After Blogging so many depressing episodes of Clannad ~AS~, and White Album I’ve decided to do another Japanese idol/cute girl post. But, this time I’ve chosen to do a tie in with the White Album anime series. So, after searching my Japanese idols’ folder I think that I’ve found a girl that kind of looks like Mana from White Album, she’s has about the same body type & hair style, and she about the same age as Mana. (See below pics of Mana)


      Natsuki Okamoto (岡本奈月) was born on September 13, 1989 in Mie, Japan. Natsuki’s vital stats are Blood Type: O, Height: 155cm, B-75 W-56 H-78, Shoe size: 23cm. Natsuki’s hobbies are cooking, Youkyoku (Noh songs), and Noh dancing. The below pictures are from Natsuki’s first two photo books (age 14-15), so take a look at the following pictures and tell me if Natsuki’s hair was a little shorter does she look somewhat like Mana from White Album (that wimp Touya doesn’t deserve to be so lucky)?







      So, if Natsuki’s hair was a little shorter and worn as twin-tails, I think she’s look a little like Mana, and if not, she’s still very pleasing on the eyes. Enjoy.