Yuko Ogura


In keeping with my previous post I will continue to post pictures of my favorite Japanese/Asian idols every week or so. This is part two of my Yuko Ogura entry, and these pictures are from her photo book titled Yuko’s secret room. If any of you have any special requests for a specific idol please leave them in the comment section, please no porn requests.




After looking over the search engine terms leading people to my blog I have decided to occasionally, every two weeks or so to post some pictures of my favorite Japanese/Asian idols.


My first idol I’ll post some pictures of is Yuko Ogura she was born on November 1, 1983 in Mobara, Chiba, Japan. She began modeling and appearing in commercials at age 17, and now at age 24 she is one of the most popular idols in Japan she has appeared in over 60 idol videos, and has made more than 28 photo books. Her vital statistics are:

H-162cm, B-80cm, W-56cm, H-83cm

Below are some pictures from one of her first photobooks, age 18, enjoy.