Lucky Star 11 begins with the girls talking about the shooting star they saw the night before, and Miyuki stating she’s never seen one before. The girls also talk about what their going to do for winter break (note: in Japan Christmas is a pretty big commercial event, and Christmas eve has become a big night for couples a lot of marriage proposals and very romantic date take place, but none of the Lucky Star girls happen to have boyfriends!). The girls then send a lot of time talking about falling asleep on trains and missing your stop, and how you deal with people who lean against you when they fall asleep on the train. The next day at school the girls compare their exam grades, and Tsukasa gets ripped on by Kagami, and Konata. Later in the day Tsukasa and Konata talk about Christmas presents, and Tsukasa asked Konata how old she was when she stopped believing in Santa Claus, to Tsukasa’s surprise Konata still believes in Santa, and Kagami thinks this is pretty funny. Later Tsukasa and Kagami ask Konata if she wants to get together with them on Christmas eve, but she has to work at the cafe, she’ll cosplay as Santa. Then Konata say that Tsukasa and Kagami both cosplay as shrine maidens at the temple on New Years, now that’s really funny calling traditional Japanese matsuri clothing cosplay.



     The next day at school the girls talk about how lately adults are going after kids, and Konata says they should be taught martial arts, but then Kagami says that later the adults will just be stronger. Then the girls get their report cards as early Christmas presents, and Konata says she doesn’t want this present. Then the girls talk about Christmas cake and what happens to the unsold cakes, and Konata talks about marriage and Christmas cake just as her teacher is walking by (note in Japan in is a insulting comment to refer to an unmarried woman over a certain age, 25 to 27 but this age is rising, as Christmas cake, or stale cake, looks good on the outside but tastes old or stale on the inside). On Christmas eve Konata’s dad is angry because she’s late getting home from work until she gives him his gift then he softens up. At the end of the episode Konata’s teacher is in a store buying leftover Christmas cake, and she basically says that she’s not all stale. Well that’s all for this episode. Below are some screen shots. 



     Well Lucky Star 11 was a pretty good episode about school life and the Christmas holidays, the episode shows the differences between how Americans and Japanese celebrate the holiday season. In Japan the Christmas season is more commercial than in the United States, no matter how commercial you think Christmas has become in the US its still a Christian holiday, in Japan its more about buying gifts for family and friends, also Christmas is about lovers and couples. In Japan, Christmas eve is one of the most popular day for marriage proposals, and if your single it can be a lonely time, look at how the girl’s teacher reacted to the Christmas cake comment.  This episode also shows how the Japanese view other religions, look at how Kagami and Tsukasa deal with other religions, Konata ask if they pay respects to other Gods and they say yes, then the sisters are shown helping at a Shinto shrine, visiting a Buddhist temple, and singing inside a Christian church. Overall Lucky Star 11 very cute anime episode about the holiday season.