Hello everyone, this is my first fan fiction, so please be a little forgiving. This was written many years ago and posted to a now defunct Sailor Moon mailing list a long time ago. After writing posts to my blog, and reading some new fantsay books caused me to look back to this fan fiction. So I have decided to post the first few chapters slowly on this page. I will also try to finish this story over time. This story is going to mainly be about Usagi, she has been one of my favorite anime personalities of all time. On many different mailing lists and discussion groups I hear some of the same questions being asked; Is Usagi really that big of a crybaby and wimp, or is her personality just a cover for the moon princess?; Will she ever gain the responsibility and wisdom needed to become Neo Queen Serenity? Well In this fan fiction I will try to explore these issues with a great deal of love and sensitivity. I will try to justice to Usagi’s character, and the sailor moon story.

Oh, by the way this story takes place around 1997-1998 before cell phones and IM’s were very commonplace.

     This story starts about half of the way thru Usagi and her friends senior year of high school. Usagi and the inner scouts in this story are about eighteen years old. Most of the scouts have already been accepted into the schools of their choices, well everybody except Usagi (big sweat drop). Well we’ll see what happens, schools always been tough on Usagi.

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For the Love of the Silver millennium

Part 1 “Winds of change slowly blow”

     It was a bright sunny day, a warm gentle breeze caressed the people relaxing in the park. On a park bench near the lake sat a lone girl, her long odangos topped hair shimmered like spun gold in the sun light. Many young men stopped in their tracks to admire the beauty by the lake, but none mustered the courage to disturb her. The girl on the bench gently pulled out a letter from a hidden pocket in her summer dress, and with great care she began to open the letter. ‘Dearest Mamoru-chan, how much I miss you everyday,’ Usagi thought as she unfolded the letter form her love.

“Dear Usako, my true love,

     I hope every thing is going great for you, I really miss home and being with you. I’ve been very busy at the university, this year of medical school has been pure hell, but I hope your senior year of high school is every thing you hoped it would be. How are all the scouts doing, by the way have any of them found boyfriends yet? Beloved Usako, I think about you time my love. I miss your good nature, your smile, and hell I even miss your cooking. I try to pass my free time by playing lots of sports, and studying real hard. I look forward to coming home next time to see you and take you to your graduation ball. I’ve picked out the most handsome tuxedo you’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see you in your princess dress, and hold you close to me. Well, I have a study group in 15 minutes so I have to go now. I love you very much my angel of love and kindness.”

Bye for now

Your Mamoru-chan

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     ‘To short, much too short my love is the time we spend together. I know I must be strong and wait until we can be married. I know I must learn to have more patience, it’s one of the traits I should have to be a true ruler…a true leader,‘ Usagi though to herself as she stuffed the letter back into her dress.

     “Cheer up Usagi, it’s too beautiful of a day to be sad,” purred a small voice. “Oh Luna, your right lets just enjoy the day.” Usagi reached down and snatched up the cat and hugged her tightly. “It’s hard to believe we’ve been together for almost five years….five whole years, all the fights, all the challenges, all the pain, and all the fun times….through it all Luna you’ve been the best friend…..best companion….best advisor anyone could have wished for.” Luna squirmed free of Usagi’s embrace and curled up in her lap, “Usagi what’s bothering you, this is so unlike you to be so sullen, so serious, tell me.” After a long pause Usagi replied, “Well….Luna everything is changing, I don’t know…..it just feels like soon nothing will be the same. It….I….I get these feelings….these premonitions that all the good things I’ve enjoyed, friends, family, and school are going to slip away, and I’ll never get them back.” Luna looked deeply into Usagi’s eyes, searching as if looking into her soul. “Usagi, I’m amazed at how much you’ve matured since we’ve been together. When I first gave you your transformation broach all you could think of was what time you’d be eating your next meal, and if the next cute guy you saw would notice you, now your sitting here contemplating adult thoughts, that’s right Usagi, adult thoughts. What your feeling Usagi is the gradual change from teenager to adult that’s occurring in your life, you don’t consciously realize it yet, but your subconscious does,” “Your probably right Luna, but one other thing is bothering me,” Usagi said in a very solemn voice. “Tell me what Usagi-chan,” Luna replied with love and concern in her voice. “Well…I’m not ready Luna, I’m not ready to be Queen Serenity, I struggle each and every day to be more responsible, to be more dedicated, to be less selfish. I struggle every day to suppress the urge to run off an be with Mamoru-chan, hell Luna you know that’s my fondest dream. Luna, I still struggle to be a good student, to be a better sera senshi, let alone be responsible for the whole world. I’m not ready to be responsible for the lives of billions of people, and I don’t if I’ll ever be ready for that kind of responsibility, I just don’t know.” When Usagi finished it looked as if she had the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders.

     ‘I should have been more sensitive to be burden Usagi has carried these past few years. In my zeal to fulfill my mission given to me by Queen Serenity, I have sometimes not considered the consequences of this on Usagi. In the future I will try to help her shoulder this tremendous weight, after all she is still a teenager who should still enjoy the blessings of youth,’ Luna thought to herself. Luna hopped off Usagi’s lap and sat up next her on the bench. “Usagi, look at me,” Luna spoke solemnly. “Just remember that you will always be surrounded by friends that love you, and I’ll always be here if you need me. You have a loving family, and a man who’s pledged his future to you. You do not have to bear the tremendous burden by your self, please share it with us. Remember that your whole life is ahead of you, even though you feel the best times are over, you’re wrong. The love of your friends and family will only grow stronger. Usagi above all have confidence in yourself, you’ve faced many horrors and always met the challenge, and you’ve never been found lacking. The strength of your heart, and the power of your love for this world are your greatest strengths. Never forget that Usagi-chan.” Tears flowed freely from Usagi’s eyes as Luna spoke those words.

     Usagi began to speak after several moments of awkward silence, “thank you Luna…..thank you very much,” her voice cracking, barely above a whisper. “Wipe those tears from your eyes Usagi, they don’t suite you well. The girls will be up at Crown’s in another hour, until then let the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of the lake embrace you. Treat yourself to some peace and relaxation Usagi-chan.” Luna hopped back into Usagi’s lap and curled up. “Your right Luna, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of the day. You know a double cheeseburger, chili fries, and a coke with the girls sounds like a good prescription for my case of the blues.” Usagi gently stroked Luna’s fur while taking in the natural beauty of the park. As she watched the sun slowly set over the lake, her mind drifted back to the feelings of impending change that hung just over the horizon like distant storm clouds. ‘A change is coming, I shouldn’t feel like this, but I can’t shake the feeling that the winds of change are blowing.” Usagi thrust aside those thoughts and found enjoyment in watching a family of graceful swans. As Luna began to drift to sleep in the warmth of Usagi’s lap, her last thoughts were, ‘My pride in Usagi grow everyday, even though she doubts herself constantly she always does what is needed. I just wish I could tell Usagi that no one is ready for the responsibility for the whole world, and just realizing the enormity of that burden is a sign of true wisdom.’ Those were Luna’s last thoughts before her mind and body surrendered to the sleepiness of a contented cat.

     Four points of light cut a path towards earth, they blazed past the planet Pluto. The four objects continued on a path towards earth, past Neptune, past Uranus, past Saturn, past Jupiter they came on at speeds incomprehensible to the normal human mind. Until they approached the planet Mars the cosmic travelers continued to move unhindered towards earth. Just past the planet mars, a lone figure barred the travelers way, she was a slightly built dark haired girl, in her hands she held a glaive. Hotaru Tomoe thrust her glaive forward in a gesture of blocking and shouted, “cosmic space barrier.” A web of force exited her glaive and spread out like a fishing net in front of the approaching travelers. Caught in the force web, the cosmic travelers came to an abrupt halt in front of Hotaru Tomoe. Hotaru spoke in a loud and commanding voice, ” I am sera senshi Saturn, senshi of death, destruction, and rebirth. I am a guardian of this solar system, and none may enter without permission.” Hotaru slowly looked over the strangers that stood in front of her. Three of the strangers before her were obviously sera senshi, behind them was a cloaked cube of force. The three sera senshi bowed respectfully in front of Hotaru, then the middle senshi stepped forward and spoke, “Greeting sera senshi Saturn, honored guardian of this system. We have traveled from the galaxy known to you as Andromeda. We seek a audience with sera senshi moon, the legendary moon princess, and the light of hope.” Off to the side of the visitors, a figure materialized out of the darkness and stepped forward and spoke, “I am sera senshi Neptune , a guardian of this system, and a guardian sworn to protect the life of the moon princess. Speak now why you seek our beloved princess?”

     Turning from Neptune and facing the cube of force, the middle senshi commanded,” watch.” With as gesture of her hand Towards the cube, and the phrase, “binding cube reveal.” The cloak of energy covering the cube’s surface dissolved. The sight of the cubes contents caused Saturn and Neptune to recoil in horror, “what in the name of the cosmos is that abomination!” shrieked Saturn. After Saturn regained her composure the smallest of the three visitors replied, “this is the reason we seek the moon princess.” The last of the visitors continued, “like you we are sera senshi, for we defend our system against evil and hatred, and what you see inside the cube was the strongest and bravest of us. approximately three of your solar cycles ago, a great evil attacked our home world. As we were away on a envoy for our leader, so Sera senshi Solarflare faced the great evil one alone. Solar flare and the evil creature fought a titanic battle, neither side giving quarter neither side asking for quarter, after several hours the battle was reduced to hand to hand combat. Solarflare grabbled with the monster even though she realized that contact with the creature meant certain death. Just as solar flare was striking the fatal blow, the monster released a curse so terrible that it’s results were worse than death itself.”

     The first of the visitors continued the story where her had companion left off, “for the last two of your solar cycles we tried anything and everything to cure our fallen comrade. We had almost given up hope, when a great traveling bard from your galaxy arrived at our home world. She sang of the tales of the holy sera senshi wars, she sang tales of your princess, and sang of how when all hope was lost your princess prevailed with the power of love and hope. If that is truly your princess, then she possesses a power not known to us. We seek the help of your princess’s power to aid our fallen sera senshi. Please aid us!” Neptune stepped forward and whispered, “talisman appear,” and in her hand appeared a mirror made of the purest gold and glass. “This talisman has the power of true seeing, all lies and falsehoods will be reveled. If you speak the truth we shall take you to our princess, if you speak falsely you shall die were you stand.” Neptune spoke bluntly, then a warm golden light left the talisman and covered the cosmic visitors.

     “Usagi-chan,” shouted a dark hair girl over the din of the crowed diner. “Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, konnichiwa everyone,” Usagi replied as she squeezed into the booth and sat down next to Rei. “Where have you been all day girlfriend,” asked Makoto. “At the park, how bout you guys?” beamed Usagi. “Well we spent the morning at Rei’s, then we went shopping at tenth street district,” replied Ami-chan enthusiastically. “Have you heard from any of the colleges that you applied to,” asked Ami. Usagi’s face fell, and some tears began to form under her eyes, “no, after all who would want anything to do with a silly girl, a clumsy girl who has never been excellent at anything her whole life. You know that I’m lucky to have the C average I carry right now, if it wasn’t for you girls I’d be failing. After Usagi finished speaking, a hush came over the table. A loud “crack,” was heard throughout the diner as Rei slammed her fist down on the table. “God dammit Usagi, don’t you ever let me hear you talk about yourself like that again. Your a very special person, you have qualities that more people should have,” Rei practically screamed those words at Usagi. “What special qualities do I have….I’m a crybaby…..sometimes I’m irresponsible….I daydream too much, what college will those qualities get me in to?” “Just give it some time,” Makoto chimed in with, “hell Usagi, will just help you fill out some more applications.” “You know I sent out over one hundred applications, and I haven’t gotten one acceptance letter yet,” Usagi said with a sigh, “well lets order some food I’m starving.” With that the mood lightened substantially, and the conversation drifted back to boys and shopping. But, all the girls had the same unspoken thought, ‘What the hells wrong with Usagi? We want the old Usagi-chan back!” after the meals were eaten, Rei told everyone to be at the temple by 6 PM tomorrow (Friday), they had to plan something for the last weekend of summer break.

     As Usagi slowly walked home her mind raced along at a thousand miles per hour, ‘what’s really bothering me, I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I feel like something’s missing, and I just can’t place it.’ “Welcome home Usako,” beamed Ikuko momma as Usagi came thru the front door, “how was your day dear?” “Just fine mom, I spent the afternoon at the park, and eat dinner with the girls at Crowns.” Usagi bounded up the stairs and into her room. Picking up a picture Usagi thought, ‘I miss you ChibiChibi,’ she set down that picture and picked up the one next to it. Tears dripped onto the glass, ‘this has always been my favorite, me, Mamoru-chan, and Chibi Usa, god we look so happy,’ setting that one down Usagi spotted another favorite, ‘starlights, I wonder how your doing, are you and your princess happy?’ Usagi laid down on the bed and moonlight bathed her as she drifted off to sleep. After a while Luna walked thru the door and hopped up on the bed and joined Usagi in sleep.

     “Sera moon…..Sera moon….Sera moon,” those words were carried along on the wind like a mournful whisper. Usagi awoke with a start, “what the hell was that,” Usagi looked around the room nervously, after a few moments Usagi thought to herself, ‘I must be hearing things.’ She looked at the clock she noticed that it was only 12 midnight, ‘I’ve got several hours of sleep left’. After a few minutes she knew getting back to sleep wouldn’t be easy. ‘I’ll go for a walk, it’ll help me get back to sleep,’ Usagi thought as she slipped into a jogging suit and went thru the front door. “Sleep peacefully,” Usagi whispered as she closed the front door and went out into the night. Luna was just beginning to stir from her slumber when an irresistible force pushed her back into the world of dreams. Usagi walked down the city streets in a pleasant daze, finally she arrived at the park that overlooked the tenth district. Usagi took a seat at the edge of the bluff, feet dangling of the side, ‘ah….so beautiful, so peaceful, I should come here more often,’ Usagi thought to her self. After a while, she began to feel something strange, ‘random thoughts, feeling, and dreams began to assault her consciousness, they threatened to over load her mind. ‘What is happening to me,’ Usagi thought, ‘I must regain control, I have to focus.’ After a few minutes she was able to regain control, Usagi was able tone down the noise that threatened overwhelm her mind. After turning down the noise, she took what was left of it and pushed it to the background of her thoughts, ‘I must think about this for a while.’ As silverily moonlight bathed Usagi, a thought came to her, ‘what if I try to tune in on some of these voices?’ A whole new world opened up to Usagi as the hopes and dreams of the earth became hers. As she switched from dream to dream, a vision of purity and light flickered on and off, a city of crystal more beautiful than any words could describe covered the town below her. Usagi’s spirit soared to new heights as she took it in the song of the world, “moon eternal makeup,” with those words she transformed into eternal Sailor Moon and flew into the night sky. ‘How peaceful this world can be,’ she thought floating miles above Tokyo. The flicker of the city lights below her reminded her of the lights of the milky way. With a thought Usagi powered up and began to travel west over the horizon, where she gladly drank in the purity of the world

     Setsuna slowly took another drink of her green tea, “Haruka, our princess has reawakened her powers tonight.” Haruka stared at Setsuna silently. “Yes I felt the birth of a warm wave. Can you sense what the princess is doing?” asked Haruka. “Yes, but my vision is somewhat fuzzy tonight,” Setsuna answered. “Our princess is traveling on the winds of the world.” “I’ll never fully understand our princess, I often think she’s too sweet for this cruel world. But she does have a wondrous power that we don’t have ” replied Haruka. “Well Hotaru and the other believe in her, and I have faith in her too. When I look at Usagi I get glimpses…. premonitions of a glorious future. There is a wondrous power lying dormant inside of her, when it awakens fully everything will change. Can’t you feel it Haruka?” “I don’t know what I feel, but when I look into her eyes I see something, but it’s hard to explain. If I had to put it into word I think that I would say that I see peace, tranquility, and the hope for an end to all the fighting, a end to the sailor wars.” after a long pause Haruka continued, “she’s not like us, we bear the cross of a sera senshi, she bears a different cross, I sometimes think that her cross is heaver.” For a long time nothing was said, finally Setsuna broke the silence, “I think she represents the best qualities of all of us, she was never meant to be a sera senshi, she’s one because she must be one, she in reality is something greater, better, and much more important. To me she is the promise of things to come, that’s why I fight for her. Why do you fight Haruka?” “I fight for my love, Michiru.” Answered Haruka. “That’s no answer Haruka, we’ve been battling without end for eons, if that was your only motivation you would have either given up or fled long ago. Tell me what’s the real reason you continue to battle?” Setsuna asked, her gaze piercing Haruka. After a very long pause, Haruka took another drink of her coffee, then looked back to Setsuna and began to speak, ” very well I’ll tell you, I don’t have any special knowledge of the future like you do daughter of Chronos, and my memories of the past grow less clear everyday, but I want to experience the beautiful majesty of the past. I still feel the presence of the silver millennium even though it was destroyed thousands of years ago. Sometimes when I sit alone in the quiet I can still feel the warm loving waves of the silver millennium wash over and comfort me. I long for the peace and serenity for me and Michiru, I long for us to be a normal family. Is that wrong Setsuna?” “No its not wrong or selfish,” Setsuna replied in a whisper. Haruka took the final sip of coffee from her cup and continued, “when I’m near the princess I feel those same waves of energy coming from her presence. For me the princess represents what was and the hope of what should be again, that’s why I fight for the princess.” Haruka turned and walked towards her and Michiru’s bedroom, “goodnight Setsuna, we’ll see the princess tomorrow when Hotaru and Michiru return with the visitors.” “Goodnight Haruka,” Setsuna replied. When she was alone again her mind returned to thoughts of the princess and the future.

     After being aloft for what seemed only like a few minutes, Usagi decided to turnaround and head back towards the Tenth District Park. She powered down and descended back to the earth, upon landing Usagi transformed back to normal and started off towards home. ‘How peaceful it was up there, I felt more invigorated tonight than I have in years,’ Usagi thought to herself as she walked thru the front door. Usagi quietly crept up the stairs and into her room, glancing at the clock has she climbed into bed, ‘five o’clock, it felt like I was gone for only an hour, well I guess I’ll just sleep in late tomorrow.” Luna awoke to the warmth of the morning sunlight, ‘I can’t believe that I slept in this late,’ she thought stretching out her body after the long night’s sleep. ‘I don’t remember Usagi wearing her jogging suite to bed last night,’ Luna wondered. She looked long and hard at the sleeping girl, ‘she looks really radiant this morning, or is just my imagination. Well, its probably just the shine of the sun on her skin.’ As she left the house, and headed for breakfast with Artemis, Luna decided that questions like that had to wait till later.

     ‘Maybe will all go to the movies tonight, ‘Usagi thought walking towards the Hikawa Shrine, ‘the new sailor V movie is out this weekend, or maybe we’ll go see Gladiator.’ As Usagi approached the shrine she noticed a yellow Porsche and a black Lexus parked in front of the shrine, “wow, Haruka’s and Setsuna’s cars are here, it’s been a really long time since we all went out together. Maybe we can take in a movie, then karaoke and dancing later.” “Konnichiwa everyone,” Usagi shouted flinging open the main doors to the shrine. “Theirs our princess,” Haruka’s voice echoed throughout the main hall. “How many times have I told you guys not to call me prin……,” Usagi never finished the sentence, her mouth hung open as she saw the three strangers. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having guests to the temple Rei-chan,” Usagi said with a bit of annoyance in her voice. ‘What’s going on here. Haruka shouldn’t have called me princess in front of strangers,’ Usage shot a questioning look towards the others. “Sit down moon princess, we’ve got sera senshi business to discuss,” Setsuna said gravely. “Princess, let me introduce to you sera senshi Starfire, Starshine, and Starglitter,” Hotaru said formally, and the three strangers gave a slight bow in Usagi’s direction. Usagi took a seat and for the next two hours listened to the strangers’ tale. Dropping to a knee, the lead senshi spoke, “sera senshi moon….moon princess, please use your powers to help our friend, your are last hope.” Usagi dropped to a knee she faced the visitor where she saw tears of hopelessness and despair in the senshi’s eyes. “Don’t give up hope! Never give into despair,” Usagi told the visitor as she grasped her hand, “I feel the love in your heart, but I also feel the weariness of your struggle in your soul. I will do all that lies within my power to aid your friend.” Being unable to control herself, Starshine collapsed into Usagi’s arms and began to cry uncontrollably, “when I started my duties I never realized the journey would be so hard, so lonely, so painful. I can’t bear this burden any longer.” Usagi gently stroked Starshine’s hair, “look at me,” she commanded. She raised her head and met Usagi’s piercing gaze. “You’re not alone no matter how bad things get, no matter how heavy the burden. You must remember even a sera senshi needs a break from her duties, and that’s not a sign of weakness. Even the most noble soul needs to be refreshed with the joys of happiness and relaxation. Tonight you shall rest peacefully in the company of friends.” Usagi paused for a moment then continued, “shall we get up now, you have to need to knee before me. We are both warriors of love and justice, we are both equals no matter what our titles are.” Usagi spoke those words with conviction as she returned Starshine to her feet. “Now I must confer with my friends on how to best help your companion recover.” With that Usagi turned and walked over to her friends, where she met their wondering gazes. Starshine returned to her companions, “I don’t know what possessed me to act like that in front of her, but she does have a strange comforting power about her.” Later Starshine would think to herself, ‘there’s something strange about that girl, I can’t quite place it, but I saw something in that girls eyes.’

     “Hotaru you will create a force field around the shrine with your glaive,” Rei instructed. “Sure, no problem,” Hotaru answered. “After Hotaru erects the barrier, I will place my charms against evil energy, then we will deactivate the binding cube.” Rei paused briefly, “then Ami will us her goggles and analyze the nature of the curse for Usagi.” “Rei, what will the rest of us do?” asked Setsuna. “Everyone else will lend morale support and protection to the princess,” Rei stated. Growing bored with the planning, Usagi left the group and went out to the courtyard. Usagi approached the force cube cautiously, after gathering up her courage she peered inside. “Oh my god,” Usagi screamed as she flung herself backwards. Once she regained her composure, Usagi slowly approached the cube again. The creature inside the cube was at least three times the height of a normal person, but it was hard to tell because of the hunched nature of the creature’s stance. Claws more than eight inches long tipped each finger, massive corded muscles lined its limbs, and the monster was covered with a very rough black and blue leathery skin, but the most striking feature of the monster was its face. Two flaming red eyes the size of baseballs peered down at Usagi, steam poured out of its misshaped nose, a large fang lined jaw let out a small roar of hate at her. For several minutes Usagi just stared at the creature, then an idea came to mind, Usagi raised her hand to the surface of the cube. With a silent command Usagi awoke a small portion of her power and reached out to the creature inside the cube, ‘such hatred and evil,’ she sensed. ‘No I must search deeper,’ with that hunch she increased her power and penetrated deeper into the creature, ‘there I can feel some….some….yes I can feel pain, feel terror, and I can feel hopelessness.’ Usagi faced the creature, “I can help you, please be at peace, I will aid you if you wish,” with those words Usagi sent a small gentle warm wave of energy into the creatures core. The creature let out a scream of terror that tore thru the nigh air, then the creature flung itself to the back of the cage where it cowered in terror.

     Hotaru stared at Usagi in disbelief, “She’s getting more powerful all the time. She can use some of her powers without a transformation,” Hotaru said to Setsuna and the others. “There must be some hope, because I’ve never seen the monster cower from anything,” Starshine told her two sera senshi companions. Without saying a word Usagi walked to the temple steps and sat down. Haruka sat down next to Usagi, “what are you thinking about?” “Haruka, our worlds been relatively peaceful since we defeated chaos, I thought we could begin to lead semi normal lives. But, when I tasted the evil of that creature I wonder if we’ll even be able to totally defeat the evil,” Usagi sighed. “I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know what we do sometimes brings a little joy and peace to some.” Haruka said thoughtfully. They sat on the step in silence as the moon slowly rose above the horizon to greet them. “Usagi-chan, Haruka its time,” Rei spoke.

     First the visitors transformed into their sera senshi identities, then a moment later the white moon sera senshi transformed into their identities. Saturn raised her Glaive above her head and commanded, “silence wall surround,” and a burst of energy left her glaive and enclosed the shrine with a eerie glow. “Evil spirits be gone,” Rei commanded as she expanded her energy ward around the courtyard. “Bring out the force cube,” Rei told Starshine. Starshine made a gesture and issued a command and the force cube appeared in the center of the courtyard. “Ready yourselves,” Rei commanded. “Flick,” Ami turned on her computer goggles, and the rest of the senshi spread themselves out in a semicircle. Usagi stood at the center of the semicircle about ten feet in front of everyone else. “Ready,” Starshine asked the group, heads nodded in agreement. “Yes,” Usagi spoke barely above a whisper. “Force cube dismantle,” Starshine yelled and the force cube disappeared. The monster stood in the middle of the courtyard unmoving, it seemed confused by the numbers of opponents that stood in front of it. A tremendous roar broke the silence of the night as the monster charged the senshi. With a thought sera moon summoned the eternal tier, “moon crystal power,” called Usagi. The power came on slowly at first, a slow warm pulsing light, the monster stop in its tracks and stared at the light. The monster turned and fled as Usagi increased the level of the power projected from the tier. “Sera Senshi Solarflare,” called Usagi, “Solarflare come back to us,” she continued. Ami ran up to Usagi, “I can see the lines of evil force, but they are so tangled up with her essence I don’t see any way to help without killing her. They run all thru her crystal heart, dream mirror, and star seed.” Usagi looked at Ami, “I still have to try Ami.” Usagi walked closer to the monster and increased the warm light from the tier, Usagi began to see the bands of evil power binding Solarflare begin to loosen. She realized that the power she was using too blunt and would destroy Solarflare before the evil could be dispelled. Usagi delved into the power of the silver crystal and transformed into the moon princess, in her hand she transformed the eternal tier in to the crystal eternal tier. The silver moon senshi watched in wonder as Usagi transformed into the moon princess, “watch a miracle is about to happen,” Saturn said to the cosmic visitors. “Silver moon crystal power,” Usagi called, the power came faster than ever, power clean and pure, limitless power, power enough shatter any evil. So powerful was the pure silver light that the walls of the courtyard and its stone floor began to emit a silver glow.

     “Mommy what’s that weird light,” a little girl asked. “Oh, its nothing just somebody throwing a party,” a woman replied. ‘Dam that shrine, always weird things happening there,’ the woman thought to herself. ‘This is a really good neighborhood to live in, but for the past five years that temple has always been the source of strange happenings. Maybe I’ll call the police, but they never done anything before.’ The woman thought as she locked her front door and closed the windows.

     A great white castle stood over looking a calm sea of the bluest water imaginable, the reflection of four moons shined off the surface of the water. The sweep of a large spiral galaxy cut across the glass smooth surface of the water, billions of stars filled the night sky, and the glow of billions of star reflected off the water. Overlooking the water, a man was seated at a large marble table on a balcony of the castle. He was of normal height, and appeared to be about forty years of age, his gaze was fixed on a point of light somewhere in one of the arms of the spiral galaxy. Suddenly a soft warm glow lit the balcony of the castle, the man turned towards the source of the light. A small crystal hung from a delicate golden chain, the chain dangled from a hook made from the purest gold. A soft white glow radiated from the crystal and warmed the man’s heart. ‘I’ve not been dreaming, for this is the second time the crystal has reawaken in the blink of an eye,’ the man thought to himself. After a few minutes the glow from the crystal disappeared and the man’s gaze returned to the spiral galaxy. Tears flowed from his eyes and dripped freely on to the marble floor, “soon my love will be reunited, then we will spend eternity together,” the man spoke softly to the vastness of space. “The great wheel slowly spins, the forces of light are heading towards alignment and the prophecies will be fulfilled,” the man continued then fell silent. Those were the first words he had spoken thousands of years, and those were the first tears he had shed in just as long.

     The power of the crystal eternal tier began to overwhelm the evil force binding the sera senshi, Usagi could clearly see the individual bands of evil force tormenting Solarflare. Usagi realized that the bands of force must be severed by hand, so she tossed the crystal eternal tier into the air and commanded, “suspend.” The tier froze in mid air and continued to give off its powerful glow. Usagi began to walk towards Solarflare when Haruka barred her way, “don’t go there princess that creature could kill you, please stay away,” Haruka pleaded. Usagi looked a Haruka and lovely said, “don’t worry Haruka the power of the silver crystal will protect me.” Usagi walked past Haruka and approached the monster. When she was directly in front of the creature Usagi poured the power of the silver crystal into the monster. The bands of evil energy started to snap under the assault from the silver moon power. “Help me, please help me,” Usagi could hear cries of pleading coming from the creature. She stepped forward and embraced the creature, with hers hands and the vision supplied to her by the silver crystal she began to sever the bands of evil power. First Usagi cleared the evil from her crystal heart, then she freed her dream mirror, and lastly she stripped the evil bands from Solarflare’s star seed. Usagi held the ball of evil power in her free hand, with the other one she supported Solarflare. She tossed the evil into the night sky, and the evil tried to flee the light but couldn’t. Caught in the brilliance of the silver moon power the evil creature exploded with such force that it shattered windows for miles around. Solarflare collapsed into Usagi’s arms, “please I not want to die,” she cried. Usagi carried her like a child into the temple, “I won’t let you die you’ve suffered too much.” Usagi set her down on a bed and summoned the crystal eternal tier back into her hand. Using the power, Usagi saw that Solarflare’s crystal heart was damaged along with her star seed, she also knew that Solarflare lacked the energy to heal herself. She grabbed Solarflare’s hand and began to channel the power of the silver crystal along with some of her own life force into Solarflare’s body, she sealed the fractured crystal heart then restored the glow to her dimmed star seed. “Thank you,” Solarflare spoke looking into sera moons eyes, before she lost consciousness she would swear that she saw the glow of stars in Usagi’s eyes. Weakness began to overtake Usagi, ‘I’ve really over exerted myself this time.’ The crystal eternal tier began to slip from Usagi’s grasp and her vision blurred. A “bang,” was heard throughout the room as the tier struck the floor. “Usagi, Usagi-chan, princess,” those were the last words Usagi heard as darkness overtook her.

End of part one.

     If your interested part two will include a mother daughter conversation and a lot of discussion on the nature of the imperium silver crystal and the nature of the silver millennium.


For the Love of the Silver Millennium

Part Two “Usagi’s Beautiful Dream of the Past.”

Rating P.G. Mild Language


By: D. H. Lawrence

All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind,
Wake in the morning to find that it was vanity.

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people,
For they dream their dreams with open eyes,
And make them come true.

A “Bang,” echoed throughout the room as the eternal tier struck the ground. “Princess, Princess,” Haruka screamed as Usagi fell backwards into Makoto’s arms. She gently lifted Usagi up and carried her into Rei’s room. All the Senshi watched Makoto place Usagi onto Rei’s bed, after a few minutes Usagi’s transformation faded away. “She’s used too much energy,” Michiru stated. “After she banished the evil, I felt the cold caress of death approaching Solarflare,” Hotaru whispered. “She used her power to change the preordained fate of Solarflare. She gave of her own life force to create an outcome that shouldn’t have been, I fear the price for breaking that taboo will be heavy,” Setsuna added gravely.

Usagi’s breathing slowed down and became very erratic in nature. “Oh god please don’t die, god please don’t let Usagi die,” Ami spoke as tears fell from her eyes. Usagi’s breathing had almost come to a complete stop when a soft white glow covered her body. The light grew in intensity until her body shone like pure moonlight. Ami flipped on her VR goggles, “My reading shows that a field of energy from the imperium silver crystal is surrounding her body.” “Yes, it has to be!” Minato exclaimed. “Remember how the imperium silver crystal protected Neo-Queen Serenity’s body from the attacks of the black poison crystal, this has to be the same protective power at work.” Minato finished. Rei dropped to her knees and began to chant ancient Shinto prayers of power and knowledge. She chanted for several minutes before speaking, “I’ve reached out to her spirit, but it’s not in her body now. I then searched for it’s location but I couldn’t find it, but I felt its presence somewhere I just don’t know where.” Rei looked at her friends and stated, “we must keep watch over Usagi even though the power of the crystal probably puts her beyond harm from any creature of this world, I wouldn’t feel right leaving her alone, she wouldn’t leave any of us alone. Go, I’ll stand the first watch.” All the girls filed out of the room leaving Rei alone with Usagi. Rei sat down on the bed next to Usagi, “I don’t know if you can hear me, or feel this,” Rei spoke grasping Usagi’s hand. “But know this, I won’t leave you alone.”

The other Senshi gathered on the steps of the Hikawa shrine. “Makoto I hope she’ll be ok.” “I know Usagi is much stronger than she looks. She always cares for others no matter the consequences, the forces of good won’t turn their backs on her. I know this in my heart.” implored Makoto, tapping above her heart for emphasis. “She’s far stronger than any of you realize,” added Hotaru “I’ve seen her use some of her powers without a transformation, and I’ve had strange visions of the future,” Hotaru continued. “Will you share your visions with us?” asked Haruka. “In my vision I see Usagi wearing a dress of the whitest fabric, and her back is adorned with wings of the purest silk. She’s standing atop a crystal tower overlooking a devastated landscape in her hands she holds a staff grander than the eternal tier. She’s smiling as a great darkness consumes her body and spirit, and we are standing at the base of that tower without any power, screaming in terror as the darkness destroys her. I’ve had this vision since I was reborn, that’s my recurring nightmare.” When Hotaru was finished she was visibly shaken. “I’ve got some knowledge of the future,” stated Setsuna. “The path to the future is not set, and what you see may just be one of many possible futures. Things that I knew were true about this past have not all come to pass. Remember that every decision you make can alter the future, have faith in yourselves and in the heart of our princess.” After Setsuna spoke all the girls sat in silence thinking about an uncertain future.

Usagi awoke in a brightly lit room, her head resting on the lap of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. “Queen Serenity…mother is that really you?” The woman looked down at Usagi with kindness, “yes dearest daughter it is me, I trust that you have rested well?” “Where am I, am…am…am I dead…or am I just dreaming?” “You’re not dead, and your not dreaming dear. Your here in the moon kingdom resting safely inside the crystal palace.” A shocked look filled Usagi’s face and her mind reeled in confusion. “You lie,” Usagi screamed. “The Silver Millennium was destroyed thousands of years ago, and all that remains on the moon is rubble. The Silver Millennium is no more, it’s just a faerie tale that has faded from the mind of mortals. Who are you…tell me who your really are!” Usagi demanded pushing herself away from the woman. “Dearest daughter look at me,” Queen Serenity spoke gently. “Search for the truth with your heart, you know what I say is the truth.” Queen Serenity placed her hand to Usagi’s breast, “In your heart can you not feel the truth. Think about the last time you were on the moon, did you not feel something? When you look at the moon do you not feel something there? Well I know its hard to explain or even put into words, but can’t you feel something lying just out of reach, something lying just outside of your grasp?” “Yes mother there are times when I feel things that I can’t explain, and I have felt the call of the moon. At times I can feel my heart yearning for something that I know the world can’t fulfill, but how can this be, mother? I have seen the ruins of the moon kingdom with my own eyes, do my eyes lie to me, does my mind play tricks on me!” “No dear daughter, your eyes and your mind do not lie to you. Where the moon kingdom is now is not of the normal universe, but lies outside of space and time. At the fall of the Silver Millennium, while I lay dying, I summoned Sailor Saturn to my side. On my orders she reluctantly preformed her most sacred duty, using her glaive she silenced and locked away the Silver Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millennium from the history of men.” When queen Serenity finished speaking Usagi looked more confused than ever. “Mother how can I be here if the Silver Moon Kingdom was destroyed?” Asked Usagi. “As I told you my daughter, the kingdom was silenced and placed outside of time and space not gone forever. This place is protected and preserved by the beautiful dreams of men, and by the power of the imperium silver crystal. Just as the power of the imperium silver crystal protects and preserves you it also protects this place. When you battled Galaxia you told her nothing was truly gone unless you give up in you heart, and the same holds true for this place. Even now, thousands of years later, people still dream of what was and still yearn for it to be so again.” Finished, Queen Serenity. “Mother why was I brought to the moon kingdom?” Usagi asked. “When you summoned the power of the imperium silver crystal you gave too much of your life force. Your body needed to recharge your life energy, so the imperium silver crystal brought your spirit here while it recharges your body.” Queen Serenity turned and walked towards the door. “Mother please tell me..,” Usagi never got to finish the sentence. Queen Serenity put her index finger to her lips and, “schuuuuuh, daughter you need to rest your spirit. They’ll be time for more questions later, now rest your spirit. Pleasant dreams dear.” Usagi tried to fight off the urge to sleep but to no avail, in less than a minute she was out cold.

‘God what a weird dream I just had, thinking I was back on the moon with Queen Serenity, it has to be the stress or something like that.’ Usagi thought as she wiped the sleep from her eyes. When Usagi slipped out of bed and her foot hit the floor the reality of her situation impacted her like a slap in the face. “What’s going on this isn’t my bedroom! God the floor feels like it’s made of glass, this can’t be true, I’ve got to find a light because it’s way too dark to see anything in here!” Usagi fumbled around until she found a doorway, then she stumbled down a dark hallway, and eventually she found an exit to the outside. “Nooooo,” Usagi screamed falling to her knees in shock. “No it can’t be true, but it must be true, it’s all true!” Usagi cried as she starred up at the great blue sphere, “Earth, I’m starring at the Earth.” Usagi spun around and saw the great crystal palace bathed in the soft blue glow of the planet Earth.

After her initial shock wore off, Usagi decided to do a little exploring and began to walk around the Moon Kingdom. ‘Wow, I never thought it could be so beautiful…its so peaceful and calm, ‘ Usagi realized as she took in the splendor of the kingdom. She walked past row upon row of crystal houses, the sounds of laughter and music could be heard emanating from them. She saw dozens of great crystal cathedrals many were dedicated to art, music, science, and spiritual discovery. “Konnichiwa mina,” Usagi used the phrase several times though out the night. She met many people during the night, families, lovers, artists, musicians, and many people lost in their own thoughts. After about an hour of wandering Usagi found herself at the city center. “Tranquility Park,” the sign read. She entered thru one of the many gates that ringed the park. “Those who enter here abandon all your fears and troubles,” was carved into the marble archway. Walking down the pathway to the center of the park Usagi passed thru gardens of roses, lilies, forget-me-nots, and flowers she knew never existed on earth. ‘Why did such beauty have to disappear from the world of men?’ That question hung unanswered at the back of her mind. Usagi made her way to the center of Tranquility Park passing thru a stand of ancient oak trees. A large circular lake stood at the center of the park, the reflection of the earth shone off its glass like smoothness. Surrounding the lake were many marble benches, and spaced between the benches were marble statues. Sitting on the benches enjoying the park were many families, young couples, and lone people just relaxing. Usagi ran off to the right where a great pavilion stood. “The Shrine of Vigilance,” was carved above the temple entrance.

Walking into the entranceway Usagi noticed a golden plaque hanging from the ceiling. “This temple is dedicated to the defenders of the Silver Millennium past and present,” it read. “Oh my god,” gasped Usagi as she entered the Temple proper. About twenty-four large bronze statutes adorned the main hall, some were men, but most of them were women. Usagi immediately recognized the identities of many of the statutes, while the identities of the others remained a mystery. “Rei-chan,” Usagi screamed, running up to one of the statutes. The statute was definitely Rei-chan, but some how different. The girl…no the woman the statute represented was Rei-chan, only this Rei-chan was slightly older and much more powerful looking than the present Rei-chan. She wore red metallic armor similar to the armor worn by Galaxia, on her breast plate was the symbol of the white moon kingdom, strapped across her back was a great flame bow, and lashed to her left side was crystal short sword. The most striking feature of the statute was the two giant bronze ravens perched one on each shoulder, the gaze in the ravens’ eyes was the look of death. “Defender of the Realm, Crown Princess of Mars, Senshi of War. “Read the plaque attached to the base of the statute.

Usagi ran over to another statute, “Mako-chan.” “Defender of the Realm, Crown Princess of Jupiter, Senshi of righteousness & Justice,” the plaque below Mako-chan’s statute read. Her statute was dressed in chain mail armor, and on her head was a half-length helm bearing the symbol of the White Moon Kingdom. In her left hand was a large golden shield, and that shield was adorned with the symbol of an oak tree. Mako-chan’s right hand held a long slender broadsword, and the sword’s sheath was decorated with symbols of justice, loyalty, and courage. Usagi noticed that all her Sera Senshi companions had statutes cerebrating their service to the Silver Millennium and the White Moon Kingdom.

Hearing some noise coming from the other end of the temple Usagi went over to investigate. She observed a woman and two children making an offering of rice and wine to one of the statutes. “Mommy why do we come here so often?” asked the smaller of the two children. “Daughter, we make these offerings to strengthen her spirit in appreciation for saving our lives,” replied the mother. Usagi watched in silence as the mother and her children completed their ceremony in silence. After the family finished the ceremony and left, Usagi walked over to the statute and carefully looked it over. “Defender of the Realm, Crown Princess of Eros the lost Planet, Guardian of Refugees,” the plaque at the statute’s base read. “Wow, sera Senshi Eros, Guardian of Refugees,” Usagi spoke aloud “how I wish I could meet you some day.” Usagi went from statute to statute carefully committing each image to memory. When she had finished, Usagi bounded out of the main entrance and reentered the park.

She ran towards the lake, her long blonde hair streaming out behind her in the wind. Reaching the lakeshore, Usagi stripped off her nightgown and tossed it onto a nearby park bench. She undid the odangos in her hair and dove into the cool refreshing lake, and the feel of the water on her naked body refreshed her spirit. Usagi looked back towards shore after her had swam out to the center of the pond, the light from the earth lit up the crystal palace in a warm blue glow. ‘Endymion…Mamo-chan I remember how I longed for you every time I looked at the beautiful Earth,’ Usagi was shocked as long locked away memories started to trickle back to her. ‘Why is this happening to me now? Why are all these memories and feeling returning from the vaults of time.’ floating in the solitude of the lake a million thoughts bombarded her, feeling a slight chill coming on, Usagi started swimming back towards shore. “Queen Serenity…um mother what are you doing here?” Usagi said in a startled voice. “You always did like coming here when you needed to refresh yourself.” Answered Serenity. After a short pause the queen continued, “don’t you remember how you used to drive Venus and Jupiter crazy with your little excursions? I would often wonder if you were trying to give Venus a heart attack with your constant visits to earth to see Endymion. Venus would practically pull her hair out in anger because of your youthful indecorum, but you were never in any real danger down there.” Usagi was shocked by these revelations, “why did let us believe the earth was our enemy if it was not so?” Usagi asked. “Dear, there were certain factions on the Earth as well as on the moon that dictated the political realities of the time.”

‘Why is she telling me this, she’s never been so open with me before?” Usagi wondered to herself. Queen Serenity beaconed to Usagi, “come here my daughter before you catch you death’s a cold.” “Yes mother,” replied Usagi as she walked over to her mother. Queen Serenity wrapped Usagi in a large cloth towel and sat her down on her lap. “I knew you would come here dear daughter. You would often come here and swim in the nude when you needed refreshment, and Jupiter would get so furious at your show of immodesty. You always thought that you swam in private and undisturbed, but the stories of your nude swims became legend among the young men of the realm.” Queen Serenity giggled heartily as Usagi’s face turned bright red with embarrassment. “Come now dear, you had to have known you were being watched? The boys would hide in the tree-line and in the bushes and dream of my lovely golden moon princess.” Queen Serenity giggled again and began to brush Usagi’s long hair. “You know I really miss the simple pleasures of your company. Do you remember how we would talk for hours as I would brush you silky hair?” A hint of sadness crept into Queen Serenity’s voice. “Yes, since my reawakening as a member of the White Moon Kingdom I’ve always remembered your kindness and love.” Usagi replied in a somber voice. Usagi dozed off to sleep under the steady rhythm of the hairbrush and the warmth of her mother’s body.

Usagi reawakened back in her bedchamber in the crystal palace, “I could really stay here forever if only I had my dear Mamo-chan here with me now.” Stepping out of the bed and into the hallway Usagi thought, ‘I’ve got to get mother to answer some questions for me.’ Usagi made her way to the central tower of the palace. Up the stairs into the heart of the realm Usagi climbed. The heart of the realm was a large circular chamber located at the highest point of the crystal palace, and placed throughout the room were many mirrors of scrying. The ceiling of the room was made of transparent crystal offering one an unobstructed view of the stars. In the center of the room was a crystal stand that once held the imperium silver crystal. With the imperium silver crystal in place one could feel the pulse of the land and its people. From here nothing was out of reach, all the hopes and dreams of the people, all the fears of the people, all the love and sorrow of the land, and the living spirit of the land could all be embraced here. Queen Serenity was seated in a chair looking out over the land lost in her own thoughts. “Mother we need to talk,” Usagi spoke gently. “Have a seat daughter I knew you would come sooner or later.”

Usagi sat down next to her mother. “Mother why did you send the Senshi back as teenagers?” “It was my wish that the Senshi have a chance at a normal life, here the Senshi trained for battle since birth, so I hoped to give you girls the simple pleasures of life.” “Mother why did you use the last of your energy and save the earth, couldn’t you have saved the Moon Kingdom?” Queen Serenity smiled at Usagi, “I chose to spare the earth because of the people, human lives are so short lived compared to ours but they do burn with an intensity and zeal that is unrivaled. I felt that we were derelict in our duties to guide and protect it’s people, and besides you seem to be doing quite well down there.” Usagi smiled at that last comment. “Mother who am I? Sometimes I don’t know who I really am!” “Ah dear daughter that’s a question only you can answer for yourself, and the answer to that question is not as difficult as you think it is. When you can stand in front of a mirror and answer that question without flinching and without any doubts or hesitations then you’ll have found true wisdom. I know that it seams far away right now but that’s how life works, you have doubts and worries but when it’s over you’ll laugh about it.” Usagi waved her hand in front of her and with a flash of light the imperium silver crystal appeared before her. “Mother what is the imperium silver crystal?” Queen Serenity seemed taken aback by that question. “There are some things I can tell you about the crystal, first of all the crystal is your birthright therefore it will always be there for you, and it will protect you always. Next, the crystal follows your heart, if your heart is clouded then the crystal is clouded, and if you remember I’ve told you this before. Lastly, the crystal is everything and it’s nothing, it can be the most precious thing in the universe and it can be also as worthless as a piece of cheap jewelry. Ask me no more about the crystal for you must discover the true nature and origin of the imperium silver crystal on your own.” Queen Serenity stood up and said, “show me the items I’ve given you during your time as a Sera Senshi.” Usagi stood up and materialized the items she had received from Queen Serenity and the White Moon Kingdom. Floating before her was the transformation broach, crescent moon stick, disguise pen, moon tiara, and the other items she had used throughout the years. Queen Serenity summoned her royal tier to her hand and waved it in front of Usagi, and instant later the items exploded into dust. “Oh my god why,” Usagi screamed in shock.

Rei screamed in horror as Usagi transformation broach exploded in a flash of light, and the other Senshi came running into the room at the sound of Rei’s scream. “What just happened,” Hotaru asked. “Usagi’s broach just exploded right in front of me.” Replied Rei almost in tears. “Look the silver glow is fading from her body,” Ami spoke nervously. The Senshi stood around the unconscious Usagi as if trying to protect her from an invisible attacker.

“You no longer need all those things, I’ve created you a new broach more suitable to your proper status.” Queen Serenity waved her tier before Usagi and a new broach appeared before her. This broach was shaped in the form of an oval, and it was constructed of the purest gold and platinum, inside the broach sat the imperium silver crystal. The silver crystal had changed it shape again, this time the crystal’s form took the shape of a spiral galaxy, and it gave off a soft white glow. “Sera Senshi Destiny shall be your new title, to activate your new powers say cosmic destiny make-up. Oh, by the way you can keep the tier if you want, after all I can’t have my daughter running around without anything at all. Remember, that all the powers you had before are still at you command, but you no longer need the crux of those items to tap the silver crystal’s power. To return home to your friends just activate your new transformation. But, before you go we need to talk about some things for a few minutes.” Queen Serenity motioned for Usagi to come stand by her, overlooking the Moon Kingdom the two stood in conversation for several minutes. “Goodbye mother,” Usagi spoke. “Cosmic Destiny Make Up!” Usagi shouted to the heavens and she then she was gone.

“Sera Senshi Destiny,” a voice asked in a questioning tone, and appearing before the queen with a flash of light was a nondescript middle-aged woman. “My queen your behavior puzzles me greatly. Senshi of Destiny, why did you call the princess that, and why did you grant her new powers?” she asked. “After more than a millennium together am I still such a mystery to you my loyal servant?” the queen replied. “Yes sometimes you are still a mystery to me.” “Very well, come sit by me and will talk.” The woman sat down next to the queen and waited anxiously for the queen to speak. “First of all I didn’t give the princess anything she didn’t always have, all I did was make her aware of the possibilities. You have to remember that her relationship to the silver crystal is different than mine was.” “Yes my queen, but the Senshi of destiny?” “No that’s not quite right Mikayla in truth she is the Star of Destiny, I know this in my heart.” The queen spoke with conviction. “How so my queen,” Mikayla replied. “Since I gave my life force to the crystal and now I lie outside the normal universe, I have access to forbidden knowledge. Do you wish to hear more?” The queen asked. “Yes, tell me my queen,” Mikayla implored. “Even if such knowledge would prevent you from returning to the world of men if such a rebirth could occur.” “Yes, Queen Serenity, I will follow you anywhere no matter what the consequences, I am forever your loyal servant.” “So be it. For this is from the Song of the Cosmos, and this is the destiny of all creation chosen by the Word before the creation of space and time. This story is foretold by the weavers of fate, it is from their fabric I shall read.” The queen paused for several second to let the impact of her words sink in before she continued. “The first part of the Song deals with what has gone before and has no bearing on what the future shall bring. The last part of the Song is titled, The Coming of the True Age of Light.” The queen paused then began to speak in a far away otherworldly voice.

There shall come one, one who shall come from the ruins of a kingdom of light.

One who was dead, but shall be reborn.

One reborn to a world not their own, one who shall embrace that world with a mother’s love.

The one shall become the light of the world, bringing hope and salvation to the world.

Destiny shall smile upon the one, she shall become destiny’s child, and in the end the one shall be the Star of Destiny.

The one who is not a warrior shall become the greatest warrior, and wielding no weapon the one shall wield the greatest weapon.

The Star of Destiny will be offered the whole universe as dominion but refuse, instead a kingdom of death and disease will gladly be accepted.

No crown of gold and jewels shall be laid on the one’s brow, but a bitter crown of pain and suffering shall be placed there.

The one shall enjoy no coronation celebration of joy, instead the one’s body shall be reeved by the world’s poison.

Her burden shall be greater than any before, no tears of regret or self-pity shall flow, but only tears of compassion and love shall be shed, and from those tears shall the world be reborn.

A new age of light shall arise from that world, and that age shall be greater than any before.”

Queen Serenity paused briefly then continued, “Thus was written by the fates and preordained by the Word, and so shall it come to pass. Usagi shall be the Star of Destiny and bring forth the new age of light,” finished Queen Serenity. When Queen Serenity was done she was visibly exhausted. “My queen I hope you belief is correct, but what is the cost of that burden going to be on the princess? Bearing the weight of the world was heavy enough on Usagi, methinks the fates ask too much of that girl, who can carry the weight of everything. Even gods and immortals might collapse under the weight of that burden.” Mikayla replied. “Yes the burden on Usagi will be tremendous, but her relationship with the true nature of the imperium silver crystal is different than mine was. Her strength is in her heart and her soul, if they are true they will not tarnish or fail like other elements.” After that the Queen said nothing, there the two of them sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts.

“I’m coming home,” Usagi thought as she traveled thru space and time. As she entered Rei’s bedroom from above she could see the scouts standing around her unconscious body. “Mina, I’m glad to be back,” Usagi spoke as she opened her eyes. “God dammit! Don’t you ever do that to us again,” Rei screamed to Usagi, tears flowing from her eyes. “Our princess has returned to us,” Hotaru spoke with a questioning tone in her voice. “I’ve got so much to tell everybody…but not right now. How’s our guests doing?” asked Usagi. “Solarflare and her companions are resting in the guest quarters of the shrine,” Rei replied. “I would like to see how they are doing,” Usagi stated. “Ok Usagi, we’ll see them if they are awake,” answered Haruka.

“She truly is an amazing creature,” Starglitter stated. “Yes her powers are tremendous, I have met none like her,” added Starshine. “What do you think Solarflare? Solarflare…Solarflare are you ok?” “Yes I’m fine, I was just thinking about the princess…you know I should have died, I should be dead right now. She wields more than just pure power you know that, don’t you? When I was in her arms dying, I pleaded for my life. She looked upon me with a feeling of compassion and a love that I have never felt before. She gave me some of her own life force to help me live…no its more than that…when she aided me I felt like I was being touched and caressed by a primal force of the universe.” “No, your mistaken Solarflare, you were very weak and confused, your reading too much into this,” Starfire said. Solarflare let the issue drop and she didn’t let the others know what she saw when she had looked into the princess’s eyes. “Yes you are probably right, but I still have to thank her properly for my life, don’t I,” Solarflare didn’t have to ask that question but she did anyway.

‘What a day,’ Usagi thought to herself, ‘well it’s been really interesting if nothing else.’ “They certainly were very thankful for your help Usagi,” Rei mused. “Yes, they were nice,” Usagi added. “You said you had a lot to tell us,” Michiru questioned. “Yes, I’ll start now,” Usagi replied. She then spoke for over two hours about what happened to her, when she finished no one broke the silence for a very long time. “I don’t know what to say, maybe you just dreamed all of it,” Haruka said softly. “I don’t think she dreamed it Haruka,” added Hotaru.

“Comic Destiny Makeup,” Usagi shouted, and she transformed into Sera Senshi Destiny in front of them. At Usagi’s request the other Senshi transformed into their Senshi forms and stood before her. With a thought Usagi summoned the crystal eternal tier to her grasp and spoke, ” by order of Queen Serenity you are here by stripped of your powers as Super Sera Senshi.” With a wave of the tier all the senshi’s transformation pens were destroyed in a flash of light. As the Senshi’s transformations began to fade Makoto screamed in horror, “Why… Usagi why are you doing this to us?” With a sly smile on her face Usagi spoke, “in honor of your loyal service to the White Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millennium you are all promoted to Eternal Sera Senshi!” With a motion of the tier, a wave of power greater than any of them had felt before seared their bodies, and the power burned into them, and thru them, becoming part of their very essences. Each girl stood before Usagi with an Eternal broach in her hand, and they knew by instinct what to do.

Mercury Eternal Makeup,”

“Mars Eternal Makeup,”

“Jupiter Eternal Makeup,”

“Venus Eternal Makeup,”

“Saturn Eternal Makeup,”

“Neptune Eternal Makeup”

“Uranus Eternal Makeup,”

“Pluto Eternal Makeup,”

Usagi looked at her friends with love and spoke, “its time to show you what you were missing.” She had the inner Senshi grasp hands, and with a thought she activated their powers. They soared up in to the sky like five blazing birds. The outer Senshi stood there watching in wonder as their princess soared to the heavens with her court.

At the center of a black hole billions of light years away a creature began to stir, light had pierced the darkness that had laid undisturbed for uncountable millions of years. From the center of the darkness a scream of hatred radiated with such force that many nearby solar systems shook as the very fabric of space was disturbed, and mothers huddled with their children for they thought the end was near. The mass of darkness pulled itself from the black hole and started to travel thru space, and the light of the stars it passed were blotted out. The mass of corruption and darkness flowed like an arrow of doom toward the source of the hated light, in the planetary systems unfortunate enough to be in the path of the oncoming apocalypse billions of souls perished.

End of Part II

18 Responses to “My Sailor Moon Fanfiction”

  1. hildahilda Says:

    I Love SaiLorMooN!!!

    1. Matthew Says:

      I AM HORNY

      1. animewriter Says:

        Sorry, to hear that, but it’s something you can take care of.

  2. zelda Says:

    i love sailor moon it is my favorite show and i love mamoura and usagi together

  3. katie Says:

    yo, sailor moon is awesome. but u got to admit its hard to find nowadays. me and my friends loved that tv show til they canceled it. and eventhough anime is really popular now, they refuse to air it again. isnt that so mean????

  4. Bunny Says:

    I freak’n LOVE this story! You have to write more! If you’ve already written the second part and put them on this website, then how do you get to it?

  5. Maxine Says:

    katie and so was Sadie she said”The reason why Sailor Moon didn’t do well is because the United States Government didn’t want it too (The Illuminati). It’s too enlightened and the government fears people becoming too aware and awakened from watching this show. The Illuminati have effectively killed this show from ever reaching the full audience it could have. It could have saved and awakened so many girls. Because I was one of the one’s lucky enough to watch it, I happened to catch it even though of its awful time slots done by The Illuminati controlling Broadcasting networks(The want to keep you stupid), it helped me believe that there is something more out there. Cause there is.” and she is right

  6. Beth Says:

    i love sailor moon!!!! grew up watching it but was soon taken off the airs. but thanks to youtube you can watch it again. though you do have to read subtitles because the shows are in japanese. even better, you can watch episodes that never aired in the u.s. no matter how you put, there is no way you can dislike this show!

  7. Kaori Night Says:

    i’ve been a fan since i was a little girl come check out this website that im on u can download free english dub episodes we even have japanese episode for those who speak that language like myself. everyone is welcome.

  8. Rochelle Says:

    Hi I love Sailor Moon I go on You Tube and watch it all the time it’s my most Favorite Movie EVER!! I love the stories so thanx!

    1. animewriter Says:

      Thanks for the shout out, Sailor Moon was the show that brought me back to anime after spending many years away from the art form, and I’m working on the next two parts of the fan faction.

  9. Nidaa Says:

    Sailor Moon is SOOOO… cool. Please make the continue after sailor moon stars. Okay? I’m a fan of sailor moon who live in indonesia.

    1. animewriter Says:

      Yes, I’ve got almost two new chapters finished, the next chapter deals with Usagi getting ready for a short visit from Mamoru-chan, and the chapter after that deals with Usagi finding her future path after high school.

  10. Nice story! It almost took me one hour to read it!

  11. banki Says:

    You write really interesting, the topics are interesting. I like this web site. For how long have you been blogging? How much time do you spend on this? I hope that I can use some of your opinions on my blog. Yours, Maria

  12. Starbella Says:

    Where is the rest of the story?!?!

  13. Anime Addict Says:

    Awesome Fanfiction!

  14. You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve truly read anything like that before.
    So wonderful to discover another person
    with a few unique thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is one thing
    that’s needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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