This episode picks up the morning with the magical mascots waking up Ink then Sumi and telling them that they have to rescue Alice. When Sumi asks why they have to rescue Alice they tell her and Ink that Alice controls the power of time, and having her as a hostage can cause big problems in the magical kingdom and in the real world.

     The girls are told that the only why to help Alice is to use all their magical powers to open a gate to the magical kingdom, and this means that they won’t be able to transform after it’s over. Both Sumi and Ink are shocked when they hear about losing their powers permanently.

      After some begging and pleading by Ah-kun and Ka-kun, the girls decide to make the rescue of Alice their last magical mission. Then the girls do a double transformation in front of Ah-kun and Ka-kun and they head off to Alice’s place. Once at Alice’s place they are told that the pond in front of her house links the magical world to this world. The crew leaps into the pond and Ah-kun and Ka-kun are transported to the front of the palace inside the magical kingdom but the girls aren’t with them.

     The magical mascots make their way through the palace and discover that the royal guard was easily defeated and the king is missing. All the while, the “will of darkness/Black Darkness/Dark Alice” waits for them to arrive while holding Alice hostage, she says that it’s her mission to bring destruction to both worlds. The mascots make their way to Alice and confront the bad guy, it seems that Ah-chan (Arcs in the magical world) has done battle with her before, in the past the magical kingdom sealed the villain inside of time (Alice’s heart), but now she has broken free. We also see that she has taken Ink and Sumi hostage and they are trapped inside of their own dreams.

     It seems that Arcs and Alice were boyfriend and girlfriend back in the magical kingdom but Arcs’ interest in looking at small breasts and loli girls kept interfering with their relationship until it caused them to break up.

     Ink struggles, lost inside her dream until dandy helps her remember her true self, when Ink remembers who she is, she and Sumi are freed along with Dandy. Then we find out that Dandy is really the king of the magical kingdom, all hail “King Dandy”.

     In front of everyone, Black Darkness tries to fully take over Alice, and Ah-kun in his anger transforms back onto Arcs and begins to attack her. As Arcs is doing major damage to her, she transforms into a giant monster and the King transforms Ink and Sumi back into magic girls and orders them to defeat the monster. The girls use a new combined power called “magical climax” to transform Ah-kun into a giant duck to battle the monster. Then every one lends their power to Ah-kun who fire a Godzilla like fire blast from his mouth destroying the monster (Dark Alice).

After the battle is over, we get to see everyone transformed back into their true forms, below is Sumi and Ka-kun.

Below are Alice and Arcs together in their true forms.

     Well, as Moetan  comes to a close the spoofs and parodies come faster and faster. I thought the ending was very funny, can it get any better than Ink and Sumi’s combined power being called magical climax, and a giant Ah-kun spitting fire just like Godzilla  was just too funny.

    Also, the king of the magical world being Dandy was very funny, the whole idea for him messing around with young girls for years is pretty amusing, I guess Ah-kun is a chip off the old block. What was also amusing is that Ah-kun/Arcs was a loli watcher even in the magical kingdom.

     The whole Alice/Dark Alice storyline is something that’s been in magic girl shows for a long time, think of the Sailor Galaxia/Chaos storyline from the Sailor Moon  anime, also think of the Hikaru/Nova arc from the Magic Knights Rayearth  anime. Those stories show that’s it’s never a good idea to place some other power inside of you, or to separate from yourself the darkness that dwells inside your heart.

     Well, the bright side of this episode is that in the end the king restored the girls’ magical powers, after all what good would the three remaining episodes have been if we had no magic girls in a magic girls anime.