her why she’s happy she tells her that someday Fujioka will ask her for help (Riko then goes onto Hosaka mode). But, Riko finds out that Kana and Fujioka also did very well on the test due to Keiko’s help. So, when Kana asks Riko for further studying help, she feels pressured by Riko to refuse Kana (more Hosaka mode). Then Riko finally agrees to help Kana, but she only helps in a half assed way. When the test results come in Kana managed to outscore Riko with a 99, (poor Riko, the best laid plans of mice and men are often foiled by fools).



        A few day later, Kana, Touma, Mako-chan, and Chiaki are discussing Valentine’s day, Kana just blows it off saying that she’s got no one to give anything to anyways, she just wants to play Othello. Soon, Kana decides to teach Chiaki about the V-day art of making homemade chocolate. But in the end, Mako-chan and Chiaki end up making everything while Kana just plays Othello. Chiaki’s chocolate turns out really tasty, even Mako-chan made some chocolate, and Kana chides her/him about who’s she’s giving it to? No one. Why not Chiaki? Kana then tells Chiaki that she should give anyone within reason some chocolate for experience purposes, Chiaki thinks long and hard about the within reason point. So, the next day Makoto is thinking that Chiaki will be giving her chocolate to someone who doesn’t matter, after all, that chocolate was dropped on the floor. Makoto is really getting his kicks over someone getting her “doesn’t matter chocolate” until he gets Chiaki’s chocolate. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Very nice episode, I really liked how Riko went into Hosaka mode when she was thinking about plans for getting alone time with Fujioka. As the Minami-ke series goes on it seems like whatever brain disorder Hosaka has is very contagious and is quickly spreading. I can’t believe that Kana missed her opportunity to get free food, she should have figured out that if she gave Fujioka some V-day treats he would have to repay many times over on White Day. But, it’s also not surprising that she can’t figure this out since she seems to be the only one who doesn’t notice that Fujioka is seriously crushing on her. Poor Makoto, he thought that his status with Chiaki had improved, he seems to be confusing his relationship with Chiaki as Mako-chan with his real life status.  But, he should take this chance and get Chiaki something really nice for White Day? Could it be that he is getting a little too comfortable as Mako-chan?

       Overall, I’m really enjoying this season of Minami-ke, I could care less about the animation style issues, I watch Minami-ke because I love the comedic interactions between the characters, and it’s outrageous stoylines.


       This episode begins with Touma getting soaking wet while walking to Chiaki’s house. When Haruka see her state she has Chiaki run a bath for her, and Haruka and Kana proceed to fawn over her. Chiaki doesn’t like the attention Touma is getting and feels that she’s not being grateful enough. So, when Chiaki finds out that Fujioka is coming over she refuses to let Touma borrow clothes from her or Kana until the last moment when Touma says “please”.





        Then the next skit takes place between Kana, Chiaki, and Uchida. As Uchida is about to eat a candy Chiaki makes the comment that natural colorings often come from insects. Well, this information causes Uchida to stop with the candy in her mouth and she refuses to finish it. After Uchida spits it out, Kanaasks Chiaki for some trivia that’s not scary. So, Chiaki starts telling the girls about the honeymoon practices of flying black ants, and soon Kana points out that Uchida is plugging her ears. So, Chiaki decides to lie down, and she thinks to herself that a flying honeymoon is romantic.


       Soon, the doorbell rings and Kana tells Uchida that she can tell who’s ringing the bell, Yoshino. But, when she opens the door it’s Fujioka, and she tells Uchida that she said that Fujioka was at the door. As soon as Chiaki sees that Fujioka has stopped by for a visit she rushes over and starts clinging to him, Uchida is worried that Chiaki will scar him with her trivia. But, when Uchida sees that Chiaki’s “normal” trivia is going over well with Fujioka she goes off about why Chiaki only talks about gross stuff with her.



        A while later, Touma also shows up, and while Chiaki sits in Fujioka’s lap Uchida makes the comment that Chiaki really likes Fujioka, this gets Touma thinking. So, when Chiaki has to leave the room Touma takes Chiaki’s place on Fujioka’s lap, look out Touma! Chiaki calls Touma over to her, telling her to properly introduce herself to Fujioka, OK, and she proceeds to plop right back down in is lap. Chiaki calls Touma back over and asks her if she’s let Fujioka know what her gender really is? No. Well, Chiaki asks why Touma acts like a guy around Fujioka, and she tells Touma that Fujioka’s lap is her spot. After Touma tells Chiaki that she’s acting strange, Chiaki pushes her, and soon Touma and Chiaki are fighting. Fujioka jumps up and grabs Touma off of Chiaki and yells at him that boys don’t fight with girls, and that for all his talk about soccer he has extra fat around his chest.




        Fujioka points to Touma’s chest and says it’s time to condition and re-tune his body, she looks to Chiaki for help, but Chiaki doesn’t say anything. So, the next day at school, Chiaki sees that Touma is very tired, and Touma tells her that Fujioka came over first thing in the morning for a round of conditioning. Chiaki gets angry at Touma when she says it’s a pain, she says why bother going if she not using such a good chance, and when Touma asks her what she means by that and she iinvites her to come along, Chiaki gets very quiet. Later, we see that Chiaki is back in her place and enjoying it very much.




       Then the scene switches to the other Minami household, Touma walks in on while Natsuki is getting chewed out by his other two brothers for his demeanor, he’s not polite enough and doesn’t smile enough. Tomoya makes some comments about how Natsuki should avoid neglecting Chiaki and avoid Kana all together if he ever goes over there. So, Natsuki goes and buys a gift for the Minami sisters, and he stops over their house to asks a favor, while giving them the gift he remembers to smile and drops a real creepy smile on them. He asks them if they could speak to Touma about how late she comes home, when Kana tries to speak to him he takes Touma’s advice and just ignores her. Then when Chiaki tries to talk with him he takes Touma’s advice but creeps her out too, and his continual smiles really creeps out Haruka. Finally Haruka agrees to talk with Touma, who happened to be right there the whole time, she never payed any attention or even notice that everyone was talking about her until Haruka speaks to her. Well, that’s all for this episode.






     Well, this was a very enjoyable and funny episode, all the skits were well written, well executed, and very humorous. Uchida had a great point when she jumped on Chiaki about saying gross and scary things when she talks with the girls, but as soon as Fujioka shows up, she talks about the sky and clouds. Kana you better watch out, your sister is growing up, she even considers Touma’s alone time with Fujioka as a “chance”, and she’s spending more time being nice to your “boyfriend” than you ever have.

      What I also found interesting is that while Touma plays a boy around Fujioka, she also seemed like she was enjoying her turn on the Fujioka lap seat, very interesting. Fujioka comes off as quite naive again, give me a break, I don’t believe that he can’t tell the difference between a guy being a little flabby and a sprouting rack on a girl. No guy would have reacted the way Touma did if another guy had pulled them off of someone then made a flabby comment, I’m beginning to wonder if Kana’s stupidity is starting to infect his brain.

      But, the real show stealer in this episode was Natsuki, the combination of taking Touma’s advice and him trying to act against his nature made him quite funny. His forced smiles made him rise to a creep level previously reserved for his sempai Hosaka, maybe when Hosaka graduates at the end of the year Natsuki will take his place. Also, Natsuki’s interaction with the food vendor at the end of the episode was also classic Hosaka.

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but does the series seem to be adding a much higher level of sexual tension? In the first season it seemed that the only hint of sexuality was when the girls watched the Ninomiya-kun & Sensei TV series in the evenings, and even then Haruka changed the channel if things got too steamy. Speaking of steamy, I found a couple of adult Minami-ke dojins, so if you click here  you can find some Minami-ke cake.


       This episode begins with Kana bringing some oranges to the Kotatsu, and both Chiaki and Touma watch Kana eating, then they both grab for the same orange. At school, Uchida comes running up to Makoto and tells him that Chiaki and Touma are fighting. Uchida pleads with Makoto to stop the hostility, but he tells her that there’s nothing he can do about it. Then Makoto comes up with a Einstein like observation (at least for him), he thinks that the dispute started last night at Chiaki’s house, so they should go ask Kana what happened. While sitting at the Kotatsu with Kana, both Mako-chan and Uchida get whacked by Kana when they tried to grab a orange. As Chiaki and Touma are walking home they both decide that their fight was caused by both of them being too lazy to get up from the Kotatsu and get their own oranges, they quickly makeup and walk in to find Uchida and Mako-chan fighting with Kana.





        The next day, Touma sees Chiaki sewing something and Chiaki tells her that she’s making a giant Christmas stocking. Later, Haruka tells Maki and Atsuko that she confused by Chiaki’s giant stocking, Kana’s already told her what she wants for Christmas but Chiaki won’t say a word. So, Haruka invites Fujioka over to try and figure out what Chiaki wants, Haruka’s placing her faith in Fujioka since his last gift was her favorite. Well, Fujioka really has no idea, but he uses this time to give Haruka and Kana their gifts. When Haruka opens her gift she finds that Fujioka has given her a set of mittens (it looks like Fujioka has gotten all the sisters mittens) Kana decides that Fujioka’s gift would the perfect thing to put inside Chiaki’s stocking, but Fujioka tells Kana that she should get Chiaki some other stuff but Kana says not to worry about it.



       On Christmas morning Kana puts Chiaki’s stocking over her head and wakes Chiaki up, and she has Chiaki check inside the stocking for her gift. Later, the three sisters are outside making a snowman, and it seems that Chiaki is enjoying her gift of mittens. In the end, it seems that Fujioka’s gift of mittens was a very big hit with Minami sisters.




       That very same morning, we see Natsuki getting chewed out by his older brother because it’s was his job to place Touma’s X-mas gift by her pillow, and he forgot to do it. Later, we hear Touma telling Haruka that she’s glad her brothers finally stopped getting her gifts she doesn’t really like, or want. As soon as Touma and Chiaki leave the house Haruka is on the phone chewing Natsuki’s ass about the “no X-mas gift thing”, he tells Haruka that it’s all his fault even though it was partly Touma’s fault. Natsuki couldn’t place the gift by Touma’s pillow because they were gaming in his room and Touma ended up falling asleep with her head on Natsuki’s leg so he couldn’t place the gift properly. He agrees to place the gift in it’s proper place tonight, and he even writes himself a reminder note. When Touma gets home she sees the note and gets pissed off and throws it in the trash. When Touma walks in on Natsuki and Akira she tries to cover their mistake by saying that she just didn’t see the gift by her pillow when she woke up this morning,  Akira plays along but Natsuki screws it up and ends up getting hit on the head by the present.



        The the episodethen  flashes back a few days with Hosaka overhearing the conversation Haruka had with Maki and Atsuko, and after verifying his thoughts with Natsuki he heads off looking for a Santa suit. But, instead, he ends up selling Christmas cakes with the hope that sooner or later a half frozen Haruka will come by and he can give her a free cake, stealing her heart in the process. Poor Hosaka, serendipity almost strikes, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki are walking by at just the right moment and Kana and Chiaki ask to stop at the cake shop but Haruka tells them she’s already got a cake back at home, so they walk right by Hosaka.





     Once the girls get back to their house they have nice party with Touma, Uchida, Mako-chan, and Yoshino attending. Once the party gets rolling, everyone has a blast, and Haruka seems really happy watching everybody enjoying themselves. Well, that’s all for this episode.





       Well, I’ve really come to enjoy the Minami-ke Christmas episodes. Since Minami-ke is all about family, and friends that become like family, I find these episodes very pleasant and relaxing. I think that part of the reason why I like this anime is that I’ve become accustomed to things not really changing, it’s comforting.

       I really enjoy watching Haruka finding happiness and joy in making her sisters and their friends happy, while it may seem like Haruka might feel burdened by her responsibilities I think that she’s at her happiest when entertaining family and friends.

      No matter what happens, Kana is still Kana, silly, sightly dense, but basically a good girl (maybe a little selfish). When I consider how Kana’s changed from season two to season three it has to be that she’s become a lot less selfish than before. In season two, Kana did some really selfish things that got her in some real trouble with her sisters, but this season she’s really hasn’t screwed up that bad. I kind of feel sorry for Fujioka, he could walk up to Kana, kiss her, and give her a really nice ring or charm and Kana would probably kick him, then she’d try at eat the gift, and then she’d have to ask Chiaki what it all means.

      I feel that no one’s changed more over the course of these three seasons than Chiaki. At the start of season one I found Chiaki to be a not very likable girl, she almost felt like a robot. But, as Chiaki started spending more time with Uchida, Yoshino, Touma, and Mako-chan shes become much more human and friendly. Chiaki actually smiles and seems to enjoy spending time with her friends, and that’s a good thing.

     I just love watching Hosaka go into his private fantasy worlds whenever he tries to think of ways to get Haruka’s attention and affection. If Hosaka could ever work up the nerve to just talk to Haruka, he just might make some progress with her.

      This season of Minami-ke seems to be just flying by, I sure hope that the creators want to add another season of Minami-ke our viewing pleasure. Until next week,   make mine, Kana-chan.


       This episode begins with starts with Yoshino and Uchida buying some sweet potatoes from a vendor then heading to the Minami apartment where Kana starts going over the “laws’ of getting a boyfriend. Kana has them begin their training by acting weak, pretending to be unable to open a soda can. When put into practice, Uchida really sucks at it, but Yoshino does a great job at acting weak.


     Soon, Haruka returns from school with Maki and Atsuko, and soon the girls get Maki and Atsuko involved in their weakness exercise. For Maki it brings back memories of this method failing for her. When Atsuko gives it a try she does a tremendous job, but soon both Maki and Kana figure start calling Atsuko a witch and a bad woman because of her acting skills, Atsuko flees to Haruka in embarrassment because she really can’t open the can. Both Kana and Maki still thinks that Atsuko just a witch, she could really open the can if she wanted to.  




       Soon, Chiaki returns home with Touma and when she sees Kana with one of her sodas she grabs it from Kana. As soon as Chiaki open the can it sprays soda in her face, and when she asks who did this? Kana points to Atsuko and says the witch did it.



      The next skit involves Kana telling Uchida that they are fortunate to have experts on guys here to teach them, she points to Maki and tells her to begin teaching them on how to handle guys. As Maki starts to get into her role, Haruka forces her to help her cook dinner, that leaves Atsuko in the teacher role. Kana tells the girls to ask Atsuko any questions they have, so the girls want her to pick up on the night portion that Maki left off at. Atsuko starts to get all flustered and embarrassed as Kana pushes her , Touma chimes in and tells Kana to leave her alone, can’t she see that Atsuko is embarrassed, and Touma then calls Kana a dumb-ass. Kana and Touma start a wrestling match and Kana shoves Touma into Atsuko’s boobs, Touma falls asleep on Atsuko’s breasts, and Atsuko can’t remember if Touma is a girl or a guy.




       The next day at school, Makoto accidentally runs into Touma on his way to the bathroom, and he gets punched in the face even though he apologizes. Then out of the blue, Kana asks Keiko how to get a boyfriend? Keiko looks over to Fujioka and tells her that she might get one pretty soon. In typical Kana fashion, she tells Keiko that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she just wanted to hear something interesting, and she got the most boring answer possible from Keiko. A little while later, Riko comes up to Keiko and asks her what she thinks if girl A got hugged from behind by her crush, boy B, as Keiko is going through situation in her mind where Fujioka might have hugged Riko, Riko walks off. Then Keiko asks Kana the same question that Riko asked her. As Kana goes through her convoluted logic, Riko pushes her just like Kana does to her, and when Kana melts down Riko jumps all over her.



       Then at Haruka’s school, we see Atsuko delivering a great volleyball serve, Hosaka walks over to her and speaks to her for a while, Atsuko comes to the conclusion that when Hosaka’s being quite he’s not that bad. Maki rushes up and asks her if she’s OK, did he say anything bad to her? No. Atsuko asks Maki if she hates Hosaka? No, she just finds him disgusting, then Maki asks Atsuko if she likes Hosaka? She replies, no, you have to be joking.



      When Hayami shows up, she tries to get the other two girls to tell her what they were talking about, but soon Hosaka sees her and walks over to discuss club stuff with Hayami. As he approaches the girls he overhears Haruka’s name mentioned along with the club, and he goes into Hosaka dream world mode, and Hayami has to go over and slap him back to reality. Maki makes her typical, how disgusting comment, but Atsuko makes the observation that Hosaka is really cool when he’s in quite mode. Well, that’s all for this episode.



     Well, I found this episode to be quite funny, this is the what, the third, fourth, or fifth episode about boys and girls and how to get a boyfriend or how to attract a guy? I find these episodes to be quite amusing, because no matter how serious the discussion gets, Kana logic always seems to screw it up, you could almost do the exact opposite of Kana’s advice and be perfectly OK. It also seems that the writers are bringing Maki and Atsuko more into the everyday storyline, while Hayami doesn’t come over as often, it really doesn’t matter because Maki is almost a Hayami in training.

       One thing that I’m finding quite silly is that Touma sex is more in question than ever, I don’t know how both Fujioka and Atsuko keep thinking she’s a guy, haven’t we’ve seen her showing boobs when she was wearing street clothes? Also, I find it amusing that everyone one of the girls except Kana has in one way or another discovered boys or at least the affect boys can have on them, it’s like Kana’s less mature than the primary school girls. I also don’t mind them integrating Maki, Atsuko, and Natsuki more into the show because both Hayami and Hosaka are seniors and will be graduating at the end of the school year, so if Minami-ke is going to continue beyond this season it going to need some more plot-linesto work with. Another thing I find quite amusing about this season is that Kana is most certainly getting the better of Chiaki than ever before, Kana owns Chiaki.