Well, a funny thing happened this past week and I didn’t even realize it until one of my blog’s readers pointed it out to me, my blog is now two years old. I guess my reason for not really even noticing this fact is that as an “older” anime fan and blogger is that personal things like my birthday and I guess my blog’s birthday pass with less importance. I’ve always looked at this blog as a long term project, one advantage of being a older blogger is that I’ve passed most by most major life changing events that cause some blog writers to give up their blogging.  So, I’ve reached an equilibrium between my love of anime and my personal life, I see no reason other than the great dirt nap why I won’t continue watching and writing about anime for the foreseeable future. 

      I would also like to thank all the reader’s of this blog, I had no idea that when I started this blog I would have almost 1.5 million total reads after only two years. So, below are the two year stats for this blog.

Average readers per day.

2007-   352  /  2008-  2362  /  2009-  4416

Top 10 most read posts.

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Top 5 search terms leading to this blog.

sailor moon




lucky star


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My 6 favorite posts that show what I think and how i feel about anime, not in any real order.

Clannad 1 review, Key’s new treat.     Clannad 10, another lonely girl and emotional escapism.       The finale of  Natsu no Sora episode, 12 review; Taking great joy in, and tasting the sadness of a brief life well lived, and why it’s OK cry.       Kaiba episode 12 (the finale episode) review, love conquers all.     Naisho no Tsubomi 3 review, a new life and a new love is born.      Clannad ~After Story~ 24 (the recap) review; Let me tell you a story, mukashi mukashi….. 

        So, after two years, what comes next?  Well, in the next couple of weeks I have to finish up my meta review of the whole Clannad series, it’s grown very large and needs more editing, and I’ll finish my editing on a post that takes a historical look back at moe, it goes back a lot further than most people think. I, also have to look for a new desktop computer, my main computer have up it’s ghost the other night so I need a new one. In closing, I want to thank all the readers of this blog for taking the time to read my ramblings.